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Tue 15:56

your research will no doubt show that EQT was until recently a subsidiary of EBIOSS, the financial difficulties of both companies meant thiswas reduced to below 50%. I suspect Ebioss was the recent distressed seller .
7 Jun '19

My vote is on EBIOSS being a distressed seller
6 Jun '19

Yep a day trader Iím sure
5 Jun '19

I wondered whether Ebioss were the major seller as they seem to be struggling financially so notavery supportive major shareholder. This contract announcement should have taken the shares back up to 1por above. Perhapsthe day rampers have taken their profits again and put PIs off.
2 Jun '19

As I understand it the utility that Phoenix was going to sell the power generated too has gone into administration/liquidation as its insurance cover was not sufficient to cover the claims arising from the recent fires(started or linked to one of its substation). Contracts have to be renegotiated and prices etc may change but everything else is in place. Hopefully this is just a delay and this contract and the expectation of future contracts with Phoenix is still very positive.
31 May '19

Billingham will take possibly a couple of years to come to fruition, they are only at the stage of trying to get funding before proceeding to detailed engineering, planning and construction. However project finance should be available given the environmental focus at the moment which should result in a significant re rate. Faster contracts/income are probably future Phoenix deals. The SP doesnít recognise the good progress that has been made. With no Tr1 or RNS itís difficult to know who has sold.
30 May '19

Reckon EQT should get there money back, their research is obviously very poor
25 May '19

Aimorifice your credibility has been shot shot for a couple of years now you have been banging on about how this share was on the way to the moon as the share price spiked and dropped. As MOUs came and went anyone remember Vietnam ? Then we had the proposed major investment by the Spanish who pulled out after due diligence then the disastrous/desperate involvement with Bercheva that destroyed the share price and yes apart from Ian we have the same BOD and non execs now. If the technology is so good why is noone using it?

In my view the problem is that the major shareholder EBIOSS has no money and is struggling to stave of administration so can not support EQT through its growing pains so EQT has to resort to desperately issuing shares. If only EBIOSS would sellout and be replaced by a serious player/investor then we could see some serious returns. Until then I fear the cycle of press release, share issue and ramping will continue.
17 May '19

Agree MOU announced SP 101 by the following week Sp 81p. As AMO light the blue touchpaper and watch it fizzle out. Have a good weekend all
16 May '19

Iíll top up at 75p
15 May '19

I for one am all in favour of Aimoracle posts, nothing wrong with an optimist they are always good for a laugh . EQT are just a pawn in between the bigger operators and EPC contractors who have collaborations with a very many companies like EQT on their approved lists. They desperately need a signed contract not an unfinanced MOU. If you are a LTH then hang on as revenue will surely come. I wonder how long it will be before they need a further funding round. I still keep a small interest here but there are better opportunities elsewhere IMO
10 May '19

This should be nearer 50p , topped up again
10 May '19

I assume another EQT will have to through another funding round to support a project of this size (assuming the project itself and secure funding. This hopefully will be on better terms but still no doubt result in more shares or warrants being issued. Many have been bitten so quite rightly are still being cautious
7 May '19

Topped up some more this afternoon, shouldnít be under 40p
26 Apr '19

Perhaps the seller is align research , they did after all get paid in shares.
26 Apr '19

You are suggesting that someon this board have investing all their wealth on this aim share, really ???? But after listening to you they will suddenly become more reasoned investors , really?? Haveinvested a couple of thousand here recently as I think itís a good short to medium term punt. I didnít pay any attention to any of the positive or negative views here. DYOR
25 Apr '19

I first bought EQT at 5.5p lost a bundle, bought and sold as a day trader to get my money back at various levels over the months through numerous refinancing and share issues and broken board promises. Last sold at .85p and am now roughly even. Still follow as I believe in the concept. Will buy if it goes down to .75 but more probably will wait until the first real contract is signed and delivered probably at the 1.5p mark.
18 Apr '19


They are biased of course as they took shares in exchange for their research but a good summary.
15 Apr '19

Will buy back in if it drifts down to around .75 ,
9 Apr '19

Iím out have cut my losses over the last couple of years thishasbeen an expensive share. I donít see the update as promising for the following reason.
1. No new MOU
2. Still no signed contract
3. Existing contract delayed
4. Remaining MOU deferred or cancelled due to customer changing spec
5. USK back to the drawing board
6 Amigos are back

May buy back in once the company can get established butin the meantime there are better investments.

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