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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Today 05:31

"Unfortunately Balcombe EWT will take a while to get the relevant permissions as we have seen with Brockham"

There is one difference Harts between Balcombe and Brockham. Balcombe is in West Sussex where the County Council seem to be more practical than Surrey. Hopefully the process will be smoother and quicker than with Brockham, if of course Angus play their part properly.
Today 05:24

"I do hope bushveld first though, that would be nice for a change."

Nice for a change? Really? Learn your history.

In the period November 2016 to November 2018 BMN rose from below 2p to more than 45p. That's two years of growth making it one if the best performing shares on AIM. Yes there followed a period of decline until April this year. That's 5 months. Since then the sp has stabilised in the range 25p to 30p.

Today's share price is still higher than 12 months ago (18p +) despite the best efforts of traders and shorters to drop it further, perhaps aided (unintentionally?) by a background seller / s.

The V price is recovering.
Production at Vametco in March suggests that Q2 figures should be substantially better than Q1.
Vanchem deal to be closed, hopefully in Q3, adding almost 1,000 mtV pa to production overnight.

Then we await further news on:

Mokopane licence
Electrolyte plant and production
Minigrid system at Vametco
Other BE developments
Lemur coal to power project
ATM developments raising value of BMN investment there.
Etc etc

The company is debt free and cash rich, with plans to fund much of its expansion through profits.

If indeed the shorters are getting out it is not difficult to understand why with all this going on. In my opinion we are not far away from the next period of share price growth.

2019 / 2020 looking very exciting. All just my opinion of course.
Tue 16:01

Couple of variables that affect accurate prediction.

Nitrovan is not all vanadium. I recollect a figure of 75% vanadium being posted here? Could be wrong.

In interview on 07 June Fortune said that 50% or more of product goes to the US.
Tue 15:13

Perhaps a re-read of this transcript might be better for the soul than worrying about the day to day nonsense going on with the share price. If you are a genuine longterm holder what interests you most .... today's sp or where it will be say 12 months from now?

Reading that transcript I know where my thoughts are focussed on.
Tue 15:11

(Part 3)

"That's great news. Now you've said that the structures and documentation is now in place and forms the groundwork for future projects. Is it safe to assume that there's already been discussion about further projects? And I guess what I'm asking is what else should investors be looking out for in the coming months?"

"If we're talking further projects it depends what we are referring to. If we are talking about our primary producing platform I think that it's fair to say with Vametco and Vanchem our priority is to complete the acquisition of Vanchem, post competition approval, and to make sure that we undertake that refurbishment programme as quickly as possible to get Vanchem producing at 4,200 mtV pa level. At Vametco we have a clear priority to increase the production volumes there. Incidentally the increasing production volumes further lower your costs of production which will make our production that much more competitive. So those are the immediate priorities for us for vanadium production point if view.

On the energy front there are a number of initiatives that we have said that we are doing. Certainly we want to grow our plan of the rental product. We also want to grow our plan of VRFB projects. One of the things we do do is try to develop mandates for large scale energy storage which we can solve through VRFBs. Of course we've got the electrolyte plant that we are building up in East London with the IDC. We have a solar / VRFB mini grid that we are busy with at Vametco, which we are quite excited about and which we would like to use to demonstrate the business case for typically what you call your industrial large energy user customers. So that's a lot of stuff that the market can expect from us.

At a corporate level we have announced that we are looking and thinking of listing on the JSE. We think that we have a story that resinates very very well with the capital markets in SA and would like to create a platform for local capital markets to participate in our story. And we continue the work to expand our organisational capacity. We've seen tremendous growth over the last 2 years and it's quite important for us to make sure that our capacity to manage this growth, as well as the growth that yet lies ahead, is strengthened. And in respect of that you will see some news flow in the coming months and years."
Tue 15:11

(Part 2)

"Definitely. Now just yesterday we saw that your subsidiary BE has enabled the successful deployment of an innovative vanadium electrolyte rental product in industrial scale batteries. Obviously this is very exciting but what does this mean fir the company?"

"Yes we've got 2 key platforms for vanadium in our company. Bushveld Vanadium which is really the production assets comprising three very attractive deposits with a resource base which is fantastic. The largest primary vanadium resource base of anyone, with the kind of grade that I talked about earlier. We have Vametco is one of two production assets with Vanchem coming on board. With the two of them at full production capacity would be producing of the order of 8,400 tons of Vanadium pa.

Now with that kind of production platform which is low cost we believe that we will be very well placed to play a meaningful role also in the energy space. We will continue to supply to the steel sector but we also see the energy storage market as a really attractive market for us as a company to get involved with. That's important at two levels. The first one being that it helps strengthen and diversify vanadium demand and the second one (sorry three levels) is the fact that the stationary energy storage market in its own right is a very very compelling commercial opportunity for us as a company. And then thirdly we think that energy storage provides a very neat natural hedge for us as a company because if vanadium prices come lower the attraction of VRFBs in stationary energy storage applications becomes that much more compelling.

