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Last Posted: 3 Jan '17

23 May '12

CJ&Grays - Blimey - dropping like flies! Good luck chaps, I'm sure the BB's will be all the poorer for this.

Grays - Catch you on email from time to time.
22 May '12

Great post Max. Kate - you do seem to have a financial death wish ;)
12 May '12

chavvinon - really? wtf happened to get Elroy banned? Real shame if it's permanent.
4 May '12

fun not fu ;)
4 May '12

And before I attract "The guy's a nutter" style comment, I didn't just decide to do this one day for fu, it stems from trying to uinderstand why my limit order were being filled during the US lunch hour, so I started experimenting.......
4 May '12

Elroy - Good find! I can testify to the lunch time hunting, and very nearly posted something on this last week. It works for stops and orders, particularly when it is counter to the general direction of the trade that day. Try it for yourself on a good up day. Wait until after c 17:15 when the market has been rising, and place a chunky £20/30pp short order on the FTSE (Dow can be too quick to test) c.15 points away from the current level and watch 'it' hunt the order. You can, and I have, used this occasionly on a strong trending day to drop the level a little, and go long as you kill the order, and the FTSE climbs again putting you quickly in profit. The risks of gapping or getting caught out are obvious, so I'm not actively recommending this as a trading approach, but 'it' will hunt under this scenario.
2 May '12

Elroy - You must have put some hours into establishing it, which is not to be underestimated. Hopefully you'll see a cycle developing, which will allow you to focus on a handful on a regular basis. (which I assume you probably alreay know what most are or could be). It's clear that you're taking this seriously, so hats off to you. I'm a big fan of trading what you know.
2 May '12

Elroy - That's a lot to keep track of, so I'll be interested to hear how you get on over the coming months. Best of luck with it.
1 May '12

Kate - The best of luck to you, and don't break the rules :) ( ps. I should have written 50 pence per point )
1 May '12

Kate - I thought you were finding your feet again? 50pp or demo? GL
1 May '12

WCB - catching up with posts a little late today, but got to say that you've posted some absolute gold today. Completely agree with your view of the BB's and the evolution of the poster's journey from enthusiast to trader ( or not ). LSE does have a certain allure, which is a little difficult to articulate given some of the muppetry at times, but we all keep coming back.....keep up the good work!
29 Apr '12

WCB - lmfao
28 Apr '12

Some good posts today guys. WCB - really enjoyed your posts on Gaps. As far as conspiracy theories, I can't comment as the NSA are monitoring all my posts.........
23 Apr '12

Courtesy of The Times:

Here’s something spread-betting firms don’t tell you when you sign up,” the veteran professional trader says, conspiratorially drawing closer. “They call it the ‘90 per cent rule’: 90 per cent of clients lose 90 per cent of their money within 90 days.”

Apocryphal, perhaps — talk to spread-betting companies, and they wrinkle their foreheads and claim not to recognise those numbers — but there is something to it.

If their chances of immediate success appear limited, there is no shortage of those wanting to try. More people than ever are opening financial spread-betting accounts to have a flutter on anything from stock indices to the share prices of individual companies, from commodity prices to currency movements.

There were 88,000 Britons actively spread-betting last summer in a market growing by about 10 per cent a year. Then there are all those who trade contracts for difference, CFDs, essentially spread-bets for grown-ups.

IG Index, the biggest fish in this pond, has 35,000 or so active spread-betting customers in the UK. There is a swelling crowd of smaller players, too, all essentially bookmakers that offer prices across a panoply of financial markets against which punters can bet. Take BP. ETX Capital offered 446.60-447.70 — the “spread” — on the oil supermajor late last week, based around the price at which the underlying shares were changing hands in the stock market. If clients thought BP shares were going to fall below 446.60p, they “sold” the price; if they believed it would rise above 447.70p, they bought.

Let’s say that a punter staked £10 a point, he would win that amount for every penny BP’s share price moved in the direction he backed and lose the same for every penny it moved against him.

If the mechanics are simple, technique requires application. The online training offered by some of the spread-betting companies is free and popular. Meanwhile, the number of those vying to impart higher trading wisdom appears to be growing almost as quickly as the number of green punters. For a fee, naturally.

Simon Cawkwell, aka Evil Knievil, is Britain’s best known spread-better. “There is terrific demand for grown-up tuition,” he says. “There has to be an academic framework to spread-betting, and there is an absence of sensible information on it. But be careful ... there are a lot of lurid con artists appealing to natural greed.” Evil charges £150 plus VAT for one-to-one tutorials on how to better manage £250,000 or more. His rates are comparatively modest. Here, as in other walks of life, there are charlatans and snake-oil salesmen preying on naivety and avarice. One promises a “qualification” that investment banks will take seriously. Senior traders at investment banks will tell you such a piece of paper would be handy, but only were they to run out of Andrex.

Yet not everybody riding this range is a cowboy. Graham Smith has heard such stories and shakes his head in disapproval. He ran European mid-cap trading at Citigroup before moving to Unicredit to head up global trading. When the Italian bank offloaded its London equities business this year, he and two more alumni of both banks set up Instructus Trading, a training company that aims to show private punters the techniques of the pros.

At an Instructus seminar in Central London last week, the boys were telling delegates that successful trading was all about managing risk and assiduous research. They were right. The same can be said for choosing training courses, too.
19 Apr '12

Closed-out - just one of those days, but it does make you smile. It was a hedged trade, so no big deal, but WCB's story does seem to have a ring of truth about it. Terrific bounce tonight eh? Who said it was manipulated........ !o!
19 Apr '12

Public Service announcement - If anyone wants an index to reverse direction, please let me know, and for a small fee I'll place a trade for you ;)
19 Apr '12

WCB - 10Kpp - fck me!
17 Apr '12

Elroy - poker is a great psychological teacher for trading and placing stops ;)
17 Apr '12

MACD on the FTSE 1 day looks interesting. Shorts off?
16 Apr '12

Kate - Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.Evn if yuo hvae bnee drkiing hveaily ;)

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