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Sat 10:08

So, this will hit 3p on Monday or thereabouts with news of the actual completed transaction? Try 2p bearing in mind what happened with the Blocks. Not so sure ALL the cash will be paid in one go, in fact I very much doubt it. MM's may think to themselves, Hmm, that's not much good so we'll drop the SP by 10% and snaffle the punter's shares...heh, heh! That'll do us for a bit, so we can imagine the Punter's squirming at their desks..followed by a Mutley laugh!
Wed 19:05

I've seen the way he works. The thing is, that's what he does, we all know this but people take it on board. Not crediting the guy at all, it's how he works. Fact. He has be very wrong, very many times, but all the Tub thumping he does can be damaging as it sends out ripples and the sooner he is debunked, the better. Only S.O can arrange to shut him up. He ramped up RRL many years ago to allege 4-500p per share on Oil strikes in Puntland. It never happened and BMD faded away with barely a peep. Once it is proven that his words are nothing more than verbal Dir. he will shut up and vanish like a bad smell. See what happens with that PoS.

PACMAN. I think your post will stay put. Won't be going about him any more as it will only fuel the issue and don't want to encourage him. There are people who will deal with him as appropriate. End of.
Wed 17:53

BMD CAN be a force to be reckoned with if he so chooses. He is a 'qualified' Ramper/deramper and something else as it suits him. He writes how he sees it and he's no fool so don't under estimate the guy once he gets stuck in. If there's something to expose, then he will do so at any cost. He's the sort of guy we don't need here and he could bring this share right down to nothing....or the reverse. If the Market gets hold of his ramblings, they could crash this 'overnight'. He could say all this to his own ends to average his share right down to the bare Bones then Ramp it up again, but I do not trust this guy NOT to leave MXO alone. If he doesn't bother you/anyone, fair enough but you won't hear the last of BMD on this Forum and in my opinion, unless by some fluke chance he's right, he would be wise to leave S.O and the company well alone and withdraw any defamatory comments...but I doubt he will :((
Wed 16:58

I sincerely hope you are not right! BMD was right about SER though. Let's hope that MXO is not going to morph into something that we know nothing about and has been pulling the wool over it's shareholder's in S.O saying that he has the 'shareholder's interest at heart'. Time will tell on this. In a year, it will be proven whether or not this turns out to be a good share or a rogue one.

Sadly, BMD like it or loath him, doesn't beat about the bush when it comes to dodgy shares, it's been seen once at least. Hope he's 100% wrong about MXO.............A very long time ago, I suggested that every CEO with a new business is a salesman, so is he selling a reliable product or just being the typical salesman with rubbish product polished up to look better than it really is? We'll see.
Wed 15:01

Wonder how he is getting on with the Perth Courts? Hope they find him guilty enough to put on the 'Black Cap' when he's sentenced :)
Wed 12:23

Crikey! BMD is a border-line Court Case on this one trying to bring S.O and MXO into disrepute, so it's almost Libelous IMO, and I don't doubt he reads this board too. Essentially, this guy is total D.H who writes like a loser as he probably bought in at the upper 4's and should go to Market Stall and try to sell his Sour Grapes. Granted, to some degree a 'buyer out of the blue' isn't likely and my guess is that the Interested party has been known for a while, well, so what? No business is immediately going to announce a multi-million pound deal on the first day they phone up and show an interest! It has to be worked and discussed over a period of time prior to an RNS being issued.

BMD, if you read this, I suggest that you crawl back under your rock, curl up and wait for the tide to come in.
Wed 10:40

If it's been announced that it will sell, the deal's pretty much cut & dried. Stefan issued the RNS on the pretext that the likelihood of the deal falling through is remote but not impossible, but I doubt he would have issued the notice if he wasn't sure and covered all angles. Talks would have taken place to ascertain how serious the buyer was before informing the Markets. As Stefan seems a very astute chap and ahead of the game, in my mind, I am not considering the sale to be a failure. The PoO is unlikely to drop any further and will creep up towards the summer when demand will increase as people go on their Hol's, short of that ongoing placings are bound to happen sometime before production get's under way in Mexico, Aside from this, should a JV with Pemex be announced, which I'm sure it will, there's going to be another cash call to drive the JV, as and when.

By this time next year, this SP could be around the higher single figures at a guess, but in addition, I believe a Billion shares will easily be in issue which is OK if production and cash flow is good. Ongoing and constant dilution is likely to keep this share fairly low, unless we get some serious revenue from the Blocks. All guesswork of course, but speculation is part of what it's all about. Take a look at all the other Oilers share's issues (bigger company's) and you will still see those well in single figures. Several are delisted, but one thing is that we don't drill otherwise we'd all be gonners. Better to invest with less risk than cough Millions per Hole. As mentioned, this share is probably better traded than sit on it for ages, but none of us know what sort of results Mexico will bring just yet.
Tue 18:17

Because I/we bought back in a little while back, 65,000+ overall. A small amount to recoup with some potential of maybe getting some money back, part hand-out from Partner, she's a good kid. NOTE: ONLY 'Photo', nothing to do with Jenner whatsoever. Doesn't alter my view on Code 1's though; When that appears, I think, Oh damn, but it's usually only temporary. It could be a pre-cursor to allow one to trade on the drop as and when it happens. It's usually 24-48 hours after the Code. See what this SP is by Thursday :( but who know's? The AIM doesn't work the way people expect as it's well loaded against the Punter. To become very deluded about making a shed load is easy done, been there, done it. From what I have seen, the best way to make on the AIM is careful trading and research with a sharp eye, going long on an unpredictable share would probably get a worse result than frequent successful trading, especially if you can follow the pattern of a new business like MXO. When it's on the up, it's tradeable IF you know what to do. It's fairly easy to see how MXO intends to pan out long term, but it will need constant funding and any SP gains are likely to be absorbed by dilution which (to me) means the Share Price is always likely to remain so-so and fairly unlikely to get into double figures for the foreseeable future.

It was a disgrace about the SP today with the Sale confirmation, but as previously mentioned, cash is King and the SP will react when payment has BEEN made.

I won't trade it, as not experienced enough, nor the time to f*rt about with learning how to work L2!

More work to do this evening as I have numerous items to sort out here until at least 8pm. working hard online doing 'lates' is the only way to make money these days in a depressed retail market. It's the same in most towns. Ta-ta for now.
Tue 16:48

Will probably be another drop tomorrow as the MM's grab for all they're worth. 1p or so later. That's the 1 Code for you. :(
Tue 16:44

Repeat of my earlier post.

Re 'Huge Plunge' is often the case prior to a potential big news RNS. If you see the Code 1 appear, you will get the plunge. Not sure where GoldD got the San lean notion from, perhaps he could clarify? There would have never been any question of disclosed figures prior to an acquisition from MXO.

Will probably close Red.

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