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UPDATE: #COPL set timeline for Q2/Q3 Nigeria drilling programme
RESULTS: IFA led wealth managers AFH Financial results show strong growth

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Fri 14:30

Itís opening at 13.5p in our money, letís hope that we catch up soon!
Fri 13:17

Looks like the NASDAQ will open at 3.08, menang around 13.5p in our money and lots of plus waiting to buy and lower their averages. They are hoping for 4 today, which would be 16p close...hereís hoping for a good afternoon. Will keep you all informed! My last working day over here now, Iím desperate for sleep, Iíve survied on three hours a night for two weeks...back to Blighty on monday!
Fri 12:54

Thatís whatís killing this, as soon as we climb slightly we hit the old next lot of Stop losses on the day traders, need to push above 12.5 to get over this!
Fri 12:46

Itís due to open up at $3.06 and then push on as large sales already. Should hope to see parity this afternoon around 15p
Fri 11:53

Well said...more to life than money!
Fri 11:24

You all want to sit here arguing instead of extolling the virtues of the one understand social economics and it makes me sad. Hope your all happy going back to 10p
Fri 11:03

All the negativity, your driving buyers away! When will these boards learn the powers of social economics and how everysmall small negative has an effect. Got yourselves to blame if this doesnít breach 13p
Fri 10:39

Mate there really isnít, they just ovsoerve. Besides which Iím led in my bed , my missus snoring alongside me and playing the markets here in Florida...tad early at 5.38am EST to influence anything lol
Fri 10:34

Thatís complete bull, he lost out and donít buy. Trying to deramp and buy in!
Fri 09:30

As or if not more interesting than yesterday...notice how you donít have to mention figures lol
Fri 09:13

The USA have been in shutdown for weeks now, saving money for this wall, if you believe everything you hear. Government officials havenít been paid, government departments have been closed or running on skeleton staff...this also affects the FDA. Iím betting they have everything they need. Iím betting there has been an administration error and they (the FDA) are buying themselves more time! Simple and easy fix!
Fri 08:18

Because this is still way way oversold!
Fri 08:12

Have some compassion and thought for the long term holders. Anyone deramping or shorting you have no morals and should be ashamed of yourself!
Fri 07:55

Depends, a lot of folks still ready to buy pre 15p!
Fri 04:30

Go away Petch lol
Fri 04:17

DSTM, just going by what I hear. Maybe the 30-45 days is standard procedure, maybe they wonít need that. Iím just going by what I see and hear. Itís all new to me. But I think folks would rather have an idea of flings on over here whilst I am still here.
Fri 03:44

Evening Folks,

Its 22:30 EST which makes it 3.30am back home in the UK. This is the latest from across the pond;

1) They are suggesting that within the next 30 days the drug will get FDA Approval (Heresay). They are saying that the clinical went well, just FDA wants more date on Liver results.
2) It broke resistance and started to climb after trading hours, 6.30pm EST saw large buys written down against the stock.
3) Lots of small buys as well, as the PI's start to take advantage
4) Some of the Forum investors are suggesting it will open down by between .2 and .4 as the MM shake the tree ready for large influx tomorrow and Monday, but will close up at 4 tomorrow, which should mean that the LSE closes at around 20p (ISH!)

5) Current live price tracking is 2.85 on Close, which is a 70.67% drop, equivalent to our market closing/opening AM at 12p

Please don't take any of this as Gospel. But they are not at all worried about this over here, some of the lads have $150,000 dollars invested and they reckon that once they average down, they will be seeing the 7.5 in no time. Completely different attitude towards the FDA and relaxed, no panicking, certainly very little scaremongering and deramping of the situation!

I'm off to bed now folks, as i have to be up at 3am for the LSE opening at 8am UK time. Im trying to bring you everything over here as it happens, but a lot is just what I hear and see.

Thu 23:26

-) Motif Bio ( MTFB ) plunged 72% to a worst-ever $2.61 per share after the US Food and Drug Administration rejected the new drug application for the company's iclaprim drug candidate, asking for more data to evaluate the potential risk of liver toxicity for the prospective antibiotic treatment for acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections.

Thatís was long drawn out panic and no worry!
Thu 21:42


However a clear statement via RNS from the BoD would help us all news is good news!
Thu 21:41

Youíre more than welcome! I will keep you all abreast. Itís killing me having to wake up at 3am EST for opening of the London markets, havenít had more than 5 hours sleep in 12 days lol

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