So that's the underlying motivation for us to go into this interesting market. However we are also mindful that one of the key hurdles to adoption for VRFBs is the volatility of vanadium price. Unlike many other battery systems vanadium makes up a significant share of the cost of VRFBs, between 30 and 45% quite easily. So a rental product like the one we have done is our way of solving that challenge. We believe that it takes out a significant chunk of the upfront Capex of the battery system and converts it into an Opex number over what is a long lifespan for these batteries. They have a very long lifespan. VRFB can last for about 20 years. During that period the electrolyte doesn't degrade and because it doesn't degrade it has a significant residual value at the end of the life of the VRFB. That electrolyte can be converted easily into FeV or be put into another battery. And so that's why we thought that this solution will be a very very key enabler for VRFBs and we are very pleased to have done this first contract and I should just say it's the first ... we certainly hope to do a lot more going forward."
Tue 15:10

FM on Directors Talk 12.06.19 (Part 1)

"There's been quite a bit of news flow for BMN over the last month or so. Now towards the end of last month you provided an update on the Vametco Indicated Mineral Resource. Can you just talk us through the highlights?"

"Yes. We essentially provided an updated resource statement for Vametco. As you know Vametco is our core current producing platform and following some additional work that we did from drilling we are very pleased with the updated resource which reflects a significant increase on our resource size and confirms the great quality of our resource base. So we now have a resource base that is 187 million tons with an average grade of 1.98% V2O5 which represents an increase of some 31%, as well as a growth in our reserve of 85% to 48.4 million tons. And again importantly is a growth that is not at the expense of the quality of our resource base and the reserve grade is 2.02% V2O5 which is fantastic."

"It is indeed. Now we also saw Final Results for the period 31 December 2018. In your view what were the key points that investors should take from those results?"

"It's the first time that we have the results reflecting the consolidated position of the company including Vametco, which we acquired starting in 2017. So for the first time you can see the impact of an asset like Vametco on the performance of BMN, which on a consolidated basis demonstrated very solid financial figures of $192 million revenue and Ebitda of $101 million, with a very strong cash position of $42 million. And of course underpinning all of this is Vametco itself which demonstrated its attraction of its solid proposition to us as a low cost producer. One other point that I think you will pick up from our Financial Results which is important to highlight is the fact that we've achieved these results without any debt on our balance sheet. So that positions us very very well for growth going forward."
Tue 15:09

Hey guys this is getting a little personal. I suggest everyone takes a moment. Not doing the bb any favours.

Time to refocus attention on BMN
Tue 13:03

Tue 13:03

I think that was a sell from yesterday pm. Buy price at the time was 27p.

Those of us suggesting yesterday that there were large in declared sells seem to be completely vindicated.
Tue 08:34

'Alas'? Atg Is that a genuine sentiment.

Seems to be very strong buying as the sp has dropped this morning. Wonder who is buying?
Mon 15:14

BigTen4 enough if your garbage. Filtered.
Mon 13:50

I was referring to the trading page where each trade is compared and colour coded relative to the previous closing price. Same system used on factsheet too.

I think the day gain / loss amount use a similar system relating the current value of your holding to the closing value the previous day.

They all use similar colour system.

I have noticed gremlins on HL recently, particularly with reference to live prices. Could be that is what compass ma y be observing?
Mon 13:19

That may be so Compass, and I have noticed various gremlins on HL in recent weeks. However I expect the green is accompanied by ( 0% ) indicating no change from closing price. I have been with HL for 5 1/2 years and that is what it means.
Mon 13:13

Typo "... previous close number..." ie previous closing price.
Mon 13:10

Compass those colours relate to the previous code number. If trade below it is red. If trade higher than previous close blue. Green trades equal previous close price. Hope that helps.
Mon 12:03

I agree Daisydog / Alfacomp.
Mon 11:50

Adam because something is mathematically possible it does not mean it has happened.

The Placings RNS from early 2018 contained the following 2 paragraphs that make it quite clear that in Fortune Mojapelo's opinion at least some of the placees are here for the long term. If that is true then it is unlikely that all the Placing shares have been sold. Of course we are all speculating here, but sometimes it is not enough to look at simple sp movements or patterns across AIM due to shorting. Better to examine specifics of this company.

"The Placing was led by a consortium of cornerstone investors, including the original founders of Mimosa Platinum and LionOre Mining International ("LionOre"), as well as the key investors in Mantra Resources at its inception. In 2007, LionOre was bought by Norilsk Nickel for US$6.3 billion. Mantra Resources was sold to Rosatom of Russia in 2010 for US$1.6 billion."

"We are delighted by the response from investors to this capital raise which was significantly oversubscribed. We are particularly pleased to welcome to the Company a consortium of highly experienced mining investors as well as several leading UK institutional investors who buy into and support our ambitions to build a significant low cost and integrated primary vanadium Company."
Mon 10:56

So not intelligent then.
Mon 10:49

BigTen4 right now you are looking very stupid. Let's hope you are intelligent enough to know when to be quiet.

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