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#AST: Board changes and new strategy for Ascent as Hutchinson looks at new projects Watch Here

#AST: Board changes and new strategy for Ascent as Hutchinson looks at new projects
EXCLUSIVE: Petro Matad announce fully funded 4 well Mongolia campaign

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Today 14:16

They try..........they can't be that good at investing, maybe they lack research to get an idea of where the company is heading. It's all a risk whatever you do?
Today 13:12

24 May 2018 a conversion notice pursuant to the Unsecured Loan Note Facility announced on 28 February 2018 for the principal amount of £100,000 to be converted at 0.3p per share into 33,333,333 new ordinary shares in the Company.

Upon issue, the new ordinary shares would comprise 2.29% of the enlarged issued share capital of the Company.

***(to cover an existing short position}
The Company has been notified by the Loan Note Investor that the current conversion took place to cover an existing open short position that the Investor had taken in the Company's shares and that it will allow sufficient time for the debt discussions noted in the announcement made by the Company dated 23 May to conclude, and during that period the Investor will not convert any further bonds or take any new short positions in the Company's share capital.

Application will be made for the admission to AIM of the new ordinary shares in accordance with the terms of the Loan Note agreement.
Today 13:01

I think TC are into sharing space in some outlets to save on the huge overheads, pop up shops?
Today 12:44

....also, remember last week the new poster that came on here and reminded us all ...that lenders do NOT normally lend without proof of a definite contract 'imminent' or signed? Well, he was right about that? I remember TopAimer posting that we all forgot about that...and that was true, i never thought of it either.
And just for the record the naysayers were constantly accusing us of ramping. However, if you are a genuine researcher what on earth can you say if you are convinced of the potential outcome without it coming over as ramping? Put it this way, if i am invested in a share but don't post much, it is usually that i like the stock but can't be that sure of the potential i limit my posting but i'll never ever deramp the company. That is for others to find out for themselves. When i am certain of a share i may still be quiet unless there is a concerted attempt to ruin the company's reputation. THAT IS WHEN I RESPOND TO PROTECT MY MONEY?
Today 12:23

A new poster this morning thanked us for all the research. He also thanked the trolls and derampers as it gave him something to research and consider. He still bought in.
So this made me think and it has been evident for years...trolls ONLY ever deramp if they KNOW the stock is a good one. Why bother if they think the company is no good? Something to think about, imo
Today 12:00

You're over reacting torchy, AP is doing his best, his hands are tied. Most are underwater including myself and i bought at the year low, so much for finding the bottom...and i pride myself in getting it right. I don't often pick losers but when i do, i get out at a loss and quietly move on, no one will know because then i keep my trap shut?
I do not feel that this is a total loss, i'm sure of that and a recovery will soon lift the sp with news flow. Lots of news, which will change our fortunes ....these stocks eventually do go through recovery phases as the trend changes? gla
Today 11:43

Other energy companies in the US will taking interest in this 'little UK company'...that, you can be sure of. British innovations are highly rated in the States, our technology and inventions are used extensively. ie. www and computers, mobiles. DNA was considered a miracle over there. Crime busters were skeptical at first but it is the foremost detection tool. to solving crime?
Bring on the Brits, if anyone can do it Eqtec will do it?
Today 11:09

mapp........fully aware but just to add it is not always what you invest in but how you go about it. I've made money on 'dogs' and no-hopers by getting in low with a chance of recovery. I've lost more money on over hyped stocks, considered by many to be "the next big thing on AIM"....that you eventually get wizened and so avoid the traps? ie, some of my stocks i never post on and hardly any one else does...under the radar but they still move up or down?
Today 11:00

hic, blurp
Today 10:56

...the higher this goes before news,assuming good news, then we have a springboard that could propel sp to new highs? 3p to 35p on that major spike on medimmune news was amazing. Next news should be much better with hopefully a positive from AZ.
40p is my first expectation, and that is nothing with positive news on pharmas, they just simply fly?
Today 10:49

...back on my way......soon be larfin'
Today 10:43

Holidaymakers were recently interviewed via Sky and the majority were not worried about any outcome of Brexit. Cold winters was found to be a plus but really hot summers affected sales across the whole sector. Some said that this year they are going further afield to avoid the possibility of another European heatwave. Most interviewed said they felt safer with the larger operators.
Today 10:32

I have deleted all my ref articles and videos pertaining to EQT....none of them are relevant anymore. I am not going to keep spouting 11p, 15p as this is a whole new ball game now. Waiting for the interview which should give any doubters more clarification. 1st top slice (just 10%) on next confirmed contract, then, hopefully sit on the rest, which i hold in my ISA. I can do this as i have plenty of other stocks to play with.
Tue 22:31

My bird's knickers are up?
Tue 22:23

Yes, it's official there are 202 ar/sholes in Parliament.

