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Last Posted: 29 Mar '19

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29 Mar '19

Hi Phenomenonnick.

Thank you for your research.

£65000, wow. That unfortunately makes me question Nigel Burton's capability as a business man.
Surely he could have sold it to HH for more then that. Considering that That HH invested in Oyster Oil not just once, but twice.
Even if there happens to be bad blood between the two of them, I would expect Nigel Burton to look out for the best interest of his shareholders in DIGITALBOX.

But on a good note for Gunsynd, the £400 000 something that the sale of UKOG's share's gave us, would allow us to buy out North Bay Capital Partners at 6-7 times their original outlay.
Now that would not be a bad return, for a relatively short term investment for North Bay Capital Partners.

Personally I am looking forward to the day Gunsynd multi bags 6 to 7 times (a man is allowed to dream)
28 Mar '19

A great thing about following this board, is hearing the different opinions, experience and skillset that different members contribute with.

I have not got a clue as what to expect from North Bay Capital Partners.

Reading up on their webpage, it might as well be Russian to me, I still do not get a clue about what they are about and/or how we can benefit from a partnership with them

Can we be so lucky that our BOD convinced them to buy Polemos share in Oyster Oil and then pass it on to us for a hefty profit or shall we expect them to be long term partners.

I know others here also had an interest in Polemos. Have anybody been able to find any information in the financial reports about the price Polemos received for their stake in Oyster Oil.

Any idea about how much it would cost us to buy out North Bay Capital Partners, if possible?
20 Mar '19

If I recall correctly then the expense of the BOD’s salaries went up significantly last year.
It is unbeknown to me, how many hours they charged Gunsynd, for the work, they did in relation to Fastbase, and how many hours they have charged for in relation to Human Brand’s coming IPO.

But I am sure some of the expense can be attributed to the hours and hours spent on guidance to Fastbase (which by the sound of it, they choose to ignore from time to time)

That the BOD choose to not to implement a “kill fee” might have been a selling point that got Fastbase on board in the first place.
But it has also turned out to be a costly affair for the shareholders, as we rightly has to pay the BOD for the hours they put in.
So I am in favour of a “kill fee” that does not break the bank for a potential client, should either party decide to call it a day.
Preferably it would be tiered to how far in the process they have progressed at the point of termination.
And it could be either just cool cash or a lover amount of shares (should they ever list) or any combination thereof.
Or something completely different.

I personally liked the idea of the BOD offering “advise to a company” on the route to an IPO, as a service.
A year ago, I found it to be an unexpected turn of the company, a direction I had not envisioned at all.
Plus, I saw and still see it, as low risk, capital wise.
But with a huge potential upside.
More of that please.
A shame it did not work out with Fastbase.
But we still have Human Band to look forward too.
You win some, loose some. (thanks Lemmy Kilmister) ((however it is not “all the same to me”, but then again, that is the name of the game))


If all of the above and any other unaccounted attempts fails to get the share price moving significantly upwards, then as soon as we have a spare million Pounds (IPO) laying around, there should be a dividend paid out.
Again if that does nothing to the share price, then the share holders will get a nice payout compared to today’s share price.
20 Mar '19

My take on what will bring Gunsynd’s share price forward.

There is the blatant obvious one. We, the existing shareholders, or new ones, start paying more for the shares, whenever we top up or buy in.
But possibly, for a myriad of reasons, we are not willing to do so at the moment.

I don’t see the share price making any significant move until one or more of the following has been sorted out or implemented.

Human Brand IPO
Clarification of Oyster
Remove risk of dilution
Implement a “Kill fee”

It is not uncommon for an investment company to trade for less then the sum of it’s parts.
But then again, the discount is also part of what is so attractive about Gunsynd for a Long Term Holder.
As eventually some or all of the prospects will come to fruition, and there will be money in the bank for us.


When the IPO becomes official, there is a good change we will start to see an upward movement.
If not, then as soon as HUMAN BRAND has listed and Gunsynd have received their shares and we have liquidity, something ought to start moving (however that did not happen with our UKOG shares)


Until the market knows more about our % ownership and how Gunsynd are going to benefit from the share we have, and what the future structure is going to be?
And whether we will have to pay towards any exploring or not and if yes, how much, or are we going to have a FARM OUT agreement.


As long as there is a risk, that 7 billion shares can suddenly hit the market any day, to raise capital then I doubt I am the only one who fear that the share price could be halved overnight.
Permanent Interest Bearing Shares at let say 6% offered to existing shareholders would be my preferred option.
This could potentially cause a run on the shares and drive the price up, but admitted, only to a level where it still makes sense business wise.
But even if that fails, then we existing shareholders, who buys the Permanent Interest Bearing Shares will get a return.


