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#AST: Board changes and new strategy for Ascent as Hutchinson looks at new projects
EXCLUSIVE: Petro Matad announce fully funded 4 well Mongolia campaign

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Today 00:09

Nice work Ninvestor.

Interesting results.
Sun 08:43

I also thought we were trying to cut out sexist comments? "Handbags ..." etc
Sat 23:50

In case anyone thinks I have been harsh on JoeyBrown1972 then consider this person's post on Sat 19.01.19 at 17.54, including the following:

"There are a number of very convincing long-term holders who, in my opinion, exaggerate the fundamentals of this company. I’d like to think this is just a “glass half full” mentality but I can’t help feeling something more Machiavellian pervades this board."


"Someone Machiavellian is sneaky, cunning, and lacking a moral code."

That is disgraceful and is aimed at genuine long term holders of BMN shares. People that willingly share their research and thoughts with everyone on this bb. In my opinion this rude individual deserved to be challenged.

Having said that, I too am delighted at how things have turned out for us 'glass half full' investors, and 2019 looking exciting.

Just my opinion.

Regards. Pdub.
Sat 22:54

Anyone still in any doubt about this latest poster?

They all give themselves away in the end.
Sat 21:48

I expect we will attract more new 'friends' as BMN sp makes it's next move up. Don't let them shake your confidence.

If people have invested on the basis of fundamentals then nothing these visitors say should make any difference.

Just my opinion.

Regards. Pdub.
Sat 21:33

JoeyBaron exposed. At least your true colours are revealed for all to see.

I'm happy with that.
Sat 21:28

I just did. Clearly you haven't learnt from it.
Sat 21:22

JoeyBaron if you bought in at 46p then you are very lucky. Only about 10% down.

I was at one point in 2016 over 60% down, much of that money being my retirement lump sum. I have paid my dues big time! However I remained positive even through the 3 years I was underwater because of the great resources and a BoD that I believed had the ability to give a great return for those with sufficient patience. And I posted that many times on this bb. Took plenty of abuse for it too, particularly when the sp was around 1.5p in late 2016.

So how do I feel now that the share price is around 42p? Well ...extraordinarily smug if I'm honest!!!!! The knockers and derampers were wrong. I was right!
Am I happy that I sit on huge % profit? You bet.
Am I pleased that some have thanked me on this bb for staying positive and giving them the confidence to hold and now they too have large profits? You bet.
Am I happy that friends of mine have also made large paper profits in BMN? You bet.

Why am I not selling? Because I have full confidence in the BoD and believe they will continue to deliver on the business plan and give even greater returns to those shareholders with patience.

I find it insulting when folks come on this bb and make statements like "exaggerate the fundamentals" and "something more Machiavellian pervades this board". Frankly how rude. And what nonsense.

Let me tell you that I NEVER post what I don't believe to be true about BMN. The fact that I am so positive is because the fundamentals are so extraordinarily good and only a very poorly researched person would fail to see that. And of course I have been proven to be correct. Just track the sp performance and company progress.

If you are a genuine investor then welcome, though perhaps you should have chosen a less antagonistic approach. Do I care what you think about my positive thinking? Not in the least. Agree disagree filter whatever. Won't alter the fact that I believe the next year or so will be another very exciting phase of the company's development and that shareholders with patience should enjoy good returns.

All just my opinion of course, but my glass half full approach has served me very well

Regards, Pdub.
Sat 13:46

Just listened to Any Questions (Radio 4) and question about the Nuclear issue and what do we do was discussed. Interestingly no panel members mentioned energy storage, including the Lib Dem panelist, except Graham Brady, chairman of 1922 Committee. He did refer to energy storage. In fact he said we are approaching a tipping point for energy storage.

Hallelujah ! Maybe there is hope. Someone in Govt has publicly acknowledged that there is a good future for renewables supported by energy storage.
Sat 10:33

Political attention may be elsewhere (!!!) so just not focussing on the real issues of our time and into the future. Pity as UK could be missing out.
Sat 10:15

That paper only refers to the Portland in terms of the fault sealing the oil. The Portland is a relatively thin oil bearing later (eg 30 to 40 metres at HH). The Brockham oil bearing Kimmeridge is about 200 metres of naturally fractured limestones and shales. Unless I am mistaken the impact of the fault on this zone is not discussed in the paper, and I doubt the effect of the fault would be so significant in isolating different parts of the Kimmeridge. Although I have a geology degree I am not an expert in this field so Alan would be better able to give an informed opinion.

Just my opinion of course.
Sat 09:13

Sorry about typo's. Just too excited about BMN
Sat 09:12

I am sure everyone is aware of the difficulties being faced in the nuclear industry. I have seen a number of interviews in recent days by politicians and 'experts' in the field. Several have made reference to the problem of intermittent supply of renewables, yet nit one mention of the potential if energy storage to deal with this issue. Given that they are talking about future energy supply I find it astonishing that they seem to have no idea of these developments and how it might transform the viability if renewables to be a reliable source of energy on demand.
Fri 22:06

Oh nearly forgot.

Regards. Pdub.
Fri 22:04

Mrremmy thank you for passing that on. I does not surprise me that BMN are more highly regarded in this matter than Evraz. It's impossible to know from where we all sit exactly what has gone wrong with that group, if anything. I guess it is possible that money has been paid but not distributed correctly through the community.

Anyway my speculation no more likely to correct than anyone else.
Fri 17:56

Any suggestions as to how fast this share will rise once the seller is exhausted?
Fri 17:29

Can't see all of your dialogue Endion but this post of yours from this pm seems to confirm that you are certainly not trying to stop someone posting. In fact quite the opposite. Not that difficult to understand.

"I have asked numerous times for proof of working, insight into TA methods, a chart (its his name for christ sake), but none have yet been forth coming. Would be genuinely interested to see it."

Regards. Pdub.
Fri 17:21

All looks good Clark. Better start to the year than 2018 .... and look how that year finished!

Uksteve both those items could shift the sp. I think most of us are expecting them to fall in Q1.

I wouldn't rule out a fairly sharp recovery in the price of vanadium, and that could also drive the sp up, particularly when the market sees the impact of high prices on Ebitda in H2 2018.

Of course it would be good to see better than forecast production figures too, but for now I will settle fir the 2600 - 2650 mtV for 2018.

Regards. Pdub.
Fri 16:47

All looking pretty good to me. Solid start to the year:

Friday closing prices in 2019 compared to 31 Dec 2018 closing price of 38.75p

04 Jan 39.75p (+ 2.6%)
11 Jan 40.50p (week rise +1.9%, year +4.5%)
18 Jan 41.75p (week rise +3.1%, year +7.7%)

I have ignored tonight's closing UT of 42.40p as that would make the figures look even better!

So a steady rise on zero news. I'm happy with that.

And the company have told us news on Dividend Policy in Q1, and Q4 updates on vanadium, lemur and Bushveld Energy. Perhaps news on JSE listing too.

And to top it all the vanadium price appears to be reversing the recent downtrend, though still at very profitable level anyway.

Exciting times ahead?

All just my opinion.

Regards. Pdub.
Fri 14:18

I agree rxdav, but equally pi's are easily bought! News of commercial oil should give the sp a nice boost and I am sure that all will be forgiven.

PV will no doubt be aware of that. Whilst he should not delay news he cannot shortcut correct process and safety at site. I expect news out as soon as available.

Nice thought though:
Brockham progressing
Balcombe funded

All just my opinion.

Regards. Pdub.

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