432 - no's
202 - yes
230 majority
Tue 22:14

In spite of their profit warnings last year, brought on by massive cash burn and summer heat wave, sales were always going to be up and so they were? Thomas Cook expect to recover most of their losses by offering incentives and 'deals'with other operators. On line sales are moving towards new highs, coupled with prudent cuts in overall spending advised by their banks, it is expected that they will dramatically cut their losses from £389m. Four years ago they did exactly that, bringing their debts down from a whopping £890m to just £40. They have a loyal customer base and many are long term investors also.

Article was Nov 2018 but still worth a read as it applies to trends in 2019

Thomas Cook has today announced its 2019 travel trend predictions. Based on its booking data and customer insight the travel company expects families will look further afield for next year’s summer holidays, Tunisia will continue to grow in popularity among Brits, as will our interest in conscious travel.

Far flung families*

Families are being more adventurous than ever before and the thought of taking the little ones to further afield destinations is no longer daunting – it’s the new normal. Over the past two years, Thomas Cook Airlines flight-only bookings among families have consistently grown. This July, family long-haul trips were up 64% year-on-year, while August trips were up 44%.
Tue 21:33

IF ever we have the chance the beers are on me, good luck and thanks? I'm 118 yrs old and lost all my money in the 1929 crash......been trying to get it back ever since, i'm so tight i won't give
Tue 21:06

There are only two types of people in this world, those that research and those that don't?

A must read for anyone interested in WTE

Gasification was first developed in the 1800s and has been used commercially throughout the world for over a century. A variety of industries utilize the technology. Today, the majority of operating gasification plants produce chemicals, fuels, electricity, and fertilizers. Here’s a map of known gasification projects worldwide.

The most common misconception of gasification is the assertion that “gasification is just another form of incineration.” Modern gasifiers do not have smokestacks, while all incinerators have stacks. There are more than 30 different makes and models of gasifiers available for a wide range of applications, ranging from pyrolysis (or partial) gasification designs used to convert biomass into biochar or convert shredded tires into synthetic diesel fuel, to extra-clean smokestack-free gasifiers that cleanly gasify coal, municipal solid/liquid wastes, hazardous wastes, and sludges. There are significant differences in the various gasifier designs, emissions and range of feedstocks, as well as scalability considerations.

While incineration and gasification technologies are similar, the energy resource from incineration of feedstocks is high-temperature heat, whereas the main energy resource from gasification is intermediate synthetic gas (CO, H2 syngas) which can either be combusted to produce electric power or cleanly converted via gas-to-liquid (GTL) catalysis or syngas fermentation processes into liquid fuels and a variety of chemical compounds.

Synthesis gas (CO + H2) conversion is an important process in the reformation of municipal solid and liquid wastes, coal and biomass into fuel and biochemical products. In gasification either a single feedstock or multiple feedstocks are converted by high temperature and conversion conditions are carefully controlled so that prior to exit, nearly all carbon content is converted into CO and H2 syngas.

Non-carbonaceous materials which are not converted into syngas, such as metals, glass, rock, sand, dirt or concrete, are slagged out, either as ash, or a molten pour of obsidian-like, inert vitreous glassy slag, depending on the gasifier design. The ash is considered toxic waste and must be landfilled. Glassy slag can be safely landfilled as it will never leach. Extra-strong slag also has multiple commercial uses as an abrasive element, building materials or road base.

A number of factors contribute to growing interest in gasification, including volatile oil and natural gas prices, more stringent environmental regulations, and a growing consensus that CO2 management should be required in power generation and liquid fuel production.
Tue 20:53

Posted earlier by Norfolk_InChance, good article....

Experts agree on one thing: The U.K. will have to rethink its waste policy, now shaped by the EU.

Suez, which also operates waste-to-energy plants in Britain, is urging the government to build more facilities in the country to close the "capacity gap" in residual waste treatment, especially incineration plants.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs declined to answer questions on the impact of Brexit on the U.K.'s waste exports but said the needs related to waste infrastructure are being assessed. “We recognize the need for a mix of infrastructure and this will form part of a renewed strategy on waste and resources that looks ahead to opportunities outside the EU,” a spokesperson for the department said.
Eventually, incinerator and gasification plants will be part of every town and city in the UK. EQT could be overwhelmed to the point of a massive buyout. Now wouldn't that be great, saying "No way, Jose, up your offer" to a 250p per share offer in a few years?
Tue 20:24

'Nobody on here should be giving financial advice'
a share tip won't go amiss. EQT just got going with first contract

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