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Tech company Mporium delivers an outstanding set of Q1 results says CEO De Groot
IronRidge Resources CEO hails spectacular lithium project and money making potential for gold

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Sat 22:43

You are so funny ironic. One of the Punp and Dunp crew. I avoid shares you are in as they donít accumulate to anything LOL. By the way, which part of I donít want in and wouldnít waste my earned money in shit like this donít you get? Yes Iím entitled to comment as I have traded this share last week...but now watching from afar...letís see whos right shall we. If this rises again you lot will all be selling into the spike and watching newbies getting done over again. Same old people spouting the same old mindless drivel and ramping shit shares!
Sat 22:26

Fantastic earnings, but their is no real value at this moment. Itís being carried on sentiment, rampers and the same old pump and dump crew. I donít want in, Iíve learnt that shares like this are great for a quick trade but long term they hold nothing but misery. But thank you, as I must say that some of these posts from dreamers claiming 3p based on nothing but pie in the sky have given me such a laugh on this long BH weekend lol. Anyway letís see what next week brings...fear you may all be left a little red faced!
Wed 18:33

Loads of new faces, having been in here since 0.0078, Iím glad to see lots more share my views on here this will end up. I am bout ramping, because this is my own personal target, but I think 5p by the end of the year is a tad conservative. Once this moves it will move quickly, in targeting around 7-8p by the end of 2019. Loads of news to come, as has also been mentioned before, do not try and trade this share, it has a mind of its own. The MM May drop the SP, but try buying when itís down...not a hope. Took me 50 mins to just buy £500 worth yesterday at 1.5!

Looking forward to seeing where his goes in 2019 and beyond!
Mon 22:09

17.54% up at 2.87 USD.

We all know the drop has been over done, that RB will top the brunt of the DOJ, so this is just getting back to where it should be. Lets hope for the LTH as much as anyone that justice prevails and it gets back to its rightful SP!
14 Apr '19

Now you are bringing into play Cellulac and their ability to produce Omega 3 and extract the oils from Hemp/Cannabis to produce CBD! How many strings to this bow..???
14 Apr '19

You kidding me...50p minimum!
14 Apr '19

Thank you for your honest words. But what are your feelings about the 9th May and the trading statement.
14 Apr '19

SO as a 40 year old family man, someone who has a nice home, enjoys the gym and keeps myself trim, Superdry has always appealed to me, but I feel over the last few years they have lost their way and have tried to engage to much with the 17-21yo bracket who are always happy with their skinny jeans from Primark (Which I have no hope of getting into!). If JD can put the brand back into this and make it exciting to wear, which I believe he can, then we will see previous SP and beyond within years.

But its now about separating itself and making itself an appeal to those of 21 years plus, who want something trendy and something a little different, but also keeping the Teens engaged for the basics range like tight t's etc.

I am on the sidelines about buying at this moment, the only thing that stops me is the Trading statement due for release on the 9th May, I'm not sure what impact this will have on the SP, obviously it can go two ways. But I don't want to buy in now to see the SP crash 15% as the rebuild starts. I have met JD a few times, I used to live in Cheltenham and have frequented the Crazy 8's bar on many an evening. JD has always been an amenable chap, likes the ladies but I have always had faith in him with his vision for Superdry.

I would appreciate some LTH input on my post, see how you guys feel about the future?
13 Apr '19

As an outsider I'm trying to fathom whats going on. Im looking on the trades after hours on Friday evening, some big chunky buys...why the volatility with buys like this, or is this shorts closing? Im a fairly new investor to the Markets, but over time would like to try and buy in here. Will keep watching from the sidelines for now!
13 Apr '19

Thats a very honest approach Taverham, so as a investor who likes picking up shares when they are at all time lows, you don't think this is a good bet? Still has further to fall? Dont give me any rainbows or unicorns, I want some honest opinions here. You LTHers have been burnt, just like I have been on a few shares, but this is one that has caught the eye. Why are these new ESMA rules having such a hard hitting effect? I would like someone if they don't mind, to give me their honest opinion.

Thanks you all
11 Apr '19

With our great CEO at the helm. With so much news to come over the next twelve months you need to be keeping these shares in sticky hands! This isnít one to trade. MMís are keeping this down, as they know after three weeks of very little news that something will be due in the next few weeks I would have thought. Time to let their friends and family in. But Iím patient enough to wait and top up as and when I can! Future certainly looks amazing!
8 Apr '19

This is a spike, it will drop like a stone when the next rainbow arrives for the sheep to follow! We will see, I hope Iím wrong but so many people not researching shares and loosing every day. Unless itís your plan to sell into the spike and are ramping unethically on purpose?
8 Apr '19

TAFF I dont hide, I invest, I NOW don't gamble after loosing a lot on shares like this dog! I really hope you make your fortune and LTH's get tis money back, but I cant see it. Its a great spike for a trade, but lets not pretend its anything else!
8 Apr '19

At last a voice of reason...wonder how many folks have met the CEO or researched the company...Just rainbow chasing day traders. If this opened at 1p I will be gobsmacked, plus to say it be 1.5 by close of business...FFS really, which 8 ball told you that!
8 Apr '19

Not at all, but get your trade and get out. We know how corrupt this share is. Your convinced it will open up tomorrow? It will take one to two decent RNS in the morning, for the Rainbow and unicorn chasing day traders to pull put and one onto the next one! I wish you all luck, I dont trade anymore because of corruption, prefer the security or research and invest!
8 Apr '19

Have you all read the RNS? Still awaiting on Permits? Ho many folks got burnt last time round? This will all end in tears and don't say you weren't warned. I wouldn't invest in this company using anyone else money, let alone my own...Unicorns and Rainbows again!
8 Apr '19

My only concern with this, is that the fickle PI will take their money back out for other gambles. Can see this dropping back today!
8 Apr '19

SO maybe it wont be today then!
7 Apr '19

New Videos on the company site. You can see a wry smile on Paulís face which tells us everything we need to know! Roll on tomorrow morning, In my opinion mad judging by the tones in their voices, itís going to be a cracking RNS!
6 Apr '19

Im reading the Presentation, I've read the last few RNS. Im still struggling to see why everyone is getting excited about ta potential RNS dropping Monday morning? We've seen 100% growth this week. Yes the week was closed on Monday for 72 hours, then we have 2/3 days for reconciling and composing the figures. What extra value will an RNS deliver and what is it likely to say? I understand we have the other wells, which have yet to come online, but the next RNS wont be about them. Please help me to fill int he blanks. I want to learn why the next piece of news is so big?!

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