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UPDATE: #COPL set timeline for Q2/Q3 Nigeria drilling programme
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Fri 18:55

Sonofthebull, it's a simple question, how much do PMG need to get the sour oil to surface?
Fri 15:18

I am confident here, I made more than I lost, I will buy back when the loons calm down!
Just shows how transparent I am compared to most that have lost thousands! With a huge tax bill this year do you think £400 bothers me? Iím proud it was only £400, how much are you down in your portfolio? I could of kept them and I would of had a slightly higher average, but I decided to wait and see what the MMís decide to do next! You obviously think £400 is a lot of money Oh Dear! ????
Fri 15:13

Sonofthebull if Saudi needs that amount and their oil flows straight to surface without any treatments or heating, how much will Parkmead need to move Sour oil?
Think you have forgotten about that havenít you?
As I said keep on believing that this hub that TC is going to magically make isnt going to cost a penny, no educating or teaching some people, why do you think it was never developed when oil was $100 plus ? Unbelievable
Fri 10:59

Hi Jez I have no problems with anyone here to be honest, what I canít abide with is someone stating a fact that isnít true ie As Dick has done and not bowing out gracefully, and then for other posters who maybe think he knows more than he does not saying to the fella, you were wrong now just move on, if that was me I would of put my hands up and said you were correct and I was wrong, we are all learning every single day of our lives, I do like a buffet every now and then but I wouldnít make a habit of it as I like to be served at my table! ??
Fez warm all the newbies by all means, I have no opinion on that as it doesnít affect me, no doubt people donít like to hear negatives but thatís human nature when invested in a share, I sold my shares I bought over the last couple of days as I agree this is now going South until itís clear what is happening with the other licenses
Fri 10:08

As for Rizzís comments about my dispute with Dick, this has nothing to do with the price falling on Cluff, anyone that thinks it is shouldnít be investing, lack of intelligence yet again! Dick made a clear and plain statement that he has now removed, QuoteĒ nobody gives a loan to an exploration company, nobody mentioned secured or unsecured, this was an after fact by Dick to try and save face, even if the loan was secured and it wasnít, what difference does that make, ???I put up a link proving it has and does happen! I rest my case as for Cluff the reason this is falling back is due to the P2248 doubt thatís it
Fri 07:17

Apologies to the rest of this board, I got sucked into a pointless and unintelligible conversation with Dick, it ends now!
I should of know after his first reply that he was never going to admit he was wrong!
Cluff bring this baby home to Papa!
By the way Dick doesn't hold any shares here in my opinion, as he is very negative and disruptive on Cluff! Board.
Thu 21:51

Dick, can I ask why have you removed your original post saying nobody loans money to exploration companies?
You then say that the money wasn't for exploration!
Then you say the loan was secured!
Then you say it can't be proven,
You say quite a lot Dick, but you still haven't apologised for being wrong about loans to exploration companies, why did you remove that post?
Parkmead is an exploration company, you know nothing about Parkmead or its directors
You know nothing about AUPEC,
In fact you now Nothing, you try to bluff your way through life trying to sound clever, but you have been caught out this time, and you are squirming!
I love watching you squirm !
Thu 21:43

Dick, don't bother replying to me again, you are obviously a bit dim, you said a loan, not a secured loan, you keep twisting words son, there was no need For Tom Cross to do a secured loan, he is the CEO you really show your lack of understanding of a loan from a CEO to a company he owns, why would he need it secured?
I can't wait for this answer, do you k ow he has recently taken a loan from the comapny? Do you think he put his castle up as collateral? ????
You're laughable fella!
I'd love to be living in your world,, I bet you don't even have a proper job if you have Ken at all, as for teaching you about building! That would be like teaching you about what you originally wrote, I have met many people like you Iver the years and everyone of them have thought they knew everything and were never wrong, sorry if you feel you own this board, but you don't, you are far from being an oracle, I realise you probably copy and paste most of the posts you put up!
Bye Dick!
Would live to meet the family ??
Thu 19:17

I will keep posting this article until you learn to read, maybe find the RNS if you are that fussed as I know what happened, it is for you to disprove what I said, not for me to prove it.
A quick loan was required end if,
You're wrong I'm right simples!
Dick up
Learn to read and be humble son
Thu 19:12

Dickupham who chose your name for you?
Thu 19:06

You show me the evidence where there was security, you assumed there was so prove it!
Stop being a fool please!
Just leave it alone, I don't want to embarrass you further, you said nobody gives loans to exploration companies,
Thu 18:30

There was no security leave it alone now, I used to think you were a smart guy, but any more, just put your hands up and say sorry I was wrong
Thu 18:27

Dickupham how do you know what I assumed? I suppose Iím going home the wrong way as well am I? Never assume you know what they say,
Tom Cross was CEO at the time, he set a lobot at quite a high price, now please stop with all this nonsense, you havenít a clue what you are talking about, so stop pretending you do! You lost face leavebit at that, you said nobody loans money to an exploration company
Thu 15:44

I agree, just pointing out the fault in Dickupham post
Thu 15:27

Fairdealer I am signing off for a while now as there are way too many armchair experts here that know too much about very little, I am guessing that a loan could be given to the company at a lib or acceptable for repayment, it may not happen but itís possible, it happened at PMG like I said in my last post! I can supply the link if Dickupham needs it!
Thu 15:24

Duckupham Ih Dear how little you know fella, you have just shown your lack of knowledge in business, how was it then that Tom Cross did just that at Parkmead Group but hey ho as you know it all and try to belittle people just carry on showing your lack of business knowledge, I run my own company do you? I know you donít by your last post!
Thu 13:49

No way P2248 wonít get drilled you must be mad if you think they will apply for this again, I know there are many here who want me to be wrong so they can slate me! As if I care, Scooby scooby doo
Thu 13:13

Fairdealer, Mr Spence is about to loan Cluff the money to fund the drill at a lib or rate, with options to convert into shares, any fool that thinks this is now dead is about to lose an awful lot of money, I have positioned myself nicely from here in in
Thu 12:10

They have been in a major hurry to take this down and I believe itís good news

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