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Share Views: HUM CEO updates on Yanfolila and Dugbe Gold Projects. Watch here

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HUM CEO updates on Yanfolila and Dugbe Gold Projects.

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Thu 18:18

This is also my dilemma. I placed a similar post a short while ago, and as Hon and his alleged Cronies may all be buying from the same pot, it is very possible, but not certain, they could wait until the Share price hits 2p + and ditch the lot. We also don't know for sure whether they WILL take over the business, but its a fair assumption they might. In addition, another hypothetical scenario could be that a deal has already been struck with SO some months ago. So, 'What if....' the deal involved the Chinese buying all these shares on the basis that a cut of the profit was dished out 'hither and thither' and the CEO called it a day and handed MXO to someone else. It could be one of the longest running P & D I've known in 13 years, as it was decimate the SP. It's impossible to tell what will happen. That's part of the risk!
22 Nov '16

After being here for the duration, I have seen enough to be able to voice an opinion. If you can't hack my posts, don't read them. Opinions are what they are, whether Positive or Negative, optimistic or pessimistic, is the author' choice. I have paid into this and therefore I'm entitled to an opinion. If I see in the medium term what I believe to be correct, I will write it here if I choose to do so, whether good, bad or indifferent.

I am still under the impression that invested or not,this will drag on with no significant upside for some time. I will bide my time here and wait to see if anything happens. I don't intend to sell at a loss, and if some people don't like my posts, then use the Filter key and stop making a fuss. The Forum is here to speak one's mind as long as it doesn't involve expletives or other libelous comments. Posting comments NEVER has any effect on a share positive or negative. If it did, every share on the AIM would have a raft of posts trying to manipulate it in their favour.

22 Nov '16

...If you are on a 50% loss. I think like others who are on similar levels, you wait and see if at some point, losses can be reduced. Like any share, ALL AIM shares are high risk, it's the luck of the draw. Some are in profit, many are way down. You research them and, as mentioned, this looks good on paper, but translating all that into hard cash by means of a decent SP is a different matter. Looking good on paper is about as far as many of them go. The overall manipulation by the Market's tend to 'make sure' that we don't really win, whilst they frig about with the SP lining their own pockets. It's borderline 'corrupt' and one sided.... and it's not this sided otherwise everyone would be doing it!

The CEO is selling Shares for Investment. SO is ONLY the CEO, not the owner, obviously, and the RNS's are telling us all about what's supposed to be happening and we buy on the assumption we are going to make money on it. He writes in such a way any 'salesman' would. If we buy and it doesn't work, he's not to blame (most of the time). But in a few words, and it's my conclusion that up to now, "we've been had over a barrel", or however you like to term it.

I've been thinking about how this will work out, and I'm sticking with a buy out plan by the Chinese, delisting and going private. Once that happens, there will be appointed Broker who will deal with the selling of the Shares at some daft rate. A Certificate will be issued. It could be a Facsimile of MATRA who everyone thought would go sky high after Maxxim Barskey took it over. It then vanished from the AIM and the shares are essentially worthless. Are we invested in another Matra or a PPA, I reckon so, Oil instead of Rock. My opinion ;)
22 Nov '16

One very clued up poster that has been Share Dealing for a LONG time & doesn't post here much any more, did say, "This aint going anywhere mate". Not so sure the Poster's 100% right, but invariably, that person is usually more right than wrong. It would be good to be able to prove the person wrong, but I'm inclined to be swayed by the comment. The person does hold shares in MXO, so we'll see who's right: The Staunch MXO'er's or the cynic's!. Hopefully, the forma.

No, it's not Jenner. I think he's disappeared permanently now?
21 Nov '16

Well, that's a fair post but also telling people how to suck eggs! 13 years here and I can be a cynical as the next. I have some faith in what is written about this share in the RNS's, but what I don't believe is how brilliant that people say this is going to be, but that's my opinion. On Paper it looks fine, but with MXO as a relative Tiddler in Oil, I have reservations as to actually how good this will be, if at all. If the Chinese cop out and flog the lot at say 2p, sellers have to get out quick otherwise MXO will own you and this has had it for another year or whatever, with a VERY long Price recovery. This happened in RRL (my 8th year and it 'owns' me. Hard luck! MXO is still a high risk share.
21 Nov '16

"The Bookie always wins". Bear it in mind. The chance of losing is greater than the chances or winning on the AIM. FACT!!
18 Nov '16

...but perhaps the not knowing is part of the May just touch 1p next week, or close. That could be a decent bargain IF all goes well. Perhaps even 'Cheaper than Chips' at that price ;) lol. Anything's possible. Anyone likely to meet SO soon, perhaps take him out for a drink or 5? Nudge Nudge, say No more!
17 Nov '16

I thought that too! It's possible, but 'Chinese Whisper's' perhaps :))
16 Nov '16

I'm in the Majority... The 'Don't have enough' club! Hey-ho. Lost too much on RRL otherwise I would have had more.
16 Nov '16

'75' was the year we formed our 1975 Motorcycle club!

That 34% rise, all for a simple Holdings RNS, surely there must be more t/f? Mr Cheng is certainly Keen. Deep pockets, well maybe, unless there's a MXO Share Buying Pot where they all chip in? Watch out for MM Share Grabbing shortly!

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