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23 May '19

And furthermore Q1 V price was still strong. I repeat my earlier post for your benefit

"Don't forget, in addition to all of this lovely cash, Q1 Vametco sales would appear to be $37 million at an average of $73.3 kgV and production costs below $19 kgV. That's a shed load more cash in the bank from Q1 on top of the $42 million already there."

2019 then off to a great start, and if TP is correct we will soon see an upturn in V price, together with increased production at Vametco, and not forgetting the production from Vanchem once that deal is closed.

The outlook for 2019 is looking very exciting.
23 May '19

GeordieShores I don't know if you are a vanadium expert. I doubt it. However Terry Perles is. Read this from him last week:

"Fundamentally vanadium production continues to lag demand and the situation is expected to persist for several years."

"We do believe that we are going to see the price very soon move back above this $15 per lb V2o5 support level and we do think that there's going to be a very turbulent environment today in China this year given the situation. Also it's important to note that today vanadium prices in China are below niobium prices and in that situation there's no incentive to deal with the operational issues associated with using niobium in this application."

"... we do believe that the perception that niobium will replace vanadium in high strength rebar is causing the current weakness in the market and we expect that very soon the market's going to wake up to the fact that the consumption of both vanadium and niobium are increasing dramatically in China."

He paints a very much more positive than you do, and he does seem to know what his talking about.
23 May '19

Thanks Sanchez.ni did specify "small" AIM company!!!

£3 billion m/c definitely not small !
23 May '19

Oh and Dave the main question was 'is it normal ...'

You see I think these results are quite exceptional for a small AIM miner. Would you agree?
23 May '19

Are they a tec company Dave?

If so no thank you
23 May '19

Calamari in your experience is it normal for young mining companies on AIM to be debt free, particularly within 2 years of purchasing an up and running production facility like Vamaetco?

If so could you point me to comparable AIM companies?
23 May '19

Calamari in your experience is it normal for a small AIM company to end the year with $42 million in cash?

If so could you please point me to other similar companies that are as cash rich as BMN?
23 May '19

Calamari even someone with a minute brain could work out possible change of circumstances!

That is most likely to be the opportunity to purchase Vanchem. Once that deal was on the cards then a review of when to implement the dividend policy would be very likely. And very wise!

Perhaps you want pennies now, most of us are here for the pounds.

So be a good chap and move on from this.
23 May '19

I believe they are absolutely right to start dividends from 2019. Build the business first. Get that right and you generate greater revenue and profit, with less debt. The future payouts will hopefully be that much greater.

And as Alfa said its a nice carrot for the SA investors.

It does rather look like news has been brought forward to help JSE listing. If I recall Final Results last year were at end of June. So 5 weeks earlier this year.

I wonder if we are about to see a media assault by team BMN
23 May '19

I can't believe BMN shareholders making negative comments this morning. Please think before you post.

Stop focussing on the minute by minute share price and concentrate on how the BoD are building an amazing business that has the potential to bring great returns to those with the foresight and patience to hold.
23 May '19

Don't forget, in addition to all of this lovely cash, Q1 Vametco sales would appear to be $37 million at an average of $73.3 kgV and production costs below $19 kgV. That's a shed load more cash in the bank from Q1 on top of the $42 million already there.

23 May '19

Alfa that's a very good point.

Fantastic Final Results.


Surely everyone should be pressing Strong Buy option after that
22 May '19

Gotatasteforit SPAngel don't give a precise timeframe for their sp target. Having seen the shorting and manipulation if this share in recent times I think they are very wise.

For what it's worth most of the targets they set in 2018 were achieved in 3 to 4 months. However the pullback in the V price will have had some impact on any expected timeframe. A V price recovery could certainly prove interesting.

There are a number of potentially exciting pieces of news lined up for the short to medium term. those plus V price could generate a rapid response in the sp.

But I am no more wise than anyone else on this. Hope that helps.

Just my opinion.

Regards. Pdub.
22 May '19

DBB you are spot on. It was definitely tongue in cheek. I thought it was a brilliant comment and laughed my socks off. Good to know that crusty old brokers have a sense of humour.

For any doubters I would say look at SPAngel broker target, then consider what they may thinking about shorters driving the sp below 20p. Doesn't exactly enhance SPAngel's credibility. No ... I think they would be delighted to see the sp rising and the shorters taking a hit.

Oh and thank you everyone for the kind comments !!!!!!!

Regards. Pdub.
22 May '19

... I start cycle 3 of chemotherapy this evening. I began to experience some painful side effects during cycle 2 and have been warned that may get worse with this and future cycles (only 5 more after this one!). This is a necessary hardship to endure to make sure that my battle with cancer is won, and I will win. If I reduce my posting don't let the idiots mislead you with theories about why. It is only about my health.

Hopefully I will be able to keep posting but either way I remain long and strong here, and as I have frequently stated won't be selling any of my precious BMN shares in the foreseeable future.

That's it from me today.

Regards. Pdub.
22 May '19

That's how it is with BMN Ninvestor. Fortune just gets on with building this large, low cost, vertically integrated vanadium business just at the time when the world is going to need more vanadium. Lots more vanadium!

The market is always slow to catch on with BMN but when it finally catches up the sp goes pop. We've seen it before and I think we will see it again soon. Just have to be patient and not worry too much about the day to day sp movements.

I think a reversal of the vanadium price trend would be a very strong positive and Terry Perles seems to think that will be 'soon'.

Just my opinion.

Regards. Pdub.
22 May '19

Calamari my intervention was solely triggered by your incorrect response to daitom. You have now graciously acknowledged that. Daitom made no reference to timescale. Clearly FM wants to facilitate and give time for growth in ATM sp before that asset is disposed of. I can't predict when that would be.

Regards. Pdub.
22 May '19

Colt45 FM and AV have a long history together at both BMN and Lemur, and of course AV moved with ATM when it was separepately listed. However the key phrase is "...for the eventual final exit from the tin business..."

This is completely in keeping with Fortune's ambition for BMN to become a large, low cost, vertically integrated vanadium business. He wants to focus on that but clearly also wants value from BMN's investment in ATM.

All good to me, both for ATM and BMN shareholders.

Regards. Pdub.
22 May '19

"Furthermore, the funding support provided gives AfriTin the needed time to finalise its own longer-term debt financing on the back of anticipated tin production at Uis project later this year. The support provided therefore enables Bushveld Minerals to secure value in its remaining shareholding in the company and thereby facilitate for the eventual final exit from the tin business by the end of the facility term."

Fairly clear statement by CEO Calamari
22 May '19

JohnHenry Bmn has been heavily shorted over the last few weeks. On Tueday morning that continued, causing the company to issue an RNS assuring the market that all was well. That was at just over 21p. The inclusion of notice of upcoming news certainly helped force the shorters to run for the hills and the share finished at just under 29p, up about 25%.

Providing the company is sound, the right intervention by the BoD can do wonders for the sp.

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