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Fri 03:56

Wad, I'm not interested in a herd rushing in here. This aint about some stupid pump and dump. We are in a seriously good position in China which is completely reinventing itself in the energy sector. The need to move from burning coal to sucking out the gas instead and saving literally millions of peoples lives in the process is so obvious if you live in China. We have the track just now right at the start and as long as we maintain that and move into the massive expansion program we will do ok. Our parent is very much on the forefront of this change and we simply execute the work. There is a mind-bogglingly large amount of work to do and as long as we become the big player with the experience we should do very very well indeed.

Cheers all. Enjoyed watching my shares double in value the last few days. I'm not outta here for a very very long time though. Not interested in 100%. This is gonna do £1++ if it all pans out ok. I see no reason to imagine it wont. GLA
Fri 03:26

Just got back to uk. Wow, the smog in Beijing was unbelievable!! 3000m maximum vis. Was almost like night during the day. I totally understand why the Chinese gov have prioritised the gas projects. We are gonna be in major major major demand. Let me just put that in capitals again.... WE ARE GONNA BE IN MAJOR DEMAND..... lol My bag, when I opened it on arrival in mid east still smelt of coal fire place!!! The smog is inside every building. In the airport it looks foggy in the building. Really. The smell is of coal fireplace everywhere. It's a serious problem and the gov know they need to fix it. Green Dragon and Greka are in the business of fixing it with the unconventional method in difficult CBM deposits and we are gonna rock it for China. If all goes to RG plan this is gonna do a massive £1+. Both China and India need the gas to save peoples lives and this method will give them the clean energy they need. As we are THE experts already in unconventional CBM unless there are some mafia types muscling in on our action I imagine that we will be market leading and showing others how to do it before too long. GLA and nice to see some rises over the week.
Tue 16:18

In Beijing at the moment on business. Thick coal smog here. Have to see it to believe it. They really need this gas to power the big plan to clean the air here. Nice place, nice people but the air really is terrible. Bodes well for gdg and gdl.

Tempted to take a trip to gdl whilst here.

Mon 21:07

Hard to advise. If you really desperately want them then yes. But personally I try never to be desperate. This is thinly traded at the open usually so if you put in a fill or kill type market order then it may well fill it at quite a high price. The ask can be quite a bit higher than the bid first thing until some trading has established a tighter spread. Having said that, if the RNS pops out tomorrow morning they might not last long at whatever the ask starts at before roaring on upwards. Tough call and one I would prefer not to make. Always better to be getting the choice to accept the price or not. A limit order at the most you are prepared to pay means just that. It might not get triggered unless the ask falls to that level.

This all assumes you are talking about real shares here not derivatives of course!! If you are talking about derivatives and also have Direct Market Access then the beauty of the limit order is that you will actually be the one making the offer to buy in the book for anyone wanting to sell directly to you as an 'A' trade. However, they are not real shares and suffer the downside of borrowing interest and leverage which make them unsuitable for this type of longer term investing. And lets face it, GDL is a longer term play to do at least a x10 from here hopefully if things pan out our way. Looks like the balls are well positioned to do that though who knows what can come from leftfield and spoil the party... GL with your decision. skoob
Mon 20:10

lol, It's only a paper qpp tenner just now... Probably gap down in the morning and be a 20quid loss lol. Anyway it's just a tiny bit of entertainment and as you say I don't think there are many that have made anything at all there long. Probably should have sold it before the close and had a couple of pints to celebrate! lol

Anyway, my real interest is here obviously, and it does look like good times a coming. Next months salary is almost certainly destined to go here regardless of the price(within reason) but I do hope it has not climbed above 18p by then. Nice to have the news start to come in and be able to average up!... Cheers

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