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15 Mar '19

I think that many sellers jumped the gun today. I've not had time to look at all of Strategic Equity's investments, but from what I have seen they tend to stick with their investments following a drop, and are prepared to add more when share price opportunities arise. What's more, they will sell a small amount and then buy more later, as in their Tyman investment, where they sold a tiny amount in September but bought back more in February.

We'll see what happens here, but I don't think they would have sold a small amount and reported if they had intended to sell more. They are in the habit of buying back their shares. They did this yesterday. I think they just released equity rather than decided to cut and run.
5 Oct '18

Perhaps some sells were his yesterday, but the notification was for Wednesday, so he sold some at the worst possible time. Looks like he panicked to me, and solidified a whacking great loss in the process.
5 Oct '18

Perfectly normal to see the price drop back after a large correction upwards. Traders are consolidating gains and buyers think that there may be a chance to get in cheaper. I would expect the next move up to take place in the very near future.
1 Oct '18

Time will tell whether I'm glad to be be back, but I hope so!

I long ago gave up trying to second guess who is selling and buying shares behind the scenes. Yes, it looks like there are more to be sold, but there could easily be buyers waiting, and I can't see the recent investors wanting to let the price continue to slide. Predictions of the numbers of shares to be sold are no more likely to be correct than predictions of copper production have been!

I think that the potential rewards here outweigh the risk. A number of large investors agree. After a run of bad news, and with sentiment on the floor, a positive RNS could lead to a significant correction.
1 Oct '18

Still some downward pressure on the SP, presumably a background seller. Looks like it has presented a good opportunity, so after selling up not long after readmission, I'm back in. Good to see that a fund is snapping up some of the slack.
26 Apr '18

Such work doesn't fund itself. No magic pixies are available for this kind of work. Major partner obtaining the funding it needs to complete our work. Only on here can that be perceived negatively.
26 Apr '18

7 May is just over a week away, following which major partner will be fully funded for our well. As I say, good news.
26 Apr '18

As I see it this is a very positive development. In all probability preparation work is continuing as we speak, and the funding will allow allow this to continue.
20 Apr '18

�15,000 buy on NEX. Slowly building.
10 Apr '18

Looks like a bed and ISA to me. Brokers will deal with these as a connected transaction often at the bid and then, immediately after, just a touch higher. If not it is clearly an administrative procedure by someone that has no impact on the SP. Not worthy of discussion really, other than that people seem to get confused by them.
27 Mar '18

No shares are available to buy at 0.445. The real bid Is 0.45 and rising. The ask is currently around 0.466. I call that better news.
15 Mar '18

MOUs are signed. I have signed a number of them. Not usually legally binding, but aspects of them could be legally persuasive. The point of them is to clarify the way forward and to show good faith.
7 Mar '18

Add Twitter to that, Caine/Gatsby is like a broken record. Easy to cope with a lull in the share price. More difficult to listen to the agendas and oddballs that populate social media.

I too have bought more around this level, and I have an average and holding that should do well. But as you say, it's AIM, so we'll see.
16 Feb '18

Both were buys. Spread led to the second one being shown as sell.
14 Feb '18

Didn't affect the ask or bid. Clearly another roll over.
14 Feb '18

The buy at 0.5444 immediately before the large trades was mine. Adding to my holding at these levels. I agree that the large trades are likely to be a roll over or similar, but the drop still got gobbled up quickly which is a good sign.
18 Jan '18

Surely the important point is the value of the NUU shares. Provided that these continue to rise it doesn't matter what the market cap is. Initial indications are that the additional shares have done little to dampen demand, with the sp now approaching yesterday's close - and all that extra cash in the bank. Very exciting times for NUU, and thus FFWD.
4 Jan '18

Perhaps, but there is massive value in both companies at these prices, so may just be a recognition that the sp will rise from here.
7 Sep '17

10:1 consolidation today but it's time will come.
19 May '17

Er, hello, isn't this the mpay board?

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