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Thu 17:40

We'll probably slide a bit more tomorrow on that news, but hopefully we have something decent to talk about soon.

I must confess, I though the fund would have slowed up by now or stopped, but their selling and converting still seems pretty relentless. I just wish I knew how much longer they had to go.
Thu 08:02

Is anyone else having trouble with the site?
18 Mar '19

........."Cash flow focused business model with pre-identified contracts, an identified path to profitability and exceptional growth prospects"

Boom time baby.
18 Mar '19

We definitely deserve to pat ourselves on the back for reading this situation correctly.

I second those congratulations to all the people who had the will and clarity of mind to hold onto their shares over the past few weeks. They should be very handsomely rewarded today and the rest of this week.
18 Mar '19

Enter a prik with seven posts to his name to give us all advice. Good luck with your short position today. We should all take bets on when you get the next margin call.
18 Mar '19

When the derampers are out in full force, you know it's the time to buy. The mathematics screamed buy the end of last week, but the derampers possibly scared some people away who didn't trust their own judgement.

Imagine selling at a loss at .39p last week after reading the drivel that some scumbuckets were posting on here, only to see this massive news land today.
18 Mar '19

............This is proof that Sefton is moving things along at warp speed now to get company back on the right track. Not even a month and we have a new direction and all the talent from Unilad coming aboard to make this company into a highly profitable prospect.

Obviously Sefton waited until today to release that news because he knew the conversion price is going up today. Massive rise coming today on this awesome news and I'm pleased for everyone who kept the faith. As I said last week, the only way is up from the .40p level because this is the absolute bottom now.
17 Mar '19

I the European fund convert and sell at the current level as of Monday they'd be losing money. Does that make sense to you?
16 Mar '19

.......characters crawl out of their pit to deramp this stock when everyone knows the fund would be able to convert any more under .4p from now on.

The only way is up from the current level. We've got more cash in the bank than we did when this was trading around .2p and the cash value of this company is around .5p by my reckoning which we're trading well below currently.

A solid foundation will most surely be formed in the .38p - .45p range now IMO.

Yes we know the fund will want to convert more in the future before some idiot says it again, but they will not be able to convert near .4p without incurring a loss as of Monday.

Enjoy your weekend and look forward to the exciting times ahead. Make sure to keep the facts alive here too in defiance of the crooks who appear on these BB's to mislead the vulnerable and line their own rotten pockets.
15 Mar '19

Why would it go down to .25p now?

Conversion rate is now .4p after today, so why would the SP go down to .25p?

If they convert enough in one go to get us down to .25p I'd be all for that because they'd be forced to buy us out for 11p in very short order.

Again it's quite simple once you get your head around. Every time they sell or convert it quite obviously brings down the SP. The closer the SP is to the conversion price the less incentive they have to sell or convert. At the current level after today they now have little to no reason to convert or sell.
15 Mar '19

We all know that the fund will be selling and converting, but the point is that they can't convert when the SP lower than the conversion price. At the current levels the conversions and sales must be timed correctly, which is to our advantage as much as theirs at the present level.
15 Mar '19

Taken a few more here at .39p bringing my average down to .44.5p to be exact.

I feel confident that this will be trading well above the current level next week. Not worried in the slightest bit at the these prices. Expected it to take a little knock at the end and kept some powder dry for a nice top-up.

As much as the European fund would like to convert ASAP they are backed into a corner here to some extent so they will not want to clobber the SP too much. If they sold many more at these levels they could end up crossing the 30% line and have to put an 11p bid for the company, which is not going to happen.

VWAP is still around .4p by my reckoning and that will be the new conversion price from here on in.

At .4p we're currently trading at a 60% premium to the .25p conversion price. If we trade at a similar premium to the new conversion price of .4p next week we should be sitting around .64p at least IMO.

Have a great weekend everyone and don't worry, things are looking very good here.
15 Mar '19 spite of the sells. If this dips downward below .4p briefly I fully intend to double down here. Definitely money to be made with so many interests aligned at these low levels.
15 Mar '19

People spouting nonsense about this dropping back to .25p are trying to mug people here to line their own grubby pockets. People who have done their research here know full well this can't drop much lower than .4p given that .4p or thereabouts will be the conversion price after today. .5p is roughly cash value at the moment too, so anyone getting in under .5p will be handsomely rewarded in very short order IMO.

As we've mentioned before it's impossible for them to convert many more at .25p without having to make an offer for the company.

Shareholders, "The Fund" and Sefton are all aligned here for once in that we all need the SP higher. Sit back and look forward to the good times ahead folks.
15 Mar '19

I agree, it does get on your wick after a while hearing people yacking on about death spiral financing.

I'm not that bullish here because there are too many unknowns for my liking, but it will be very difficult for them to convert many more at this price without crossing the 30% threshold and having to put in an offer so I can't see this dropping much below the .4p level to be honest BWTHDIK.
15 Mar '19

I can't trade at all on HL.
14 Mar '19

My understanding was that the conversion level went up after tomorrow.
13 Mar '19

.........Only a punt, but after seeing how this can move it's very tempting.

Also, bearing in mind this was trading in the 1p-2.5p range after the first time everyone thought it was a duster I get the feeling the drop is a little overcooked.
13 Mar '19

..........tomorrow said as if my some miracle the Virgin Mary appeared atop the borehole of Winx 1 and oil suddenly started gushing to the surface. This really feels like DW is playing the market and making big money off of these wild swings IMO.
13 Mar '19

Lost about a third on ASX, so people will have some sort of a guide as to where this will go on open.

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