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Tech company Mporium delivers an outstanding set of Q1 results says CEO De Groot
IronRidge Resources CEO hails spectacular lithium project and money making potential for gold

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Member Since: Thu, 6th Nov 2008

Number of Share Chat Posts (all time): 4,091
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Last Posted: Sat 11:05

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Sat 11:05

Interesting read, good find JC. Thanks for sharing. :-)
Fri 12:01

As i said I removed the filter and seen your post Simples !!

You just cant help arguing can you !!!!

Lets call it quits and don't ruin this Board anymore as others seem to be peed of with the unnecessary post.

That will be the last from me, I hope the same from your end !!

Its Easter so have a nice w/e.
Fri 09:39

Have a good w/e all, tired of the Kids kicking off.

Suns out keep happy.

Look forward to next week.
Fri 09:37

Not you again I thought you said you would not post me again. THis is my post in reply to HAT NOT YOU.

I am simply correcting his post to me, BUTT OUT.

I agree lets can we stick to share talk? I WAS.
Fri 09:14

Tired of seeing red filter messages all over my screen so I unfiltered you thinking you had grown up a bit but reading your post to me yesterday at Thu 14:49 in saying "Didn't realise That was a joke TomE? No news and this will drift.

I will reply this once ;-

My post was to Applegarth Fun post "keep going digger....Thu 12:39" where he said " Heard a story about a gold prospector who dug a 15 feet deep whole before realising it was his steel toe cap boot that his metal detector was picking up"

NOT his later post.

I thought you also said yesterday "Stop involving yourself in other people conversations"

Talk about The pot calling the kettle black !!!!!

I suppose and apology is out of the question ???
Thu 14:32

Nice one apples, good to have a laugh :-)))
Thu 10:37

Sounds good to me, life is too short :-)
Thu 09:52

With respect I think it was you that was childish yesterday starting with sarcastic posts directed at me :-

"Are you the moderator on this page please?" Wed 12:01

"As Moderator I take it you get to decide who listens to who do you" Wed 14:31

I do not know you or have had any contact with you so WHY did you direct those sarcastic posts at me ????

This is the last time I will mention you so do me the courtesy of doing the same.

Do well with your investment.
Thu 09:21

Moonball, you have been here for one day and have already started trouble. I notice you have taken up the Hats side and that is why I know he is having a pop at me as he always does, together with the red filter messages that are appearing on my screen as he is the only filter I have.

You appear to sound a bit like an old poster Yashy ! have you changed to a new name ????

I have no axe to grind with you so lets call it a day and not mention each other again. And by the way I do not have piles and not juvenile either. So do me a favour and ignore me as your earlier post.

We both have better things to do with our time.
Wed 19:05

At least the Hat has a new mate " Mothball " with all of his 7 intellectual posts, LOL what a cab ranker.

Happy days to the Newbies with all his knowledge and advise, maybe come back in a few years, Moths ?????
Wed 14:16

Muf Hi,

Yes they were above 2p and will be again soon IMO.

Good luck with your investment !


Tom :-))
Wed 14:15


Good luck mate and have a good break. Its good to have some good input as you have done.

Think I will go for a nice Pint and a game of snooker :-)

See ya soon.


Tom :-))))))))))
Wed 14:07

Dj Hi,

That's the Spirit !!!! Very good luck on your investment !!

Keep posting you are a good member, don't let one idiot ruin the day.

Speak soon.


Tom :-)))
Wed 13:46

A new Hat maybe :-))) LOL
Wed 13:45

Muf Hi,

A lot of them could be buys not sells. MM's up to their tricks again to try and get investors worried to sell their shares at this low price, they will then snap em up.

So I would not pay much attention to these. The SP is holding well imo.

Cheers :-)
Wed 13:35

Well said Mickey :-)))))))
Wed 13:22

Dj Hi,

You are very welcome and that's exactly why I mentioned it.


Tom :-))
Wed 12:41

Dj I thought so but the mail was unclear and the reason I asked is that SB may have taken offence.

I only have one other on filter now and that's the pest H. I see I have another red filter message so I assume he is up to his nasty tricks again. Filter him as many others have. He is a waste of space and time so dont waste yours on him, he is not worth the time.

Noticed that the other one I filtered has now gone from the board together with all the red filter messages, that's a relief.

Keep well and don't reply to the pest :-)))
Wed 11:45

Spy Hi,

Nothing like a bit of humour !

The reason I asked is that I did not understand who Dj's post was directed was it to SB or the Hat ? as calling SB a wind up merchant is a bit OTT. Read his post Tue 22:24 and you will see where I am coming from.

Cheers :-)
Wed 11:08

Nosey sounds a bit better lol

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