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Today 16:27

Not on AIM Chesh, but the market is acting like it. I can see no difference to the current price action here on the FTSE 350 compared to St1 when the planning and Open Offer was 20p, shortly after the SP bottomed at 17.25p. So -15%

Not for a minute saying that it will happen again but wouldn't rule it out. Having said all that, If I was holding down to 15p I would not be selling now since the short term downsides is that sort of number, maybe, and the upside over the next few months is maybe 25%, or 20p.

Today 15:00


You are so funny......... :-D

(I mean, really funny...) haha......;-)

Today 12:39

jonesrichard to be totally frank, and whilst I may have been a tad, aggressive, I apologise to anyone offended.

Your posts however smack of immaturity. You are like a seventeen year old that ought to go out and fix the world whilst they know it all. Paid derampers, calling me out for deramping the SP, stating the closing price, like no one else can see it, with almost daily predictions or comments on it when you are supposed to be a long term investor. Jealous of Myo? What planet are you on? All a pile of tosh. And I mean that as constructively and nicely as I can put it.

Regarding my future investment decision here, you asked and so I am happy to share it with you, although no doubt someone like you will still call me out for ramping or deramping in the future.

I think the market is smarting from what Sirius has just done and without stoking the coals, it will be some time, imho, before the SP sees any traction. But, I could be totally wrong. So, I am still happy to buy back in if the SP looks like it has some traction and the technicals, and timing, look right. tuckupp's analysis at 11.54 is spot on imv.

But, atm, I see a better opportunity elsewhere and that's where my money is atm. However, I have a handful of SXX shares, will be at the AGM and expect to be substantially reinvested here at some point (my recent buy and sell was the first time I have ever done that, I'm not a trader).

Hope that helps.

Today 07:36


In answer to your polite question, I said at the time that I was happy to wait until the SP dipped under 15p or catch a rise. It then looked, with Norge bank buying in that the SP was not going to dip and would rise so I did what I said and bought at 16.27p.

Looking at the 3-month historical chart, resistance is around 20p. Since the SP jumped circa 20% in a couple of days, I sold at 19.25p and banked an £11k profit. I then moved that money back into my other share at 47p and that is now 56p.

Hope that helps explain what I did and why.

Today 07:29

Hi sheps8

Your post is polite and seeks to be constructive and so whatever your view, I have no problem with it. Its commendable that someone engages in massive research and shares most off it with a community. But I do have a problem with people likes jonesrichard having personal pops at me, as he did yesterday, and then banging on about paid rampers, suggesting I was trying to manipulate the SP up and down. And I'm just supposed to take that rubbish? And I do find it incredulous that others are seemingly making investment decisions based on the research of others.
The problem with this board is that people are happy to accept nonsense like that and anything rampy but as soon as someone says anything negative, they have an agenda.
Anyway, that's my take on it.

So, the Open Offer is subscribed, everyone's happy, let's move on.
Mon 23:15

Sorry, pressed send. Imho, the market knee-jerked but won't do it again.

Imho, the SP will languish now as the scale of the dilution and the length of time to production, together with ongoing uncertainties, is digested.
Mon 23:02

The bonds, imho, will be placed. St2 finance will be secured, with a heavy price to pay but one that is of course better than the affirmative, that was total wipe out. (And by the way, this a very similar scenario that played out in that other share we won't mention) so I'm taking from experience.

The danger now is cost overrun requiring another placing. Not a deramp, just a concern. And not one that CF will be able to alleviate. Because after all, he all but promised us no dilution for St2. And then we had the half a billion black hole AND dilution.

But, everyone is happy because god is back after his "break", assuring everyone with oodles of detail.

Happy days.
I imagine most investors here will be once bitten twice shy. Although those that revere one contributor here, as god-like, need their heads examined.
Mon 15:52

Let's hope it's AS
Mon 14:03

thestreet tell us about your other accounts
Sun 23:23


Took the trouble to click your link

"Global oil prices have fallen by more than 30 percent since the summer of 2014"

2014!? Haha. (Insert insult here).
Sun 23:10


That is the most honest and most heartfelt post I have ever read here.

I have often said, to Mrs SIPPn00b, that the most difficult times to sell are when a share is rising and when a share is falling. For obvious reasons. But to state them, when rising, fomo. When falling, belief that it will bounce back and one does not want to get caught at the bottom.

What a quandary.

And the problem here, is that there are so many optimists that will shoot down pessimists at the drop of a hat. For optimists, substitute bulls, for pessimists, bears.

And, it's never wrong to take a profit! Shares don't just go in one direction. How many times have you read, "we'll never see 30p again" or similar.

So much ramping bullshit on these forums, led by the likes of Myosotis. With a God-like following.

I was so shocked to see investors effectively weeping at his/her absence after the Placing.

