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Tower Resources identify 18 million barrels of contingent reserves worth $118M in Cameroon

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Fri 16:28

The .GB.PL is the NEX exchange

Fri 15:23

@Nickderby - do we have the Brits mining License yet or is that another one for the list ?

Fri 14:20

Just like for SPangles…….

opinion not so equally divided.

Thu 23:22

Earlier today I posted that I was calling it for Wave 5 start. I thought I would just fill in the last bits of detail on Wave 4 since we had talked about it quite bit and to explain why I think we have now seen the start of Wave 5 when I spent a while procrastinating over whether or not we had seen the start of Wave 4.

In a nutshell - our Wave 4 was a beautiful little 5 wave down sequence all on it's own. Most easily seen if you plot it out and use the 4 hour time base (so you get three points per day not just one for the closing price). Our Wave 4 started on:

14/11 at 49.3 Wave one then lasted until
20/11 falling to 41 Wave 2 then went back up to
22/11 peak at 47 Wave 3 then lasted until
3/12 falling to 38.7 Wave 4 then went back up to
6/12 peak at 43 Wave 5 then lasted until today
13/12 bottom at 35.3 (actually the lowest trade was at 33.8 but the candle bottom was 35.3)

It is because we appear to have completed a full 5 wave sub-cycle that I'm saying we have now started on Wave 5.

It is also nice to see fairly easily discernible patterns back on the agenda. This whole Elliot Wave subject was really introduced by me because the share price behaviour was so precisely fitting to the theoretical patterns and making it quite easy to predict - you might recall I had quite a good run of very accurate predictions for both duration and tops and bottoms (before some started getting antsy about it) that I thought I would share the observations for others to help inform their buying decisions and to ameliorate the anxieties of the drops.

Anyway - the period around the strike somewhat knocked our reliable predictable patterns a bit out of whack, as news is always apt to do but a return to something approximating to a classical Wave Pattern for the last down leg (Wave 4) makes me hope that our pending Wave 5 might do us the favour of behaving itself nicely so we can all see it and understand it's scope and extent.

As I said the other day, I intend to be a little less prevalent on the board for a while, I'll always contribute on the days of infestations if facts or informed commentary are required to placate our fury friends when they turn up, but I won't be opening myself up so much to the sniping and rudeness that seems to follow me. This means less of a running commentary on the next Wave. There are some posters however whom I will always try and respond to if they ask a question - you probably know who you are. I'll still be an avid reader.

Good Team effort today Bushwackers.

Thu 16:39

Alfa - not sure it will help your analysis much but I churned 456,000 shares today in 5,000, 8,000 and 10,000 buys and 38,000, 25,000 10,000 sells. I covered my dealing costs and made a small profit but I was basically buying when it was weak and selling into the rises. Not a normal days entertainment but it looked like it needed some help early doors. I know Nick and others were buying too. I wasn't looking to accumulate more hence the selling when safe.

Thu 16:04

Well I was a little out on the bottom (but not much given how early I called it) but was pretty much bang on with the duration (second to third week of Dec).

So yes everyone except Cinders - I hope this is the start of Wave 5. I'm forecasting 7 - 9 weeks of basically blue skies and temperatures of between 59 and 64.

Thu 11:55

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, (while he makes lots of money for us)
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,(ome Shorters)
And by opposing end them? To die (if that is their wish - over to you Roscon): to sleep;
No more; and by a sleep to say we end (their stupid efforts and avoid)
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks (coming their way via RNS if they keep it up)
That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;
To sleep: perchance to dream: (of an Africa powered by Bushveld produced VRFBs).

Mr Shakespeare as amended by Ophidian
Thu 11:32

BMN Five year Bond with a 10% Coupon would suit me very nicely.

Ophidian (where do I sign up)
Thu 09:54

Yes - Sorry Nick - must try harder.

Thu 09:37

@Orange88 - if you were serious you would have read the information I directed you to. And just FYI - you seem to have spelt the new title for the thread wrong.

Thu 09:25

Guess what time today the share price (mid price) will turn blue.

I'm guessing 10:11

Thu 09:19

@Orange88 - really must try harder. The Q2 guidance did not say anything about declining grades at all. As you clearly did not understand the content of that Q2 RNS, I suggest you look back through my posts and find the commentary I gave explaining what was going on.

Tue 23:41

@Yachty - you're welcome and thanks for your update too.

Tue 23:24

@Yachty - to date - nothing much to add but you will notice we are now very close. If it turned out 37.2 today was the low then it's inside the time window and within a margin for error (0.3p) of the number and date I said. If it still has a little further to go then so be it; maccas21 who is a much better chartist and TA commentator than I suggested I think just a smidge lower as did Endion if my memory serves me correctly.

Either way - it is getting very close to the bottom. The chart posted up earlier today showed everything I've discussed as did maccas21's last chart. Start of Wave 5 not long away now, once I think we're in it. I'll update.

Did you ever get any November figures from your contact ?

Tue 22:00

… has to be some kind of medical condition surely ?
Tue 17:19

Actually you myopic twerp - the one month chart looks very good as it follows a beautiful little five series Wave which reinforces all that we know about the 12 month and 24 month patterns and heralds the imminent arrival of the next significant tick up. Those in the know can foresee precisely where and when this will turn and there is no cause for concern, quite the opposite actually, it's been an opportunity to load up on the cheap ahead of what will be a spectacular next series of movements upwards.

Tue 15:44

@Mitchoftheday - I can't see this being a fully fedged and operational system for some significant time. The originator Dr Francois Cardarelli (see here: has a number of similar electrochemical reduction patents none of which currently find commercial success as far as I can make out.

The patent application (see here: leaves a lot of areas for development in my opinion.

I'm not saying it can't ultimately have some success, but it needs a lot of development in my view and additionally I would expect it to be very very energy hungry to produce the Vanadyl sulphate (VOSO4) from which they propose to make electrolyte.

I think we are safe a while yet...……

Tue 07:59

….So no relationship to the BMN shareprice implied aside from the obvious. Sorry should have been clearer about that.

Tue 07:56

Hi @maccas21 - no problem, always happy to answer your queries apart from anything else to reciprocate your fantastic contributions.

Column 1 is the Wave number
Column 2 is the duration of the Wave (in days)
Column 3 is the Wave extent (i.e. delta from start to finish)
Column 4 is the Wave ratio (as %) compared to the previous pertinent wave (according to the theory)
Column 5 is the theoretical (Fib %'s) for the pertinent Wave

Basically - I just noticed from @Loudspeakers numbers he posted that the European FeV prices (as posted) formed the first 3 possibly 4 (I think 4 hasn't completed yet) Waves of a classic Elliot 5 Wave pattern.

Mon 22:53

@Loudspeaker - plot it out in excel - it is a classic EW pattern. The percentages land almost exactly as theory says. Sorry the formatting in my posts are so pants - I tried twice but it is the system I think.

Anyway - if ever there was a way of demonstrating that what I've been bleating on about in the BMN share price is a real phenomenum then here it is - no "self fulfilling Prophecy" just hard numbers.


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