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Tech company Mporium delivers an outstanding set of Q1 results says CEO De Groot
IronRidge Resources CEO hails spectacular lithium project and money making potential for gold

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Fri 07:54

Sonofthebull maybe TC is still trying to take over Xcite Energy hey? Remember saying that ?
Thu 08:35

Surely if as you said they buy the shares they could just take the price up to whatever they like and sell them at what they liked? Is this what you meant?
Thu 08:34

But you seem to be the oracle A3 letís discuss how the markets work and the job of a Market Maker, first up why would they ca it a market maker? Instead of a market buyer?
Thu 08:22

You have no response to my questions do you? Iím engaging with you now letís have a sensible debate, do the market makers buy the shares and hold them?
Thu 07:59

A3 the share price is going the wrong way for you!
Quickly jump in, Algy is gone, that's what you wanted, you said he was finished, had his day, you got your wish, Choo Choo!
Thu 07:57

A3 I don't want to keep demoting you, so please enlighten me, as I know how the MM's work and what their obligations are, come back to me once you understand, I'm off to work son, paying for your rent no doubt!
Thu 07:55

Oh A3 you have me all confused now, just when I thought I knew what a Market Maker was, you go throw a spanner into the works, so is a Market Maker someone that satisfies the order Some? Or does he set the price and amount people buy?
Please teach me as I have read your comment a few days ago, saying Market Makers have an obligation to buy, that would mean they would have to buy if they don't have a buyer themselves, this is where illiquid comes in to play, there are many shares out there where you can buy shares, but can't sell them because nobody wants to buy them, explain how that works then.
So the Marjet Makers would end up owning the whole, company if everybody wanted to sell, seriously do an evening class or something, get out of that basement and breath some fresh air into your lungs, it may engage your brain .
Thu 07:51

A3 sorry you went down a class as you are not very bright, so tell me do you still insist that Market Makers buy and hold shares?
Or did you mean they buy them for a client at a specific price? And then the market is informed once the target is reached?
I'm sure that's what you meant wasn't it?
Thu 07:49

Do you know what illiquid means ?
Thu 07:48

You told me the Market Makers buy the shares if there is no one to buy them, so I'm playing your game, or were there buyers yesterday? You can't have it both ways son, so either I know what I'm talking about when I educated you about off book, and ice berg orders, and telling you Market Makers do not hold risk by buying shares, you really should listen to others as you will learn a lot more, so tell me do market makers buy and hold shares still?
Thu 07:37

So you are here, it was to counteract your 1.6p. Is that allowed? Or only your balanced point of view?
By the way the Market Makers bought a lot of shares yesterday why was that?
Wed 18:53

Has he been removed again?
Wed 18:50

Someone buying in here again, al those shares the Market Makers are holding, well that's what I was told anyway, that the Market Makers buy all the shares. Good old Market Makers
Wed 14:15

Market Makers are desperate today
Wed 14:14

Look at all those buys the market makers are doing, the MMís must want shares badly
Wed 14:12

50p is resistance
Wed 08:35

Oh Dear I knew he was clueless doesnít know the definition of m market maker ,let me help you itís all inbthevtitke, they can only make a narket if there is a buyer and seller, then you havenoff book, which you kniw nothing about, Market makers do not hold risk you fool, they buy and sell a bit like Del Boy and you, like Del Boy you never quite managed to make money, then you have ice berg orders, you cannot see these, they are behind the scenes, they can delay shuwing a trade for up to 30 days, hence market maker! You really think market makers hold shares and take risk?
Wed 07:57

I would again be asking who is doing all the buying, people forget for every sell there has to be a buyer, I'm expecting another threshold to be crossed with Michael Spence,
Wed 07:56

Definition of a balanced poster is not to post 100% negative on every single RNS slate the management, accuse them of hiding bad news, sweeping it under the carpet, not being transparent, stating this is only going one way to 1.6p stating shell won't ever drill, I could go on! Day in day out, I will keep reporting all your posts as that's my right, just like you report people's posts, report this one see if it gets banned! We are investors you are not! Plain and simple.
Wed 07:32

Fairdealer, I have yet again reported all of his posts, the pattern is immense I have told Admin, the same old repetitive garbage, either he is a member of Admin, or they just don't care or are in cahoots with him, which one? He is not a balanced poster, he says he is, but when has he ever posted a positive? Nobody keeps on posting rubbish day in day out, unless they want to get back in, this should not be allowed.
Anyway I will be as persistent as he is. Have a great day guys, nice weather on its way, and I have the jazz station on!

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