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UPDATE: #COPL set timeline for Q2/Q3 Nigeria drilling programme
RESULTS: IFA led wealth managers AFH Financial results show strong growth

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Today 14:27

Bamps Hi,

Good move as PSN are good but well expensive.

Have a great W/E too.


Tom :-))))))
Fri 13:15

Rio Hi,

Got to get in while the SP is low, so good luck on that one. Been a bit of a slog here but hope for a change soon.

Hope you are keeping well,

ATB and a great w/e

Tom :-))))))
Fri 09:45

DGR hi,

Thanks for your post but I must clarify I have not worked for TW for 11 years so emotional attachment affecting what should be logical decisions has nothing to do with my holding their shares. The reason why I invested was due to research and knowledge of their management and values together with focus and financial position plus a very large land bank. I have also invested in other House builders that I have not worked for.

I agree with you that emotional attachment should never be part of one's decisions when investing in shares.

My only worry for all house builders is that a no deal position will damage the SP of most House builders and will have a far greater impact on the share price of most, together with most other companies.

If this deal goes the wrong way you may get many chances to top up well under 160 as I said the other day I am expecting our SP to fall under 160 due to you know what.

Cheers and have a great w/e,


Tom :-))
Thu 19:32

News hi,

Will study tonight.



Thu 16:38


Why did you NOT READ my post as you obviously still do not know my question.

"What I do not understand is why the SP is stagnant with all these Artemis Aeromagnetics survey's, maps, great reference to Havieron outstanding gold-copper drill results from the Havieron deposit, etc etc. Why are we still at 1.72. surely we should be above 2 p by now even without any further news or plans. ??????

My post was asking WHY with all this great information of great importance published and mentioned most days is still at 1.72. as with all of this I said it should be over 2 p.

Do you understand now ?? and to top it off its still 1.72
Thu 15:19

Habari hi,

Yes he sounds like a little boy that lost his ball. What a waste of space, his post I meant.

PS. bet he gets out of his pram now with another load of nonsense. LOL


Tom :-)))
Thu 15:09


Selling ????

If you read my post correctly I did say my first investment 1.99 over 7 Months ago and that was a few shares compared what I have now at an average a lot less than that and well in profit.

Do not see the point of your wasted post as I do not need any advice from you regards to trading as I am very capable thanks. Hope that sinks in lol.

PS you sound like a copper.
Thu 13:50

News Hi,

Thanks very much for your post and note the new information. Maybe this new info may help us and maybe a wee rise here. I just wonder where our SP we would be without all this good stuff from Antipa ??????? maybe a lot less than it is now !!!

Thanks again,

Tom :-)))))
Thu 13:25

Tiler hi,

I know many say do not pay any attention to the volumes shown but sells show approx 1.3 mil to 22 mil buy and no effect to the SP, in fact its fallen ???


Tom :-))
Thu 13:18

Just to make my question clear !!

My question asked "Why is the SP stagnant with all these Artemis Aeromagnetics survey's, maps, great reference to Havieron outstanding gold-copper drill results from the Havieron deposit, etc etc. . Why are we still at 1.72"

I agree with you that the SP needs to get above, say 1.8p and move to show its not being held back. But it is already being held back !!!!!! that's why I asked the question.

Any order somewhere still being filled surely would have been filled by now as the SP has not really changed from open yesterday so I doubt that is the reason why we are stagnant at 1.72 still.

I agree its now a waiting game but until we get the heads up from GGP / GH what is the point in showing these maps & surveys most days as we have seen them so many times, its nice to see them as a reminder but it does not seem to help the the SP now.
Thu 12:38

Spy Hi,

One of the reasons I asked was your earlier post where you said "IT will be huge once we get past this current price hold. Not sure why it's being held down now. would expect it to be on the rise finally"

I know what you are saying but to be fair your post 12:20 did not really answer my question as you also said "Not sure why its being held down" ?

Maybe someone can add to this !!


Tom :-)
Thu 12:11

What I do not understand is why the SP is stagnant with all these Artemis Aeromagnetics survey's, maps, great reference to Havieron outstanding gold-copper drill results from the Havieron deposit, etc etc. Why are we still at 1.72. surely we should be above 2 p by now even without any further news or plans. ??????

My first investment was purchased at 1.99 over 7 Months ago without any of the above mentions results.

Fully appreciate the "prove theory" and that we have only drilled a few holes as others have pointed out, but with all these results and survey's and positive reports why are we at this level still.

Only an observation but also a reality.

Any sensible explanation would be appreciated.


Tom :-))
Thu 10:04

DGR hi,

All my post said was that due to the mess the brexit is in and the BBC PM question time yesterday went, I meant that due to the latest attempts to get a deal we are in a worse mess and it may bring the SP down, that's all.

It is your post that seemed very sarcastic in saying "That'd be a shame to be able to get more shares at a lower price, "Greedy Fearful, Fearful Greedy" If you were referring to a warren buffet quote you could have said so, as it appeared to be directed personally at ME.

It appeared to be saying who cares !!!! maybe you could have worded it in a better way !!!! That's why I said if you don't like TW get out, as if you had a bit of faith in the company you would not said that, or in that way.

Then you say I am over exposed, and then on to say " TomE broke out his 'woe is me' post about it dropping back to 160p. What a stupid thing to say !!!!!!

I have been with TW for over 25 years and worked for them for over 13 of those years so I think I know where my bread is buttered and I am sure as I have said many times that we will get back to over 2 in the near future but this brexit nonsense is holding us back !!!!! Hence my post about 160 NOTHING MORE.

Oh by the way your average is great, mine is 196 but I am not moaning at all.

So I hope you do well with your divi's and investment when the tide changes.


Tom :-)
Wed 18:56

The crap on this board now is unrealistic, everyone is having a go at each other and it looks like a disease from one of you to the other.

Its a mess and you should STOP for the sake of others on this Good board. SO GIVE UCS A BLOODY BREAK FGS.
Wed 18:46


What sort of post is that ????? are you with TWER's or what ???? I dont think most on this board agrees ?????

If you do not like TW , GET OUT


Wed 13:52

Think we will get a little come back by close ? I just hope we stay above 170 !!!!!!
Wed 13:23

No need for that offensive post that does not appear to be sane at all, more like your No 1 to me.

Bad taste mate, more like a Bad fish to me with a name like yours.
Wed 12:34

Who mentioned Dead Duck ??? as the SP fell, shame on you lol.
Wed 12:14

I have a bad feeling with the latest EU brexit news we will see 160 by tomorrow. :-((
Wed 10:30

Tiler Hi,

Where did 190 come from ???? rather a bit optimistic or have I missed something of importance. !!!!!


Tom :-)

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