Last week, I was introduced to the concept of a “kill fee” by someone I got talking too.
This guy had a rather modest “kill fee” in place, should the client decide not to use his service.
On the other hand, if they concluded the deal, to both parties satisfaction, then there was a serious payday ahead.
He liked this model. The advantage was that, it was not to expensive for a company to try him out.
(important here in his start up phase)
And in case it should not work out between them, for whatever reason that might be, then he would still get a bit for his efforts and the other party would not have to big a dent in their budget.
A proposal that looks rather appeasing when you shop around as a potential client.

If the BOD decides they wanna offer more of the “advice kind of service” to other companies in the future, then I would like to see them implement a “kill fee”

If I rec
15 Mar '19

With every risk of selling the bearskin before catching the bear.

I assume that when Fastbase list, they will do so with no less then 100 million shares.
And I hope it will more likely be 200 or 300 million shares that will see the light of the day.
(have any of the pre IPO holders, been told how many shares there are in circulation so far)

But if we go by the conservative estimate of 100 million shares, then Gunsynd should receive no less then 750 000 shares.
If memory serves me right, then Fastbase are selling the pre IPO shares at $3 something.

Gunsynd should net a value of at least 2.2 million Dollars.

The £ is still stronger then the $ (long may it last, read fear of Brexit) so lets deduct 25% in exchange rate and it leaves us with roughly 1.7 million Pounds.
If the BOD has confidence that Fastbase will multi bag over the coming years, then I hope they will put the shares aside for a while and forget about them until they reach a minimum value of 3 million Pounds.

Assuming they will plateau out for a while, I would like to see a payout to us shareholders, let’s say 1 million Pounds.
On the other hand if there is still a strong upward momentum in the share price, please hold on a bit longer.

We have just below 5 Billion shares in circulation at the moment.
For arguments sake lets just use the number 5 Billion.

1 000 000 / 5 000 000 000 = 0.0002 in dividend

0.0002 is also the price we have been hoovering around for quite a while now. Slightly above, slightly below.

For us LTH, receiving 0.0002 per share, before the end of this year in dividend, would be quite something.

Gunsynd’s share price has not been reflecting the true value of our investments for a long time, if ever.
Assuming that our share price will rise, as a result of the Fastbase IPO, but that there will still be a discount to our net assets, I think a substantial dividend (from today’s share price) will open the eyes of the market.

And if not, at least we, LTH will be well rewarded.
4 Mar '19

On there are a couple of articles regarding Rasmus Refer and Masterseek.
Here are links to two of them. Google translate does a decent job.

The essence of the stories are something like the following: The people Rasmus Refer had in charge of the IPO process, had around 70% of the raised capital canalised to other accounts then towards Masterseek’s.

I would deem it fair to say that the articles, paint Rene Lauritsen and Jesper Svane Thomsen in a rather shady light.

So my view is that Rasmus Refer has learnt from past experiences, somehow got in touch with Mr. Harris and are using the expertise, that the management of Gunsynd can provide, to ensure that an IPO will go forward this time around.

I have faith in the good nature of the management of Gunsynd, and have therefore invested heavily in the company. Hopefully that trust will not turn out to have been misplaced.

If you however think of the management in the line of the 2 above mentioned “Gentlemen’s” description in the articles, then I think you should seriously consider to cut your losses and get out of Gunsynd.

Don’t forget the directors are allowed to issue around another 7 Billion shares, that could potentially hurt our share price, at least in the short term. (and hopefully only in the short term)
1 Mar '19

personally I hope that the outstanding loan in Oyster has been sold to gunsynd on a favourable term that gives PLMO/DBOX a share in the future income this company was supposed to give us when we originally invested.

The last thing I want to see is it totally written of.
Somehow, at the very least we must be able to keep the loan papers on hold and not enforce anything until it is worth doing so.
Or sell it.
To Gunsynd, hopefully.
1 Mar '19

personally I hope that the outstanding loan in Oyster has been sold to gunsynd on a favourable term that gives PLMO/DBOX a share in the future income this company was supposed to give us when we originally invested.

The last thing I want to see is it totally written of.
Somehow, at the very least we must be able to keep the loan papers on hold and not enforce anything until it is worth doing so.
Or sell it.
To Gunsynd, hopefully.
1 Mar '19

So, What's are your thoughts lads after today?

My thought is utter disbelief in this so called financial capital of the world.

Not in DBOX so far, with my current knowledge.

