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Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Today 11:01

Who ever said there has been no delays in announcements must be invested in a different share.
The number of PI's who make pin prick comments because they dislike hearing observations that are not in tune with their thinking indicates insecurity over the many delays and the past surprise fund raising in AAOG which according to some has no delays and won't need any further funds.
If those investors listen closely to the Pod casts they will have heard Sefton indicate they need to raise money to drill 104. so their will be a dilutive fund raising ,he stressed they did not need funds for ongoing work with 103.
so income is being utilised to develop and build required production infrastructure.
All delays cost money
It is fine saying they have a 25 year production licence but under what terms?
Sefton is negotiating to increase AAOGs share of production. That will come to nothing.
As for major incoming investment I would be surprised to see anything happen on that front until all the licence terms are clear etc.,

Ebola will never happen?
Some investors have dismissed out of hand the risks associated with Ebola being out of control, Now much reduced risks as border controls have all been beefed up to stop potential spread of the disease.
Thats not the point, the point is the controls have been beefed up meaning .gov takes the risk seriously.
It is not unreasonable to think if .gov view Ebola seriously then so should local industry.
Again some investors think so what, so what equals the spread of rumour. Rumour means staff drop everything and get as far away as possible because of the 67% death rate via the slightest contact perhaps with someone who dos not know they have the disease or through their own centuries old burial customs etc.,
As an example research into Sierra Leone's mining industry, perfectly safe and highly productive and see what Ebola rumour did to it.
Fri 21:01

What date was that?Thanks
Fri 19:24

Considerable delays in expected announcements, is a cause for concern, not least because they usually cost money whilst the sp drifts around until something positive is announced.
Fri 12:26

SN expects some 2000 restaurants in a years time.
I have not yet worked out potential cashflow but what we do know is each additional restaurant adds to DISH cashflow, so a continuous rolling snowball cash build, bearing in mind a 50% discount adds 50p per restaurant client with a 25% discount adding 1.00 per client, presumably 1.50 per client on the 10% discount.

Gives the restaurant better waste food management saving in time/ordering/prep., schedules and planning,,better staff control also allows for an increased cash flow thus increased value of their individual/group worth etc.,
Win win all round especially for the invested and potential investors with regard to the share price health !
Thu 20:34

As expected,The big 'I am' is back.
Time and again ART many posters on this BB have proven you have little understanding of this business with even less business acumen on how DISH works.
You are therefore being disruptive and untruthful in saying you 'know what your talking about'.
You have been warned by the mods about your obsessive posting habits so it will take a few less complaints to have you removed totally from posting.
I have asked you twice before is it worth it?
Anyone thinking the same as I and I know other posters do about the obsessive posting habits of ART demonstrated by his 3 in a row posts. have only to email their complaint to as well reporting the post.

A cracking rise today of 16% add that to yesterdays rise; shows the sp is doing very well nevertheless expect some profit taking.
Thu 10:40

Pure Spec
Partnership maybe all 3 combined,Restaurants, Hotels and Travel?
As in Looloo
Thu 09:27

SP sitting at 3.50/3.70 a steady response to news expectations.
Am a little behind you Monty as I have other irons in the fire although I may well add next week.
Thu 09:03

My colleague suggests the mentioned partnership may well be a major one initiated through Sanj bringing on board both Hotels and their restaurants or just their restaurants.
If such a partnership occurs then it will be encouraging for both the sp and the future for additional major clients.
If that is the case then Sanj is proving his worth.
Again it might be a partnership with news/ad agency, pub chain etc.,
As colleague said just his thinking based on probabilities

Meanwhile the sp is in keeping with the news flow.
Wed 21:30

CPR update by EOM previously April but delayed due to various reasons.
Confirmation of SNPC's May payment.
Ongoing equity interest negotiations.
Always waiting for news.
Nevertheless everyone expects all the above good news which if it all arrives at once presents an ideal opportunity for dilutive fund raising, delays cost money so existing income is going towards infrastructure etc., non is earmarked for drilling 104.
Because expected news is taking its time arriving it will be built into the sp so don't expect much movement until all the delayed news is all in place.
Tue 21:48

