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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Wed 14:56

Could anyone tell me what % of the shares are in sticky hands? this share seems to move quite quickly from not a lot of shares trades which makes me feel there isn't a lot of free float?
Tue 10:52

Hi SEA7 - yes I've been waiting on the sidelines watching for that top drive to arrive, hopefully it will be there any day now.
Tue 10:43

I've been watching ZEN for a while and bought in today with 9k I like the fact the company has spent money on drill and work over rigs to limit company costs in the future, makes total sense to me and looks like it's not long until the drilling will kick off.
Mon 12:32

In or not in profit lol because my buy at 0.09p is looking rather healthy
Sat 09:39

I do agree with the fact there are a lot of people just guessing on these boards but with no RNS at the moment thats all we can do is try and build up a picture of what's happening with the information we can gain from equipment going in and out of the site. If there's no RNS on Monday morning I guess you can call him the biggest bull****ter know to man then but until then we just have to let it roll as he could be right. I do hope he is right (if its by luck or inside info) and we get the initial results we have been patiently waiting for. One way of finding out if he is right though is for him to print what he knows and then see if it does come out on the RNS then we would know he is in the know and not just guessing, it's not market manipulation as long as the RNS comes out on Monday morning before the markets open.
Sat 09:09

PDMS - I have no idea if there will be an RNS Monday morning and I was actually thinking more like Wednesday but if the person says he has been given inside information that there will be one and what might be in it tbh they would get away with knowing it as far as insider trading goes as long as they were told the info after hours yesterday because it would mean they are in no position to take advantage of the information during market hours as long as the said RNS comes out Monday morning 7am.
Fri 21:17

Rhino - why do you think I put 'hmmm' after that lol quite amusing that the numpty Adrian jumps on your answer too jeez talk about stating the obvious lol
Fri 19:00

Oiler - Adrianwfire is a complete numpty and hasn't got a clue what he's on about, purposefully tries to mislead people but hopefully when our Rig is finished at WN if it does go to HH then maybe he will disappear. If it doesn't then I will actually **** myself laughing.

So with the swampie's reporting they are expecting or have heard explosions hmmm...... that could mean perforating and flow testing over the weekend (allowed for 96hrs so I'm lead to believe) then we could get initial results next week possibly around Wednesday. I believe we will then have to wait for the correct documents/approvals for EWT depending on the results of the initial flow tests.
Fingers crossed we get an RNS next week, if its flowing commercial O&G anywhere near the expected figures then they will have done very well and should get the plaudits they deserve. Good luck all.
Fri 06:55

I think they have to release an RNS this morning after revealing they had hit TD (we all know that anyway) at the community meeting as it's price sensitive information.
10 Jun '19

Right now those 3 large sells are out of the way hopefully this will start moving up.
10 Jun '19

Heid - Not if he has left because they intend on merging companies and had to leave because of conflict of interest during the merge......... he could be back on the board as apart of Humber Union Jack.
8 Jun '19

Alex - I'm not sure if they are using LWD as I've not seen it mentioned anywhere but obviously if they are that would definitely give us a heads up.
8 Jun '19

So we could likely get a gas discovery RNS but have to wait for any figures and then get the log details after full TD which if we are very lucky could also contain an oil discovery? If thats the case the second RNS is a seriously important one.
8 Jun '19

Are there any experienced gas well drillers on here that could answer a question for me?

Once they have drilled though the gas target section would they pressure test before moving on to the lower target and would that give a general enough idea of what we may have before an EWT? I'm guessing they will log it before moving on to the second target which would give an indication of the depth of the gas bearing zone so if they had an initial pressure test that could give a good indication of BCF in place?? this is guess work for me so if someone with gas drilling experience could shed some light that would be awesome.
7 Jun '19

TT - I tend to agree with you that there's a lot going on in the background that would suggest they already have the facts and figures for but they are keeping them very tight lipped, it does make you wonder what's plans / negotiations are actually going on and with how many parties.
7 Jun '19

My average is only 9.27p so I'm not overly worried at all, I said yesterday that I hoped it stayed low so I could top up more next week, fingers crossed I manage to do that before the CPI comes out and I manage to average down even further as there is a great opportunity here especially in you made the most of todays blip.

I'm rather intrigued to see what the figures on the CPI are for Djeno, if they're putting so much time and effort into it seeing if they can go straight to Djeno from 103C then the initial figures from SLB must have been fairly punchy when you think that they were looking at 1500 from the R's and Mengo. DS isn't stupid and would have known that todays news although good in my eyes would have hit the SP so those CPI figures must be at least 2000 a day if not they would have had Mengo and the R's fracked and producing by now.

Hopefully I can free up some profits from other shares next week and load up before the news, if not I'm happy with my present situation.
6 Jun '19

Mr Aim and his 7p prediction worked out well lol
6 Jun '19

I'd rather they release good news at 7am rather than the end of the trading day to get maximum effect out of the RNS through the day. Fingers crossed for a very positive 7am red dot.
6 Jun '19

In a selfish way I actually hope we don't get news until Monday the 17th so that I can buy a shed load more or these the back end of next week because it's almost like a golden egg opportunity here now, prior to the AGM they will release a lot of news and get the SP as high as possible because there's no way they will want to go into that AGM with no CPR or production plan out.
6 Jun '19

In a selfish way I actually hope we don't get news until Monday the 17th so that I can buy a shed load more or these the back end of next week because it's almost like a golden egg opportunity here now, prior to the AGM they will release a lot of news and get the SP as high as possible because there's no way they will want to go into that AGM with no CPR or production plan out.

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