But can anyone please explain to me, how in 2019, a mighty nation like the UK, with a financial hotspot like London, can allow legislation to be in place, that causes such an abysmal scenario as we witnessed Thursday the 28-2-2019.

I have 2 different brokers. Neither had changed the it from PLMO to DBOX this morning. Nor was the correct allocated amount of shares in my account.
In other words I could not start trading at 0800, when the floor opened.
With what I went through, talking to my broking companies, I am amazed that more then 900000 shares managed to be traded today.
A system where each broker is supposed to make the calculations of share allocations themselves, but are under no obligations to do so and have it ready for trading on the first day, when the bell sounds, is a shamble and utter joke.
When I called Hargreaves Lansdown, I was told they hoped to have it ready sometime Friday the 1-3-2019 and no later then Monday the 4-3-2019.
Potentially up to 5 days after admission, before I can sell out of some of my shares, or all of them if I should so desire.
I could have lost a fortune by then if the share price starts a downward trend.

Thursday there was a price difference of 2 pence between high and low.
This is a spread I would have loved to be in on.
6 Dec '18

Hi Already in use.

I keep adding because I might be wrong and in that case I would hate to have missed the cheap shares.

We do have a 0.75% interest in the company upon a completed IPO.
6 Dec '18

Hi Lazysail.

Personally I am very interested in Fastbase, as since that agreement was posted back in February, I have bought up in Gunsynd on pretty much a monthly basis.
Even if only a quarter of their expectations come through, I think it will be a game changer for Gunsynd.

It is correct that Gunsynd has not invested directly in Fastbase, but our board has charged our company a huge salary this year compared to years past.
I assume this is because of all the work, they have been doing for Fastbase and I consider it fair enough, nobody should work for free, or peanuts for that matter.
So I want the IPO to go forward and are interested in hearing everything that comes out about the company.

This December it is Fastbase that is talked about a lot. Last December it was Oyster Oil.
Next December it might be Human Brand.

As to why the price is so low, well this is the price the market is willing to pay at the moment.
I use the opportunity to top up as often as I can.

But beware, another 7 billion shares might be issued, so the share price might be half of what it is now, sometime in the future.
6 Dec '18

Good morning Optimist13.

Last week you mentioned, that you thought a Pre-IPO of 10 million was a high amount to raise in such a case.

I have no idea as to what the most common sum to raise in such a case is!

What range would you consider to be a normal sum to raise for a Pre-IPO?
27 Nov '18

What does Fastbase look like and how does it work?

There is unfortunately not much present on Youtube.
But feel free to click on following link, even for non speaking Spanish people it becomes interesting 2 minutes in.

I would wish Fastbase them self would put out a similar video and introduce their product to the world.
(and hopefully get a bit of a hype started about the forthcoming IPO)
15 Nov '18

So all the resolutions was accepted and the AGM finished in less then an hour, judging by how fast the RNS came out.

I see this as a positive, as there can't have been much bickering going on from disgruntled investors.

Speaking of whom, did any of the members of this board have a change to participate in today's AGM?

If yes, can you shed some light on what the board is planning on doing with the money they raise from the sale of new shares.

Did they say anything in regard to Oyster Oil? What they perceive to have gone wrong in the company, what their future plans are?

Any update on Fastbase and Human Brand?
14 Nov '18

So what now?

Yesterday was the last day to vote for the AGM, unless you have the opportunity to show up in person tomorrow.

I have argued for a NO vote to resolution 5 and 6, partly based on the lack of information out in the public domain. I am however pessimistic by nature, and assume that it has not gone the way I have campaigned for.

So for arguments sake, lets assume it is 6 straight Yes’es, that's the outcome of tomorrows AGM.

Our number of shares will unfortunately have more then doubled, but on the bright side, we will get some money in the coffers. My estimate is a wide ranging one, from the minimum of £700000 to the unlikely high sum of £3,500,000.

We can of cause use this sum of money to buy up discounted shares in Fastbase and Human Brand when they list, and a bit in UKOG would not go amiss either if you ask me or maybe Alba would be a better bet, as they have their fingers in so many pies.

But my real desire, should we get money in the top range of my estimate, would be to buy up in Oyster Oil.

Contact Polemos and see what deal can be arranged with them regarding their investments in Oyster Oil.

I assume there has been a default on our loan note, can this be used to our advantage to negotiate shares at today’s low prices.

The AIM, would be to either buy Oyster Oil outright or get a vast majority holding in the company and then monetize on the asset.

