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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: TSX-listed Transglobe Energy Corporation considers London listing Watch here

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: TSX-listed Transglobe Energy Corporation considers London listing

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Tue 15:23

They may be relisting, but what happens to our shares. Are they carrying them forward?
Tue 15:21

Yes, I had the notification today from Halifax. I have to admit, that for many months I foresaw this happening so it comes as no surprise to me, but still very pi55ed of with them. When a company delists you will NEVER get an warning. They just go, that's it. Been here 10 years. The only thing I need to know is what happens next, where do you sell the Holding?
Fri 14:12

As long as the buyer pays for it, and they're not Nigerian's or Mexican's, at least double the original ask to the afore mentioned :)
Fri 11:14

Looks as if the Chinese could be pulling nice and hard! (my post yesterday! ) lol. Wonder if the next RNS will be a 'Corker' as suggested?
Thu 17:42

I think the lack of decent news and the possibility of new ventures is creating jitters in Market into harking back to what happened with GEO and trying to sell the Wells to the Nigerian's who took the 'P' with promises to pay and never did. Too much buggering about!

What (imo) has happened is that SO has done a very good job of stigmatising the company and bored the Markets silly. The effect on the SP with the current revenue has all but worn off with funds trickling through sufficient to cover a few pay packets and running costs. With suggestions of possible Placings or cash calls, but with no real plan to make it look exciting (yet), holds a question mark about what MXO is actually going to do!! What happened to Grenada....nothing so far. There's nothing sufficiently worth latching on to, that is going to get the Market noticing MXO, so what you are seeing is stagnation.

When and if SO says 'this will happen next month', and it does, only then will the SP take a turn for the better, but for now, the Markets are yawning their heads off thinking why on earth are they talking about funding with no apparent plan..that we know about. So yes, the Market has simply drifted into a malaise with MXO. Now SO needs to either go, or get his finger out and create news with tangible evidence of hard positive facts. If that doesn't happen, neither will this pesky old share.
Thu 14:59

The Chinese have SO by the short & doobries! If they pull hard enough, the next RNS should be a corker! :)
13 Sep '17

...for we shareholder's?

Just read the last RNS as been away:

"... The Company is therefore seeking shareholder approval to broaden its investment focus and expand its investing policy".

Sounds dangerous to me. With SO at the Helm and a jammed rudder, we may be in for another bout of GEO/Pemex type investing. Looks like two - three years before this may come up with fruits from the alleged 'New Investing program'. It's not a 'scam' but if it were, the news would look great and the SP would probably be higher on hype alone and traders would love it? !!

"Abandon hope all ye who enter here"!!
11 Sep '17

I guessed there would be to occasional nit, but help was appreciated. As I eventually sussed it out, what it was is when I went to set the Time which was three hours fast, I noticed the Calender date had reverted to 2004...all on it's own, so it was out of kilter with all current 'Certificates', so 'back 13 years' created the issues!!

Maybe worth noting if for any reason you get Flagged for 'Untrusted connections' which invariably, they aren't!

11 Sep '17

How to remove the 'Connection Untrusted' block on AOL or Internet Explorer. It's happened on it's own when I got back from Hol's. I can't access many sites. Can't even get in to youtube to find a remedy. Going mad here!!

Using Windows 7
30 Aug '17

Maybe something in the offing. Grabbing the shares before going back up again? Maybe another RNS heading this way. I've seen this happen but not often when there's news coming through and the MM's load up ready for the next rush. Bloomin' 'scam' I call it!

I think this large dip will be very short lived.

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