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#AST: Board changes and new strategy for Ascent as Hutchinson looks at new projects
EXCLUSIVE: Petro Matad announce fully funded 4 well Mongolia campaign

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Fri 11:42

A few of us have shared the article above on Twitter today. A few interesting points about the increasing reinforcement of the rebar regs and obvious upward pressure that will add to pricing, but also noted that there is a growing preference towards vanadium-nitrogen feedstock due to its greater effectiveness and lesser amount of product required.

Looking great for NitroVan going forwards. That hunger for a more efficient feedstock is only going to grow.
Fri 10:41

You could try Google translate, just use the English to BS setting you normally use.
Fri 10:33

You realise 'pertinent' means relevant and 'information' means a fact learned about something and doesn't mean posting your own opinion right?
Fri 09:40

If some people should learn to reply directly within a thread... :)
Fri 09:26

Must surely be starting next week. This is turning into a great week for pre-positioning the SP ahead of what is to come. Many would no doubt like it higher but to be ending this protracted Xmas period around 15% off all time highs with the gap in news we have had, the Christmas trolling and the dip in V prices, this really is a brilliant position to be facing the real start of our year, rising vanadium prices and the rapid expansion of the company.
Fri 08:17

Paid. A move above our recent range is going to catch a few eyes...
Thu 15:02

Paid... Getting interesting now.
Thu 09:22

I left out a lot on that list PDub! The point being that those alone provide the requisite upward pressure. As BBN said yesterday and something I have also been banging on about for a long time all of our current SP targets are Vametco targets. Everything else is a free carry. That's 87p minimum for Vametco plus everything else and our expansions and acquisitions to come.
Thu 09:09

AVL now up 25% in the last week or so.

The market is starting to show some signs of believing it might come to market. Big Capex for Vince to find. Let's hope he does. There's a lot of vanadium needed for a VRFB supported future.

The pressure is building.

Agree Knuttie, a neon sign saying it would be less subtle. Look at the last two years. Same time, same pressure building. I disagree with the post yesterday that suggested we don't have the same upward pressure as when Vametco was purchased. I think with BE and what is going to happen with our expansion plans, and a rising vanadium price, it is as strong as it has ever been at present and with far less risk.
Thu 08:56

Are rising en mass.

Vanadium battery sector rose sharply Xining Special Steel daily limit
2019.01.14 14:50:39 Sina Finance
Sina Finance News January 14 news, as of 14:50, vanadium battery sector rose, Xining special steel daily limit, Panzhihua Iron and Steel, vanadium and other stocks rose...
Wed 08:49

Agreed. I have posted similar things about Mastermines before. His tone changes with each trip to China and new round of client acquisitions. I enjoy his posts but take every thing he says with a pinch of salt. He is definitely promoting a lower price for VRFB adoption narrative after being one of the cheerleaders for the price holding at high levels.
Wed 08:27

Strangely a 40 and a 40.25 just showing but real bid hasn't dropped below 40.33.
Tue 11:54

I would add that I doubt very much that was a legitimate post airing genuine concerns.
Tue 11:48

Where do you start with a post like that.

Everyone wont be doing anything. As always some people will do some things. If everyone was here for 49p, they'd have already sold out being that we have been there twice. Thats pretty obvious.

If you are thinking of selling at 37p if it drops there, seriously investment is just not for you. Not being out of order, just honestly cant believe anyone would even ask that. If you are worried about selling at 37p, sell now at 40p.

1 to 2 valuations are on simply knowing what our assets are worth now and in the near term.

No one is going to hold forever. Not even Fortune.

Anyone who ever succeeded here has bought the dips. This is a dip.

Terrfying what some will do with their money on knowing so little.
14 Jan '19

It was more an observation that we are about to repeat history for the 3rd time than a no doubt much desired update on my relaxation levels. Although if anyone's interested, which I sincerely doubt, imagine someone lying horizontal on a sunbed, bathing in the last rays of the day in their favourite holiday destination, enjoying their favourite long cool drink. That's how relaxed I feel about my shareholding in BMN.
14 Jan '19

As frustrating as recent SP moves and MM activities have been, it could all end up working in our favour as it is looking very much like we are going to have the protracted selling end in tandem with a newly rising vanadium price, increased production, Q4 results, the JSE listing and dividend announcement all during a relatively short space of time. The spring has been coiling underneath the weight of all these buys and the rebound will perhaps be stronger and go further than it may have done previously with the above to push us along. We have seen it before with Erongo and FI. There's no reason to think this time will be any different.

The pressure is building.
14 Jan '19

I've seen Gremlins. Mogwhy is nothing to worry about unless we feed him after midnight.
14 Jan '19

He's toothless. Imagine someone who in reality wrote the jokes you found in Christmas crackers but actually told you that each one was a scientific article. That's Chartist.
14 Jan '19

That isn't TA that you are posting, you do know that right?
14 Jan '19


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