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Is the Bull Market over? Andre Minassian says no! Watch here

Is the Bull Market over? Andre Minassian says no!

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Today 01:06

I'm happy with my interpretation of what I see. Repeated 1,000,000 sells pinging away for some days. Company putting out Update RNS on poor SC production (gets the bad news out of the way), then newsletter published. Normally I'd expect AB to do a PR interview with MiningMaven or the like and a nice broker report thrown in for good measure.

When the RNS comes no-one can be surprised. The AGM resolutions, for me personally, have made it patently clear.
Today 00:28

"May or may not be issued magic. You can go on past granted, but not sure are you magic?"

On the contrary I am 100% certain that AB will use the allocation (or most of it) and I am equally certain that a placing is on the way but that's my opinion and based on the signs and signals that I have picked up over the years. If I am wrong I am wrong, but I've called it right many times thus far.

Bottom lone, your ramps can not alter the RNSs, try as you may.

AB is a director of Jupiter so he knows what is going on there, and has known all year
AB knows the RRR financial position inside out
AB knows what income is coming in from El Limon and LM#20
AB knows that Tshipi is making a payout and that Jupiter in turn is making a payout
AB knows that payout is circa £530k to RRR

Despite ALL of the above knowledge, AB has STILL canvassed the shareholders here to request authority to issue up to 500m more shares. One can only deduce from that, that the picture is not anywhere near as rosy as you are trying to paint it and that AB clearly anticipates the need to continue fundraising. Only the most naïve would not see that imo.

Tick tock.
Sat 23:29

Georgestonne - "a few blokes talking having some banter will make no difference"

Odd then that the rampsters get so uptight and resort to ridiculing and disparaging and insulting those with contrarian views ! Go figure !

Tick tock . . . 500m shares
Sat 23:27

Georgestonne - "Alternative views are good let me know when you have something new to say"

LMAO - pot meet kettle
Sat 15:30

Clive - "Do you not think that the directors of Jupiter will have already discussed this amongst themselves and with the major shareholders

Yes I would agree Clive. However . . . if you look at the number of shares held by those major shareholders which zumore posted (copied from one of my prev posts I suspect!) you will see the factual numbers.

Those major shareholders account for just 863m of the shares.

There are 2,281,835,383 shares in issue

That means over 1.4 BILLION shares are held elsewhere. What control does Jupiter have over those 1.4 bn shares? If they all, or most, decide they'd rather hold onto their shares thank you very much, then where does that leave this buy-back? Personally I can't see them selling.
Sat 13:56

Your point is very well made zumore.

Tshipi, the private company, is handing out cash to its shareholders (which include Jupiter)
Jupiter is handing out cash to its shareholders (which inc RRR and Pallinghurst)
Pallinghurst is considering handing out cash to its shareholders
RRR . . . . ??

Spot the black sheep of that family !

Given there are 467m shares in issue and the pay-out to RRR is circa £530k then that would equate to 0.11p per share. For people who hold say 3% of the issue (approx. 14m shares) that would be a hand-out of £15,400. Not to be sniffed at. Instead the money will imo likely be absorbed by the next great project idea. Mining cheese on the moon perhaps ! That's the stark difference between owning Jupiter shares directly (in which case you'd be getting a share of that hand-out) and owning shares in RRR (where AB will wields the shares and the money).
Sat 11:40

ramping away day in day out Jonnstone? Yet still trying to convince us you have total confidence in your "investment" (cough). Doesn't wash, never did.

Jupiter only delisted 3 yrs ago so plenty of people here remember exactly what it was like when they were listed. Relisting isn't going to create some Nirvana situation. It will just allow for a little more liquidity. Tshipi is only one project of Jupiter. It has others and some will require $billions to develop according to news articles I have read..

So now after Jupiter has posted losses for 5 consecutive years and has been forced to drastically cut costs and then had the fortune to see the Manganese price rally for a while, the rampsters jump on it like a bag of cat nip.

In the end, the hand-out to RRR is the equivalent of circa £530k which is utter peanuts compared to what the BoD here expends on Admin and salaries and is 3.5 times smaller than the current liabilities of £1.9m. Any Jupiter monies will go into the RRR coffers to be wielded by this BoD who have imo an abysmal track record of using available cash. Again, remember that AB raised over £9m alone in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and still no-one can tell me where it added any value. A full £9m !!!!! Yet here you are pumping the prospect of a mere £530k for all it's worth !

Some facts :

1. AB knows the entire Jupiter situation (he is on the board there)
2. AB knows that Jupiter is making this one-off hand-out of circa £530k to RRR
3. AB knows the full financial situation of RRR
4. AB knows what revenue is coming in from El Limon and LM#20

And despite all 4 of those facts, AB HAS STILL requested authority to issue up to 500m more shares here.
The message couldn't be clearer. Just waiting now for that placing RNS.
Fri 21:59

"although it looks like some have been selling before the news to derisk"

lols derisk . . . right oh, if you say so. Perhaps it's those "High Net Worth investors"
Fri 16:33

isdeer -"probably them selling options"

lols exercising 0.66p warrants to sell for circa 0.7p ? A mere 6% profit less transaction fees? ! Pull the other one, it has a Bell on it.

It's plain as day to any LTH here what the regular 1,000,000 sells are imo but let each man believe what they will.
Fri 15:59

Sells pegging away

14:08:32 1,000,000 sold - £7,178
14:08:47 1,000,000 sold - £7,000
08:59:12 1,000,000 sold - £7,001
09:04:14 1,000,000 sold - £7,002
15:30:01 1,000,000 sold - £7,101
09:28:12 1,124,057 sold - £7,868

Yep, also plenty of buys, but the pattern here is kinda familiar imo!

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