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Member Since: Wed, 2nd Dec 2015

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Last Posted: 13 Jun '19

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13 Jun '19

And Iron haha. .
10 Jun '19

Well the organised anhialation of any worth that this bb offers has been a resounding success.
It's worthless, shenanigans with multiple id's,complete with someone who believes we are fooled with that latest racist disgrace
Shiba and Harry obviously same person,it's a sad day,close the door on way out.
8 Jun '19

I've had a refreshing holiday,back to have a look in here.
All I can say is OMG!!
So the deramping crew are gonna take control of Arts life long baby eh?
Harry has developed a relationship with a big 170 million holder and not only gets instant email replies but instant replies almost every time he gets in touch with Arthur.Very reassuring haha.
Since the last raising I haven't seen any holdings RNS??
Who is this 170 million holder that is willing to put his or her at least 170 grand investment in the hands of Harry the Nigerian prince haha?
Send him your holdings by email?haha.I think he will be asking for your bank details soon pmpl!!
Yes Harry is going to save our souls,invest your money in some huge church that heals the sick haha,there's a special offer be of stupid on this board,it's hillario.
Awaiting holdings info regarding our big investor.xx
22 May '19

I'm afraid this bb has absolutely no credibility,guitar guy all patronising and thanking honest folks for support??!!FFS your having a laugh,he deleted both his and my txt where he replied obviously as another person,you can call it what you like,paranoia whatever but you will have noticed guitar guy has also deleted or had deleted a lot ?? f txts where he refers to his average being something like 0.50 but in another txt says he hasn't bought under 0.60??!!
Not only does that not add up but then to delete them after I caught him replying under two names??
And he had 5 recommends??
That says to me this board is rotten to the core,some posters on here I thought I trusted but really disappointed.
This is being manipulated by a lot of clever folks,Harry doesn't even exist in real life but he's read the emails from yes you guessed it,guitar man.
This will be deleted but I hope some folks get a chance to r we it and get an idea of the manipulation here.
21 May '19

I noticed guitar man had my post about him really being Harry deleted!!??
He obviously has ran for the hills haha,in Canada my were haha.x
21 May '19

Harry haha x
21 May '19

And you asked us not to call you half wit,priceless x
20 May '19

I hate to suggest people aren't what they seem but I find it incredibly interesting that guitar guy answered a txt that was very obviously directed to another poster!!??
Perhaps he has got his identities mixed up and replied under another of his aliases by mistake,either way it appears a bit dodgy to me.
Is that why he and others including Harry apparently have read this supposedly lengthy email!??
Everyone else who have had emails have told us about the content!!
Guitar guy,you wouldn't be telling pork pies would you??
Trust no one is all I can say x
20 May '19

What a delight you are FFS!
17 May '19

No,we await patiently for you to fcuk off permanently haha X.
16 May '19

It's harry,he's got to be three or four on here,x
15 May '19

If you've noticed,boneheads posts have become more patronising and full of self appreciation.
He's done well on YU or so he says.He pretty much covers both eventualities though,refer to any of his posts haha,can you see what I did there.?
I would refer you to honeys post of the second of may,he said we would be nearer or lower than 0.10??
I know he's gonna reply with more patronising bluster as to why he still feels he is right.
13 May '19

Interesting my posts getting deleted?
8 May '19

Interesting that he thinks Harry is real,very interesting.
Ramped in chief??
R u having a laugh?the rise started before half wit and his aliases got to work.
8 May '19

You're all nuts too if you believe this nutcase,FFS man,go read some books??
He's at least three people on this board alone,sorry but sus of anyone who has any time for him let alone being suckered by him.
2 May '19

Wrong again dear.
Try again tomorrow X
1 May '19

Water not credence haha x
1 May '19

I would refer you your post of 07.47 yesterday,need I say more haha.
In fact I will because you twist the facts to fit with your own rhetoric haha.
1-The article you say kicked off the ramping and buying just doesn't hold any credence.If you believe people were suddenly influenced to buy because of an old article then you obviously believe people voted for brexit because of what was on the side of the bus haha.People on here aren't mindless cretins you know,I would imagine they will do their own research especially as the value of some of the buys were quite large.

2-You refer to the ramping crew.If you or anyone else care to refer to any of my posts from whatever time I have never ramped,in fact myself and other better posters than I castigated one poster in particular for his ridiculous behaviour.
I think that shows people were trying to be balanced on here.

2-Your trying DTrumps tactic of saying something enough times until you feel people will believe it to be true.
Cutting out all the noise is a bit ridiculous and a desperate attempt to get people to listen to your increasingly childish and insecure posts.
Cut out the noise?Yes and include yourself in that noise haha .X

3-Tawt haha xx
30 Apr '19

Sell off????
Mwhahahaha have an absolutely fantastic day dear x
29 Apr '19

There hadn't been any ramping today!!
What do you put the volume down to today then?
Oh dear oh dear,what will you say tomorrow?or the day after?
You're a wierdo haha x

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