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Michael Masterman talks on WRES potential & Tungsten market

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Thu 14:27

Let's hope he does then. No complaints later though.....Stefan said.....Bit like 'Simon says', but what the heck!
Thu 12:48

I bet Stefan will sound his usual nervous self? More um's and ah's' than info'. trying to work out how to define the difference between BS and fact ;) lol
20 Mar '17

Stefan used to read the forum way back, but probably doesn't now. Best way is to start having a dig on Twitter, that would stir things a little. Word would soon get around to start his ears a-twitching. He doesn't really care about the shareholder's much any more. It was ok 3 years ago when he wanted Investor's and was all nicey-nicey and communicative, but one assumes now he's personally doing OK, it's a different story.

It is a possibility that if we don't get too much from him, he's on his way out, making room for the next guy? Social Media is the way to get results providing you take care with what you write!
17 Mar '17

"The Board appreciates the patience of shareholders as we execute our strategy. We would like to reassure all involved that the entire Board and management team remain focused on achieving our goals and the creation of long-term value for the Company's shareholders."

Heard it all before for years......will anyone here live long enough to see this happen?
16 Mar '17

I can detect a certain ambience emanating from the silence and I'm sure a few others can too?

There's something 'fishy' going on. It's been too quiet here for too long. Whatever it is must be complex, complicated or both? Much more going on behind the scenes and nobody here has wind of it yet. I believe there's significant legality's involved which will change the face of MXO. I wouldn't say Jiggery-pokery, but the Caldron is Bubbling and it the right ingredients are diced and added to the Carrots. lol. As long as 'they' get the Seasoning right and the taste suits all.
16 Mar '17

Maybe all those 'letters' were mistaken for 'Junk Mail', all rather like a Reader's Digest 'Winnings' envelope. It's easy to be drawn in to potential as there's always mugs out there that will fall for it. Perhaps that's why the SP is still only 1.12p after 3 years? A few new recruit's of the Asian Nature may just topple the Matchstick Castle and rebuild it using a less precarious method. May work out more beneficial in the long term if they take a different slant on things?
15 Mar '17

Hope he does! However, if he is in the basement, then the Chinese have a very good reason for it. They can run the business without his interference or any other mad-cap ideas he may be concocting, like trying to flog MXO to the Nigerian's with their promises to cough up the dough 'next week', or perhaps the week after that etc.! LOL
13 Mar '17

I'm OK here, and like you, still waiting! Given up on RRL, in fact I've almost lost track on how long I've been waiting. I was a 'young' man when I bough in to that shower. Must be 9 or even 10 years now? MXO is now 3 years this month and although MXO MAY not turn into another Range, at least there's a bit more going for it but I won't hold my breath on this one. If it happens it happens, if not well, many of us are stuffed with a capital F, especially those who bought in on the 5p Spike :(

The Chinese are involved with Range (Suspended pending whatever), but we never really know exactly what's going on over there. It's all rather ambiguous..a bit like this lot, but what can they tell us here....nothing until an announcement is released. It's all very well guessing and these guesses can be as wildly wrong as that which comes out in the truth. One day it's Mexico and Blocks and we'll make our fortunes and the next day it's sod all!!

All we can be sure of is that MXO is a 'Progressing' small Oil Company with ongoing Revenue input and cash flow, other than that, it's pretty much a closed shop...due to the Rule's & Reg's. Do we believe all we read? NOPE, not until it happens in our favour. I think being cynical is about as realistic as one can be on the AIM. lol

Don't see much of DBW these days, although haven't been to his local pub for ages. Must take a look. He must be doing well selling his Beds and Mattresses which I hope he is! I'm due for a new Mattress about now. Got spring rings shapes on my back! LOL

Cheers. Photo
13 Mar '17

Hi, hope you're OK?

I mentioned a short time ago that 'good 'ol Stefan' always answered everyone's e-mail's in the early days when he was 'selling MXO' to potential Investors. Now that he's under way and no doubt making some decent pocket money, his interest in us lot seems to have waned? I had a hunch this would happen once MXO became established, so it comes as no surprise to me. Nevertheless, it's all part of good Shareholder/business protocol to keep us up to speed with updates as we feel he's being unnecessarily lean on feeding us information.

I know he reads these posts quite often, well at least he used to. STEFAN....FINGER OUT, MATEY. Without we Shareholder's you would get nowhere fast. The Chinese are a big part of this business, but so are we and some sort of recognition would help. The more frequent the updates (where possible) the more interest is generated in the company and the better it should be for everyone.
9 Mar '17

Oh dear, a pity. Nice walking along there (Milbrook etc). I got a ticket in Emsworth once, Thought it was Sunday but was Saturday!" Had some time off, so got the days twizzled! Haven't been to Guildford for ages...did a stint in Debenham's as Manager of their photo dept, but that was around 1976 or so. No rotten old Digital Cameras then and no pesky Internet to sap the towns of foot fall and I could still buy Blue Stratos After Shave! lol (Can now but it's not the same!) Gave up Brut because it was worn by 'Men' with Freddy Mercury Tache's :(

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