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#AST: Board changes and new strategy for Ascent as Hutchinson looks at new projects
EXCLUSIVE: Petro Matad announce fully funded 4 well Mongolia campaign

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Wed 18:16

What is this mysterious 'THAT RNS' you are constantly talking about?
Tue 09:44

They'd planned it all along, probably even while they exempt Virgin from the 28 day rule or whatever it was. B*stards.
14 Jan '19

I think the problem is that some vital piece(s) of information has/have been withheld from the shareholders. If we were aware of just how calamitous the credit problems were, as well as the hefty court-based costs (which I only saw any reference to AFTER the offer of 1pps was made), a lot of people would have been more cautious. Unfortunately due to the positive hyping from the CEO about the recovery plan, reducing fleet size and unprofitable routes and all that jazz, everyone was given the sense of a company that had a decent future so the SP climbed and stayed where it felt safe (around the 16p mark). Then she basically turned around and said 'the company is f***ed, its 2 million or bust'. Also the broken record of rising fuel costs, a tough winter for sales and weak pound; we know fuel costs are down, yes they are hedged for the future but beyond that it would be easier sailing (or flying) and the summer is on its way, no doubt people are already booking their tickets. I can't comment on the Brexit uncertainty though, because it is just that, uncertain.
14 Jan '19

Advfn (and others with substantial losses). The lesson there is risk management. It's easy to throw more and more money at a stock as your confidence grows, but that's the trap. It's never safe to put all your eggs in one basket.
14 Jan '19

If square one was what it was before the offer, it was 16p a share. I'd happily go back to square one...
14 Jan '19

Sounds like good news. Let's hope (a) his actions benefit the shareholders, and (b) (if (a) is correct) goes to plan!
14 Jan '19

Has anybody actually voted on a takeover offer before? How does it work? By phone or online, or do you have to go somewhere in person?
14 Jan '19

Would that be a good thing? I suppose he can't do a worse job than the current lot...
13 Jan '19

Well at least somewhere remotely closer to the asset value. One slot sold for 4 million, double the offer for the whole business. Surely the takeover company will just sell another asset and theyve made a return straight away.
13 Jan '19

Adayinthelife - Basically you bought your shares from the market makers and they have no obligation to refund you. That's where your money went. When you buy a pint of beer from a pub and drunkenly spill it all over the floor, the pub still has your money (not that that has ever happened to me).
12 Jan '19

The ??s were a christmas tree emoji
12 Jan '19

He posted on Christmas Day 'Happy Christmas ??to all the honourable People in life.
Letís keep fighting against the Evil that try to destroy the good we have created. Merry Christmas??& Happy New Year thanks for your support. 2019 will be a big surprise for wrongful behaviour.
Best Wishes Andrew'

Not sure that alludes to this situation in any way. Might do, who knows?
11 Jan '19

Does seem odd the reccomend an offer then sell an asset for cash thats double the price of the offer. Will be intersting to see what happens next in this carnival...
11 Jan '19

I'm surprised it crawled up to 4. It's some degree of damage mitigation for those that didnt panic sell at the start of the day. I'm still holding though, masochistic curiosity.
11 Jan '19

Wonder what our Keith thinks about all this, as well as other majors. It would be nice to get an opinion from one of the big players regarding how they see things going forward.
11 Jan '19

So are we, the shareholders, expected to just say 'We want what's best for the employees'. No, as much as I care for my fellow man, thats not why I invest. Otherwise Id just pay someone a wage for nothing.
11 Jan '19

This was a practice for me as a new investor. Certainly learned a lot! Just wish i hadnt paid so much for the lesson, but it should prevent me from getting into similar situations when i start investing properly. It did come as a shock that the company can be bought for such a small sum, surely virgin could sell one of the assets and theyve made their money back. Either way, im not selling out, waiting for the bitter end so i can get the entire picture (was prepared to lose 100% worst case scenario)
10 Jan '19

With any luck it will prompt any of the 'other parties' (if there are any) to start laying their cards on the table.
10 Jan '19

Yeah I was worried about there being no deal and flybe having to go at it alone, but I never considered the possiblity of a pathetic offer. I just hope its rejected. Surely it means Virgin must get a ton of assets for free; that doesn't seem right.
9 Jan '19

I imagine such small trades will just be the correction of errors, nothing clandestine.

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