On the 20th March the ask was 42.5p(high point) a month later,17th April the ask was 32.5p, on the 17th May 27p,Now the 21st the Ask has been as low as 23.60p. The lowest point for the past year.
All the while PI's have been buying in suggesting/thinking each stage lower is a bargain price !
Since March ball park 45% loss. since April 25% loss
It is fascinating to see buys continue whilst the sp drifts towards the 20p mark.
I would much rather buy in a rising market.
Tue 20:46

The article was can be seen as a warning for those whose business's are looking to survive and vindicates DISH's business model at least for those who join in.
At the time an unexpected bonus which will encourage both singletons+ and chains to join up.
Mon 16:39

We all like 207 BOPD.
The comment 'A sharp increase' is indicative of more than an extra 150 BOPD so expecting at least an announcement within several weeks of close to 400 BOPD to RBD
Should put the sp towards 1p+? and that takes no account of West Newton coming in on prognosis.
Assuming West Newton comes in what price the sp? closing 2pish+
Good odds for a multibagger from .7p towards 2.1p
17 May '19

Isn't that almost a figurative rerun of what we have all heard before?
Wait and watch for me.
17 May '19

Agree, no takeout in the offing, too many 'repairs' needed.
SDX gas throughput will increase as Peugeot goes from tick over to expanding production with initial 20,000 unit target ramping up to 90,000 over the next 3 years.
Presumably problem of gaining new customers is being addressed, somewhat of a difference from past statements of 'not enough gas to meet potential demand'.
Meanwhile with depleting Oil field returns, production delays,changing leadership not much more can be expected until new drilling program is initiated.
Delays cost money until they are addressed so their is the hidden near term possibility of fund raising;they do not have enough in the kitty for 'repairs AND a 12 well drilling program.
Hence lowering sp.
17 May '19

Sad story of non delivery of well talked up expectations, not helped by the politics of North Africa.
I pulled out much earlier at a loss
Investors buying in at what may be a cheap price although I think as the days pass the price will drift nearer 20p.
Q4 will be when serious interest picks so sometime during Q3 I'll invest to recover losses.
Oh and Shaky I gave you a hard time but you were robust enough to take it with curtesy.
16 May '19

We should be getting news on further sign up in the existing territories in addition to expected news.
Not expecting sp to fall below 3p,if it does I will add to holdings in view of coming events which should create further buying interest.
15 May '19

align is a representative of spin for its own gain
It invests for its own profit, unless mistaken has done so in Dish so bigs up presentations for its own gain.,
It is not as far as is known a broker.
Veiled treats have been seen when they disagree with what BB comments..

DISH should have nothing to do with align..
14 May '19

You may have been caught out many times, in this case the BOD has made it abundantly clear they do not need any funding both by email communications and statements.
Obviously backed up by funds in hand plus a rolling income growth stratagy that we can see increases as client numbers increase.
Certainly I am not qualified to advise buy or sell.

With regard to your comment on SRES your correct in one respect they will need major funding and have said so.

As to saying 'No doubt shorting will occur' ;shorting that stock when its a pittance of 1000 a million shares is a waste of time, their is no profit.
If you think there is I'd like to understand why?
13 May '19

To think a major can emulate DISHs business model stance within a couple of months is unwise in the extreme for numerous reasons.
Far cheaper watching what happens perhaps taking DISH out at a premium.
The Dish future business model is not overly transparent yet in terms of where else it will go, fiscal generative additions etc, because all resources are concentrated on implementing the published model.
12 May '19

RTO; until all the required IT integration is fully operational, doubtful, the company has enough on its plate in scaling up business as rapidly as possible,especially if a major partnership is to bring a chain, or several, of a 1000 or more clients on board in one fell swoop
If several such chains were announced in quick succession the sp would react with volatility.
Thats for the short term future,8/10 months; in reality we are looking forward to steady newsflow over the next few weeks .

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