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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Fri 21:39

Thanks Olly.
Fri 17:43

I can only feel positive about the short, medium and long term for BMN and its shareholders.

We have been under the cosh of late due to a number of factors, and certainly not just the V price. However I believe things are turning. There is now strong evidence that the V price decline has not only halted but started to reverse (see below).The high production figure for March at Vametco may indicate that the phase 2 and other improvements at the plant are working, so hopefully Q2 production numbers will be up. If the Vanchem deal is completed sooner rather than later then additional production from there could be available for Q3 report onwards.

Those three things are all hard numbers that the market likes ... improving production plus raised commodity price leading to increasing revenue and profit. There are of course several other major developments in the pipeline that could have a major impact on the sp, but those numbers should progressively support the sp in the direction of the various broker targets. Many AIM companies are nowhere near having that exciting outlook.

Asian Metal vanadium nitride price moves

06 June + 3.38%
07 June + 1.69%
10 June + ?
11 June + 2.72%
12 June + 2.65%
13 June + 2.58%
14 June + 1.51%

Patience is the key and not to get too hung up about the day to day sp. I repeat that 2019 / 2020 looking very exciting.

Just my opinion.
Fri 12:36

Exactly kenniGT

I suggest some of you revisit the Presentaion slide 11 (re Stage 2 programme), then read all of the Brockham Update RNSs.

Then wait. Preparatory work due to start next week (17 June onwards), but don't be surprised if small delays due to equipment availability. Testing comes later.

bmilster there is a clue in the date (14 June) why nothing happening on site!

For those complaining with averages of 4 / 5 / 6p well my heart breaks for you. I have a significant investment investment here at 14p. It was my decision to invest in very very high risk small AIM oil company. I accept that responsibility. Any losses ... my fault for gambling. But I will happily take credit if I ever make a profit here.

However it ain't over until the .... well you all know the rest. Wait and see if Brockham delivers over the coming weeks before complaining.

Once again switching off from this at times very aggressive and argumentative bb.
Fri 09:43

As for the "delay" in announcing the leasing model it is highly likely that there would have been NDAs in place for both commercial and legal reasons while the product was being developed and refined for wider market use.. That simple reason for the "delay" is for me highly plausible.

The relevant paragraph from RNS of 10 June below:

"Bushveld Energy and Avalon Battery worked together to structure and design this specific rental product. This included creating a financial model for the product and a set of legal agreements for the transaction. The complexity stemmed from developing financial and non-financial terms acceptable to three different parties - a vanadium producer, a battery company and an electricity customer. The structures and documentation created from this project are available to both Bushveld Energy and Avalon Battery to use in future projects, making it easier and faster to execute vanadium electrolyte rentals in the future."

NDAs almost certainly in place whilst this was being developed.

Just my opinion.
Fri 09:38

Squirty I agree. Supporting evidence from the BE RNS of 27 March:

"The development of the process to convert Bushveld-mined vanadium into electrolyte and design the production facility advanced in Q4 2018. After promising pilot results at laboratory scale, Bushveld Energy procured two tons of vanadium for conversion into vanadium electrolyte. The scaled-up conversion process is currently being executed. If proven successful, samples from the produced electrolyte will be provided to battery companies for suitability assessment."

They are still constructing the plant and testing small amounts of electrolyte. Not supplying commercial installations like Sandbar, which has been up and running since November 2018.
Fri 08:40

AsianMetals has been showing Vanadium price rises for the last 8 trading days. Vanadium nitride over that period rising at an average of 2% + per day over that period.

Sustained price rises are likely to put significant upward pressure on the share price.
Fri 08:28

On HL can't even buy 50 .... For second time this morning
Fri 05:14

Asian Metal vanadium nitride price moves

06 June + 3.38%
07 June + 1.69%
10 June + ?
11 June + 2.72%
12 June + 2.65%
13 June + 2.58%
14 June + 1.51%

The V price rise continues.
Thu 19:24

Thanks for the response Uksteveg. Could well be the case but difficult to be sure. The table says "Date Changed". Not certain whether that is date the short was changed or date the authorities were informed.

