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Today 15:01

middleEastMoney looking at the bigger picture would you agree that Fortune has certainly not let us down based upon the sp data below:

3 years ago sp 2.28p
2 years ago sp 6.56p
1 year ago sp 12.79p
Today sp 34.25p

If the share price continues to grow at 2 or 3 times per year over the next three years I don't think many would be too unhappy, do you?
Today 09:52

Thank you for the kind words Alfa.

Briefly I am recovering well from surgery. Fighting as I think would be expected of me, and am currently defined as 'cancer free' as surgery was successful albeit complicated. Now facing 6 months of chemo, which is longer than I expected. Cholangiocarcinoma does not have a particularly good survival rate, but I am hoping that my 'good fortune' in having appendicitis means it was found early (stage 2) and therefore my chances are better than some.

Reading the bb every day but will be restricting participation for reasons that I hope folks understand.

My health comes first but BMN delivering on its promises and the sp responding appropriately would certainly go a long way to improving my 2019.

Good luck all.

Regards. Pdub.
Today 08:59

Gambit like you I am pleased that a deal has been reached that allows the workers to share in the success of the company. Seems only fair.
Today 08:51

Remember that's Vametco results, not BMN.
Today 07:19

MIKINAMAN looks like the market has done you a very big favour (courtesy of apparent news blackout). Nice one!

Regards. Pdub.
Thu 09:03

Dav just a point for your consideration but claims that the company would never achieve true value due to PR etc were being made at 2p and all points beyond. Reality is that those claims have proven to be unfounded IN THE LONG TERM.

Over time the company will be judged by the market on what it has achieved. If the company delivers on its plans the market is going to have a lot to think about.

Over the last 5 years I have many times said that those with patience should do very well from this investment. I have seen nothing to contradict that position.

Impatience is the investors greatest enemy.

All just my opinion of course. However by sticking to my investing philosophy I have done very well from BMN and I believe so much more to come.

Regards. Pdub.
Thu 08:04

For the glass half empty folks active this morning:

3 years ago sp 2.28p
2 years ago sp 6.56p
1 year ago sp 12.79p
Today sp 34.25p

What's not to like about that?

Assuming that you all invested for sensible reasons based upon the activities of the company and some proper research by yourselves then your only justification for negativity is impatience. We all want news. The market wants news. It will come and hopefully the sp will respond appropriately.

Anyone care to estimate the sp in 12 months time assuming the company continues to deliver on its plans?

Regards. Pdub.
Sun 18:26

Zebediah what a very strange comment from you.

I do apologise for applying common sense, a little understanding of SA's needs, a realistic view of the future of technology in the energy space and a fairly detailed understanding of BMN's business strategy to the issue, but that's the conclusion I come up with.

Please don't patronise me.
Sun 16:53

I am delighted to read that more and more contributors to this bb are beginning to understand the genius of Fortune's strategy of a low cost vertically integrated vanadium platform. He was pushing this idea long before others latched on.

I believe we are moving towards serious rewards for shareholders as a result of this strategy. A win win for us whichever way the market goes.

And I would not be surprised if SA does become a leading player in the development of VRFBs, with BMN / BE at the centre. It is after all in the interests of the SA Govt., Eskom, renewable energy producers, electricity consumers and BMN / BE to make this work.

All very exciting.

Just my opinion.

Regards. Pdub.
15 Mar '19

Interesting that in H1 2018 BMN:

Consolidated revenue 62.1 million
Consolidated Ebitda 31.7 million
Consolidated profit after tax 21.1 million

H2 2018 likely to be even more profitable!

And 2019 looks very exciting.

Regards. Die hard BMN fan Pdub
14 Mar '19

Sorry to hear that knuttie. Please pass on my best wishes. This must be very tough on you too.

Kind regards. Paul.
14 Mar '19

Sorry. I assumed you had read Alfa's numerous posts on this matter.
14 Mar '19

Sorry 'Squirty'

Autocorrect again!
14 Mar '19

Squirts it is also possible that Alfa has nailed it. As I understand it one large seller is only obliged to declare on completion of entire transaction. Of course happy to be corrected on that point.

Truth is none of us know what is going on so speculation is legitimate.
14 Mar '19

Dryland just for clarity are you challenging Alfa's research and conclusions? If so on what basis? Do you have your own data set from research? If so I would encourage you to share it.

It is easy to make cynical quips but all people are doing is trying to understand what is happening to their investment. That is not easy in this manipulated market called AIM.
13 Mar '19

Iceslice what is that number?

Here are figures from BMN for just H1 (from interims):

Consolidated revenue 62.1 million
Consolidated Ebitda 31.7 million
Consolidated profit after tax 21.1 million

I would expect H2 to show similarly great numbers.

Your post makes no sense to me.
13 Mar '19

Iceslice I understand your impatience for news and the desire for a higher sp.

Personally I am much more interested in BMN producing a good dividend policy (generous to its shareholders without unduly stressing the company's finances at this important stage in its growth) than the exact date that it is published. Like you I hope they deliver by end of Q1 but if for some reason that doesn't happen I would be very surprised to see a 20% + drop in sp as suggested by you. And remember the DP is but one of a string of news items that appear to be queuing up for delivery.

Let me emphasise that it will be disappointing if Dividend Policy not delivered Q1 but hardly the end of the world as we know it, so let's just be patient and hope that it is delivered in good time.

Regards. Pdub.
13 Mar '19

Ophidian don't worry about me. Bigger things happened yesterday than worrying about dividend policy (important though that is).

Yesterday had lab results back from cancer surgery. Down side is that cancer confirmed. HOWEVER no evidence of cancer in surrounding liver tissue or lymph nodes ... described by surgeon as good result! Cancerous section of liver successfully removed. Under the circumstances that is the best news that I could have hoped for.

Follow up chemo going to be a nuisance but today is first day of the rest of my life.

Hopefully Fortune will reward us all with yet more good news over the next few weeks. I feel the need to celebrate!

Regards from a relieved Pdub.

Sorry for o/t.
13 Mar '19

Alfa I am not great on the tec side but that development of the VRFB battery power stack sounds amazing. Would appreciate any opinions of yours on this.

Regards. Pdub.
12 Mar '19

How many times???

The latest info from the company as I understand it is that the Dividend Policy would be announced in Q1.

Q1 doesn't end until 31 March. Therefore under current revised guidance from the company the Dividend Policy announcement is not late.

I understand people are keen for news. Me too. But please at least be fair to the company.

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