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Today 17:34

when your dealing with hundreds of billions in trade....2% extra in tarrifs,adds up.
Today 17:26

the maufacturing sector is in a bear market,so although the eu isnt the be and end all...being part of it is less harmfull.than being out of yes,i know the auto slowdown is not brexit fault.
JLR..i know.
canary warf/square mile...10% is 10% m8.
the world is slowing,so what a bad time to go it alone?..but farage,the sociaists and the far right wont be bothered,all they care causing chaos and disruption.
the same has NATO,they all hate nato,why....because it's full of democtatic nations,with a military umbrella,that out enemies hate.
europe has its faults,plenty of um,but so has the rest of the world....buts what's the lesser of the 3 evils,getting into bed with the yanks,or the new big boys,the east.
because once we leave,we will be someones puppet.
at least with europe,we're behind germany and not at the bottom of the pile,if we leave
Today 16:41

the yens been in freefall for years,
if it wasnt for their exchange rate....they're exports would have been in a bad way.
rbs?...they removed £750 billion from their 2 trill balance sheet,sometime after the crash m8.
Today 15:21

Today 15:12

Today 14:51

rbs?...the differance is......rbs did fix the debt problem
with a bit of fanancial hocus
Today 14:49

that's odd,all the big manufacturers have halted investments,ford/the japs/airbus/jaguar/landrover/siemans.
the big banks are moving 10% of their opperation over to ireland/ conform with eu rulings.
manufacturing investment was third in the world,3 years its a fraction of that.
a cheap sterling normally boosts exports....but the opposite has happened.
you cant beat zero tarriffs and border frreee trade....hence why the 70's common market was formed.
so getting rid of it,can only do the reverse
but the fishing industry will do fine.
Today 14:38

it's had those problems for 10 years m8.
Today 14:14

other than slowing down....where does it say anywhere,europe is frucked..
ok german manufacturing is struggling,but so is everywhere else.
Today 14:07

its easy m8,economically,we're better off in europe.
the business world thinks that.
all the economists think that.
the fall in sterling since 3 years ago....thinks that
the huge fall in inward investment, thinks that.
the car industry thinks that
the manufacturing industry thinks that
the boe thinks that
but on the flip side....boris,farage and corbyn,would say anything....dont think that,they hate europe,socailists always
Today 11:19

cant blame her though.
all she's is interested her homeland and whats best for it.
Today 10:46

me too m8....nicola sturgeon gets my vote.
a re vote.
and lock farage up in the tower,this
Today 10:24

he must be very embarrassed aswell.
knowing full well....what he will be remembered throught out history,az the brexit maker.
what a legacy?
uri geller on brexit,dunno how u get it to play...but listened to it on friday on bbc radio 5......
Today 10:19

dunno how you play it on here.....but dead funny conversation with uri geller and how he'll solve it
Today 10:12

TM?..she was in the wrong place at the wrong time m8.
now she's paying the price.
whoever was in office,would have been flogging a dead horse..
Today 10:09

dont be seduced but stealthies romantic inuendo's.
he's only after yooor wres shares.
Sat 22:58

it doesnt mean now m8....some time down the line,know one knows.
probably when inflation starts to pick up

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