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Fri 12:26

Iím not going to post it on a public forum, although itís not hard to work out. In any case Iíd prefer him to spend time working on strategy rather than being inundated with emails.
Fri 12:02

I emailed Lucan this morning to say I felt removing the YA funding was a good move but at the same time pointing out that we need a frank and honest update as to where things are at and what we can realistically expect in the coming months. I added that was the only way to restore trust and value. He emailed back almost immediately to say thanks and noted. Hopefully he will be good to his word.
Fri 08:03

I donít think I have ever seen ART123 make a constructive post on a share...
Fri 07:56

Time was not on their side as YA would start converting
Fri 07:37

Lucan is just sorting out the YA/Vonk mess. Itís, but at least itís quick decisive action.

On the plus side pretty much all the near term bad news is out of the way, so I expect the next step will likely be a positive PR campaign. Wouldnít be suprised if this starts over the next few days. My initial impression is that Lucan seems a sensible corporate guy so I am expecting/hoping ANGS will start to be run In a sensible/predictable fashion going forward.
Fri 07:10

I don’t think many said YA was fine
Fri 07:06

Well a placing is far from ideal, but better than that YA facility. At least Lucan has removed one burden from the company, hopefully he can continue the clean up
Thu 22:41

...given ANGS may be slow moving, I have decided to focus my attention on trying to get Eltorro07 banned (or as near as possible to being banned) from twitter. He's a nasty piece of work...
Thu 22:39

It's quite possible ANGS have decided to focus short term on Balcombe given, as you say, it's the easier route in terms of council relationships. May be part of the reason Lucan has been brought onboard is to work behind the scenes in terms of improving the Brockham (Surrey) council relationship. I seem to recall Surrey CC saying something to the effect that ANGS is the worst licence holder they have dealt with from a governance perspective etc. That is Lucan's forte and I can imagine he's probably a pretty good relationship builder and process manager, even if his technical O&G experience is basic.
Wed 07:14

Heís on his jolly in Nevada scrabbling about piles of dirt looking for some new fangled mineral that no oneís ever heard of or cares about.
Mon 23:35

What does he say please (I donít have access to twitter at present)
Mon 20:38

IF, Lucan is true to his word on governance, communication and turning the ship around then that could have a massive impact on sentiment here. Asides from operational delays what has really killed the SP is corporate disaster after disaster with the likens of BMD and TW kicking ANGS at every opportunity. Relative to UKOG the dilution hasnít been too bad and so the scope for recovery could be significant - equally if they carry on the way previously then thereís not much hope...
Mon 20:20

The big risk when an Aim company is languishing is dilution. Thatís what generally stops a share price from recovering. Luckily we have had our dilution hit already (well at least for the time being). So being in the doldrums for a while is not catastrophic provided the new board come up with a sensible game plan (?).

My other observation is that if Brockham were sc.rewed so to speak then it would have been the ideal chance for Lucan to wipe the slate clean. He didnít and Tidswell has reassociated himself with ANGS (again if it were sc.rewed youíd think heíd lay low for a while). So that makes me feel the issues are more operational than fundamental with the well, as weíd all expect. Ok we might not be getting Star Wars but at this stage weíd all probably be happy with 1kbopd as a starter, with hopefully the new Board then coming up with next stage game plan.

This is all in my opinion, but logic says if there were a skeleton in the closet then now would be the time for Lucan to reveal it. As he hasnít Iím sticking with ANGS, ignoring the doomsayers and waiting for some official plan, which hopefully will be soon.
Sun 14:53

Lucan said in his introductory message that there will be greater communication and Q&A sessions. Clearly Lucan has only been at helm for a week and JT has suggested heís only just now getting back to work. So I think we need to give them 2-4 weeks, by which time Iíd expect an articulate plan as to how they are going to take ANGS forward. If we dont have anything by then then I would begin to seriously worry. But slagging ANGS off in the meantime (however tempting given the YA facility) is in my mind folly - either (I) they are trying to turn things around in which case criticism is counterproductive or (II) we end up in the same BS situation as the past, in which case whatís a few extra weeks...
9 Feb '19


We get all you say and agree with it. Wolf mentioned that some people have invested significant amounts and are at a significant loss. I'm in that camp too. All Yanis and I are trying to say is let's try and look forward. A big concern in the past has been lack of communications, perhaps that is being rectified now, let's see. If it is, then that itself is a change. Ok, JT is not responding to your requests for timelines yet. But again let's see what comes out by way of JT/Lucan's planned updates. The alternative is to just go around in circles criticising JT and picking holes in whatever happens next.
8 Feb '19

JT is claiming via twitter that he has had no involvement for the prior 6 months. Given Angus have now endorsed JTís Twitter account I am assuming that may be accurate.

Truth is there must be lots that has happened behind the scenes which we will probably never be privy to.

But to some extent I agree with Yanis. JT is now leading the ops, and is likely our main point of information. We can criticise all we like, but thatís fact. At this stage itís probably more productive to give the new regime a chance. After all JTís crew did drill the original successful HH well, so they canít be totally useless. Thatís not to say we shouldnt keep a critical eye on progress over the next few months. But equally to keep on repeating JTís past mishaps is not really going to help matters at this stage either. Clean broom and all that...
8 Feb '19

UKOG took out a facility of £10m with YA Global, ANGS have currently drawn down £1.5m, slight difference
8 Feb '19

Sorry, one point to add - it’s highly unlikely there’s a severance package. We are not talking Goldmans here. Plus there probably no other director with the power to grant one. May be he has some rights under his option package? Again' interestingly, that was granted by Vonk.
8 Feb '19

I think Vonk selling has revealed his true colours. He called Brockham Star Wars before Xmas. It could still be, all we know is that there is a solveable water issue. Yet he gets pushed out and sells, either out of spite, need for cash and/or no real belief in the Weald. If he was a real believer and had his head screwed on he’d have waited until the YA funding was done and Brockham’s water issue was sorted. The price would have been higher then. Instead he dumps at the moment of ANGS’ greatest weakness. To look at things the other way, JT had his moment of share madness, but given he was then subsequently sidelined, did he sell (at then a higher price)? No, because he clearly believes in the project. I know he ain’t perfect and I was initially a big sceptic of the board coup, but the one thing he would appear to be is a believer. He could have otherwise easily bailed if he’d wanted with quite a lot of cash.
8 Feb '19

Balcombe long term flow test application submitted and Vonk selling down holding.

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