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Today 18:43

We will only know for sure when any announcement is made, ie. buying us out, so if the three appear on the Board as if by 'Magic', it will be very obvious who know's who! lol
Today 12:51

They MUST know each other. It's like Busses, one comes and then several follow....all from the same 'Depot' :) It's far too much of a coincidence for them not to know each other. Are there three buyer's? Can't recall, if so, that's a 'new CEO' and two new Directors...seems to fit quite nicely. The share could then go quite high like 3p+ which is quite high bearing mind 'how low' it's been lately. How Low is not one of the buyer's :)
Thu 16:28

It will be the sound of miserable 'Remain' voters when they lose! lol
Wed 15:20

It's the only way to be here. This isn't going anywhere fast.
Wed 14:18

Tough questions really. CPR will be good, but how good? To get this to 3p, MXO will probably have to be selling Oil & Gas, to get beyond all this, MXO itself will have to be sold to someone who retains the PLC profile. We have had so much good news where it's hardly moved, but the MM's will quite willingly drop it down on a single bad word in an RNS. When it does rise, it retraces very quickly anyway. The way it's going, we will be lucky to crack 11/2p ( 1.5p) I suppose you have to think what have we got the will excite the Markets? Well, not THAT much really. Look at other Oilers and see what they have and then do a comparison. A few hundred BOPD and no Gas is piddley compared to some, so it's fairly clear why the share is low. Essentially, in a Nutshell, it's not really that exciting when it boils down to it!
Wed 13:17

The markets are just waiting to see what happens over the next couple of weeks, so they're holding back. There's no telling yet about the intentions of the Doc and his crew, so once we know a more accurate 'lie of the land', it will be gauged once it comes together. At present, no news is neutral, despite the fact we are earning money which is strange as it should be a plus point here. For now, it will be in limbo until definitive news flow happens. Don't think the Market likes MXO! If you were to sell the whole lot now, it would go up!! If after flows we get nothing much, then it will be as some say, a Crock. You are right about 5p, it's doubtful this will ever go much above 3p although it will do me.
Wed 12:27

and just now, which was to filter the pest away! lol
Wed 12:25

Just like your last. It WILL be rellevent later, as will the Oil in Nigeria. Happy now?
Wed 12:04

Yes, but not a client of mine as far as I know. He lived just a few hundred yards away, so now he will be spending years in the US Jail, perhaps, and be very uncomfortable by the time he gets deported...if he does. Cops played their 'Trump' card by nabbing him, although Trump himself is an ignorant twerp who, with his polices, will get himself shot many times over in the unlikely event he gets in.

IHAD: The Ref. is VERY much IN topic as what else will affect this SP more than an In/out Vote? The big discussion across the whole Markets will be why it's crashed so much....or not as the case may be ;) If Admin feel the need, they can remove the posts.
Wed 10:54

Right, nothing will happen until Friday. The REMAIN folk will probably win so the Market will be elated and up it will go. If the LEAVE crowd win, turmoil will ensue for a while, but will it be like the Millennium Bug if we leave? I doubt it. The true fact is we will never know what it will be like to be out.

It's Cameron's fault in the first place for even considering holding a Referendum. If he were tough enough, (unlike stuttering Milliband LOL) he would have told everyone that for the sake of the UK and Europe, (in his opinion) it would be non-negotiable and knock the idea on the head forthwith, if not fifthwith. Plus of course, he is probably securing his place as an EU Commissioner along side, or behind Mandleson and Kinnock. They are all Nest Featherer's. If we vote OUT, nobody would know the difference until the Media makes a meal of it with Apocalyptic BS. then try to make everyone feel 'guilty'.

"I'm in with the Leave Crowd" LOL

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