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RNS EXCLUSIVE: Cabot praise 3D seismic mapping after successful winter programme

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Last Posted: 24 Aug '15

24 Aug '15

Thought I'd just pop in to say I was talking recently with a fellow XEL investor saying I was waiting for 25p again so I can top up and woah there we are. Not a great sp, of course, but neither here nor there when you're happy to see the bigger picture and work on getting a big return when things finally do get cracking. This is not an overnight project and you'd be naive to think so. Nothing wrong with the half-yearly - plenty of good with the only bad being the stretch on the patience. But that's just the nature of the game and I'm well aware and appreciative of that. Billions of dollars'-worth of oil being planned, kit being sorted, options of funding being viewed - looking good as far as I'm concerned. Happy days and hi to all XEL-ers who I know.
1 Aug '15

Just been out for a bit of a flingabout, live music and refreshments ahem!!!
Nice that a single post of mine has enlived a few of the longer term folk. I'm still in. Intend to stay in. But don't expect me on this bb too often.... the Marvel comic characters are just too much for me. I've only got so many ribs I can crack laughing at them!
Good night all and good luck. Have a fab weekend. Onward ever upwards.
31 Jul '15

is a he, make no mistake. Just one of many lies.
Seen it all before.
Good luck and enjoy the weekend, true Xciters!
31 Jul '15

Long time no post but I've been occasionally watching the tedium that passes for posting here. Madness seems to be settling in nicely here - it's my line of work so I know it when I see it - but I'm still invested for the simple reason that there will be a beneficial outcome here (for me at least, I hope, having a modest average). Investment not quick buck so don't be surprised by the dent in the comfy chair while I wait.
Hope all the old guard is well (they know who they are, as they say).
Tally-ho. Onward ever upward.
21 Mar '15

Thank you. You've made your point. No need to see you here again. Bye bye.
Evening all, lucid Xciters. I'm still here. Fortunately, working in mental health, I can shrug off the delusory!! Some people just don't get it. Happy days.
22 Dec '14

It seems you can only use these bb's on the condition that you converse with the resident jester! That's why I don't bother posting so much these days. I'm here to invest. I work in mental health - I prefer to enjoy my days off !!! GLA and have a sensible Xmas.
22 Dec '14

Despite the attempts at bah-humbuggery here, I still hold good faith in XEL and look forward to good times sooner than perhaps many anticipate. I nowadays find it too trying to look in on the bb too often as quite often I find half of the posts are dealing with childish time-wasters. Anyway, I'm going to be working through the Xmas period so I shall send all my good wishes to the usual suspects here, true XEL-ers all. Drink responsibly and don't let any trouser belts get harmed in the widening of waistbands! GLA.
11 Dec '14

ANOTHER early-morning drop!! Hhmm. Hey-ho. I'm just sitting back now and waiting for what might be the bottom of oil prices and that means waiting perhaps a few months. Things WILL happen that will shift this sp upwards at times but I think I'll bide my time and just watch the oil market downward trend for a bit longer before my next top-up/av-down. Too often it seems like bargain-basement time and whoops, down it goes AGAIN. Global economies might prolong the oilie slump too. So, this time, I'm sitting on my hands until the steam is coming out of my ears with potential bounce. Then I'll buy til my head falls off !!
Meanwhile, GLA.
10 Dec '14

I see all is panic here. Surprise surprise. Looking beyond this bb, we're looking at possibly a good 6-month interim period of poor oil prices and so, quite reasonably, oilies will not be popular. Common sense.
I notice a lot of negativity here today - mainly from one (one, singular) poster (why the attention given??) Anyway, one or two new names also appearing being negative. Well, well, well. All offering big questions and, when asked, never NEVER offering answers. Now you know why I don't bother posting so much these days. Me, personally, as a long term believer in XEL, I believe the oil price palaver will send ANY oil-related share downwards for a while yet and I'm just looking for the prime time (no such thing, hah!) to make my top-up/av-down. I shall bide my time and just suck it and see. XEL has a hell of an asset and will eventually come good. It won't be tomorrow maybe but it will come. When that will be, who knows? What will happen between now and that moment, NO ONE knows.
Meanwhile, GLA. Keep warm.
19 Nov '14

CHAPPI, put yourself on the naughty step - there are two 'f's in 'off' as in "a spelling or grammar telling off" (18:00).
Must do better.
Like this teasing sp!

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