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Share Views Episode 13 - Ferrum Crescent Exec-Chairman Justin Tooth talks on his re-structuring strategy and exciting new projects

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Today 10:16

I still think that the nearer the ship gets to off loading, the more the MM's will take it down little tiny bit by bit and nibble away at it, then when it's about to Dock, it will start to go back up again They are trying to amass a slow accumulation of shares ready for 'mass buying' in due course. When it does happen, I doubt it will go much more than 1.5p after the market Bod's have done their stuff :(
Tue 14:28

Have we all? :-(

Bet Hon hasn't.
19 Oct '16

Currently on well over 50% loss, so I need 2.8p Min. to BE. Attainable? Perhaps, but unless they DO take over, I doubt 3p will be seen. However, the 5p we had was with a really small Shares in Issue figure. Can't recall what it was now. kept the faith for 2.6 years or so and this faith is being very stretched these days. Down to Hon & Co. now and if that goes belly up, it really will be Hoo Flung Dung. Hope I don't get told off for that! Harmless enough?
19 Oct '16

I'm with you on the disappointment stakes. What's next? I can see this continuing through week now to a very close to the old 1p again.

I wonder how the Chinese are feeling about it. What I don't want to see is the Chinese bailing out. If they do that's the end of it for another year? I'm definitely not holding my breath although I did anticipate a rally for later today, but not South. :(( I feel in my bones, something is amiss, and whether Hon and 'his crew' (mentioned days ago) are just taking SO and MXO for a ride and behind the scenes 'BS' talk about what they may, or have, already proposed. Any really significant drops will tell the tale.

The Nigerian's took the Pee, so let's hope SO has been on his guard with this new bunch. I can hear alarm bells starting to get louder and I don't suffer from Tinnitus.
19 Oct '16

Good news and the SP 'tumbles'. It's happened before, so when our boat comes in, the SP should 'Tank'!!!!! MM's anticipate the rise and fool people into selling up, then sell their spoils at the higher always :(
15 Oct '16

Milo. What country, not heard of that one? Just wondering whether SO is being taken for a mug. (Sorry SO if you read this, but to make you feel better....perhaps it's us?) Maybe he's not as green as Cabbage looking just the same, but the Nigerian un-deal did make me wonder ;) It's those on the outside looking in who seem to get a somewhat clearer picture! ie. Someone playing away from home is usually sussed out by those on the outside first.
14 Oct '16

Yoo-Kay! 'Union' Flag (excluding Scotland) top right, Red background, Gold Stars but NOT in a circle :)) The Lardy's should be compelled to use Chopsticks. Not easy when you only get served *Gruel! No direct drinking from the bowl. lol

Note about 'Gruel'. A famous bedtime Malted drink IS in fact, gruel. Malted Milk = Gruel!
14 Oct '16

Benefit, what benefit?! Sweep the roads then whitewash the coal.
14 Oct '16

".... how long before they take over the world? Amy be one day, it's been told for years that it could happen, but maybe not in the lifetime of anyone here? There wouldn't any strikes and there'd be one hell of an efficient workforce that actually get the jobs done. Business would boom under their 'Regime'. If you didn't pull your weight, you'd be dispensable!
14 Oct '16

So, all this intrigue with Johnny Hon, eh? The question is, I wonder whether or not he's leading SO up the garden path with a deal we think we may know about, (ie possible Takeover) or just stringing us along? He could then wait until the Oil Flows and the increase in our Revenue becomes worth while, bumps the SP 'way up' then flogs the lot leaving us with a seriously depleted SP and legs it?

Are he and his 'mates' playing a game with MXO? I sincerely hope not but we won't know until later on. As and when the SP increases, the gamble is, do we sell and get what we can, await a takeover bid and it doesn't happen or just sit it out until or if Hon & Co.dumps the lot? A bit of a dilemma. All in due time!

Anything can happen on the AIM, not always in the Investor's favour. Think I will keep this post for later!

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