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Tech company Mporium delivers an outstanding set of Q1 results says CEO De Groot
IronRidge Resources CEO hails spectacular lithium project and money making potential for gold

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Today 07:45

If history does repeat, then expect a book on the fall of the EU empire.

Coming soon to a book shop near you.

Once upon a time.....blah blah blah
Mon 19:20

Your only hope is, if I come around and chuck yer telly out the window.

Start afresh?
Mon 19:14

They didn't miss it, plus it's been longer than 9 years, quite a bit longer in fact. They seem to have missed the debt associated with it - that's for sure. Ramping up intoxicated debt to mind blowing levels on behalf of CBs is good - is it?

You watch too much telly and videos mate. You're a victim of brainwashing of the highest order, incapable of expressing an opinion yourself without some nerd on a CNBC/Bloomberg video.

Sad really.

You on some payroll?
Mon 18:29

Troajan, u wouldn't know, cuz u don't read it.

And it shows.

Remember, there's only so much bullshite on MSM before reality raises it's head.

Gartman is long Did u send him an Easter egg?
Mon 16:52

Snige, the damage is already done. The Yanks tried taking the punch bowl away, it didn't get very far. Folks live up to their credit score and beyond, then gets caught in a debt trap.

There's no way out other than collapse/correction/reset. Too much Sovereign/corporate/consumer debt and it doesn't go away.

So choose your bridge or window. Switzerland is all booked up - had the email. Corbyn is going of the Eiger.
Mon 12:17

Makes me wonder where all these magnificent EU trade deals will be in a few years time.

No EU = no deals.

SC, the world's changing.
Sun 19:15

Troajan, thanks for the Easter egg matey. Arrived by pigeon post today.
Sun 18:24

Brucey, I'll be in Italy this week enjoying a good steak in the Roadhouse grill, that's if I don't choke on the monkey nuts viewing the crumpet.
Sun 16:53

When the stored up inflation in asset prices hits main street, your hope will turn to dispair.

You'll be poorer in two ways.
Sun 15:21

We're all going to become poorer even the 1% super rich - Brexit or not.

If you want someone to blame, look elsewhere. The CPI and the Cost of Living are two different things altogether.

The first is to stop you moaning about the other - clever
Sun 08:19

Macron, Europe's leading globalist. Voted in on fear of Le Pen.

Macron an ex banker who wants to change France and working practices. The one thing he didn't count on was he himself being changed.

Politics for him will be short lived. If you go against the people, there's only one outcome, another miscalculation by an arrogant elite arrsehole who's days are numbered.

gilets jaunes are here to stay.
Sat 20:56

Hurry up, the Ovaltines kicking in.

Sat 20:54

So Troajan, no one's bullish for 2020.

Does that include you? What about 2019? What's the Troajan take?

Without a video, a scunny view.
Sat 20:40

Now your being silly. You only watch CNBC for the chicks?

Greenspan, we are where we are cuz of that rogue. He knows it, and regrets it - he fckd the world up.

Beyond doubt and discussion.
Sat 20:11

Or you....of course.
Sat 20:10

Troajan, I don't!

But that's all u can go on right?

There's only some much u can manipulate. But I'm sure CNBC will look upon it as BULLISH! - Yeah?
Sat 18:52

And stocks go up

See the disconnect - no?

You will, soon enough.

From West to East. Pay attention.
Sat 18:49

Alot of crap data last week from Uncle Sam boys....sorry to change the topic.

Philly Fed manufacturing index
Flash manufacturing index
Flash services index
Building permits
House starts

All down

House prices tanking

Paying attention?
Fri 17:45

F shight
Fri 14:23

2 - 0 FMOBs.

Can't bribe anyone these days.

Except MPs

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