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Member Since: Fri, 9th Jul 2010

Number of Share Chat Posts (all time): 2,480
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Last Posted: Fri 08:57

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Fri 08:57

Think it's back to lets look to china again.... however, I do expect china to get its proverbial shiznit together this year and I also expect Indonesia to be on the cards soon enough as well. Who knows, I might actually finally be living in Jakarta by then sucking up the kool aid.... :))) Gravy!!!!

Fri 05:48

You and me both. I still hold all my shares. Seems not many do which I personally think will prove to be a mistake and a real shame for PI's to have been shaken out at capitulation. However, each to their own and I genuinely hope they make their riches elsewhere... muah muah, kisses and cheerio to all in the water looking for life rafts!! We'll pick you up with hugs and warm blankets if you decide to turn back!! :D

There does seem to be a consensus to bail for now with other short term prospects elsewhere apparently more appealing but I think that that's exactly when things turn around and bite folks on the ar5e. Steel baws fey Glasgow 'n' awe that!!

Seriously though, given the fact that Green Dragon are a 'proper' company listed on the 'proper' exchange and we are owned by the same major key holder/owner doing business with each other it seems rather likely to me that it would be seriously frowned upon over in Green Dragon world were he to theoretically be discovered to be holding out on the truth with us. I just don't believe this. I hope that at our AGM all this will be cleared up. Obviously there are some issues on going with the Essar contract and I imagine them to be inappropriate to talk about publically without damaging the relationship.

It would make no sense for any party that intends to continue a business relationship to discuss even in the slightest way any issue publically unless it was an irreconcilable one and a decision had been made to break a contract. That clearly goes for both parties and neither has seen fit to comment which I see as perfectly acceptable. As long as we're not heading for a divorce, keep drinking the kool aid and work through any issues. It's that simplz. Neither party has made any statement and nor should they unless there is a serious issue. So far all we have is some rather old and unsubstantiated speculation from a publication that I notice has been forced to retract a significant amount of it's previous assertions. Hmmmnn really? Sometimes we like to look for trouble or imagine the worst when there actually is none or it is quite resolvable. I hope that to be the case here and until advised otherwise will accept that it is. Bought some more the other day at 8.41p Anyone else?
Tue 07:02

I'm still here albeit with almost no interest. I note that relentless trades at the bid are going through daily. The volume is huge and I think it's one large Institution transferring to another. There is an air of pessimism(understandable) which seems to have almost no positive voices in it. Yet, a large buyer is just gently sucking up shares daily.

If those long sought soe contracts start to come in like we all hope, this sp will look like the buying op of the year where pi capitulation occurred. If they don't, then the price is still cheap looking at our assets so I'm not worried, just bored.

I would very much like to see the register of holders updated. The lack of interest from the company in straightening out that basic stuff really irks but I'm still just putting up with it for now. I intend to make the AGM if I can. Not sure if work will fit in but will try. Good luck all in the sleepathon that this has become....
13 May '15

Looks to me like there is a big seller and a big buyer toying with each other around the magic 8.5p level. I'm surprised there is a buyer keen to take so many but maybe they know something we don't. We are always the last to know of course. gla
12 May '15

that's 2.4 million on the bid now... Someone sure is keen and not afraid to hide it. Maybe the news coming out for this years work will be a pleasant surprise.

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