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Exclusive: Hardman & Co call the lithium market: is a change in trend happening?
Tower Resources identify 18 million barrels of contingent reserves worth $118M in Cameroon

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Fri 17:42

Many thanks for the many kind wishes!
It feels so good to be home with my good lady!
Slightly disappointing end after such a promising day when at one point we were up 9.2% up.
Still there is sufficient pressure in the can for a good week leading up to Christmas. Let’s hope Fortune and Mikhail have a juicy Christmas RNS’s from each of them!
You have got to say they have given us a phenomenal year and next year is looking like it will be even better.
Focus on this time next year we should be £1.60 to £2. Awesome times ahead.
But Heath and happiness is the bottom line,
Cheers all.
Fri 15:18

Are we about to see an afternoon tick up. Rising to up 7.1% at this moment.
Be good to see a late afternoon rush ahead of potential good news landing Monday morning!
My day has just got a lot better as my Claire is coming back home after 4 days in isolation in the oncology ward.
Before she starts her next round of chemo on Wednesday!
Every day is a special day right now!
Have a great weekend all.
Fri 15:08

Mad as a brush Ophidian? ;-)
Or ship without a crew?

Good job we have got a most excellent crew!
Fri 11:16

Definitely SOTRR - Hence an 87p broker forecast. And that is at a FeV price of $75, which we are still very far north of!
Fri 11:04

Bushveld Minerals* (BMN LN) BUY - Target Price 87p – Professional investors buying Bushveld as ferro-vanadium prices pull-back to more sensible levels

Professional investors are seen buying into Bushveld Minerals as ferro-vanadium prices pull back.
Investors see a relatively strong market for vanadium going forward with the pull back in prices from extraordinary price levels seen as creating an opportunity to buy Bushveld stock.

Ferro-vanadium prices have fallen 19.4% in China to $80-90/kg leapfrogging the western European price at $95-100/kg (Fastmarkets MB).

It will be interesting to see where vanadium buyers start buying metal again.

The China ferrochrome price has averaged $82.32/kg so far this year and will average $82.64/kg if today’s price is maintained through to the year end.

Interestingly, the Western European ferro-vanadium price is almost exactly the same at US$83/kg.

We have assumed US$85/kg in our modelling for this year indicating some adjustment.

Our SA rand assumption is at 13.28 per US dollar vs the average so far of 13.2.

We currently assume ferro-vanadium prices remain relatively high vs past years at around US$75/kg for the next two years with prices declining thereafter to US$45/kg.

We assume a rand to US dollar rate of 14 going forward though the South African currency may well weaken further till the next general election.

We believe producers will struggle to meet ongoing demand for ferro-vanadium from steel producers over the next 18 months to two years leaving very little supply available for vanadium redox batteries.

Bushveld Minerals is one of very few vanadium producers which will be able to raise production to meet demand at it’s planned vanadium electrolyte facilities in South Africa.

New demand for vanadium electrolyte should support the planning of new primary vanadium mine and processing capacity subject to orders from ESCOM supported by the World Bank, the IDC and other agencies.

Conclusion: Bushveld’s strategy to build and promote the development of vanadium redox batteries should enable the company to confidently expand while other potential new entrants struggle to gain bank finance.
Fri 10:50

So that looks good Alfa!

Once more buys come in, the price looks good for further rises today as it is very stable on little activity at the moment. More buying pressure will bring a significant move north yet again.

Thanks for these constant updates!

Fri 10:46

Not on the UK market. BMN is the one.

Glencore has a major Vanadium interest but it is part of a much larger portfolio so it is not focused as a pure play. If you have access to US and Candian stocks the other pureplay Vanadium minor is Largo.

But your best place is right here.

Fri 10:36

Hi Ophidian,

Please keep up your incredibly insightful posts. I am sure 99.7% of this board would want you to post as regularly as you have been.

If you agree please make your feelings known!

You and BBN have given so much to this board with Alfa, of course, Nick D and many of our incredible team!

Thanks for all your posts my friend and keep up the good work!