For comparison when a TR 1 is issued I believe they record the date the trade/s changed the holding, not when the information was issued. Beyond that I have no idea.

Regards. Pdub.
Thu 18:09

Just revisited the PEPM short numbers.

Looking at the dates listed for the two recent changes to the size of the short they are listed as the 4 and 7 June. If those are the dates the transactions took place then PEPM may have a little problem. The highest transactions on these days according to HL were 27.75p and 27.45p. Today the sp is around 29p.

I may well be wrong as this stuff is way out of my comfort zone but it doesn't look like increasing the short is working too well. If so that is a shame! Happy to be corrected on my interpretation of the numbers.

By the way I think the SP Angel apology to shorters was meant to be ironic!

Also my use of the word "expert" was in inverted commas for a reason.

And I have never believed Fortune was investing in vanadium just to sell the business and move on. This is his baby and a proper career maker. I have been consistent on that point since they first announced the Vanadium platform in November 2013.

Just thought I would make those points clear.

Just my opinion.

Regards. Pdub.
Thu 14:50

Hi carpfisher. You make some very valid points and there is much that I agree with. However my post was not saying people have to agree with the "experts" or that they are always right. I was making a case for not dismissing the views of experts and taking what you can from their knowledge and understanding. That is exemplified by these two extracts from the original post.

"It has become fashionable in recent years to deride "experts". This is an attitude that I strongly disagree with."

"Please don't confuse what I have said with blind acceptance of the word of the "expert". It is all about reading / listening to the point of view of people that may be in a position to have a better knowledge and understanding of particular issues than oneself and assimilating those points that you agree with into your own thoughts and strategies."

I absolutely agree with your's and SOTRR's comments that Corbine was regarded as one of the "experts"!!!

Regards. Pdub.
Thu 09:05

Well that post is not doing much for positive sentiment! I give up for today.
Thu 07:57

Yes calamari we are discussing the rising V price .... just like we discussed the Financial Results, the Vanchem deal, the leasing model for electrolyte, etc.

In other words most of us recognise that their are multiple influences on the sp, including V price. You took a very narrow view focussing solely on V price. No wonder people challenged that. And rightly so!
Thu 07:16

Haha brilliant Pigpen. Mind you online calculators are a good cheat.
Thu 07:14

Ludeck I doubt very much whether any of the regular posters here know exactly how individual mm's think and operate. However I doubt the astonishing rise in V prices followed by an equally dramatic fall went unnoticed. Perhaps under those circumstances some will be keeping an eye on the V price recovery. Opportunity to sell shares higher than they bought?

I do agree that they are unlikely to be sat at a screen all day long studying the V price!
Thu 07:07

Pigpen / Vauch the compounded rise will be higher. However I haven't included the rises on 05 June and 10 June as I don't have the numbers for those days. Therefore the compounded rise would not be accurate. Decided to keep to simple published facts that are easy to understand and difficult to challenge.
Thu 05:21

Congratulations Stodgy. Champion early bird!

Good news on Vanadium prices again.

Vanadium Nitride seems to be flying! Here are the rises according to AsianMetals over the last six working days minus one I forgot to record. If anyone knows Monday's rise?

06 June + 3.38%
07 June + 1.69%
10 June + ?
11 June + 2.72%
12 June + 2.65%
13 June + 2.58%

Early days I know but if the figures are accurate the Vanadium price recovery beginning to look solid.
Wed 23:34

Noted. I like Lowdens too but very expensive.
Wed 23:30

Pretty tough for the partners knuttie. GirlieNextDoor has been through it with me and I think you and RK have had a rough ride too. GND's support has kept me going.
Wed 23:12

Thanks hornedrum.

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