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Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Tue 14:37

Sorry you must have mistaken me for someone who is interested. At least you hold them with such class. Some of us don't feel the need to tell everyone how many shares we have every other day...
Tue 14:35

Well he posted "nearly there" after it had risen back over 21.5p, so very unlikely, no doubt he will attempt to claim otherwise.
Tue 14:32

If I recall he posted that BMN would be 40p in 5 years, so really anything above that is a bonus hey Expert.
Tue 10:18

Uber wil probably never make a profit. Ever.
Tue 08:07

Despite yesterdays BS, it is clear there is some real resolve amongst PI's not be fleeced of their shares at these embarrassingly llow prices.
Tue 08:04

From the open so far
Tue 07:50

Sorry Alfa, crossed posts!
Tue 07:50

Spbhoy - yes there certainly is and we know the MM's won't be caught out. They will go long as soon as they see a reversal on the cards. They may well have been building this position given that we are so dramatically undervalued at this point.
Tue 07:47

Interesting how some seem keen not to understand whether the large trades were buys or sells.... Especially given the fact they are probably linked to the reduction of a short position. Why would anyone actually invested in the success of BMN shares not want to know? Seems fairly self explanatory.
Tue 07:41

'The shorts were', sorry predictive text
Tue 07:41

Shared by John Lee - 'We spoke with the China Iron & Steel Research Institute (CISRI). During the second half of the year, we forecast vanadium prices to recover and push higher as the stricter standards are enforced, with inspections at all Chinese rebar mills scheduled throughout June and July.'

Every worthwhile source is forecasting vanadium price rises this year. That will mean yet again we end the year with a healthy average vanadium price and more great profits.

The shorts we're an opportunity that is passing. Anyone decent started their short much higher and will be looking to close or, looking as I shared on Twitter yesterday, has already closed out some of their position.

The large shorters always bail first leaving the rest of the sharks to fight each other to get out.
Mon 22:48

And I would further note that following the Vanchem announcement the subsequent completion of the acquisition is not far away and anyone with an eye on history here will know what Bushveld's share price did around completion of the Vametco transaction.

If anything this is a better deal and there aren't any warrants in play
Mon 22:45

These visitors do nothing but embarrass themselves with their lack of any genuine knowledge and pseudo-calculations. They never present any kind of well articulated argument, it is always personal insults and goading.

Anyone who bought in during the rise through the 30's and 40's bought into a company whose growth plans have crystallised and grown considerably since then,. Not least by the recent acquisition of Vanchem and the absolutely clear building of momentum behind South Africa's move towards renewables and energy storage, a space within which Bushveld Energy is positioned to be a major player in,and one.that will also extend across the breadth of the African continent.

That's the thing about shorting, the folks who do it will do and say anything for a quick buck, they will backstab and denigrate, contradict and mislead. That extends to each other when it is time to sell
- which is what creates the inevitable short squeeze as they race to close before each other. Long term holders don't have that concern and can focus on the business in hand, which if you actually research further than the immediate vanadium price, will show you a business transforming.

To criticise all the research, learning and positivity generated as a result of the unveiling of Bushveld's plans over time and shared by this board freely in a clearly genuine manner, into exuberant ramping is simply mischaracterisation and nothing more than the superficial pettiness we have come to expect when trolls turn up.
Mon 15:22

I am with you 100% there PB.
Mon 15:16

Exactly Faramog, at what point did the V price fall nearly 25% in the last 5 days.

This conflation of the vanadium price directly driving todays situation is a fallacy.

This is everything to do with manipulation, shorting and inducing panic whilst transactions are processed behind the scenes. It is absolutely naive to blame all of this directly on the price of vanadium without acknowledging and understanding the extent of the other clear and present forces at play here.

There are a lot of traders trying to get their narratives to stick here today. That in amongst all the crap being spouted is a fact.
Mon 13:20

Look at PEEL on L2 and ask yourself if that seems legitimate and why they might want the number of shares they do.
Mon 12:53

Is anyone seriously doubting that we aren't being manipulated anymore?

Could it be more blatant.
Mon 12:49

LSE rules state - users found with multiple usernames will be permanently suspended.

So LSE, are the rules just for show?
Mon 12:39

So many round number trades lost within that 24p window. It would be the perfect smokescreen for the shorters to have the close out of some of their position processed. Against a background of trying to panic PI's into selling a load of shares cheaply to help build a long position at low, pre-Vanchem announcement prices.
Mon 12:02

Uncle John, we may well be agreed on the latter half of your point, but we certainly aren't all agreed on the former. Each to their own, but that is the case.

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