My thinking goes something alike mirroring the set up from Horse Hill with regard to ownership structure.
Team up with a company like Tullow oil for instance. They do all the drilling and exploring, extracting the sweet stuff from down below.
And in return we will be so kind and only charge 30-40% of the BOPD.
Now if such a deal could be struck, that would be a long term investment worth holding onto.
12 Nov '18

Hi Schaali

You need to get in touch with your broker and ask them how you can vote through them.
I assume they are holding your shares in their nominee account.

They might be able to certify that you are the owner of xxxxx shares if you want to show up at the meeting on Thursday.

Or maybe it is enough that you send them an email through their secure chanel stating following:

Resolution 1: Yes

Resolution 2: Yes

Resolution 3: Yes

Resolution 4: Yes

Resolution 5: NO

Resolution 6: NO

Sorry, could help but to suggest how to vote (-:

But you gotta hurry, time is almost up.
12 Nov '18

Don’t sleepwalk into submission.


Shares in issue
5,207,240,526 Ordinary Shares of 0.01p each.

Mkt cap 106.05M

Gunsynd (from our webpage)

Number of securities in issue
The Company currently has 4,882,924,490 Ordinary Shares of 0.01p each in issue.
The percentage of securities not in public hands is 26.20%
The percentage of securities in public hands is 73.80%
Mkt cap 1.62M

Issued shares are roughly on the same level (give or take 3-400 million)

If resolution 5 and 6 are accepted there will be added more then 7 BILLION shares to our company.

In total we will have more then 12 BILLION shares floating around and the 73% of securities in public hands could be more then halved.

With 7 Billion extra added shares the price could also take a potential severe nosedive.

Mkt cap wise we are so far off from UKOG’s 106 million.
We have a Mkt cap of 1.6 million.
+ the fees we will receive from Fastbase and Human Brand within the next year or so.
However these fee’s will bring us nowhere close to UKOG’s value, but we will have doubled our securities in issue.
To me, that does not look good.

I urge everyone to vote NO to resolution 5 and 6, based on the lack of available information in the public domain.

There must be other way’s that we can raise money to buy into our investments at a good discount.

Permanent Interest Bearing Shares to existing shareholders is my favourite option.

6% would be a nice dividend for us to receive and would also be affordable for the company.

So let’s not sleepwalk into the unknown and risk giving up control of the company by significantly reducing the 73% of securities that are available in public hands.

8 Nov '18

Today, if you hold 10,000,000 shares in Gunsynd, then you roughly own a 1:480th of the company.
If on the other hand, the dilution goes ahead, and an additional 7 BILLION shares are added to our books then that same amount of shares means you now only own a 1:1200th part of the company.

This is a serious dilution, and for what reason?
Well we don’t know, because we have not been told. There is no information about a fantastic deal right around the corner.

But what makes it even worse is, we don't know what rate these shares are gonna be sold at.
What we do know is that just short of 5 BILLION shares can be sold at the directors discretion to what some fears would be a Mates Rate.

For arguments sake, lets just say it was all 7 BILLION additional shares that the directors had discretion over, and they sold them at one of the 2 following prices:

If shares are sold at 0.01 = £732,438.67
If shares are sold at 0.05 = £3,662,193.35

The £700,000 version would definitely be the Mates Rate, as some fears.
The 3 million version would be one with a significant premium to today’s price, and therefore highly unlikely.

So in theory, someone who today owns a 1:480th part of the company can end up only owning a 1:1200th part of the company, while all Gunsynd gain’s are in the £700,000 range.

Truth be told, I doubt neither of the scenarios would be head on, and believe that the amount raised it going to be somewhere in between.

But again, what for.
We got cash in the bank and we now got one liquid asset in UKOG.

If we need cash to buy shares in some of our upcoming investments at a good discount then I am sure we can either borrow the money short term or get them in a different way, that would not lead to such a massive dilution.

Permanent interest bearing shares at 65 interest for existing share holders is still my preferred option.

Another issue is that with a 150% increase in share volume, we could easily loose control of the company and be taken over.
Could this be some kind of a RTO?

Based on the current information in public domain, please vote NO to resolution 5 and 6.
7 Nov '18

Please also vote no to resolution 5.

We do not need such a huge dilution of our shares.

There must be other way's to acquire working capital in the short run.

Again PERMANENT INTEREST BEARING SHARES to existing shareholders are high on my list over preferred options.
At 6% it is affordable for the company and a good return to us long time holders.
And the dilution could be held at a minimum.
7 BILLION extra shares at today price is not a good deal for us shareholders.
More information is needed from the board, before I'd change my mind on that issue.
Please vote NO to resolution 5 and 6 and let us kick start a debate about alternative funding solutions.
7 Nov '18

Sorry for the typo in part 1. Last line was meant to say:

I recommend all to vote NO to resolution 5 and 6.
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