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Ariana forecast 47% rise in Kiziltepe gold production

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Last Posted: 28 Apr '17

28 Apr '17

Hi Karita (and apologies to all for O/T - just waiting for EIA and permits.......)

I live in Papamoa Beach, which is the easternmost suburb of Tauranga - North Island, Western Bay of Plenty. Apart from the fact that my daughter and grandchildren are here, I would now not wish to live anywhere else. The standard of living is high and, more importantly, the climate and quality of life are superb.

New Zealand has +/- 4.5 m people, of which +/- 1.4m live in Auckland. The South Island has 1m inhabitants, of which half live in either Christchurch or Dunedin. The rest are mainly on the eastern (fertile) plains, a few in the very wet western strip (7metres + of rain a year!), and pretty much none in the central alps.

The North Island is volcanic and the South Island is alpine.

NZL is basically an agricultural economy and is a net exporter of food and produce. Whether you would like it depends on whether or not you live in a big conurbation in the UK. Where did you visit? You can get a skewed view of poverty/affluence depending on where you went. Where do you live in the UK? What part of Europe are you comparing with regard to living standards? There is a difference between standard of living and quality of life!

I would suggest that you read up what Wikipedia has to say with regard to Papamoa, Tauranga and also places such as Napier, Hamilton, Wellington, Blenheim and Dunedin, to name but a few, just to get started.
15 Apr '17

Many thanks for your concern, plone. I had a steel framed house built over here which is guaranteed to withstand a Richter 9 earthquake and winds above what we experienced on Thursday. So, all is well here, although many people on the estate lost power and there are a number of trees down. The roads are a mess, with trees, powerlines and slips everywhere, but Highway NZ will soon get those fixed - Know How, Can Do is the attitude here! There's plenty of water about, - our gift from Australia, Storm "Debbie" dumped 8" to 10" of rain, and then Cyclone "Cook" came through with another 6" up to 12" in places!

Meanwhile, I sit with my tin hat on - literally - waiting for Condor. Or is it Godot? [(:-)

How is life with you?
13 Jan '17

Hi Plone, still here in NZL. Glad that 2016 is over as I've had to have my old worn out hip replacement re-replaced four times this year, plus a few other health issues now sorted. No alcohol this year either, due to the above - which isn't fair in this land of plenty! Lots of earthquakes last year as well, although none affecting me.

I thought that we might get an RNS covering the soil and rock chip sampling, but nothing doing. The first drilling results are just from the scout drilling, so they hit gold or they don't - I don't suppose that there will be much to comment on there either way. I would expect the results of these to be released - shouldn't be long now.

I'm looking forward to the EIA and permitting, plus the TSX? listing.

Otherwise, I just sit and wait.

ARA is a good drop, by the way, as are pretty much all the NZL Sav Blancs you can get in the UK. Also try the riesling/pinot gris/gewurtztraminer and Gisborne or Hawkes Bay chardonnay (rather than the Marlborough version).
22 Jun '16

Hi Plone,
I'm still here, but I only post but rarely as there is nothing much to say about the present situation - it's just a matter of waiting for the cycle to come round again. Or at least it was, because the new 10% law could cast a new light on matters.
As far as I know (not a lot!), concessions in Africa, for instance, appear to be 90% operator and 10% Government. Therefore the 10% to the Nic Government is not unusual. What could give everyone the willies is if it applied to all CURRENT concessions being worked as well as new ones and renewals. That smacks of retrospective legislation, and there be dragons.

Fair enough with new concessions, and even renewals, because there people know what they are getting into, but not if it is dumped on you out of the blue. That could be seen as the thin edge of the Nationalisation wedge.

My guess for the mechanics is that the operator will simply own 90% of the concession and the government the other 10% within its holding company, as with Cerro Quiroz and B2Gold, (although that is 20% - 80%.)

I agree that if the government is involved it should make the permitting process more certain.

As for going into production ourselves, I would guess that MC, Regent Pacific and maybe the Sentry Fund - and our new 7% shareholder - would want to sell. I would, too, I'm too old to wait much longer!
1 Nov '15

Earthquake well south and east of us and no damage anywhere. Likely to be the local beer lorry dropping off kegs for the second leg of the World Rugby Cup celebrations here!! Thanks for the thought.
7 Sep '15

Hi plone - how are you? Are you still in the Land of the Rising Sun, or are you back at base? Yes, I hit lucky and managed to keep hold of enough to set up here down under and with enough Condor shares to add some icing on the cake if they come good. Here's hoping.

In the meantime there are the grandchildren ....... 5,3 and 2. Challenging, shall we say!

As always, good luck to every one.
6 Sep '15

Evening all - actually it's morning here and a bright sunny one too!

As you correctly say, I am now permanently resident in NZL and have been sitting with my tin hat on. It has taken a while to get all of the admin done to get residence and all of the other processes necessary to dig up an entire lifetime from the UK and shift it over here.

As for Condor......the markets are wholly rigged now, both by the usual suspects for financial gain, and by the politicians as they continue their currency and debt wars. The markets can remain irrational longer than we can remain solvent. MC and the BoD recognise this and are taking action sooner rather than later.

I'm just sitting and waiting to see what transpires during the "offer period", to see what Mark can dig up (sic) at the Denver Gold Forum and the Precious Metals Summit in Colorado and what Cormark Securities Inc can make of expressions of interest from companies which have reviewed the "data room" and/or conducted site visits. Cormark will also have potential buyers and JV partners on their books.

Lots of ways to formulate an out, it's just a question of whether the price will be right.

Good luck to all.
24 Mar '15

My guess would be a matched bargain put across the market. It looks far too big a transaction for anyone to have bought all of those shares in a short enough period of time to get them on a T20 or T25. That would have forced the SP UP substantially a month or so ago. Hopefully it is the remaining rump of shares from the sizeable seller who has been weighing on the SP recently.
20 Feb '15

Sounds like Katikati with views over Tauranga Harbour Mount Maunganui. If you carry on towards Auckland on the main road west you will come across Waihi, where there is a large open pit goldmine, run by Newmont:-
20 Feb '15

Slippery - the two trades you refer to are as below on 5th February and I would say that they are a rollover.

9 65.25 25000 O C 63.0 66.0 16:14:31 25,000

8 66.0 25000 O C 63.0 66.0 16:14:18 25,000

Despite what R33 thinks, I would doubt that there is any significant downside or downward pressure from here. We do have an SP drift, but that is likely to be bored PIs or as per Jibbo's list. There is one seller (or sellers) appearing about 15 minutes before close. Yesterday afternoon they sold 16k and accepted 2p below bid, which didn't affect the SP at all.

If anyone has any decently researched reasons why they feel that the SP is going to fall significantly, please will they share them with us.

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