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Resources analyst Charlie Long sees good times ahead for uranium Watch here

Resources analyst Charlie Long sees good times ahead for uranium

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Last Posted: 17 May '17

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17 May '17

Ducatiman is alive and well! We chat frequently about shares but not on this site, or the AIM! My Biking days are over for now. Maybe one day but I prefer the old stuff. In the Old days, several of my friends became Mods (1967/8) I 'borrowed' a Lambretta LD 125, but moved away to the 'Rocker' side and became one of your VERY early 70s Greasers/Ted. I only had a few bikes: Honda CD175, CB250K4, Triumph T100s, Kwaka W650 because it looked Retro), Late Bonnie and a Harley Sportster just for fun. We (our own Club formed in 1975), spent many weeks in North Devon/Cornwall and various other places on the South Coast. A few of them still ride modern machines and ride in France/Germany etc. If I ever get another, it will be an Modern 'oldie'...Enfield 500 Bullet but highly unlikely. Late BM's are nice but not keen on the Road Bikes....they all look the same, no character but they don't usually fall to pieces or have to stop and tighten the Primary Chain Tensioner or top it up with oil. It was all part of the fun, but alas, 45 years ago now :( Girls were Cuddley then and were actually Girls, and danced around their handbags in Disco's. Flunked your exams? We thought nothing much of it, but we didn't jump off a high building!! Now....well different breed. Kick you in the nuts as soon as look at you. Back then, if they didn't fancy you, you were politely asked to go away or declined a dance, end of... Anyone else biking in the 70s?. A pint was less than 20p and Disco entry 50p..'Cinderellas' Guildford, Ray Davis (Kinks) used to drink at one of our locals near Effingham and I used to take Jane Handley home from the pub (Dinah Sheridan's 'daughter' although can't recall whether or not she was Step or Actual). Met Dinah once. Jane's Godfather was Ray Alan, lovely guy...Ventriloquist. Her older sister Jenny, hosted 'Magpie'. Cheers for now!
10 May '17

Greetings Sire! Hope all is well? You have the patience of Job (as do many of you). Perhaps some day you will be rewarded for your/our 'integrity' with MXO...hopefully in this life rather than the next? lol One assumes that everyone here under 50 has a chance of making some money here one day?!!
8 May '17

The excuse will be there's a bloody great hole in the ground and there's Oil coming out of it!
8 May '17

Stefan lately? Perhaps a poke in the eye with a sharp stick may prod him into life?

Shocking state of affairs, Mr Olivier.
3 May '17

It's exciting in many ways. The anticipation of the 'not knowing' and what may come next, like a huge batch of great news! It was very exciting many months ago when Stefan issued really good RNS's with stacks of news and things to look forward to. Those were the days... and the 'dead cert' that it was going to produce a 5p (again) SP. Those 'dead cert' days came and went, look what happened....sod all!

The excitement will continue with the 'not knowing' and what Dr Hon and his crew will do and when he announces something that may make us all 'rich' and says that he's taking over MXO. The SP will then Rocket to new heights again. Following that, SO's resignation as CEO, followed by a suspension, and then 'out of the blue' Hon Delisting from the AIM and going private, then the ensuing moans about why we all bought this 'Crock' in the first place? Well, because It was anticipated that it was going to be 'the most lucrative share on the AIM' with a CEO who 'promised' us that we will 'hit the ground running'.

SO, you have to learn to walk first mate and that includes stumbling and tripping or being tripped up on the way, although we probably feel the pain more than you? RNS please (heard from BMD!)
2 May '17

Still alive. If he is, will he please confirm his existence to the Shareholder's.
27 Apr '17

I went to see if I could find that Novel at Waterstones. It is having publication issues. It was promised by the Author some time ago, but when it was Proof Read ready for printing, it was rejected because of inconsistency, lack of continuity and ambiguous content. A rewritten version has been be promised by the Author in 3 months and said to contain some interesting facts. Book Title: The m X o Files with the two main characters being Mouldy & Scaley :)
25 Apr '17

It has been for yonks, and there is, back down by the same as it rose yesterday and stuck there all day...7.98% To me, Olivier has 'abandoned' his Shareholder's. I'm sure that there are other Holder's who are unimpressed by his performance over the last 12 months. Time for him to go and allocate New Blood to the position of CEO. That will get the SP scrabbling for grip, then off...assuming the next guy know's what he's doing. Half of the CEO's on their AIM are only their to Feather their own nest and bugger everyone else. The current CEO needs a kick up his proverbial Derry Air.

Hope you reading this Mr O. Time to pack yer bags, matey and move over.
24 Apr '17

Nice rise today but will it be back to Sq. 1 tomorrow...we shall see!
21 Apr '17

My Dad made 84, gone nearly 7 years. Mum is 90, going along ok and in the home for Coffin Dodgers :) Lively old stick!

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