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'Post-RNS exclusive interview with Independent Oil & Gas (IOG)' Watch here

'Post-RNS exclusive interview with Independent Oil & Gas (IOG)'

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5 Jul '17

If we can get ongoing positive news with tangible evidence of what will happen rather than might happen, this will continue to rise. It MUST have actual facts to give the Markets something worth while with things seen to be happening. Long spans of time with nothing, as recently, will only create further malaise and a share price that will be walked down again. S.O needs to be generous with a few shortish decent RNS's to maintain interest. Each RNS has to be followed up with action, not just talk. If not, it'll go back down again as it undulates on the bottom, hence Olivier needs to prove his worth as a CEO to us as best possible. There's a limit as to what he can say, but more frequent updates is the key to getting this off the ground as long as all goes well. With Oil & Gas, AIM shares get more 'Gas' and not enough action. Nature of the Beast I suppose! Getting to it and selling it can be a few years, so patience is the key if you have it! Maybe now things will start to get a wiggle on? Been too long.
4 Jul '17

I did e-mail S.O via the MXO contact page and requested it was forwarded to his personal e-mail address. This was almost two weeks ago, and I made it very clear that we all felt he was not interested in those who helped get this company to where it is now through our investment. I also said that the general malaise on the Forum was due to him not keeping us adequately updated with the going's on where possible. Basically, I said we were disappointed in the way he was treating us and 'demanded' an update, but generally unhappy with MXO's rather chequered existence and his lack of information to us, to date. RNS came through in under two weeks, but it may have been coming anyway. Maybe it did some good. What more can you do, he's not going to say anything that's price sensitive anyway?

He's taking the Mickey out of us, i'm afraid. It's the way of many CEO's on the AIM. Once up and running, they don't really care as long as 'I'm alright, Jack'
1 Jul '17

I could add more but at the moment, I will leave it as is. I won't be chucking any more cash into a share which I'm not yet convinced will significantly do the biz. At some point, it will rise, but to dizzy heights, I wouldn't think so. A couple of pence more on what it is at the moment and I think I will call it a day. Thing is, if it does 2p pence more it could do 3p so I will just sit on it for another 6-12 months. By the time 12 months is up, I will also have the added bonus of my extra Pension money :)
30 Jun '17

again. Down almost 7% again! I wish f this would do something to bring this pos back up to a couple pence. In fact, we all do. Perhaps a Social Media Ramp will do it. Nothing wrong with a bit of here-say. After all, anyone can beef up a previous RNS to our advantage? ;))
29 Jun '17

Run of the Mill RNS. Nothing exiting, just a nicely worded update. Don't think it's going to excite the Markets much today. +7% is ok for that news, -7% tomorrow! lol
28 Jun '17

Lot's of questions and no answers as yet. Will we get them, will they be ambiguous, quite possibly? You know what these guys are will rarely get a straight answer for fear of being a little bit wrong hence some RNS's are in 'riddles'. More recently, and in our case 'Jimmy Riddles' as in the taking of...!

Grenada was only mentioned in passing as I recall. There was nothing except the possibility, so I'm ruling it out of the equation until it's mentioned in finer detail, when that happens, then we should know for sure. After that, Placings will be announced, subject to cash flow.

The Gas extraction is BOUND to want funding, but it depends how much cash we have to play with. We may have enough for a while, but whether or not the AJE revenue will keep pace with the demands for the Gas venture remains to be seen. If it doesn't, it will a 'lifetime' of Placings until the profit from both ventures more than outweighs the demand for keeping them both fully operational. It could be possible, but it could take several years (ie 3-5 years) IMO).

Should, per chance, Grenada raise its head and more cash is required for that too, believe me, any remaining Holder's will most probably be well and truly stuffed for an eternity. No joke.. Trading on the low's and news is probably the only way forward to make a bit. LTH may have little chance on this one unless bought at less than 1p, but it could change overnight. We don't know what SO has up his sleeve. Arms full of fake Rolex's for sale on the beaches of Mexico incorporating Chinese Movements that could prove unreliable for the buyer. Bit like here really?
28 Jun '17

I never got a reply from SO about updates, Likely RNS's, future Podcasts, Grenada or ANY information at all. Useless idiot. Bet your bottom Dollar, we will get another placing to fund another one of his highfalutin Picnics. What we do NOT want is another placing. As Ngee says, we want to know what the money's been spent on before we embark on another costly escapade that brings no value to the Shareholder. Just ongoing misery and months of waiting to see whether SO is still an active member of the BoD! At the moment, we have heard nothing from him for weeks and weeks. Maybe he went out to Nigeria and he's in a stewing pot. Who know's?
27 Jun '17

Confident? hopefully, or perhaps the recent hot weather has affected his logic! LOL
23 Jun '17

One can never actually get to the Horizon. LOL. Yes, I hope so Gas light at the end of the Tunnel :) S.O MUST be doing something and getting ready to give us 'ground breaking' news, metaphorically speaking!
23 Jun '17

'demanding' an so many words! Said we're getting pretty pee'd of with the way he's running the show. Lot's of LTH's here, so he owes us some news. Let's see if we get it. Give him a week?

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