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Exclusive: Hayden Locke, CEO Emmerson plc, a low cost high margin potash investment
Richard Slape, Oil consultant - Avoiding Losers and Picking Winners, his personal strategy

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Mon 09:36

Main market u half wit haha.
Tell me I'm not the only one pishing their pants over Harry boys posts x
Thu 13:02

Back on standard Canadian time I see,bit wierd you posting on BST for a little while,oh well.
Have you got any other good things to report like the good things you were hearing a few months ago from"your side of the pond"haha.x
Asking for a friend haha x
18 Mar '19

Made up link,there is company called capital market solutions but that's just a plagiarized heading,you really must try harder.
It's all very interesting though that folks would go to the trouble of making crap up x
17 Mar '19

Have you moved to the UK?
All of a sudden your posting in our time and sound awfully British to me.
Just saying x
17 Mar '19

I'm just an amateur Berty, you're just a child with childish and immature comments.
The more I read through your posts the more evident it is that your just fishing for reassurance and ironically you very very insecure.
It's obvious you know nowt more than the rest of us.
You just rehash the same sheit in every message.
You asked me to point out any rampy siht you posted well if folks want to see how insecure and needy you are they should look at history from few months back.
It only lasted three or four messages but gives us an insight into your state of mind haha x
17 Mar '19

If you take things in the round there does seem to have been a bit of a raid on the share price,people posting that the licences aren't being renewed when it only takes a flick through old news to see it was in fact not true.
Looking at Twitter I see DH making noise about taking some shares while slagging the company off.
I think that's all very interesting.
I can't/won't deny Mr M has not done us any favours but it is Africa and particularly Nigeria.
It's a shame people have lost money over the time it's taking to sort out.
I personally think other forces are at play and the price will rise before placing.
I have no inside knowledge or contacts to back up any of what I say,I'm just a positive person.
17 Mar '19

You're a bit hot headed,lack of sleep I think haha.
Well let's see if that's what occurs but if it isn't then you will have proven my point XX
17 Mar '19

You on overtime dear haha?
Posting 27/7 looks like now,wonder why?
Appears to me that the same people who were talking loblix for months pretending to be Rogue Traders and ramping are now talking the same sheit but now deramping!!
You have all been busted for not knowing much and proving you are crap investors but you still want us to believe you know what ur talking about!
15 Mar '19

He's hillario is our Harry.
Almost certainly a plant,could anyone be that thick in real life?I doubt it.
Honestly without exception everything he buys turns to siht haha.
Surely he can't have any money or credibility left.
Shows what scum like him can stoop to in mocking good folks who've lost money.
Well done Harry, you're an absolute delight and a fine hooman,not,please fcuk off and don't come back.xx
10 Mar '19

The more you get poked the more you say we are going under,interesting that your defensive.
9 Mar '19

Amateur or not I'm no worse than you with copl Berty haha ??.
Vive le amateur's,********* haha X.
9 Mar '19

What a pile of shite,i don't know if talking bllox on here affects the share price or not but you have an odd attitude for someone invested here.
Don't bother pishing on about "i have been here longer than anyone else"cos all that proves is that your a pish poor investor haha.
If you were that clever you would have been out a long time ago.
Few others on here have delusions of grandeur haha.
In reality you know as much as I or the milkman about how this is playing out Berty.
8 Mar '19

Main market.
8 Mar '19

2p is around 50 million mcap Berty haha.
31 Jan '19

Haha,ok,I'm busted,I am Art.
I think folks should calm down,I'm doing my best but those bloody Nigerians are a nitemare.??
31 Jan '19

Well WTF is wrong with people on this board??
Honestly,folks looking in here must absolutely psis their pants at some of the comments.
Jiving and R Dunc aside,it's embarrassing but very entertaining reading the comments.
A few things I would say,Harry is definitely a plant,Opel Kadett should stick to ramping the fcuk out of MATD, apparently made thousands in there,don't know how he could have made as much as he's bragging he did make but whatever,he's certainly cost some folks a lot of money bumming it up,trader or whatever but it stinks .
Rift has bn here ages,over optimistic but he says stuff folks want to hear but I'm questioning my initial trust in him because of his immature comments over recent days.
His suggestions for taking over from Arthur that he posted in reply to one of my texts the other week made me laugh, sarcastically that is.
Folks can pretend they know what they're talking about and that's fine.
Folks can pretend they're laid back,able to take in the bigger picture,act like an adult but ultimately their mask slips and reveals an insecure,petulant,childish person underneath.
People aren't what they seem in here,no drama for me,just disappointed,keep it up Jiving and RDunc though.
People should adopt this mantra,"it's Nigeria for fcuk sake",haha,don't give me this"I'm entitled to call or insult anyone I like",it's yourself you should be looking at,you pressed the buy button knowing who we were in bed with!
29 Jan '19

In fact are you really Harry haha?
Sounds like you are in the same class ??.x
29 Jan '19

No ,he's just a fcukwit wannabee armchair CEO haha,annoying little dimmwit x
28 Jan '19

Hya Harry,fcuk off Harry haha.
What an annoying little pick,do u really think we are taken in with ur tripe?
You aren't,can't,be as thick as you make out and are obviously planted here just to psis folks off.
24 Jan '19

What happened to under no circumstances will there be news till 2020?

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