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Today 10:58

Good luck! I was in PPA years ago. What a Scam! One or two of the guys are still operating a similar scam on 'InvestorsHub', called FLPC. It's probably more of a rip-off than PPA with all their 'promises' of great things to come...a bit like Sechelt & Quadling or whatever they called it.

Hope you make up your losses. I could do if it gets to around 3p or so?. Many won't?
9 Jan '18

Marriage Certificate, matey. SIGNED by both of you :( lol

I don't have one, never have and probably never will :)))) We have a house each, best way and you can walk away and go home if 'The going gets tough'! As per the Song..... which sounds more like 'Go and get stuffed'. LOL Hear it on youtube. Just for fun, the record, Gypsies, Tramps and thieves, (Cher), some kid wrote in to a Radio Show and asked why she was singing about 'Gypsies Chimpanzees'! A good day again tomorrow?

'Evening all'
3 Jan '18

We all chatted about a take over many months ago, something I mentioned in the first instance way back when the Chinese became majority shareholder's. The only thing that bother's me, is that I also suggested they may go private and move away from the AIM altogether. Whether that's a good thing or bad, I don't know. We'd all get certificates and the option of a Broker to trade with. That's for later, but I don't discount the possibility? In the meantime, if these guys are that good and a take over is mentioned via an RNS, or even on Social Media, this will skyrocket!!
3 Jan '18

Close Blue or Red, who know's. Some goody's in the pipeline. Retraces after large rises tend to go way down when the Market becomes relaxed again. If it's that good, we'll see more rises soon after lunch to mid pm :)
2 Jan '18

It's finally come alive. Not before time either. Another stack of shares to be added to the Tally, so maybe at some point those who bought in at over 2p may see some light at the end of the tunnel. Those who were able to risk a bit by buying on the very low's can't really lose if it all keeps going. Good for you! I still have my Holding, so can I see some vague chance of getting near my 2.5p towards my Pension Pot. That's for a bit later on though. GL to all who saw this last year or so through. we've earned it. Still not counting Chickens just yet.
29 Dec '17

Typo. Does the job though!
29 Dec '17

Andrews to get this share moving properly!
20 Dec '17

Hi Bounty. I was here in the 25p days and Muggin's here paid it on the pretext of making a mint, especially in Puntland. It was the time when BMD forecast 400-500p on a Strike. Great, but.....I think Landau knew all along that it was highly unlikely but there was always a chance it would work out for us. Several Drills cost us all the money to no avail, and from there on it went down hill to suspension. Now, it's all got so complicated, I can't be bothered to research it anymore!

You may find PLsomewhere online but I think info. is limited due to the nature of the 'alleged' Crime...AND he was a qualified Barrister. Greed comes back and bites you on the bum once complacency sets in.

Not sure what it will take to get Range off the ground again, but if it were going to happen, surely it would have done so by now. Perhaps there's still time before they call it a day?

I see the feud between you two is going to last as long as the Korean Cease Fire which has been ongoing for as long as I've been around! I'm sure you 'love' each other really though? LOL

I don't buy into the AIM Share Market now as it's waaay to dodgy. The best thing now would be to buy into a main battery R & D company or those who make Charging Points for Electric Cars. At some point, massive and ongoing orders for these devices will undoubtedly pop up everywhere as the Government wants to create a massive Charging infrastructure around the whole of the UK, just like the old Parking Meters did in the 60s. In ten years time, whoever monopolises should/could be worth a packet! Lots of research required. If Government Bonds look sound later, those too could be good when they in turn will invest our cash into the whole up and coming Electric Car Boom :)

Small Oil companies isn't the way forward now (imo) but demand will still be quite good. Electronics will be the big thing if you know where to look? Driverless cars:.....imagine how many woman will buy those!! In car Nagging and Road Rage will be a thing of the past...(won't it?) ha! Maybe it's why I'm hard of hearing in my left ear?
20 Dec '17

Merry Christmas matey! I'm still holding and It's around nine or ten years now. I still live in hope that I will get a reasonable portion of my 6k back again. At present, it's just a few bob but it will hopefully improve in fits and starts although I can see Range bouncing up and down where it is now for some time to come?

Not sure if DBW is still around and holding, but a few years back, I do know he was talking to PL in person who gave him some 'inside info' which at the time, I suggested he should exercise caution as PL was unlikely to be perfectly straight about the claims he made. I still think his assets remain frozen and unsure as to what the Authorities will do with him. Needless to say, he got us all a high cost, so I hope that he reaps what he sow's when they dish out the sentence?

The whole Range thing has become too complex for me to spend time on now, so I just read what is placed here which will be sufficient for me to roughly work out what's going on!


18 Dec '17

I see, well, that's my opinion. This Public Forum is here for opinion's and discussion.....some may save a lot of people losing money. There are more Neg. comments appearing now and quite justifiably. Many people are WAY down on this share because it's not living up to Investor's expectations, neither is the CEO?

Whatever posts appear here has absolutely no effect on the share price, if it did, I'd be one of the first to take advantage of it.

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