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Sat 10:06

I think it would rather tricky to get him ousted. The only possible way is that those major Shareholder's, Dr Hon and his cronies can call an EGM and try to place a vote of no confidence and request he steps down. Unless they are working 'Hand in Glove' together, it's unlikely to happen, but Hon is 'losing' a lot of money with SO's Fiddle-arseing about, and without any really positive strategy that we know of yet, we seem to have hit a sort of 'impasse'?

There's no apparent signs to try to alleviate this stagnation, so he needs to get his proverbial digit out and spill some beanz.
Fri 17:54

Good post that! You need a REAL dedicated and enthusiastic businessman to answer those questions. Not sure we have any on MXO yet!

The request for 'transparency and clarity' is about as opaque as the Politician's stance on Brexit. I suppose that it's a tough line to answer those questions exactly without a degree of price sensitivity. Try posting direct to Stefan, he always used to reply to my occasional e-mail. They are all very fair questions, and our need to know will also help to wake up the MM's too, especially if SO can follow up a few of those questions with some good old fashioned action?

Hope you get a result. Try Twitter to, see if you can stir things up as it's bound to filter through to him fairly quickly?
Thu 11:43

Morning mate. I tend to go by gut feeling and sixth sense as to what may happen. It's easier to predict what won't happen than what will! lol. I don't have the time to go into MXO 'in depth' but suffice to say is that my instinct from what I glean from this site and previous RNS's, is that I read between the lines and even between those!

I only offer my opinion as do other's, but I tend to look a lot further ahead than just a couple of months. I look at FACTS and whilst we have a few, for example cash flow and the fact that MXO and SO actually exist as do we Shareholder's, the rest is supposition, speculation and possibility, but without tangible evidence of what's going on behind the scenes. Naturally, if we knew all, we'd all be very well off but needless to say, we need to be able to see evidence of something that is certain and will happen and seen to BE happening. When this comes around, the MM's will wake up and press the 'UP' button on our share price. In the meantime, we have to put up with uncertainties day in and day out. It's the same with all shares. Those in the know are the one's that make the cash, right Stefan?

You would make more selling items regularly on ebay than here, which is where I make a lot of my cash. This year has done me proud (bar their Fees) and has made me a significant sum this year and climbing, whereby MXO has lost me only a few hundred. Whilst there may be rewards here to come, I would not put another penny into MXO at ANY price as over the last two years, has proved itself not worthy of further investment :(

Enjoy the rest of your day :)) I notched up another year today!
Wed 18:05

You obviously don't like the views of a realist. The Forum is for views & opinions, that's mine. Not derogatory, defamatory nor bigoted. Your comments really puts you in the grade of top notch Prune's of the highest order. Many of my posts has proved right time and again more so than your ramblings about a person's demeanour you know nothing about. In addition, I leave my hugs for the lady's and you are most certainly not my sort. Each to their own though. Sorry to disappoint, but other chatty Forum's may be more to your liking?

Yes Admin, JonB needs just a short while to read it before it disappears. He's on Filter soon anyway.
Wed 16:17

I was here (watching) since ASTAR and PPA before that. I bought in, in March of that year and there were very few shares in issue although I cannot recall how many. In the first few months, it did OK and then hit 5p on 'nothing', but soon, more share were issued and it hit 1B shares just outside the year.

SO appeared to be on our side but I didn't believe him and said that his true colours would show about a year down the line, which it did. It all looked very rosy with Mexico, GEO & Pemex, then there were the 'Blocks' and we all assumed we'd be 'rich'. After that, there was the 'sale' to the Nigerian's, or at least the potential sale. Since then, it's all gone to pot to some degree.

No mention of Grenada, loads of share in issue, no word from the Chinese and rarely a word from SO himself. Probabilities with Oil & Gas and some new venture funding at some point, plus our running costs/Salaries, etc. will absorb a lot of existing profits, therefore a funding strategy will occur. Down then will go the SP unless the Markets favour MXO, but I think the MMs have given up with us. No money in it for them?

