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#AST: Board changes and new strategy for Ascent as Hutchinson looks at new projects
EXCLUSIVE: Petro Matad announce fully funded 4 well Mongolia campaign

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Sun 16:24

well if its not you and its not me and its not fella we are running out of suspects.i think we can be fairly safe in ruling out bignose and MR so my money is on Pikey Pete (only joking! )not sure if its possible to recommend ones own post though it a good idea and i shall certainly be trying it (pretty sure no one else will recommend them!)
Sun 10:32

not guilty gov! although in fairness i always read them if only to see if i can understand what he is saying.
Sun 10:17

more to come out is the big problem imo.just don't see them getting to this bottom of this for quite a while and the longer it goes on the greater grows the fear of complete disaster.unrellenting bad news has a very corrosive effect.not invested here and never have been and would not contemplate investing even if it starts trading again but for those currently invested i hope for better great admirer of johnson.serial entrepreneurs are imo best avoided after their first success.i am a great believer in the concept of hubris which unfortunately is no consolation to those suffering from the consequences by association
Sat 11:46

hello bothwell.its in my post of 13th december last.if you cannot find it just say and i will repost.
Sat 11:07

morning wouldn't argue with that.just personally want to wait to try and get sense of direction.good luck whatever you do.
Sat 10:01

12 days left for news of UK launch.let us hope we are not disappointed
Sat 09:43

morning IanB would agree with that.its going to be a pivotal deal whatever it is if not actually make or break so what matters is the substance of it not its timing. Personally i wouldn't be too bothered if we don't hear for some time as the most important thing is to get it right on the best terms possible.i do understand however that the market would probably react badly to too much perceived delay..
Fri 22:09

not quite so sure about this motoring up next week.would totally have agreed a few months ago but now not so sure there seems to be a far greater degree of negativity towards the company than a few months ago so I'm going to wait and see what happens on monday.if we fall back to say 290 i will buy back in but if we go up significantly i shall accept that i have missed this boat for the time be clear i have no current holding but have traded it many times over the last 18 months
Fri 20:21

i hope you are right ian but personally think we will still be below 50p before approval as we do seen to meet very solid resistance at around the 40p level as exemplified i think by todays trading..i thought we were going to go through 40p today but it didnt happen approval i think were will definitely break 50p but at what figure I've no idea.whilst approval is obviously now essential assuming we get it the key driver is going to be partnership/licence which for reasons given by others i also expect fairly soon after approval idea what sp will then be as it will depend entirely on the terms agreed.just my opinion.
Fri 19:26

good to see a well balanced articulate and literate post from the oracular one.i remember reading a post once from someone saying that aim bbs were the last refuge for the foul mouthed and confused.i think we should now add "abusive" to the list.
Fri 19:20

agree with that posted i have retained a proportion of my original investment as i believe in the sphere of operation and think it has great potential but imo its i vitally important not to lose sight of the fact that this is a very small cap company.thats both its weakness and its attraction potential unfortunately I've seen and at times been involved in too many shares where the sp takes a different view from the going to the moon /massively undervalued brigade hence i have taken profits here.its in the bank. a small triumph of fact over speculation and hope.also your reference to warrants is very germane.with very small caps the potential impact of warrants is even harder to assess and can be of much greater significance than in the case of companies with much more substantial m/cs.just my opinion of course .
Fri 17:08

agreed Predators!fortunately we have the oracular one to guide us less experienced investors, no doubt out of a sense of altruistic concern for his fellow
Fri 16:44

nbucky1.yes still invested but only at about 25% of where i was at beginning of week.please don't take any of my posts as advice as to what any individual should guess is as good as the next persons but no stated earlier i don't think the nomad question is an issue but as always its risk versus reward and I've reduced my risk as I'm disappointed with the sp reaction to the contract news.if we hit 2p next week i wouldn't be surprised but equally if we hit 1p i wouldn't be surprised.
Fri 16:27

if you are ignoring the daily price movements why do you post incessantly referring to them?
Fri 16:24

there are no big buys coming into close last two trades both sells look at the facts!
Fri 16:19

fairview i also expected the sp to reach about 2p on contract news.i had a sell order for part of my holding set at 1.95p as i expected sp to hit 2p but then fall back.when it didn't hit 1.95p i sold part on the way down and have sold more this morning.aim is a sea of disappointed expectations (moon boot tripe etc) on which we all sail in leaky boats.i have learnt from long and at times bitter experience that it is much easier to lose money than make it.a 50% loss needs a 100% increase to get back to where you started aimo
Fri 16:06

what pray o oracular one is this very reliable source? i have heard from a very reliable source that reliable sources cannot always be relied on!
Fri 15:50

iron man probably because no details given so people conclude that the details are not that good.personally i think and have always said(see earlier posts) that nomad is a non issue but i accept the it may be putting some people off as the date draws closer.take a realistic perspective don't invest too much and forge about FTSE listing for the time being .just my opinion.
Fri 11:48

sorry that should have read "paid on the bid"
Fri 11:46

well we are getting40p on the bid now so fingers crossed that we can push on to 42p or may be even a little more before decision.

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