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Wed 16:42

Just want to add that since the AGM, Greka are now giving us the schedule for updates on their website. It is a good step forward imo and it means that we don't have to stress about when or if an update is coming. No point pumping out meaningless updates about minor changes or issues or even about slightly better than previous estimates until the dates published. Anything serious will be notified as per aim rules but other than that I expect the operations to run without needing a constant twitter feed.

This was one of the things in the AGM that was discussed and Randeep committed to giving us the calendar of updates specifically so that we don't need to worry about when the next one will be. I'm very happy with that commitment and it seems to be working well so far.

Whether or not we are on track to complete by year end who knows. I hope so, but as always, I remain cautious that it will be achieved.

Not got any plans to give up and sell myself. Would be stupid imo. The potential here remains enormous and my previous research remains solid even with all the changes that have taken place over the last 3 years. I may even be buying some more soon as we move towards Jan.

13 Nov '15

Think it might take a while yet. Just flew over the gulf yesterday and the number of Wells flaring is a sight to behold from 35000 feet. Think they must all be hurting and just pumping full speed to earn even small revenue. I do think gas will have its day eventually though. Clean air still a seriously big issue in China and India. Winter coming and serious health issues will start again from all the coal burning. Smog in both countries is terrible in the winter months and is usually the focus for peoples ire. More people every year have had enough. Both govs have to take it seriously and move clean gas up the priority list eventually. Actually they already have, its just a matter of seeing it through with pricing to allow proper development. It will come imo and hope to see some developments for us soon. Cheers
8 Nov '15

Thanks for the link Omedome. Will be an excellent result if we can bag some of that work. Still hopeful that a decent Indian contract is going to come together. We've already spent all that money training a load of guys up so we're now in a good position in terms of equipment and manpower to get going quickly. I remain positive although I rarely check in much these days. ATB
19 Oct '15

Think no one is interested anymore. Even the tumbleweed has stopped blowing it's that quiet. I haven't looked in for weeks... Full year results might (I hope) change that but who knows. It's just one of those anything might happen when you least expect it type of shares.

As trion reminds us, there really is plenty of good potential here. There's stuff going on in the background that we're not gonna hear about in RNS's unless and until it's firm and inked. Sell up now from boredom and potentially miss out? Not me. This is far below NAV and one decent firm piece of news could multibag this in short order from here. You should have made the AGM. There were quite a few who did. No doubt see you at the next one. At least there should be a decent FY15 between now and then.
8 Oct '15

You're up!! :) lol
22 Sep '15

Just got in and read the results. Not too bad. Little disappointed that increased revenue over H1 14 has booked a wider loss but I guess we knew that was coming with the halting of the Essar work. At least is sounds like the gdg work going well and should be booked by end of year 15. That should provide a decent upswing in the next set. ATB
16 Sep '15

I agree. I'm in Bangkok right now. Checked out the hangover hotel but you were nowhere to be found!! :)

Looking forward to the 21st for half year results. We now have a clear calendar of when to expect updates in the year which was a promise from the AGM. Mr RG has been good to his word with this and I'm happy to be holding here and adding every month.

7 Sep '15

Hi Jimmy How's it? Think the buys only came when they dropped the price. A few bargain hunters on the loose. Snapped a handful more up myself. Well, shame not to eh? Hoping for some positive news to feed through soon(ish). GLA
27 Aug '15

Mince / Manchego

Don't get me wrong re comments on our CEO, I believe we're all entitled to our opinions and I'm certainly not the board police here. I recognise many here are not currently happy or enamoured with our CEO and I do understand their views and that's just fine. Nothing wrong with expressing that. My view is that he is doing his best in some quite difficult times and it will all come good. Just my opinion.

To clarify what I said last week though, I simply do not believe that it's acceptable to make comments on this board or anywhere else publicly with deliberate falsifications of what was actually said at the recent AGM slanted to try to make the CEO sound incompetent and I stand by that 100%. I was there at the recent AGM and I know what has been said here is quite untrue.

On another note, I bought a few more yesterday. 5.65p is ridiculously cheap compared to our NAV and we are soon to hear about progress on the GDG wells which should be great news.

19 Aug '15

Lets hope you're right. I'm reasonably confident that a bit more time is all that is required here. Personally, I'm looking forward to the update in September and think we will be pleased with the actual number of drills completed and forward guidance for the rest of the year. It all made sense at the AGM and so I'm happy to add at this ridiculous price and look forward to seeing this become the year that we turn around. Looks like the mothership as Jimmy calls it is moving nicely towards good solid positive cash flow which should give them the options they need for opening up the other work. There is many years of work to come and I think there is a very strong likelihood of it coming our way.

Valc. I find your defamatory remarks about our CEO insulting. Writing a message with false claims of things said at a shareholders meeting that you were NOT PRESENT AT and then saying later it was an honest mistake is deceitful and offensive. This board was not set up by LSE for you to engage in hearsay character assassinations of a CEO and if you persist I will report you.

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