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Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Last Posted: 12 Apr '19

9 May '18


Agreed, and glad I managed a modest top up earlier in the month (just wish I could have afforded a few more)

Let's now just hope that this is the beginning of far greater things to come, and that our faith in GH and our patience will eventually be very much rewarded.


7 May '18

Not far behind you Woody (currently 50.04% for me) :-(
3 May '18

Thanks bhargav ;-)
3 May '18

Thanks newtothisgame2

Twice as many shares for not a lot more money than I have already invested myself (very envious :-) )

(This is by far my largest holding in my ISA and certainly needs to come good).

Just hope there isn't the usual mad scramble for the door when it starts to climb again (thus destroying the SP), and I for one plan on holding out for the "buy-out" (if and when it comes?)

3 May '18


I do hope so (just had a modest top-up at these prices, not a lot but all I could afford atm :-) )

Now hold exactly 2m of these babies (at an average of 1.1p) and in it for the long run (Siht or bust!)

2 May '18


Yeah I admit that I naively bought into the hype before Christmas and was wasting all day every on this board.

Paid a heavy financial price for doing so - 51% down on my investment in GGP alone - but I genuinely believed at the time that we were onto winner.

Just have to wait and see now and hope that things will turn around (eventually)

In it for the long term now (as no choice really)

26 Apr '18

Anyone know why I'm still seeing posts from D*ckheads that I've already filtered (and some of them months ago)!?
26 Apr '18


Which just maybe is exactly what Newmont are currently doing?

They know we have and are just biding their time until we run out of cash before buying us out "on the cheap"?

Hope not, but just a thought. :-(
24 Apr '18


All good(ish) here, busy with my Dad, but glad your well.

In this for the long term now (no choice / point otherwise) and no longer spending all day every day looking at this board (as was the case before the "Newmont bombshell" dropped! LOL)

All the best

MB :-)
23 Apr '18

Hey Caveman, how's it going?

Just popped in here quickly to see what (if anything) was going on.

(Soon wished I hadn't bothered though!? LOL!)
18 Apr '18


Totally agree, which is why I'm still invested.

Fortune favours the brave and all that malarkey!

GL to you and all other LTHs.

18 Apr '18


I do so hope you are right as I'm currently sitting on a �36k loss across my entire portfolio ATM :-(

GLA and let's hope our patience is well rewarded in the long term!
10 Apr '18


Not far behind you mate at 79%! :-(

(Still it's only money!?)
3 Mar '18

Having just looked through the entire Ubecoin website, the amount of typos and grammatical errors doesn't exactly exude professionalism. (Didn't anyone think to proof read and review the content prior to its publication?)
2 Mar '18

Thanks thomasbrowne

Unfortunately since starting my "investing career" I've managed to turn the �46k inheritance my dear late grandfather left me in 2014 into it's current value of �12,551.07 :-(

I appreciate a loss is only a loss if you sell, and I have no choice really but to sit it out with GGP (which I hope will come good eventually with their 7 separate prospects) as I'm even worse at trading than I am at investing!

Until the bombshell was dropped that Newmont "said no" I had been �20K in profit! (instead of now sitting on a �10k+ loss on the initial investment :-(

A hard lesson learned.

Good luck to you also. :-)
2 Mar '18

Sold out here to pile into GGP, with a view to being able to buy back in here with the profits, and substantially lower my average SP and increase my holding (as I have always had every faith that in the long term this share should do very well).

Now I find myself stuck with a 47% paper loss on my investment in GGP (and less than 500 shares in FUM, as opposed to my original 48,000)

Now the share price is starting to creep back up, and looks as if it could potentially fly at some point this year, I'm starting to fear that I may have "missed the boat"?!

(Man, I really suck at this Share Investing lark!)

27 Feb '18

I have a Vantage Stocks & Shares ISA Account with Hargreaves Lansdowne and my NYO holding has been showing as IRAE Investments Ltd for some time now, with a holding of 631,034 shares.

N/a showing for price and value though, and a cost of �429.44.

Be nice if this finally comes good in the long term (as it might help to soften the blow on my many other disastrous investments so far to date (AFPO and GGP anyone?!)
27 Feb '18


So many of us were confident with GGP that a deal would be done, until Newmont walked and the sp bombed.

I personally went from a �20k profit to a �8.5K loss on my initial investment overnight. :-(

Still it ain't all over yet, and so am still holding (as I am doing here) and hoping for both to turn around (eventually).

4 Jan '18

First bought into FUM around March of 2014 and having increased my investment over a number of years held some 46k last year averaged at 62.3p

After the sp fell to around 24p I sold most of my stake to invest in another share (GGP) in the hopes of recouping my losses a little quicker (and which I have now albeit done).

I had hoped to reinvest back here with my profits before the price started to recover, and am now just hoping that I can get back in before the price goes up too much so as to be able to substantially lower my overall average.

Have always been confident that this company would do well, and IMHO there is still the potential for a price war for a possible takeover (Pfizer / Galaxo) once MED2002 gets to market and is sold over the counter.

Good to see it climbing again (but hopefully not by too much too soon!)

29 Nov '17

Great news!

Still have total faith in the potential for MED2002, (and IMO the possibility of a future T/O "Price war" between Galaxo & Pfizer to own it).

Now just need my (rather substantial) investment in GGP to come good, so that I can re-invest a large proportion of the profits back in here at the start of 2018 (and by so doing substantially reducing my previous 62.3p sp average).

Just hoping the SP doesn't move up too far from current level in the meantime before I can get back in.

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