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Member Since: Thu, 31st May 2007

Number of Share Chat Posts (all time): 2,097
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Last Posted: Sun 22:15

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Sun 22:15

Maybe we will get a red dot to help us on our way :0)
Sun 19:48

Hey Tiburn, at this rate you are going to be top of the rampers with 1 million mice on the mouse scale
Sun 19:42

And remind me again .....what's the value of our company ????......£15m.......crazy !!!!
Sun 19:41

Billions of dollars worth of investment and for what???.....you guessed it " THE DJENO"....world class reservoir!!!!
Sun 16:10

Once the SP starts to move it will really gain momentum imho
Sun 16:10

2 decent buys at close of play. This looks ready for the rise !!
Sun 15:41

The SP looks to have bottomed and ready to take off for the AGM. The trolls are pulling out all the stops looking desperate.

Hope you folks are not short.....ouch !!!
Sun 15:23

Very very very good chance of news flow this week imho :0)
Sun 13:11

We have nowhere near exploited this asset yet.... 104 hitting Djeno main reservoir and Vandji ..... then the for sale sign goes up but not before imho !!!
Sun 11:53

Barking, the question has been recently posed. Not sure they would be able to comment anyway.

The AGM should reveal much more although unfortunately due to my 4th funeral of the year I wont be able to attend which is a real upset on both counts .The old boy was 99 years old though so he had a great innings!!
Fri 21:21

Dont you worry, it's the AGM next week and the boys wont want to turn up empty handed. Weve got oil in a world class basin. Did DS sound stressed in his presentation......nope....ready to get on with it Id say because theyve had this in the planning for the last few months. Bring on the rig and maybe a cheeky deal :-)
Fri 17:53

Nor do you hold shares in this stock!!!!

I can find many negative points to say about every company on the stockmarket but it's all relative. The point with AAOG, it's hit a world class reservoir with the Djeno and yet it only has a market cap of £15m. The infrastructure onsite has a replacement value of circa $20m and the SNPC owe us $8m. The downside risk with this company is therefore minimal but targeting the Djeno and Vandji provides this with upside beyond belief and that's what most here are invested for. Of course the company is not perfect but it ticks a huge amount of boxes for an AIM stock and has some very qualified management to carry this company forward.

If you want a perfect investment then you may have to return to fairyland but in the real world investment is about risk management and it's clear the downside from here is minimal but huge gains are very possible. I think many others will agree on here that this company has a hell of a lot going for it compared to 99% of other companies on the AIM.

So if your're not happy here I suggest you climb back on your multicolored unicorn and head across to Wentworth with Mick :0)

Have a great weekend all, enjoy the sun and a few cheeky ones !!
Fri 15:50

Mick, hmmmm, so no intention of investing just turned up to stir the pot. As I've said before if you spend as much time on your investment decisions as you do trying to upset people youd be a millionaire many times over. You should invest today its an amazing price and in a couple of weeks time everyone will be laughing at you saying you should of invested and doubled your money, instead of mocking.

Anyway....No helping some folk (raising eyes emoji)

Back to AAOG now sideshow Bob has left ;-)
Fri 14:41

I've said my piece Mick, I wont be letting you turn this personal..... it's not about old TIPTOP.....its about us all hopefully investing in a viable company which grows and makes everyone involved wealthier, while hopefully learning something and making some friends along the way.
Fri 13:47

I left Aminex because the fundamentals changed and the BOD sold out in my opinion. I sold all my stock at 3.5p and announced I was doing so. I'm an investor, I'm allowed to sell my stock and move on if I dont believe the company is moving forward. I attended the AGM meetings and met other shareholders and management so all those who were honest enough to attend the meetings know exactly who I am and what I stand for.
If I'm investing in a company I always approach the BOD and send regular questions, to which I mostly get an answer, theres nothing wrong or illegal in that ......its called research !!!
Fri 13:00

I can ask the question Barking but they may say its price sensitive, although I dont see why if they turned it down.
Fri 12:57

Haha. Mick, thought it was strange you were investing in a company apart for your hobby share Wenteorth....hows that going by the way.
Angela wasnt saying it was AAOG cutting corners they were saying it was poor quality materials and poor workmanship so I suggest you get your facts right and stick to your own arguments.

Regards knowing more than everyone else it's simple I just ask the question to our BOD at any opportunity, they dont lie and are happy to answer questions. You should try it one day then maybe you wouldn't be stuck with Wenti :-)
Fri 11:53

Shows how little you know, there was a crack or fracture in the plug and that's how the oil is escaping through. It actually worked out brilliant for us as wed never have known Djeno flowed if it wasnt for that fracture !!

Also SLB are some of the best in the business so it really does show your lack of knowledge and your awful deramp skills. Accusing them of "poor quality materials and or poor workmanship" is just hilarious !!!

Enough said I think .....back to the sunshine for me
Fri 11:47

T123 yes but Djeno is a world class reservoir and we are currently a minuscule £15m market cap company. Theres a huge disconnect between what we have and what we are worth. That adjustment will be fast and furious when the market realises how undervalued we are and all you trolls will just pop off back under your bridges without a care for all those shareholders who missed the bounce because you scared them off with talk off a huge placement
All imho of course :0)
Thu 21:56

We know the Djeno is a fantastic producer in Congo....we have proven oil flows from our Djeno....SLB have said we have a very good reservoir....Nutech said we have an exceptional reservoir....our BOD have said we would be stupid not to go for the Djeno.... I have been screaming since 103 results we need to target the Djeno.... the production plans are almost complete for us to produce from the Djeno.....and yet the market has still not caught up with the fact that we are on the cusp of FLOWING THE DJENO STRAIGHT INTO OUR BANK ACCOUNT!!!

So what will it take for the market to wake up. Well how about the master plan being revealed just before the AGM . JB is a box ticker so it would be a perfect date for lift off.

I took on a lot more shares than I was planning with this recent crazy price drop but I'm happy to do so and very ready for this to move higher in the not to distant future.


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