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Wed 13:18

I loved your 'this time next year Rodney' bit there Gassed - quite brilliant. Nagy was saying that sort of thing last year too. You do work in tandem.

Never been called a Doggy before, but there is first for everything.

Who says I have no shares in AEG? is that something you have seen on Twitter, matey, or have you just made that up like everything else you post?

I've been here longer than you Gasbag, and as for your 30 something little friend...
Wed 12:29

So it works like this:

If you want to find out about AEG current operations you are asked to email the poster called ‘Gassed’.

If you want to ask a question about AEG you are asked to either direct question to the CEO, or to the poster called ‘Nagy’. This was said by 'Nagy' on 16th April: “You can put your questions to me or Rowan next week”.

I have never known posters tell other posters they can get information through email, or of posters saying they can take company questions in place of the CEO.

This sounds dodgy..
Wed 11:18

I see you are answering for Nagy there Gassed. Interesting. Very interesting.

So Gassed, when you said on June 3rd, “do research like other people do and you will see that MR is in the US”, you were saying it was just a rumour on Twitter? So, he might not have been in the US after all?

What kind of posters are you to make things sound like fact when they are just rumours on Twitter?

Is that what you mean by research – looking at Twitter?
Wed 09:33

This is all Brexit related I feel. The market is sayiing what it thinks about BoJo being PM - or rather, what it thinks about the impact a 'no deal' Brexit. You can kiss goodbye to anything left of our car industry from manufacturers through to retailers. The only good thing at the moment is that the shorters haven't made camp yet.
Wed 09:28

Anyone know when results are due out? It was 19th June last year.

This looks to be typical AEG fayre… over 10% fall a few days before results are due… That makes it a more than 91% fall in sp since 15th June last 2018.

It is as if someone knows something. Perish the thought.

Really this company takes the ‘biscuit’ (choose another word instead of biscuit that rhymes with ‘miss’)

Chances of survival anyone?

Hey Nagy, have a look on Twitter for me and see what Rowan has been saying about when they might be due. Apparently he is on Twitter all the time.
Tue 11:47

I don’t use Twitter so yet another one wrong Nagy. One day your luck might turn and you will get something right.

You will remember that it was you and your ‘friends’ who were posting happily about Rowan being in the US because you had all seen it on Twitter. I didn’t realise at the time Rowan used Twitter but there you are. The rampers all know different. It still surprises me that Rowan announced this on Twitter.

I wonder if you knew about Rowan in the US in any other way?

You still refuse to say why you told posters here to direct company questions to either you or Rowan before the investors’ meeting. That refusal to explain, and the longer the refusal goes on, can only mean one thing.

AEG is at an all-time low yesterday and today it has gone lower.
Tue 08:57

If you are serious about talking about the business Nagy what have your last 6 posts included that following 5 ?:

• Ask on a message board. Such a bore.
• Makes you paranoid. Scout.
• Nobody asking you?
• Creepy stalker.
• Are you smallcappick on twitter?

These are the posts of a disrupter. If you look at the way they are posted, one after the other, that is some problem.

Even the other post accused me of calling everyone who talks about the business a stooge. That is not so either, though I have asked you directly on a number of occasions why you thought it OK in April to tell posters they could direct questions about the Investors’ meeting to either you or the CEO. You still haven’t answered that. Is that because you are a stooge?

If you want to talk about the company have a look at the post from BF. He has pretty succinctly summed up my thoughts on the business… When are we going to produce anything?

I see the market is deciding.

The sp is at yet another all-time low.
Mon 23:04

Oh dear. Are you talking to yourself there Nagy? It looks like youa re answering questions that have never been asked. And I am the one who is paranoid? I didn't realise you were so funny. I had never noticed after all this time.
Mon 19:01

Don’t feel too sorry for him – he took over £1m from VEC last year for doing what?

Salary was over £ 500k. Bonus was 70% of maximum 135% of salary. That means 94.5% of over £500K as a bonus. His pension was 20% of salary.

The sp rise is probably just on costs savings ha ha.
Mon 15:54

That is encouraging that they have delivered the hardware. Still a very long way to go though.

It was nice to see Nagy and Seattle have a conversation with ‘each other’ this morning. Both early birds I see, tee hee. And on the day the of an RNS saying about the delivery. Coincidences, coincidences.

Not altogether sure I understand the point by Nagy at 6am this morning: “the updated presentation they mention 10000 t large scale supply for testing for existing clients including utilities”. Much of this was not new - there are differences from the 2018 presentation but not a huge amount.

The September 2018 presentation said: “Increasing international commercial interest from utilities, forestry & agricultural companies”

The April 2019 presentation said: “Prospective customers have ordered and received test samples. Additional test sample orders of up to 10,000 tonnes are now being requested. Customers include:
• Utilities – including Rocky Mountain Power in Utah and a major European utility;
• Renewable Technology Companies;
• Forestry Companies; and
• Agricultural and Food Companies”

But Rocky Mountain Power in Utah has been talked of before. Presumably we are not going to shift CS back the 2,000 miles to Utah for testing given where we have just come from – they have been around long enough to have come to a decision. Maybe we are to hear soon about what they have decided.

