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EXCLUSIVE: Oil analyst Barney Gray discusses the latest from Tower, Coro, Colter, Reabold & United Watch Here

EXCLUSIVE: Oil analyst Barney Gray discusses the latest from Tower, Coro, Colter, Reabold & United
UPDATE: #COPL set timeline for Q2/Q3 Nigeria drilling programme

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Today 10:58

Vanadium prices remain stable at US$76-78/kgV

Ferro-vanadium prices remain stable at US$76-78/kgV in Western Europe (FastmarketsMB)
Small lots sold in Europe include 5t sold at $78/kgV and 10t sold at $76.7/kgV.
Antimony prices also remained stable at US$7,700-7,900/t in Rotterdam perhaps helped by further delays to commissioning at the SPMP antimony roaster in Oman.

China Ferro Vanadium 80% FOB US$71.3/kg vs US$71.3/kg
Wed 23:17

Apologie accepted. My only question to you sir is why come on this board when you have no interest here at all. Your two understudies have been suspended as your team have highlighted on the TECA board due to there constant disruption and agrevation on this board. Unfortunately they were unable to continue the disruption and it may be just a coincidence but then you arrive.
I absolutely feel that it is best we leave you to use the TECA board for whatever purpose a dead board has and we are allowed to use the BMN board for discussion which is focused on BMN and our firmly healed understanding based on more research and insight than many FTSE 100 companies have seen.

It is a huge shame that people over the last days have been very badly effected buy the driving down of the SP which has caused some a great deal of concern here. But those who continue to hold will be glad they did.

All the pathetic lines about not their opinion etc gives a very distorted view an d makes people doubt them selves and as a result some will lose money and confidence.

I will say this to all holders. There is so much research completed, so many interviews to listen to, so much significant information in the RNSís this company has released. If you decided to invest trust your initial research. If you are concerned to some more. No company grows in a straight line. But trading a share if you donít know what you are doing is a sure way to miss out on the growth of a very strong company.

Decisions are yours and only you can make them. But just be cautious of traders who are not regular and respected posters here. I trust in my research. Make sure you trust in yours.
Wed 22:53

I also disagree strongly with the Troajan.

The vast majority here are in for the long term and refuse to be out as no one really knows when the next huge and significant news is coming.

Each day the foundations laid are even more certain to deliver one if the worlds most significant and well placed Vanadium and Energy Storage companies the world has ever seen. The potential is off the scale of anything many on AIM have ever seen. The weeks ahead will deliver significant confirmation of many thoughts and this year will deliver emence growth.

Any shorters still hopping to see the SP dropping are going to be blown out of the water. Trust in the fundamentals and you will make a very large and wealth creation for every investor. Patience will be rewarded.

In life everyone makes choices - make sure you make the right one!
Wed 22:12

Good evening all,
So firstly I am delighted we have had a swing in the right direction again and hopefully the momentum will remain. There are significant developments in progress which will lift the mood to a whole new level soon.

I hope you don t mind me sharing but my Claire has made a significant improvement today after her operation. She had multiple set backs, but today they were able to complete two tests which has shown the critical parts of the operation have been successful and that more interventions at this point are not needed. She has had two walks today which is amazing and her spirits reached a new level. Knuttie and any others who have witnessed recovery after major surgery will share my relief. It is 8 days since her 9 hour surgery and news like todayís just gives a huge pick up. The road is long and we have much ahead but todayís news was significant.
So if I get rather positive in the days ahead bear with me!
BMN research continues and my feeling on our companies destiny is beyond positive.
Thank you all for your kind messages both directly and on the board. It is both so kind and very humbling.
Our thoughts remain with our good friend Pdub and I wish him a very speedy recovery and lots of rest! Also I now that Knuttieís Liz has a long road too. So our best to both of them too.
Hopefully we will have an equally fantastic day tomorrow!
Good night all.
Cheers RichKen.
Wed 20:03

The key currency exchange for BMN is the SA - ZAR to US$ and the recovery of the FeV price.

Any real UK changes will have little or no effect on the profit and once the JSE listing takes place the influence will be less due to a very keen group of large SA investment fund holders coming on board to be part of the massive growth that is ahead.
Wed 16:40

Well Strider4, we have not finished yet! Anyone not pilling in over the next few days will seriously regret it. Buy the end of march you can expect to see us seriously up compared to our 50p high. It is coming and the evidence and news flow WILL back this up.
Wed 16:31

Mrremmy - I will go with your 25k mtV in 4.5 years and you better get ready for inexcess of £10 per share. I think with Vametco running, Brits mine open, Bushveld Vanchem post upgrade and recondition, Bushveld Mokopane completed its 2 year high efficiency production plant anniversary, Bushveld Energy now producing 2000 MWh of electrolyte, the VRFB contracts and projects progressing, great income from Bushveld Leasing...

Dividend of 5%... and I will be just about to turn 55 well I wonder what I will be thinking about doing?

The above vision has currently every foundation in place and the picture can so easily unfold to realise each success story above. There may be, by then, other stories which we have missed that could be under FM or MN's visions which they have not shared yet?

What a story to share!
Wed 15:55

Good afternoon all,
Just checking in today. I see we have a very nice rise. Still some way to get to our true current value of 85p to 95p.
I did some figures before based on 10,000 mtV assuming no other value and working on a profit £550 million I would expect to see more than £3 per share. The key is the ratio of total costs and current FeV price.
The point though is by the time we are at that level we will have a completed electrolyte plant and several VRFB contracts in progress. So you can expect the SP to be closer to £5 by then.
There are several factors which will drive this. But sitting in the ITU unit I have not got all my research and figures at hand.
But you can be sure that we will be flying when we get to 10000 mtV. By that time we will have clearer vision on how we will be progressing to over 20,000 mtV. Yes I did just type that and yes I do believe within 5 years we will be close to this.
Bushveld Minerals will be the largest vanadium producer in the world.

