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Today 10:08

Thought it would we trace for the Bank Hol. Anyone who's thinking of buying, may pay to wait til tomorrow, but no G'tee
. Don't think there'll be anything now until next week if we're lucky. A fairly predictable share at the moment?
Wed 18:06

Watch Friday? Why, has he been rescued from that Desert Island at last? LOL

This is the day before the Bank Holiday, I don't see MXO being any good unless we get another DECENT RNS, all they'll do is walk it down for this ya!
Wed 15:38

They were! I knew a few involved in the conflict. I was even taught to fly to 'controlled Flight' ...not Solo, (before it got too costly), by an Ex-Spitfire Pilot, had the Moustache n'all! I also knew a Lanc' Navigator (Shot down and survived) and two Rear Gunners. In addition, a Spitfire Pilot with 7 Kills to his credit.

I don't doubt that Germany will suffer a lot later on (again) with all the Migrants wanting to 'take charge' and turn it into a Little Syria. There's going to be a lotta trouble there at some point in time.

Vote 'leave' :)
Wed 14:43

Wed 14:42

Yes, still hanging on. Not the RNS I expected, that will come soon. I was hoping for Dr Hon and his intentions, PLUS the sale of the Well. This is just a progress RNS, which is fair enough, it keeps the interest up.

Just been having a chat with Barnes Wallis's daughter. A bit of a natter about the Bouncing Bomb. He used to live 5 minutes up the road from here. He was one of my all-time Hero's apart from Churchill who was PM when I were a wee lad. Would have loved to meet Barnes in person and skip a few flat stones across the Pond behind my premises just for old time's sake ;) One of my other old mates (dead now at 99), used to fly with Costal Command and went up to the Wash to retrieve the Test 'Bomb's when the tide went out! Much more interesting than MXO is at the moment. lol
Wed 13:42

You'll get your 'Red' as I said earlier on, Maybe another 2% if you want a cheaper buy price :) You will have the higher spread to pay!
Wed 09:50

Mediocre RNS, mostly about Panora. OK for MXO but not yet, we need better news than this before this SP goes up much, like the Asset sale and more info about Dr Hon 'Joining up'. This RNS hasn't really put any money in the Bank so I expect to see up to 8% OFF the SP soon. Sorry Folks but, it needs to be rather more exciting than this, but hey ho, although running before walking springs to mind!!
Tue 20:55

So would I mate! It's one of those 'how long is a piece of string' questions. Wish I knew the answer. I would like to see it hit 3p on a good flow rate and Dr Hon taking a position on the company, and I REALLY Hope it's within 3- 4 weeks. I think the Market is pi55ed off with Oilers, especially little investment Oilers with what seems to be an unpredictable future.

Look at other producing small Oiler's, their SP is very low, so whatever comes this way in the form of mega-news will cause the Market to think, "ooo, not bad", so they give us an extra 1p above it's current. It's impossible to tell, but it WILL excite the Market if Dr Hon takes over and if he does, I reckon you will see your 3p. Then I'm out!

Grub time!
Tue 12:28

Dr Hon is a Venture Capitalist, the name say it all. He will buy into a company and offer some sort of financing to really get the company off the ground, so it's good for him and good for us. By buying 40M Shares, he must be confident that it's going to work and when it does, either in the short or medium term, when MXO is producing good numbers and he sees a good return, one of a few things may happen: 1. He will gone like a shot with his profit and you won't see him for dust. 2. He will become a Board member and progress the company, then stand down when he so chooses. 3. He will take the company over and one day make a fortune and sell it on. Which ever way he goes, we should do alright if we stick around and watch the fun.

What we need to get it going is Flow rates....decent one's, The Sale of AJE to these pesky Nigerian's and a significant increase in the SP to encourage other Pi's and after that, Dr Hon to state his proposition. Put it all together to excite the market and we have a several pence Share price. All before July, then I can go on Holiday rejoicing :) ...It won't work like this, it's too easy. :(
Mon 20:13

Assuming the Nigerians haven't made a large Cauldron of Soup with SO as the main ingredient :)

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