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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake Watch Now

TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Mon 18:06

What happened to the busy afternoon!
I hold on to my hat with both hands in anticipation... but no a pip!
20 May '19

Unfortunately despite averaging down a couple of times, still need this well above 4pounds...to see any profit... so a long way to go a few 20...50...100% days needed!
It’s a shame at this current price is very tempting but can’t afford to risk anymore cash on this one...So bottom drawer for 2 to 3 years to see if we get anywhere.
17 May '19

Or predicting the future, time will tell…
But so far no RNS and London Stock Exchange also not showing the increase :(
15 May '19

does anyone know what is the last day to accept the offer?
i'm guessing everyone will be waiting until then, to see if the price goes above the 4.251
if it does and you have further money to trough at this, them could be a good investment.
13 May '19

Option for existing shareholders, to buy 1 new share for every 50 held at a bargain price.... wait for it... 4.25 lol...
Which if you have not managed to buy below 4p and price goes to 5 or 6p would be a good buy.
My current average is 14p and I’m max out so not for me!
8 May '19

Sorry Troajan,
But i dont think RBS should be declaring to make any profits until they repaid their Debt in full to the Tax-payers!
They should definitely not be paying any dividends until they have done so and expecting the UK Gov to writing off millions of their debt.
7 May '19

Wishful thinking on my part, I know.
Wouldn’t it be great if this opened at 5/6p followed by an early RNS and see this back in the 14/15p
Many would get caught with their trousers down!
Time will tell, can only hope the water has been sorted out and oil flows in abundance to the surface.
Risk reward..this must be worth a punt!
4 May '19

Thank you Mirasol for the information, is appreciated.
I’ve looked at all three websites, but only manage to find a limited amount of information on percentage of holdings for each of their current assets, could not find what type of licences or the current term!
Do you have any idea of timescales and what are the next steps for Angus?
I always expected some issues, but never expected so much funds would be needed/raised or share price to get to this level.
I’m locked in at around 18p and can’t afford to averaging down, 4p will take a long time to recover my losses... was expecting 26/30p once this bod had been sorted which seems a life time away now!
4 May '19

I was under the impression, that I had read that Angus was the only of the three companies Ukog, Alba with a producing license ...
And that Ukog was going to take around 18/24 months to get one.
As such Angus was miles ahead of the game and could go straight to commercial production and star generating income for self funding and develop other assets... bla...bla....bla..
Meanwhile we had to raised funds several times and seem to be having issues getting oil out of the ground due to some water issues, but Ukog managed 200 tankers!
Now we may get Alba selling their 5% holding...would they be selling this if they think there’s big bucks in this!
2 May '19

Let’s hope so...
I remember the 3/4p back in 2016 and had been previously as high as 10p.
Anything above 1p would make this very interesting... and should generate allot of attention.
Time will tell with this one, back in 2015 was due to become cash positive, once things in India get sorted out we should see an uptrend.
Long overdue, been below one penny for some time!
1 May '19

The SP, will rise when they start making money! Or Never
Loosing sight of their objective, fingers into too many pies, need to stop the dilution.
AIM is all the same, they spike the price to draw the punters in, then fundraising after fundraising With promises of tomorrow will deliver and just suck up all our money.
Meanwhile board members reward them selves handsomely wages for delivering what?
This was supposed to be; 12 to 18 months to deliver this oil gusher, cash generating with all this bod!!!
Will see, can’t be long before news...
23 Apr '19

Isn’t that the business they are into?
Perhaps they should advertise themselves as separating money from shareholders... lol... seems to be a lot easer for them....
16 Apr '19

On LSE, the spread is reporting just short of 20%!
Let’s hope this finally gets some momentum, about time we see some recovery.
16 Apr '19

what everyone post, doesn’t matter...
Both Angs, Alba & Ukog, what we need is production to generate income and avoid further fund raising and more shares on the market!
We need flow news, hopefully lots of oil flowing to the surface and possible interest from a major, whether they go it alone or sell to a major, that will get things moving.
15 Apr '19

We have 168,350,374 shares in issue, capitalisation 3.114ml, should this give us more then 2p ?
15 Apr '19

All I could see on today’s trading was 200k shares bought and 190k sell so a 10kn Buy overall...
Not sure why the summary is reporting any different unless we are missing trades!
Does anyone know if the share certificates say ordinary 4p per share or 2p?
Reason for asking is the offer seems to be 2p, but if originally this was ordinarily 4p per share, isn’t that the minimum the company would have to return to shareholders on delisting?
15 Apr '19

Will it go above 2p!
12 Apr '19

Ho..! No it dosent....
Transformational... only if you referring it can transform pounds into pence... that might be more accurate.
I’ve been invested in this eight years, averaging down more times than I care to remember....
let’s see if transformation can get this to 8p I might break even! That would be good, forget any profit for eight years of investment!
11 Apr '19

Price currently reported as 1.77p should this not be 0.0177p?
Message received, Re Final payment after delisting on same platform is GBP 0.02!!!
Is this 2p or zero.zero,two points of a Penny Payment!
Anyone knows ?
8 Apr '19

One day will all be millionaires Rodney!
When pigs fly and Zim government pay their debts.....
Is current price not below offer of 0.9 to raise the 0.4m!

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