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Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Last Posted: 12 Apr '19

1 Nov '17

Glad to see the SP moving again.

I sold out the majority of my holding last month (as was sitting on a average of 64.2p - and so a fairly substantial loss) in order to try to recoup some of those losses faster elsewhere, prior to jumping back in (and at a lower average and loss free).

My current holding in GGP has nearly achieved that, so currently am just hoping that the SP here doesn't rise too quickly before I can load up once again at these low prices (once the good news hopefully lands within the next two weeks re Newmont).

IMO MED2002 will be the making of this company (and am looking forward to the impending "bidding war" once it's ready to launch into the market place as an OTC product)


23 Oct '17

Cheers Diggit, good luck to you too! (and to anyone else invested :-) )
23 Oct '17

Just hoping that this doesn't start to move considerably before I'm in a position to plough back some of my (160% so far) profit from GGP.

Sold two thirds of my holding here at a �10k loss, and now having recouped (more than recouped) my previous losses (and across my entire portfolio) I intend to invest back in here (and heavily).

Have every faith that this will come good in time (IMHO) and just hoping the price doesn't climb too much before I can get back in at this level.

19 Oct '17

After yesterday that's it I'm out!

May buy back in later but for now a very small movement in the sp of GGP (where these funds have been re-invested) will see me recoup my losses and medium term should give me a far better return (IMO) than I am likely to see here anytime soon.

18 Oct '17


"remember the guy who invented an engine that ran on water???"

I certainly do and didn't he end up dead under somewhat mysterious circumstances?
18 Oct '17

@ Reckle55

"I suspect Europa's barristers will have a field day"

They'd better, because this is getting beyond a joke now!
18 Oct '17

Looks like it's now time for "NIMBY Hour"!
18 Oct '17

So do we take it now that should the "concerns" raised be addressed, then the application will be passed?!
18 Oct '17

18 Oct '17

Cllr Ernest Mallett - the sense of reason!
18 Oct '17


This is a total joke.

Most local authorities will roll over once they realise that they are going to incur large costs.
16 Oct '17

Just waiting for some good news on my GGP holding within the next few weeks (re possible Newmont Deal) then planning to plough back the profits into FUM (to massively reduce my average SP).

Huge potential over the long term (IMO) and looking forward to the envisaged bidding war once MED2002 finally gets to market.

11 Oct '17

Recently sold 15,000 of my holding at a (large) loss and chucked it all in GGP.

The way GGP is going at the moment I stand to make back every historical loss to date across my entire portfolio (just another 1.72p PS to go!) :-)

Once achieved I'll be definitely buying back in at these prices to massively lower my average (well that's the plan anyway).

Still totally convinced that this will pay out massively, eventually, but AIMO and hey WTFDIK!?


6 Oct '17

FUM were by far (and still are) my largest holding (and loss!) so let's hope so, although personally I am confident they will come good (really good!) in the end, it's just when?

Not my worst though (AFPO anyone!?! :-( Although thankfully not any significant amount was lost there)

Only 6 weeks to go (in theory, as Newmont's "first refusal" expires then) so hopefully some transformational news?

I'm pinning my hopes on the fact that if reports are correct they are still in EG doing whatever they are doing, if there wasn't anything there they would have been long gone before the 6 months are up? But hey WTFDIK.

GL :-)
6 Oct '17

Thanks captbonio.

However I believe that even if Newmont don't want GGP (but if they do it will certainly be "happy days"), it still has good prospects for the future across its six properties.

Just feel that results with FUM are still at least a year away (IMO) and that over this time (hopefully) I can recoup some of my losses on FUM quicker before getting back in before "she blows" and hopefully at a far lower average than my current 63.2p. :-(

Also invested in URU so if Zorby comes through with the much rumoured possible Dividend, that too will go straight back in here also (especially at these prices).

GL to you (and to everyone else invested in any of these shares)

ALB :-)
6 Oct '17

Sold a third of my holding out (at a large loss I might add) to invest elsewhere (GGP - as with news due re Newmont a 2.35p increase in their current SP would recoup all losses incurred to date across the whole of my portfolio).

Fully intend to buy back in here though with the profits (so as to greatly reduce my average) then just sit back and wait for the impending bidding war once MED 2002 finally gets to market.

All IMO and GLA

28 Sep '17

Thanks Bonka, I'll take a look. :-)
28 Sep '17

Personally 64% down (and sitting on a �20K loss) but not going anywhere.

(Just wish I had the funds to top up and reduce my average :-( )

Still convinced (IMO) that this will recover and pay out handsomely (eventually) but none the less "scary times"!

28 Sep '17


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