Fri 10:26

Faramog - if you look where the other 3 posters they use a Share Chat on a non-active company and they just make short random comments using there abbreviated "avatar's" as the subject and they just seem to recommend each other. Then post on other boards randomly which I guess is supposed to give them a sense of credibility. That is certainly what it looks like.
So we need to keep recommending our own full teams posts and we should be able to win over with solid posts and our incredible investment here at BMN!
Looking like a very good finish this week! Let's smash it Bushy's!
Fri 08:16

+5.8% nice.
Fri 08:13

Up again on opening touching 40p again.
Fri 07:55

“ I have at this points, not tried it” - sorry.
Fri 07:53

Roscon, you are right. If we have bought in to this amazing story, then part of an individuals strategy surely is increase ones holding to the largest number of shares we can. For some that is just buying more when they can. However many may not be able to so trading a small percentage off the top at a point in a rise, and then buying back in during cyclic pull backs before the next rise is a clear route to an increased holding. It may not always work but some times it will. I have this point not tried it. But clearly it could work well.
The key is long term holders here if following the percentage trading route are potentially the ones lifting the SP back at low points and taking advantage of the shorters who seem to arrive from time to time.
It is clear we are about to head back into a growth phase over the coming weeks and hopefully take us to the 87p broker target.
Exciting times.
Thu 21:58

Fantastic analysis Alfacomp!
Sterling work my friend. This has been two weeks of real searching to get to the crux of what is going on.
I am sure your last paragraph with respect to the new broker appointment may well be a sprinkling of gold dust their global profile is vital and the tenticals they have should draw in global investors. At a time when Bushveld Energy are going to pick up and take the batton as potentially the larger revenue stream going forward the right promoters are critical. As we grow we should expect to have multiple brokers. It is also gives potential investors more confidence when you have multiple buy or strong buy broker ratings.
This is the point where the match is lit and the fuse wire is ready.
2019 we are going to infinity and beyond!
Thu 18:35

Nick I think your growth rate will have you back at No 2 soon.
The key here and there are so many valuable posters who only get one or two recommendations when most should have 20 to 20 as there contributions are so helpful.
Keep up the good work my friend.
Thu 17:56

Fatbanker - you are so right over the last 22 months I have been invested and reading this board the high level on constant research, the newly found articles, the deep and well thought out research, and to be fair great encouragement helps any new investors to gain great confidence. It has highlighted to me over and over again the importance of detailed analysis and research.
It is very easy to repeat our fundamentals as they are so clear.
Many investors often buy in during high activity and often at the end of one of the step rises. This can often mean new investors then see short term losses as the SP drifts before the next rise up. I think your investment strategy has helped you by rinse and repeat strategies with solid research and holding the majority of your holding.
This clear way helps increase your holding over time. 2019 should as well documented give us a very considerable rise. However it does not mean that it will be a daily rise. It is clear that assending wave forms are a very real in any growing investment.
This is surely the most amazing and undervalued share on AIM and with a global broker in place the rocket ship is prepared for a monumental lift off. I still think in 2 to 4 years time many investors will wished they had remortgaged there houses, sold their aunties, and borrowed everything they had to put in this incredible investment.
Exciting times and now we are looking stronger than ever.
Thu 16:20

Ophidian - I do hope so. All your time and carefully analysis should show its hand again.
I am ready to finalise my AM Vantage. Exciting times.
Thu 16:20

Ophidian - I do hope so. All your time and carefully analysis should show its hand again.
I am ready to finalise my AM Vantage. Exciting times.
Thu 16:09

Hi Nick,
I hope you join the top list again too. Your contributions are so positive and helpful. We are top chat and 4 of the 8 most recommended posters.
All we need know is top risers for next year and that will be perfect!
Thu 15:57

Thanks Alfacomp! Didn’t think I would be there now!
Glad to see we are now back on the up. Having an additional global broker could well be very good to bring more international invitingly the party.
There must be good opportunities otherwise our BOD would not have appointed them.
Exciting times.

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