Exciting times.

Tue 17:51

gkb47 - question for you, what grade of V will BMN use for VRFB electrolyte? It is not V205!

You need to do some research on V electrolyte.
Tue 17:36

Gkb47 - sorry my friend but there are several pieces of the jigsaw you have missing. They already have a pilot project in progress and that will suffice for starting. By the time the need is truly required they will have all they need in place to meet their needs. You need to do more homework.
Once you have orders you can make things happen when you have the foundations in place.

No need to be worrying!
Tue 17:29

100% SOTRR - my thoughts are Q3 for this announcement. But before the elections would be better still. That to be fair would be the most significant announcement of the year for Bushy!
Tue 10:46

BBN - That is a great summary. I have been thinking this for some time.

Of course so many on here want news today £2 tomorrow and run off with a pot of notes. Patience is key no other company has been so visible putting together the foundations of a such a successful and potentially huge business so carefully as FM & MN. They meticulous at it. You have covered so many key points in all your analysis and once it starts to become more viable to the masses we will see our strong growth. In the meantime, I am happy for it to play out. Like so many others we know what is playing out here.

There are potential two very important months this year, may be even three.

- News From Bushveld Energy - a lot of news
- Financial Update for 2018 - highlight much of what many people want to see in black and white
- Dividend Policy
July / August
- Full Accounts for 2018
- News on Bushveld Energy - significant news again
- JSE Listing and a significant number high-value investors coming on board with SA money
- News on new projects and significant throughput growth opportunities which will be realised in 2020

Patience - Is the key to our future.


Tue 10:08

The news will be on a dividend policy - not sure you will see a special dividend - but we might get a surprise??
Mon 20:15

Hi Pdub,
May I wish you all the very best for tomorrow. Having seen the incredible support and work if the nurses in ITU over the last week. They are incredible and I am sure the staff in Southampton will be absolutely as kind and caring. You are a legend on this board and we look forward to you being back very soon. Just keep strong and positive as you are here and you will up and running very soon.
You can be sure our thoughts and prayers will be with you.
Take care, Rich.
Mon 19:00

It seems that we have several new posters today who have concerns that we maybe on a continuous down trend. This company is in extraordinarily good health. No debt and significant growth ahead and every thing set up to walk into the news global mega market energy storage using a technology which will revolutionise the energy storage market.
What many of you do not understand is that there are well over 200 long term investors here who hold over 40% of the companies shares and we are still growing our holdings. Why because we know and understand the significant development which is in progress here.
We welcome new posters and investors and of course finding the right price to get in is important to maximise your potential. But significant news IS coming soon and we will see a large influx of investment.

In the end it is down to solid research and truly astonishing fundamentals that will pluck the large investors financial strings and with potential profits in less than 2 years head towards £1 billion per year you might just need to get a position sooner rather than later.

All my humble opinion. If you think I am over positive. Right now my wife Claire is in intensive care and very poorly. But the care is in next level. They have assured me she will pull through. She sleeps a lot so I catch up with all your posts.
When she is awake even with severe pain she smiles. Itís is enough to make everyone inspired in the most difficult of days.
Have a good evening all.
Mon 16:45

Gambitxjs - you are correct news is coming and I tried to give a clear picture earlier.

People need to understand that the mining process is not a production line like building cars. It is effected by extreme wear and tear and extracting the mineral although an exact process is not guaranteed what will come. You should read Ophidians article on the run of mine on the Bushveld Perspective.

News is coming and some of it will lift the price well above anything seen yet. You canít just expect the BoD to say just what you want because you want the price to rise. This company needs every piece in place, piece by piece. Then it will reach the level every investor wants to see.

This company will deliver. That is very clear.

Cheers all. RK
Mon 14:48

Lindon - we are expecting in March.
Mon 14:31

Wul_1976 have you read this article it might help you understand:

I hope it helps you.
Mon 14:19

Headancer - I donít think Fortune Mojapelo will be too concerned as he knows every detail of every aspect of the story as it is progressing. He also is completely focused on working with every stakeholder in the process of unlocking every potential key that will deliver every significant progress point.

The significance of delivery of the Q4 Bushveld Energy news with the VRFB testing in full progress with some initial feedback from Eskom and news on the completion of the environmental study at East London and information on the Electrolyte Production facility will bring much confidence and start to establish value for the business as the potential is unlocked. Alfacompís questions and answers created a clear view of the potential here.
The next significant news will be the 2018 full financial breakdown which will be very revealing and huge news for the business. Then you can expect quickly the dividend policy which will every and any investor a serious reason to join this fast growing company.
Then we may well see the ďsurpriseĒ news and that I fully expect to be our next brownfield asset announcement which will have potential to quickly bring significant production upside capacity.
This will take us to April and the next Q updates. Steady or slight improvements on Vametco would be helpful for the business and the increasing vanadium demand has prices start to move north of $100 per kilo for FeV.

With each part of this jigsaw piece being carefully placed we will see some buying pressure and a real lift in our stock price.

This company is heading towards being the most significant vanadium miner and producer in the world. By the end of this year there will be so many positives. I fear my end of year report will take days to complete!

I still see this will be one of AIMís most significant stories of the year with a very solid growth from January to January. If you are able to add whilst the price is this low you are one very fortunate investor and you will be richly rewarded.

These are my well researched opinions.

I hope this is helpful to all.

Cheers RK.
Mon 08:59

Enjoy you holiday Nick. You will be missed. Hopefully I will be back to normal posting soon to. Currently my focus is with my good ladies recovery!

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