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Tue 10:41

Turn your messages on :)
Tue 08:31

What is it?
Tue 08:26

Beadle have you got twitter?
11 Jun '19

Are you sure? No envelope icon to click on...
11 Jun '19

Turn messages on
11 Jun '19

Marine, have you got twitter? If so what is it? and have it set so I can message you.

11 Jun '19

Marine have you got twitter? If so what is it please? Also make sure it’s set so I’m able to message you.

21 May '19

Have you got twitter?
21 May '19

I said I wasn't going to post here anymore but I feel I need to clear this up.

He said Arb HAS started.

He didn't say how far into it and how much further to go.

If you read my post, I questioned on here that we could be waiting 6 months from now as a worst case. I quote I said "worst case waiting is 6 months from now?" Notice I put a question mark as it's me questioning it as a guess.

I didn't want to pressure him too much as he had my respect for actually contacting me. He didn't release anything price sensitive, just what they are aiming for.

Why he chose me? I have no idea, but I have hard proof and evidence of it all happening.

You have to appreciate I'm not in a office with recording equipment. I was actually standing in the middle of a field when we spoke.
20 May '19

It wasn't in one of my questions but he did say the elections were also to blame for the delays.
20 May '19

Look guys, I wanted to try help us out a bit and give us more of an insight on what's going on.

I sent an email and got a response, Joe was happy to contact me.

Clearly it appears I've stirred things up more than actually get any appreciation. I've told you the situation. Joe also said he hasn't got a crystal ball and cant say when exactly everything is going to come together.

My patience has run out on this board now. It doesn't matter how hard I try to keep the morale up, I keep getting shot down or its doom and gloom.

Well the response is posted for you to read if you want to, take it or leave it but I'm done here now and this will probably be my last post on here.

Good luck.

Yuri out.
20 May '19

Jeremy, they are doing all they can, even with GSPC cooperating they are just very slow. Just let this rest until Christmas and we should be in a better place.
20 May '19

Sorry why would I need deep pockets?

What's wrong with dreaming?

Are you a current holder?
20 May '19

Jester, I mean if it isn't there's anymore... why is this even happening and why aren't they budging?

To the best of what I can remember. I was told GSPC will be stepping away from
Cambay. Now obviously that's been left for me to figure out what stepping away is...

I thought they had shared ownership of the patch they held. (45% oilex : 55% GSPC)
20 May '19

So who actually owns the 55% of cambay?
20 May '19

sorry i did paragraph it for easier reading, but its put into one big essay....
20 May '19

Ok well that was quite surreal, i was totally not expecting that.Im just going to keep it simple as a lot was said and it will be easier for us to digest.He is actually in London at the minute thus being available to talk now.Arb has actually started, but they are also trying to come to a deal and avoid going to the full lengths. (Which we kind of already know.) Worst case waiting is 6 months from now? They are trying to get it done quicker than that because of so much time has been wasted.With out saying too much, GSPC are just generally slow. (The relevant people not in the office for "weeks!")However they are cooperating, just painfully slow for us.GSPC are most likely not going to be drilling oil. They are basically in far too deep in something that just isn't for them and wasted a serious amount of money. It wasnt confirmed but its looking like GSPC will sell their stake or some of it to a new company (as many other firms are interested in cambay) for Oilex to partner up with. Im guessing this is why they blocked oilex from getting 100% of Cambay because they want to sell it and get money from it instead.When i asked about dividends, "Yes, why not?" . But the company will have to be in a stable position and have cash available. (Potentially a long term goal?).With regards to the 'cutting corners' article and other articles, they know who is doing it and the guilty journalist is just basically trying to stir the pot. He said, once you see the flames die down you will see there isn't anything there.They are currently looking at new ventures in new areas as we speak, they are just trying to find the best deal as he said there are some good and some bad. He does read the boards! But only occasionally as some of the posts "are not helpful", and would rather see "good conversation". (Im partly guilty of this, sorry.)Overall they are trying to get Oilex back to where it was. I said "2021, 2022" and he agrees. This is a long term investment, ive always said this. He really wants to give something back to share holders but its going to take time.If you haven't got the patience then you arent going to gain.He was very nice, well spoken and polite. Very grateful that he actually gave me some of his personal time.He also said, when ever they have news about anything, they will inform the markets straight away.So yeah, there is a reason for no news.... things are just literally taking a while and we have to be patient.I believe 2020 will be a much more exciting year. This year is going to be fairly slow. Ill be building my holding in the meantime.
20 May '19

He's free to talk now. Here goes!
20 May '19

Him on the beer might make him a bit more leaky lol ;)
20 May '19

I'll request an actual date and time for the call. We are on two completely different time zones so I hope it can be done at an appropriate time that suits both of us.

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