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EXCLUSIVE: Aura Energy #Aura to IPO Swedish Vanadium prospect

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Thu 16:14

I wouldn't say lack of updates, there was the RNS last week and next update due in the coming week.

It's volatile because the free float is tiny, no 'scheming MMs' or 'selloff' going on. Look at the trade volumes compared with shares in issue. This share is majority held by directors and employees of Bango and II's. The tiny pool being traded is largely PI's and causes this volatility.
18 Jun '18

As expected, nice write up today from Simon Thompson with a strong buy recommendation at the current crazy price.
15 Jun '18

Yes Albinio, Investor's Chronicle website and magazine. There are very few shares actively traded for BGO, so just a small increase in trades tends to cause aggressive price movements. Hence some press coverage is disproportionately beneficial to Bango compared with other shares.
15 Jun '18

A bit o/t but if you ever need inspiration and you like 'If', my favourite poem of that kind is Desiderata by Max Ehrmann.
15 Jun '18

Lol it's by Rudyard Kipling
14 Jun '18

I left a comment for Simon Thompson and he responded - he will be releasing an update article on Bango shortly.

Given the only material change since before this dip has been the new deal announced yesterday, I strongly expect him to reiterate his buy stance and hopefully stoke some interest. I have stocked up as much as I can at these silly levels.
14 Jun '18

Try reading the whole RNS?
14 Jun '18

Once again a vague statement which amounts to 'trust me I'm old' without making any specific accusations or assertions.

You're full of it, idiot.
14 Jun '18

That is the risked target you nincompoop, the unrisked figure (which is what most PI's bandy about for their chosen stocks) is 8p.

How much money have you made by irritating investors with asinine 'arguments' on bulletin boards? Lol what a waster.
14 Jun '18

Typical Persimmon post, you say something and then put 'hmm' or 'I wonder' as if that in itself makes some sort of point.

So what are you trying to imply? Of course you'll never say it because it's such a stupid argument.

Your implication is that the company Reabold have bought in some way doesn't exist or isn't legitimate. This is obviously preposterous as Reabold's lawyers will have done a tiny bit more due diligence than Google the company address. And newsflash for you grandad, lots of businesses list a PO box as their address, for a variety of reasons.

You are almost as bad as 'ShatAim', but in fairness you're just mischievous whereas he is an outright moron.
14 Jun '18

Crazy price now. Very little actual selling going on but price gets moved up and down here very rapidly, due to low free float.

Entel was good but not spectacular, need more substantive news soon. Otherwise it'll have to wait for the results which will show the benefit of all these new deals cumulatively.
14 Jun '18

More near term drills, and a shedload of cash still sitting tight. I am certain they have another deal being worked, perhaps the one BMD is talking about.
14 Jun '18

All you did was make a cynical aside, not some kind of brilliant analysis. And you seem to be coming here often, another LSE 'hero' to 'save investors'. We've all seen it too many times. Thanks for doing your best to hurt people's Investments on a good news day while claiming to be a hero. Yeah. Real hero.
14 Jun '18

'We aim to take advantage of the fast pathway to monetisation of these assets by utilising that cash flow to partly fund later wells in the earn-in programme. We continue to assess a number of further potential investment opportunities in line with our strategy of delivering shareholder value.'

So the earlier wells pay for the later ones, and the cash on-hand from the last placing remains available for more acquisitions.

They have plenty of cash on hand, so the only reason they used equity for this acquisition would be because they have something else in mind for that cash. More acquisition to come soon.
14 Jun '18

Older - when did you become a troll? Sad to see.
13 Jun '18

Newboy read down, we've been talking about this a lot.,
13 Jun '18

Actually I believe for non UK incorporated companies the threshold is 5%. Same thing though, activist investors would need a hell of a lot more than 5% to make these kind of threats.
13 Jun '18

Lack of TR1 indicates they haven't crossed the 3% notification threshold. That alone makes their idea of 'activist investing' nothing more than wishful thinking. They'd need to be holding tens of % for that to carry any weight, not less than 3!
13 Jun '18

Earache I think we're at cross-purposes. I absolutely agree that the letter is daft and designed to destabilise.

But I cannot emphasise enough that it's not worth worrying about, because Arca don't have the equity to back up such 'demands'. I hope Keith won't mind me mentioning that I discussed this with him earlier. Whatever Arca's game is, they are not in a position to demand anything and they have lines of communication with EMH. They are playing a game here, as you say.

The effect on the media is a shame but limited in its impact, the share price has suffered but I doubt for very long. Nothing has materially changed.

The reason some of us are positive about this is absolutely *not* that we're grateful to Arca for this nonsense, but that the fact of this kind of conversation happening is indicative that the Cinovec project is now once again moving along and no longer beached up on a political rock. Arca cannot actually do anything, they don't even hold enough shares to be able to use threat of selling to harm anyone.

I have had previous communications with EMH regarding Zinnwald and some form of cooperation for efficiency is not dismissed in the way that your post does, I think you may be surprised on that front. The operational similarities and geographical proximity is too good for either to miss out on in some limited capacity (not talking about mergers here, but potentially some processing stages).
13 Jun '18

Fingers - I was thinking about that as the trades dropped in the afternoon and I'm inclined to agree with you. As soon as the price dropped there was a flurry of buys. I suspect we'll see more. All the obstacles here are rapidly clearing.

Meanwhile Arca call themselves 'activist investors' but they really don't fit that definition in this situation. That term requires a sufficient shareholding to effect changes, which they do not have. That's why I called it an 'angry letter' - that's all it is, not 'activist investing' as they cannot actually effect any changes to the board or the roadmap, which is what that term actually means.

21p a share/£29m market cap is absurd for a project like this which, if fully developed, could be worth billions, and creates an entire industry for a prominent European nation. I genuinely believe this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment to buy and I have been heavily loading up since the political fog started clearing in recent weeks.

I am sure Arca see it the same way and want to increase their stake, so it makes sense to want to rattle things a little and get the attention of the BoD. I strongly suspect some conversations between them and Keith that are undoubtedly happening but we will never know about would put a different spin on all this too.

Ultimately it allowed me to buy some more cheap shares, and it opened up the discussion about talking to Bacanora about Zinnwald which I believe is massively important to project efficiency. It really doesn't make sense to double up work either side of the border where it can be avoided. We're really talking about the same deposit here.

Finally I'd like to add to Fingers' point about how things have improved here while the political shenanigans have gone on, reminding everyone that recovery amounts have also increased in the metallurgy. Sounds like a small detail, absolutely isn't. Just like remembering that the PFS was only illustrative of a kickoff scenario with minimised capex for a small area, and not a true 20 year roadmap for this vast resource.

Finally, as Robinhood69 used to remind here here often, the importance of the tin to this project cannot be underestimated. It's still too often left out of peoples' summations yet it fundamentally effects the overall project economics here.

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