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Sat 13:25

My average is also higher and at 3p+ I stand to make a modest profit. It's hard to predict the next move, although there's probably no point as we don't know what will be released. Maybe SO is saving us a couple of really good inclusions for the next RNS and the delay is whilst the remaining part of the information falls into place? It would be nice to think that he's remained silent for a very good reason and not because there is any major issue, but quite the opposite with something Jucier to add to the news.

Can't predict whether there will be mention of a placing in the next RNS, but if we get some more outisde Interest, then it's almost certain there will be, but in all for the good. I would like to see the sale FIRST and reap some benefit from this, but hopefully it won't be an Anti-Climax when/if the first payment comes in. The market's will just 'grunt' and give us a 15% Rise in the SP or something measley like that.

As mentioned a while back, too many placings too close together will create a very 'depressed' SP with little chance of it rising that much on anything unless it's seriously meaty. Each bout of news will just reinstate the earlier SP before the next placing takes over again and sets it back. Seen it happen before.
Sat 10:49

You left nothing out! I do get the feeling that something's being kept a little quiet with regard to the sale. No recent RNS's means that there's nothing to report and if there's nothing forthcoming, the 'promise' of April being chokka with good news begs the question of whether or not these guys do actually HAVE the Money to pay or was it just words? If they can't get the cash, sell it to someone else! PoO is on the up for now, so somebody could get a good deal who's prepared to stump up all the cash in one or two hits. Invariably, NOBODY will pay all that money in one go. Once the Flow is under way, we may see another party jump in if these guys default? If there are no takers, the SP will go down, if there is another buyer and it's less, the Markets may react with a slightly negative impact, that its to say, only a mediocre rise in the share price.
Fri 19:27

I like your posts, they make of interesting reading (not ALWAYS bang on) and they liven up the forum! Yes, you are tolerant, more so than some! I was close to right when I posted early on about an Even Stevens SP.

On the AIM, it will always be news 'Next Week'. Law of averages says someone will be right very soon...probably next week! :)
Fri 12:49 news will come after Bank Hol's, nothing much happens on Friday's as they 'wind down' for the Weekend and often, so does the Share Price which goes into 'slip' mode! Not saying nothing will come through, but unlikely as news mostly comes through in the morning. Can't see much happening between now and close...Even Stevens probably.
Fri 10:16

Just assume it's like the newspaper's...never believe what you read until you have 100% evidence that it is factual. That's why I always say that I will believe it when I see it... UP TOP in BLUE. In many cases , I take little notice of claims in RNS's until it it/they do 'what it says on the tin'. At the moment we have a tin, but when you open it, there's not a lot inside.
Thu 20:07

All very interesting and sounds like a rather chequered career! You may be old but I'm catching up...similar fitness levels probably? Don't look my age, neither will I or intend to, act it. Burned down a Surrey Research center Mansion by mistake in c'63/4...big oops! Was going to be pulled down anyway. Plod wasn't too happy, but got away with it!

Some people are born 'old', but attitude is a vital part of staying young and keeping a level head. I was born a 'cheeky chappy' but not too much so that it got me into trouble....that often! I had a mate who was just the same, but he had/has asperger's...didn't know when to stop. Moved to Aus in '64, came back in July....still talking as though it was STILL '62/4. The past was best in many respects. Anyone born before this time will mostly agree. end of o/t, work to do!

Looking forward to retiring one day but unlikely, I need the cash so I will be working 'til I decide to sell the house, buy a covered Wagon and an Old Nag. Never suffered fools though, been given one 24 hour ban from the AIM. Hey-ho. Most people here are young, probably less than 40+/-a bit, judging by the way they write. I sit here and work through 'til 8pm plus as need be. Photo is what I do as you will have gathered. Interesting trade and gave me a good standard of living, wanted for nothing much. Times change. GL with your investment. That's O/T done which I do 'after hours'. Back tomorrow to see a BIG Rise in the SP?!!
Thu 18:26

All of it! Actually, the first one. You MUST write for something, like a Mag' for example? Mind you, if you did, you wouldn't have any time to write on MXO! It's OK, not going to be cheeky or patronising like some folks here are. I have quite a full 'Filter' box to date. Even Jenner was filtered once....perhaps twice, but at least he was never rude like some are. It's rife on AIM, so if I win a bit, or like the Dog Food, Winalot, lol, I'm out for good n'all.

Just wondered or I can keep wondering!
Thu 17:52

Do you write for a College/University 'Rag' or perhaps Private Eye? Just curious. I write reams on another site not based in the UK ...and I use all the punctuation...even in my Text messages! LOL).

I don't think there IS an imminent placing due, but I reckon one will be mentioned in one of the next two RNS's, then we will have 1BN Shares in issue which is OK if we get enough biz to counter it? For the life of me, I see so many guesses about where the SP will be after CPR etc., it's not possible to figure it out but I still think about 2- 2.5p though. I don't see any Broker Forecasts about this one, do you? In one sentence!!!
Thu 10:57

Do you think Stefan left because BMD was coming to say, "Hello" and put him on the spot in Public before he got kicked out for a Public Order Offence?! Mr O has some ground to cover before he dare show his face, especially if this deal falls through. The words Egg and Face comes to mind!
Wed 17:35

yes. Placing 100% certain. It's a question of when. lol

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