The order of additional test samples appears to be encouraging development. I am now looking forward to news on that and something about revenue generation. In other words, orders.

First things first though. Anyone any idea when the test results might come through?
6 Jun '19

They didn't like the questions about why they think it OK to tell posters:

i) To direct questions to them instead of the CEO

ii) How to address the CEO

Looks as though we were right all along.
4 Jun '19

I am underwhelmed as I thought I might be in May when I wrote:

“I hope the news they referred to is not just a simple and underwhelming update about moving the hardware from Utah to Lumberton.”

Some comparisons of RNS comments today and those in the past::-

- RNS today 4th June 2019: “Reactors and all ancillary equipment scheduled to commence arriving in Lumberton later this week after being removed from the Utah site”

- RNS April 24 2019: “…closure of the Utah site expected by the end of May 2019.”
- RNS April 24 2019: “The transfer of all the equipment from the Company's Utah site is targeted to be completed within 8 weeks”. [by 19th June]

- RNS today 4th June 2019: “…our focus is now on completing the installation of the initial five tonne per hour CoalSwitch plant”

- RNS February 12 2018: “We are now focused on the next commercial milestones for Active Energy including the global roll-out of CoalSwitch fuel and CoalSwitch production Plants, which have the potential to change the power generation industry.”
- RNS April 24 2019: “…the Company targets capacity of up to 400,000 tonnes per annum over the next 2 years.”

Today’s ‘news’ is nothing more than a repackage of the past. No Coalswitch orders I see.
4 Jun '19

No reply from Nagy - just insults as is expected from that sort of character.

Here is the post I talked about.

"RE: Investors events 25th April
16 Apr '19

Like I have, just sell. I am not sure you can talk it down anymore. If you see an opportunity you should take it. You can put your questions to me or Rowan next week. After all you are invested here , right?"

It is simple question to answer Nagy:-

Why did you say to PIs on this board that they could either direct questions to you (alleged private investor) or to Rowan (actual CEO of AEG). Did you say that because you are on the pay roll of AEG and made a mistake and gave the game away?
4 Jun '19

There has been no answer as to how Nagy, Gassed, PotPot80 knew Tommy boy Rowan was in the US.

Saying it is on 'social media' is no answer at all. What social media? I have looked and see nothing. Has Rowan started a Twitter account to sell his movements like Spinks used to?

We are forever told that Rowan doesn't give information. It is hard enough even getting the company to say that much. Now we are supposed to believe posters here (the 3 rampers) all see the same social media and know Rowan's whereabouts. That stinks.

Nagy, You were up till all hours UK time (4am) posting last night. 4am UK time is 11pm Lumberton time.

And Nagy, you never did answer the question asking why you told posters on this board to direct questions to either you or the CEO. Here is that post again:

"You can put your questions to me or Rowan next week." [at the investors' meeting]

What link do you (as supposed PI on here) have with Rowan (CEO of AEG) to say such a thing?
3 Jun '19

I thought exactly the same HKU.

How do poster know, and by what means is Mikey boy Rowan communicating to say he is in the US? I was under the impression he didn't communicate such things.

That some on here 'know' he is in the US explains quite a bit to be honest. Only the rampers...
31 May '19

I see it started after hours yesterday and continued just a few minutes after start today.

I am concerned. HW is right about loose lips here. Regretfully watching this sort of selling is a more reliable indicator than waiting for he board to say or do anything.
30 May '19

The market has said what, in our heart of hearts, we know to be true.

One last fund raise for old time's sake? The board could get a car out or it.
30 May '19

I am singing it BF, but I don't think they care...

'Ooh they need your love babe, don't they know it's true?'

[apologies to Beatles purists]
28 May '19

No need to wonder Nagy. Why not just ask him. You past posts suggest you know Thomas Rowan very well.

Remember you posted this on 16th April this year just before the investors meetting:

"You can put your questions to me or Rowan next week. After all you are invested here , right?"

Still no answer from you why you would post something like that. After all, Rowan is someone you know here, right?
28 May '19

You never know about multiple RNSs there HKU, but I am not holding my breath.

I think you are right: the need to get some news about pretty quickly is pressing.

i) The last RNS / update was pretty clear that the move was to be completed by end May (so now). If there is no notification I suspect the market will think it is delayed.

ii) Last year's results were 3rd week of June. If / when they are as dire as expected, there will need to be some pretty decent news about future orders to prevent meltdown.

iiii) The AGM is approaching fast - lasts year the AGM notice was given June 27th.

I hope the news they referred to is not just a simple and underwhelming update about moving the hardware from Utah to Lumberton.

I expect it might be underwhelming, but want to be surprised. Trouble is that any positive expectation has gone after being let down so regularly here.

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