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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Today 07:15

Footnote 2: as of 31/3 based on current management plan, there is enough cash to cover planned expenditure for next 12 months
Sat 22:43

I wouldn't be betting on the rig heading for maintenance or elsewhere after it rolls out of WN, especially if I hadn't a baldy about rig PM protocols or work schedule. Getting to the sharp end of business now.
Sat 17:30

mayforddriver that makes perfect sense to me.
Fri 07:41

I'm not sure if any of us fully comprehend the magnitude of this application. Hhdl want to truck oil down the road every day for the next two decades, 16 tankers a day at its peak. It is frustrating but I'd rather all the issues were resolved in advance in a professional manner. One small chink in this application will give the councillors cause to vote it down. SS has stated Autumn all along. GL.
Thu 22:10

Tomorrow is 21st June, longest day of the year and my daughter's 9th birthday. Also means 9 days left in Q2. By all accounts #28 is being dismantled so plenty of time to get it on site. Yes it's at the absolute tail end of the published timeline and as I've said before a July spud is fine for me. Once the rig is on site the mood on here will flip and it will be high 5's all round. Degsy and his like will turn up, Heid will have bought at the absolute lowest price ( sorry Heid) and we'll have 1000 posts a day. Everyone's nerves are frayed, especially those of us that have held for what seems a lifetime through the really dark times. Good luck to those with genuine intentions.
Thu 15:22

Disingenuous posters can be spotted. Some take longer to show their hand than others but they surface eventually, tripping up on their untruths. I'm always wary of staunch views in either direction. Twitter pics tell a 1000 words and if the eyes trade on them then fair enough. I would. GL.
Thu 11:59

I've emailed SCC for clarification on the reasons. I'll post reply if I get one.
17 Jun '19

The last £3.5m raise was a sore one. By my calcs there is still £1m if the opportunistic £2m that has not been spent on acquisitions. I hope SS doesn't think that we will just forget about it and let him spend it on something else. I'd actually be delighted if he used the £3.5m to get HH production ready and put a hole in HH3 drilling costs.
14 Jun '19

The rig is coming, all permits are in place and it is fully funded to drill 2 horizontals. It's a matter of when, not if. I'm really not sure what all the fuss is about. Agendas a plenty.
13 Jun '19

I swing between opposing views. One side tells me that SS knew that HH2 was coming, at one point indicated drill could be pulled forward, so where is the flipping rig? Other side refuses to believe that SS and company, (he is not alone at hhdl/ukog plus partners) would be so incompetent as to let a rig slot slip through their fingers, so what is their agenda? Two things are for sure, we won't know the real order of events and the rig will come. GL. L
11 Jun '19

To be honest there is nothing new in this rns. Interested holders know what is coming. If rig does slip to July it's of no consequence to me. It's a matter of when and not if.
11 Jun '19

Chik you need to think 110 feet of Perfs and set that beside 6 long horizontals.
5 Jun '19

MrC, I am confused. You say you are invested yet you cast aspersions as to the authenticity of the oil tankers? What aspects of the tanker reporting are alleged in your opinion, the unofficial tanker count from the eyes or the official tanker count from the rns's? I am invested and I also dislike unsubstantiated ramping, but I'm under no illusions as to the authenticity of the reported volumes of oil out the gate.
4 Jun '19

Moving from port to Kim for me. Fits the projected timeline as per rns mid May.
3 Jun '19

Mirasol, these are your opinions in terms of ukog waiting on 28, and end July for receipt to HH? You make your opinion sound like fact which is clearly not correct. You might be right on 28 by the way, end July... time will tell.
3 Jun '19

We've been given 2 weeks notice of events( ewt kit lead time?). I'm intrigued as to what the preparatory work entails, is it just well clean up, more work to better expose the Perfs, more Perfs? That all said, the last 2 ops updates have been devoid of detail and the sp reflects this. Has Lucan been granted any options yet?
2 Jun '19

IF rig 28 is the only rig that can do the job and if BDF knew this then they are in the driving seat. BDF could dictate the sequence of events. Give it to UJO first as they were ready and have one well to drill, then give to HHDL second as they are still under EWT and have not one but two drills to complete back to back. Did SS order the drill late... maybe. But what is more likely imo is that BDF had a big say in events to better utilise their equipment and their own costs/profit. GL.
31 May '19

If it is 28 it sounds like things are on the home straight there. Still a full month of Q2 to go. Well cellar already constructed, fully funded, all permissions in place along with lawful swampy repellant restrictions.
29 May '19

Irrelevant thread on ukog board.
28 May '19

Warik, you're probably a decent bloke but you're now in my bin beside jonnybgood. Your ramblings are incessant. Do yourself a favour and put ukog to the back of your head.

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