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Exclusive: Hardman & Co call the lithium market: is a change in trend happening?
Tower Resources identify 18 million barrels of contingent reserves worth $118M in Cameroon

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Wed 08:31

LOL... Just had to say it.
Wed 08:05

Did you all check the footnotes in the Asset table? Thought not!

RNS this morning has the following:

"5. Oil field with three productive and commercially viable zones, EWT ongoing, two further wells HH-1z and HH-2 scheduled Q2 2019, development underway subject to grant of planning consent, expected Q3 2019."

So it looks like they made a minor mistake and have accidentally told us that KL4 is now commercial also...

I guess we can expect a KL4 RNS very very soon to avoid the market issues.
Wed 07:54

Lets see what the market thinks..
Wed 07:53

17 million as a % of 5,566 million.... WOW such huge dilution. NOT!
Wed 07:50

Penguins, Solo sold out as they dont have the cash to hold onto it, simples. They dont have the cash to fund the drill. They need to pay the BoD and they have their Xmas do comingup at McDonalds, and that is about as much cash as they have left... 1.99 happy meals all round for their BoD... Sont spare the coca cola.
Wed 07:48

Yummy. and 30% for peanuts..... You could say that it is a major slap in the face for Solo. Ouchy, that gotta sting.
Wed 07:37

I would love to have had the option to buy their 30% stake in Arreton, IoW. At 350k its a steal.

However, just like SOLO, I'd not be able to afford to pay 30% of the drill costs there. We could be talking 1million+ on a 30% stake, and it could be a lot lot more than that depending on their supplier contracts (lets face it UKOG are gonna be drilling a few wells in 2019/2020, so will get some nice discounts).

So, very simple really. SOLO cannot afford their chunk of the drill costs, so had to sell, they had no option. AND what do you do if you have someone in a corner and over a barrel? You get them to sell for peanuts. 17 million shares, yawn! That is dilution on the smallest scale I think I've ever seen (0.003%)...

And the great news is that it looks like these were sold yesterday, as per the 17 * 1 million trades we saw. So if they were sells and the SP held up, what next?
Wed 07:23

Solo cannot afford to pay the costs to drill IoW. Sold out cheap as UKOG jade them over a barrel. Bargain price. I suspect planning permission is going in v soon. love it!
Wed 07:21

8p per barrel.. yeah it needs scrutiny.. lmao.
Wed 07:17

17 x 1 million sells but not enough buys to cover... discuss. Big background order? II?
Wed 07:15

Think these were the 1 mil trades yesterday. 17 million sold then as we saw 17 1 million trades didn't we.
Wed 07:13

Solo just averaged down also...
Wed 07:10

Cheap as chips... dilution hardly. Only 17 million shares. I'm not far short of that...
Tue 13:55

So someone spends 6 * trading charges just for the fun of it to buy and sell 3 million in short time do they. Yeah right buddy. Have you been on the wacky?
Tue 13:27

Allthatglitters.... WTF?

Are you therefore saying this is an MM buying and selling to try and stimulate activity?

Like Boyzee, do tell us when you have cashed out your CFD mate.
Tue 13:22

Alan, I'm simply stating that I dont trust you. That is all. I dont know you from Larry, whoever he is.

I'm cheered by the photos today, and am hopeful we see something this side of Xmas.

But I'd give you more respect if you would find some ounce of positive in the UKOG EWT, dont you see how good that is for ANGS? You are more focused on the history and fighting an old argument. Its like listening to Man Utd and Liverpool fans spouting hatred at each other, just because of some BS history.

I'll let you lead the cheerleading on ANGS, I'll benefit from my investment in it all the same. Keep up the good work, I forgot that you are working to make me richer.

Maybe you have been supportive at points, but I dont see that, I see an unbalanced view. That does not mean I think ANGS is a pile of poo, in fact I think ANGS are sitting on a big pile of oil.

Last post here for me today. I cant be bothered to argue with anyone who cannot understand the merits in balanced argument and debate. You may go freely into the wilds of one-sided beliefs, and remember, the grass must be greener there because it just is ok, it just is, because it is.
Tue 13:15

I hope you are right Rocky, because just 10 weeks ago, we were being informed that they were going straight to Brockham to turn the taps on. And now they are there with the perf gun, it feels like we are close. Now the market wants to see oil tankers; you can throw as much kit as you like onto site, but the re-rate needs to see those tankers, and a corker of an RNS...
Tue 13:13

I dont know which part of EWT into Q2 2019 Seadoc does not understand.... Seems pretty clear that Q2 2019 = April/May/June 2019... KL4 EWT may be finishing soon, but then its comingled KL3/KL4 time that they may run at a higher flow rate for each rather than choked back.
Tue 13:06

If that string of trades were Sells then the MM's would be dropping this like a stone.. The 6 1 mil trades in the space of 2.5 minutes are all buys, one buyer. Not a "random" series of trades. Someone is buying in. Is it a leak? Or is it a retail PI buying. There were a good number earlier today also. Could it be a small-time II? I doubt it.
Tue 13:01

My point, and you should heed it; Should you trust the viewpoints of a poster who is PRO-ANGS and ANTI-UKOG?

Just think about that. You can liken it to many debates. Would you trust Jacob Rees-Mogg to give a balanced view on Brexit? Nope. He is so Anti-EU that he wouldn't care about the damage of Brexit on our economy.

Would you trust the word of Alan given that he hates UKOG and puts a negative spin on everything that is UKOG related? AND more importantly, would you therefor blindly believe everything he says?

I've invested in Angus based on what I've researched, not because of some jumped up bloke who is high on a bunch of uneducated dickwad worshiping his every word. (yes Degsy and Darko, that means you).

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