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London South East Natural Resources Briefing webcast: #Emmerson #Alba #Condor Gold #Gold analysis
Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Last Posted: 12 Apr '19

26 Jun '18

Forgot to add that I am currently sitting on a 56% profit (but still going nowhere!)

26 Jun '18


That decision ultimately has to be your own!

However, I currently hold 2m of these Golden Tickets at the moment and haven't sold a single one (nor will I be for the foreseeable future after having watched the latest interview!)

25 Jun '18

Keeping the faith Caveman2506, just keeping the faith! ;-)

(and still pretty confident that in time this will be life changing for many of us LTHs).

Just glad I was able to top up again at 0.57p with a £700 windfall I received, and to get the average down to 1.1p (just a shame I didn't have more funds!)

In profit now on GGP (but overall loss still on my whole Portfolio, although another 1p increase in the sp would rectify that!)

25 Jun '18


£300m MC would roughly equate to just over 8m ounces of inferred resource (at $49 per ounce market rate, if my maths is correct) so I would have to agree with you there.

This is just the start in my opinion.

21 Jun '18

Anyone know why HL is showing the sell price at 1.18p when LSE shows 1.08p?
21 Jun '18


At anything north of 30p a share I'll happily take GH and his missus anywhere he wants to go!

Caveman2506, I intend to mate, been in here too long to think about bailing out now.

It's a LT investment for me (always has been) :-)

21 Jun '18

By my rough calculations an 18m ounce discovery would see an SP of around 30p (@ $49 per ounce for inferred resource)?


21 Jun '18


I'll have to check with him.

Agree that £30 is a bit of a pipe dream to say the least but I'd be happy with anything above 30p!

As you say, we can but dream (and only time will tell)

21 Jun '18

Cheers bhargav,

Still got a way to go on my entire portfolio till I break even (told you I was crap at trading! LOL) but am hoping that in the LT I can restore and substantially grow the inheritance my dear late Grandfather left me (for my nephew's LT benefit).

21 Jun '18

Thanks Bestmate

I've more or less "Bet the farm" on this one.

Whether that was sensible or not only time will tell, but cautiously optimistic that out of our 7 licences at least 1 (or more) will get proven up and bought out by a major.

My cousin who is Australian bought shares in a mine back in the 70's (I couldn't tell you which one though) which turned out to be huge, and he made enough off of his modest stake to build his very first house at only 19 years old!

It's remembering that I suppose that keeps me invested here.

21 Jun '18

Finally back in profit on GGP (only 5%) but certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.

Been invested here since July 2014 and seen my holding go from showing fairly substantial profit (for me anyway) Pre NM decision, before sitting on a huge loss after they walked.

Have yet to sell one single share, and have topped up when able so as to lower my average to 1.1p on a holding of 2m golden tickets.

I still have faith that this will come (very) good in the long term (all my own opinion though) and I will be sitting it out now until "the big one" (as I'm pretty crap at trading).

Hopefully this is the beginning of what we LTH have all been hoping and waiting for?

Much news still to come!

8 Jun '18


My sentiments exactly!

8 Jun '18

Invested since July 2014 for me (and not going anywhere any time soon!)

GLA ("Our time" may finally be just around the corner?)
6 Jun '18


No not yet, but as I currently hold (a rather modest compared to some) 2m shares in GGP, I am hopeful of being able to do so at some point in the future.

I have also been invested here since July 2014 and not sold one single share, have full confidence in my investment and am in this for the long haul.

6 Jun '18


So how many do you hold? (None I'd wager)

Suddenly appears out of no where with 17 posts?

25 May '18

And another one added to "the Chod bin"!

24 May '18


I'm with you mate!

Also if there was fcuk all there why bother with an NDA!?

Time will tell but I for one still remain optimistic.

24 May '18

I'm with you Trumpy!!!

Convinced this will come (very) good in time.

19 May '18


Totally agree! Bought my first 240,000 shares in GGP back in July 2014, and have topped up many times since to reach my current holding of 2m.

In it for the long term now (Siht or Bust!) and still remaining cautiously optimistic!

11 May '18

And make them beg we should!? :-)

(Plus sting them with a hefty "buy-out" price! LOL)

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