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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake Watch Now

TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Sat 17:33

M/f: Can you translate the part of your post regarding "8to one with William hill"? I can't follow.

Regardless: I hope the next RNS arrives before next Thursday.
Fri 14:55

Sure enough! They know what they're doing…..but do the sellers? I think not.
Thu 18:26

Thx Jim - great update! Good job.
Thu 16:08

No need for a response B/H you've been dwelling on the negatives for years now my old friend...we all understand where you come from and what you're up to: Nothing to write home about.
Thu 14:26

to me it looks like the chickens are running amuck again!
Thu 12:43

Good for you Hawkspear! I like (and can relate to) your attitude.
Thu 10:20

Playing the market, particularly AIM, is always a gamble; however, there are people who have developed an understanding and a feeling for detecting shares that have a higher than average chance of being successful.
I don't claim to be one of those but I have practiced a lot of patience (and have gone thru hell and high water) with Matd - but now after 9 years of patience I have a very good feeling for this one.

My bets are on you bonum!
Wed 17:17

@10.14, June 12 Question:
Why don’t all buys show in the “Volume bought” grid? Seems like
some large buys are simply disregarded (this is the second time within a

@11.21, June 12 LSE response:
We calculate the trade type based on the trade price being higher or lower than the mid price at the time of the transaction. Sometimes this calculation does not work, or the price is the opposite side of the mid price. This means we are either unable to calculate what type of trade this is at all, or the calculation shows it as the wrong type of trade (a buy instead of a sell for example).

@11.46, June 12 my response:
So if I understand correctly – and applied to the large trades I am referring to – the system is fully automated, i.e. no human being is involved, and although the system is not programmed to make respective distinctions – it categorizes the trade as buy or sell just as well (obviously causing confusion).

Due to the fact that we are talking about large trades, i.e. several 100K,
which deliver important trade information would it not be wise to make sure
that these are properly categorized?

@11.51, June 12 LSE response:
It's the same algorithm everyone uses to determine if it's a buy or sell and you're also correct in thinking we don't get involved with or touch the data in any way.

If the London Stock Exchange simply told everyone definitively if it was a buy or sell it'd change the market for the better but, unfortunately they don't which means at times the calculation isn't correct.

I feel much better now!
Wed 17:01

In crystal balls I trust - as long as they work!
Wed 13:16

buyers are forced to buy at high prices (8p+) and sellers to sell at low prices (<7.95). Transparent scheme. Don't let the displayed numbers fool you.
Mon 16:46

Looks like we are receiving different numbers here! My grid says (now that AIM has closed):

- Volume sold: 1,119,855

- Volume bought: 754,977

- Total volume: 2,832,600

LSE support will have to explain this!!! We investors need to receive the same information.
Mon 16:25

the 2 x 500K buys don't show in the "volume bought" grid. I wonder why…? Total trade volume is currently 2.8Mio shares. How does that compute when the grid shows 1.1mio. sold and 750K bought? Answer: 1mio shares remain to be unaccounted for.
4 Jun '19

P/I: thanks for your post - very well put - just the way I see it.

Good to have another poster who's got his head screwed on right.
4 Jun '19

Neeko: Don't confuse the guy - he's got a tough life as it is.
4 Jun '19

The more the better! Time will tell (as always) but chances are high that these sellers will regret their impatience - big time. Let them.
4 Jun '19

Let's see how the US investors react to this opportunity (in 1 or 2 hours).
4 Jun '19

that we keep hearing about on this BB in an uptrend situation. Take advantage of them!
3 Jun '19

BTW: Buying in "after a duster" doesn't really make sense (even @1p) unless you're convinced that PM is going for glory. So if I get your strategy right:

1. You're hoping for one or actually two dusters as a result of the 2 simultaneous drills in July/August this year.
2. You're hoping that the SP will slip down to "sub 1p" as a result of the above.
3. You're also betting on PM's success going forward once the "duster episode" is over.

So ultimately you're convinced that PM will be successful - otherwise you wouldn't invest.

That statement.says it all.
3 Jun '19

Boooo - mannan! Have heard better from you before. What hit you in the meantime? Looks pretty bad to me.
3 Jun '19

PM's - as any other AIM - share price is based on potential, expectation and anticipation. You can tick all three of them - there all there as far as PM is concerned.

Nobody on this board is saying "they've hit oil" - if so, please correct me.

This is a gambling arena. And only the savvy investors understand when gambling is extremely attractive due to the underlying information and the confirmed schedule of drilling operations in high cos areas.

So what are you scaremongers talking about?

It's a take it or leave it situation here. Take your pick.

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