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Exclusive: Hayden Locke, CEO Emmerson plc, a low cost high margin potash investment | Watch Now

Exclusive: Hayden Locke, CEO Emmerson plc, a low cost high margin potash investment
Richard Slape, Oil consultant - Avoiding Losers and Picking Winners, his personal strategy

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Today 07:28

I imagine DaveJ, that it is as frustrating for you reading what you perceive as hype, as it is both fruatrating and boring for others of us reading the perpetual moaning from people who are annoyed they haven't made their entire fortune in 6 months and are lashing out at those who do contribute here
Tue 13:17

It's been a few months now since 48-50p and a rather epic consolidation since. I am sure many others, like I have, are using the recent quieter time to work on other things or take holidays, their excitement for what is to come, as mine is, undiminished!

Although it has felt long in BB terms, in reality this period of consolidation mentioned and wait for news is exactly when Bushveld will be at their most busy.

When you take time to reflect upon the enormity of the strategy at play, combining political positioning, rapid expansion through both brownfield acquisition / expansion of Vametco through Brits, potentially with greenfield of the most epic type (Mokopane) finally coming home to roost, new products and services (electrolyte and VRFB related), new premises (ELIDZ), and a project submission for a project of the size and sensitivity of the Eskom BESS project, let alone spinning off Lemur, and managing a JSE listing, it is really no surprise that the business isn't saying much at present.

The interdependency of each element is complex and also governed by critical time constraints. Shooting from the hip with news is not what this year is about. Being tactical and keeping cards close to the chest to achieve success across all these strands is. For me the less BMN say the more confident I am that the wider strategy is being fulfilled in the way it should be.

As BBN says, we need to be aware of the Vanadium prices, however we also know that lower prices unlock VRFB in a more straightforward manner, despite the perceived impact there may be on the bottom line of Vametco if they softened too much. In a structural deficit as we are in, I would be very surprised to see them go much lower. A bit of chicken and egg between buyers and sellers perhaps atm! We should also remember prices are generally at least 20% higher than this time last year and that ended up being quite a year I think most would agree.

I personally believe that the dovetailing of all these elements as the year progresses is going to be spectacular and that's what my investment is looking for and why I have all of my shares still. I want to see a maturing business drawing these constituent parts together successfully and not reacting to any short term fluctuations in investor sentiment due to lack of patience - and to me that is exactly what BMN are doing and why I am very relaxed about my investment.

Hope all are well.
Sun 09:25

*Trumpian (thankfully it's not actually a recognised word - yet)
Sun 09:19

They may as well be protesting for accelerating climate change. There's an outrageous misinformation campaign in SA (and Australia and America) from those desperately reliant on money from fossil fuels. It is the death throes of a dying technology that is bringing out the worst Trumping tactics. Change is painful but as we know now it is inevitable. The loadshedding and problems at Eskom are really the context needed in order to accelerate the transition.

You have to feel for the lorry drivers etc who see their jobs as being eroded but as with the industrial revolution, those jobs simply get replaced by new ones and society adapts.
14 Mar '19

Already nearly down to placing price. Some should note how bad that RNS is when they are getting wound up about when the next great news will be following us 20 bagging in two years.

What the BoD have achieved here so far is spectacular. Read that RED RNS and thank your lucky stars you chose Bushveld.
14 Mar '19

The declaration by a large holder is only relevant to this speculation if their holding is notifiable. The only evidence that should be expected - whether it's one or more than one sellers - is the printing of the associated transactions - unless the sells are notifiable. Given that there are less notifiable holdings these days, a declaration is unlikely. Printing the sells is a necessity..
14 Mar '19

SF it's not about a TR1, it's about whether a large sale will be printed.
14 Mar '19

Jagadish is actually correct. That was literally what was stated in the daily analysis - building up over weeks and weeks.

Is this the BMN twilight zone where everyone has suddenly forgotten what has been discussed on here for months?
13 Mar '19

$20m gross profit? Might need to recheck your numbers a little.

Please could you provide a breakdown of how exactly you calculate that BMN's profitability is fully priced in the current SP. Was that at 48p, 38p or 40p, or in fact have we never actually been close to valued realistically. What bits aren't priced in and what are? What value did you ascribed to Lemur (which must also be priced in as a known quantity) and Mokopane (which is well known as our jewel in the crown and therefore must also be priced in) and Bushveld Energy? (Pretty sure most of us have heard of them).

The irony of people complaining about newsflow when the company has 20 bagged in 2 years is just laughable and pretty insulting to the BoD and their achievements. The same people complaining will be the same people blowing smoke up Fortunes behind when he delivers again, as he has before. Just remember to keep being angry when that dividend RNS comes through... ;-)

I suggest some might need a hobby to fill their time. Maybe making ice sculptures or something similarly productive.

9 Mar '19

Try and think in terms of a timescale longer than that of weeks - as a business would. GLA.
9 Mar '19

I couldn't be less worried given what is ahead. Not sure what the fixation on the short term recently is about other than a lack of things to talk about. I trust Fortune is working to a plan.
4 Mar '19

Did you ever stop to think that Fortune might, you know, be working to a plan here?

What does 'not as proactive as they could have been' even mean?

Fortune just thinking 'Nah, I'll get round to that RNS next month' or just laziness or being too busy doing anything else - maybe playing Fortnite etc?
4 Mar '19

18th Feb: (just over two weeks ago)

'...thankfully there has been a relentless flow of positive news.'

Is this the same news you are suggesting has been held back?
2 Mar '19

I will add that he has now updated to include Bushveld from my feedback.
2 Mar '19

Worth a read. Issues with the rationale for this article. Felt a bit like a sponsored article for Largo and Chinese vanadium/VRFB producers but hey ho. It's a shame that MM articles always come off as a bit riddled with smoke and mirrors.
1 Mar '19

Thank you Carpfisher.
1 Mar '19

Well we have form the last two years in March as we all know. It's certainly shaping up for history to repeat itself as many of us have suspected.

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