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Sat 14:30

Just use the filter key, that's what I do to undesirables. We don't really have any on this board as in 99% of cases, we are all quite friendly and don't bite ;)
Sat 12:17

We still have quite a few from the ASTAR days. I was in PPA TWICE about 7 years ago, possibly more, so I need to recoup my losses. Fotunately, I bailed and lost only half my holding, so not as bad as some. Bought back in here at 2.36p once it became clear that they weren't going to be fly by night business. A late buy, by all accounts but I knew it was better to wait a bit and lose on the lows than wait and lose more should it have goon bad. Nobody in their right mind should sell up just because it drops a bit. No spare cash to top up with now, so I will stay as I am and hope that what we read in the RNS is good. I still think it will be spread out over the next few RNS, but possibly not the next one. Have to see as I think that we will have a couple of progress RNS's before the confirmation of PSA's. Just a guess.
Sat 10:38

Was all down to Landau, it's a simple as that. Promises of how good it all was going to be, year after year. Fund raising for investment which never happened on his watch. So distrustful and it was so easy to read his body language which spelt out that the guy was mostly lying his way through the job. So many people couldn't read him, but I had him summed up years ago but it was too late buy then, the damage was done. I held on for the simple reason that there was a possibility that it may one day, come good. The majortiy of this board and those who don't post is anger and frustration, and because RRL is making progress slower than Oak Trees grow, the hope for better things with RSR is not much better. Rory, I'm sure is trying to turn the company around and he has his work cut out. He probably won't succeed and I use 'probably' rather loosely to give him the benefit of the doubt. The share price will just float about from this 'not quite base level' to 3p or so for a very VERY long time. To buy in now may work for some, but not other long termers. RRL may tick over flogging a few hundrfed barrels of Oil, but unless a Strike happens, this company will just plod along offering placings and constant dilution until investors all drift away or RRL just becomes insolvant as a business. Essentially, overtime, it will be pretty much unsustainable at it's present level, so they own me and many others who choose to stay on and post contiuning negativity. Guilty, and this board is in general about as compelling and cheerful as Eastender's or Corrie but it's true, One of the most depressing boards on the AIM if not the most. Just saying how it is, innit?
Fri 10:47

Tend to agree with Spikey's post 09.55. Dribs & Drabs RNS's, because if you listened to the interview with Andy, he did say lot's of updates soon, not in those words, so that implied the Dribbles of news. The only possible scenario is that if there large gaps between the Dribs waiting for the Drabs, the SP will be walked down during each occasion which won't do us many favours. If we get one powerful RNS, that could do the trick, then bail until Licence time.

Should there be corruption and it starts to upset the Applecart, you may find that if it affects the participating businesses, they may pull out. However, if the cash is flowing into these companys without being affected by the corruption, who cares as long as they get thier cut. The issue could be with the smaller traders who could be hard done by if internal pressure/Corruption becomes rife and then detrimental to the little guys. Possible Double Standards could come to light. This is all "What if" and hasn't happened, othwerwise there will be serious backlash to the Government and all their cronies. It's in their interests to clamp down on such practice.....if that's possible?
Thu 18:29

Been single all my life, no kids.......keen early on but never met the right one, after that no interest. Now I'm a lot older, you get to 'take stock' and find that something's missing from one's life (apart from cash) and that's a kid. Too old now and my partner couldn't have any anyway which is sad for most Woman. Maybe if things went 'wrong', she may have, but it's 12 years too late. Endometriosis, gubbins all removed!

Must attend to my ebay listings. Chat tomorrow ;)

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