Put that lot together and tell me how you think we'd get 5p based on what meagre profit there will be. Whilst the PoO is increasing a little bit, it won't even nudge the SP although the sale of New Gas will as and when. The 5p just won't happen and I cannot foresee any time soon that figure. However, if you had said 1.5p by mid 2018, that's more likely, so if you consider what we have and for how long, then look at the current Share Price, bung it altogether over the last 3 years +, and we are at 0.50p, I just cannot expect this SP to be THAT much more in 6 months, especially if SO keeps issuing millions more shares every couple of months. It will just dilute everything even further.

I'm not saying MXO is a dead duck, but as far as our Share price is concerned, this will hover around where we are and 1p +/- until Kingdom Come. See if you can latch on to something which you think will justify another 4.5p, I can't, not so sure anyone else can unless by some stroke of luck, dear old SO pulls loads of Rabbits out of several Hats. Naaa!

Best try to get rid of the blighter and let someone else have a go? lol There's �150K in it for the winner!
Wed 13:15

Ar'noon gfb :) When we hit 5p, I was invested here back then which WAS almost three years ago. I should have sold then, but of course, one assumes that will go to 6p and so on?

Bear in mind at the time of 5p, we only had a small amount of shares in issue, something like 1.5M...may be less. Now look? Billions of shares with more to be issued shortly. It would be nothing short of a Miracle if this even got to 3p before middle of next year. Short of a take-over and the Chinese buying MXO out, that's the only time it will 'rocket'. After that, I very much doubt that the Chinese would remain listed and they'd go private. Almost certain of that..said it before.

Several small Oiler's have gone this way using the AIM as path to make the CEO's a shed load of cash to within 5 years or so. They build the Company up and sell it off to the highest bidder. Once word of this get's out, UP will go the SP, then we all get out sharpish before the shares get suspended and it becomes a pain to try to sell them through a Private Broker.

If SO goes tomorrow, and a new CEO is announced, we'd be up to 1.5p in a thrice!

It will all happen eventually!
Wed 10:34

4/500% ;O) It's time to get out of bed. lol. I don't recall much more than a 35% rise ever on MXO but may have missed it?
10 Nov '17

Not far wrong there. More dilution means that it is unlikely we will ever see that elusive 1p . Probably be this price same time next year. SO does OK, but sod the Shareholder.
1 Nov '17

Petrol Driven Generator: Ha! Yes, ironic to some degree. You don't drive those, therefore they won't be banned. They have them in all major buildings for when there is a power cut ;) That's the time everyone has the EV's on charge whilst at work! One day, the Oxford Streets lights will be switched on to just an erie glow! lol What's the betting that you will have to buy a special plug with a Satellite Taxation device built into it that Direct debits your Bank Account if you don't use the one at the 'Pump'? :((

Taxation for the Motorist will be an unavoidable Hell one day.
31 Oct '17

LOL!! Electric Busses are old hat. I used to take a 2d Trolley Bus ride in Surbiton back in the late 50s. Gone now, but I did not know there were Hydrogen or Electric Buses running in London. Milk Floats were all Electric. I used to drive one for Unigate Dairy (illegally!) Achieved 40MPH from one. Scary!

I doubt very much whether Stefan would embark on Battery investment at this stage, but it IS possible. A JV with another company this early on would probably see better medium term returns on this share as company's progress at leaps and bounds. The National Grid is already working on some changes to cope with charging points or one could buy a small Petrol Driven Generator which are very quiet to charge your car. Doesn't say anything about banning those. �400 or so will buy you one that holds almost a gallon of petrol. Honda will run for 20 hours on a tank of petrol, so when Battery technology improves, you will charge your car in less than 15 minutes. Cheap! 70DB running noise. That's the equivalent to normal conversation three feet from your ear to source (unless you are Brian Blessed :)

Stefan, invest in Battery Technology!

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