People are basically stupid but at this level of investment, they shouldn't be. But they are. Don't be one of them. Think for yourself. If the reward is less than the risk, bail. Analyse the situation. If it sounds like a duck it prolly is. Sirius were backs to the wall with time running out. Anyone that thought then that Sirius would achieve debt-only funding with decent rates, needs their head examined. (I essentially said this pre the announcement but no one wanted to listen).

Or, no one wanted to listen.

Sun 21:19


I appreciate your response and have followed your posts (never looked at your posting history) and your "relationship" with Mr F. I respect your investment decisions but I still have to ask why you wouldn't, or didn't, sell, on the way down, with the tea-leaves stacked against a positive funding outcome? I saw it all before with Hurricane and with Sirius St1 so this was twice burned, third time more cautious. So I sold out before the funding announcement, announced that here and got lambasted by stalwarts.

And that's the problem. And why I now have a genuine, serious issue with this board. Blinkered individuals that cannot accept an alternate view and try to stymie genuine investors from sharing a less than positive view at that moment in time.
Sun 20:12


Scotman, since you have indicated that you might look into researching, politely suggest you read Biffadog's post on the other bb. It, unfortunately, hits a few nails in the head.

Back to SXX and this is my opinion. Many investors here are underwater because they have been led by lovely, enthusiastic, pro-Sirius "investors".

There is no doubt in my mind that some investors that might have been swayed to sell, stood fast based on some positive posters.

At the end of the day, everyone needs to be smart enough to sort the wheat from the chaff but the very notion that anyone, like me (and one other poster, Casapinos), could voice concern over the fund raise, that was shot down in flames by those that didn't want to hear, or consider, a less than positive, outcome, is a shame.

So, IMHO, many here need to wake up, smell the coffee and stop revering and following the "rampers" here and try to take a more balanced view.

Sun 19:53


Thanks. Looks like you got your arse handed to you on a plate. You deserved it.

Scotman you are welcome. No animosity at all. We are all here to make sensible (and sometimes lucky, or unlucky) decisions, and to try to make money. That's it. We would not be here otherwise. No agendas. No bullshit. Just honest views based on reasonably long term (3-years+) concentrated and focused knowledge and opinion.
Sun 19:17


You have no clue what you are talking about, but that's ok, because the story is complicated and one would either have to have an in-depth knowledge of the last three years history of Hurricane Energy, like some here on Sirius Minerals, or have to bone up with some serious studying to appreciate the true picture.

But, feel free to be disparaging with limited information.

As previously stated, I am "invested"in both stocks, even if my money is currently in Hurricane. So, no untoward negativity from me. I speak as I see.
Sun 17:46


You could do yourself a favour and stop denigrating my handle. I haven't denigrated yours, easy as it would be to do.
Sun 17:23

I'm just waiting from xxdodgerxxxx to see if I satisfactorily answered his question.
Sun 14:54


"Personally HUR has helped to bail out the losses I have made on sxx & I am expecting more considerably more. "

Firstly, sorry to hear of those losses but glad an investment in HUR has helped considerably.

For me, whilst I was bullish about both SXX and HUR, after the Hurricane dilution, I moved most of my money from here to there. The main reason I did this was HUR would become a producer before SXX and there was no more money to raise. We all need some luck here and that has proven lucky for me because other than a bit of money in my wife's ISA, I have (luckily) avoided the punishing drop due to significant (unexpected) dilution here.

My hope now, if anyone is still interested, is to take some of my HUR profits in a few months and invest them back here through to production but don't see this SP moving up above 20p for some considerable time. So, other than unexpected news, the upside to HUR in the next two months, IMHO, is significantly greater than any upside here.

That's my tuppenceworth and straight up opinion, having been around both shares for well over three years now.
Sun 14:39


No problem, yes, we had to raise some money. Around half a billion dollars, for the Early Production System. This was in the form of around 730,000 shares @32p, so $300m and $220m in Convertible Bonds. These bonds are why HUR is shorted, purely a hedging play.

That's around the same amount of money SXX needed to increase the diameter of the tunnel and wall thickness.

In any case, in round numbers, we went from 1.2 billion shares to 1.9 billion shares and the SP dropped below the Placing price of 32p.

We are fully funded now through FOIL and own 100% of the Greater Lancaster area.

Last year we farmed out 50% of Greater Warwick Area to Spirit Energy. We are currently drilling the first well of a 3 well campaign. Greater Warwick Area has a 77% cos but the second well, Lincoln, is already proven and will be drilled and tied back to the Aoka Mizu FPSO to increase production (when we can connect to the WOSPS gas pipeline) FID on this end of 2019.

Etc etc, Scotman, you can find answers to some of your questions on Page 14 of the Corporate Presentation that can be found here:

Of course my knowledge is not in question here but please DYOR and I would encourage you to ask any further questions on the HUR bb as its not fair to clog the SXX board up with HUR stuff. I was initially only answering the OPs question.

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