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Fri 13:26

Thu 16:20

Hi beton2

Having only just noticed that my "holding" in IRAE Investments Ltd has now been transferred without my knowledge or consent in its entirety from my HL Stocks & Shares ISA into my HL Fund & Share Account, I have today called them for an explanation.

Hargreaves Lansdown informed me that these shares have now been "de-listed", and as such they can no longer be held in my ISA, hence them being moved.

Please forgove my ignorance, but is this true and if so does this mean that everything has now gone "pear shaped" and that we have now finally lost all of the money we had invested in NYO, or is everything still on track, as previously discussed, for later this year?

Many thanks

Wed 08:56

And that "realistic manner" has concluded its a "Dead Duck" does it? LMFAO!

Wed 08:45


Then why are you invested here?

Just sell up and put your money in a Building Society!
Tue 17:01


Totally agree!

A "sea of blue" and yet still down it goes!? :-(
Tue 12:24


I first invested (240,000 shares on a "tip") back in July 2014 at 0.0042 (wished I'd bought more now at the time with hindsight!) and have added since then over the following years at various levels, up to as much as 1.98 (hence the pretty good average)

Have a large part of my total "wealth" invested in this share (unwise maybe, I know) but the overall amount will never be enough to be "life changing" whereas the potential (over time) I still believe could prove to be (which is why I'm here).

Hopefully this will start to recover shortly, and in the meantime GL to all genuine LTHs.

Tue 10:00

Hi Chippy

I know, still in profit and with 2m at an average of 1.1p things could be worse.

Still depressing though as at one point my whole portfolio was at "break even" thanks to my profit on this share, whereas now back down 13.5k overall (GGP is my only blue holding :-( )

Still give it time and we will hopefully be back to where we were a week or so ago (and them some)

Tue 09:32

Fairly depressing to see one's profit drop from 124% to (currently) 57% in only a week :-(

However, in this for the long term so patience is the key which will (hopefully) eventually be well rewarded.

6 Feb '19

@ ThirdRock,

I realised that just after I'd hit post! LOL!

@ Jerryspaniel

The reason I have no funds is because I gave up corporate life (and my fairly well paying job as Head of Marketing for a SIPP Provider) to care for my elderly father who had suffered a stroke and has the onset of Alzheimers!

Unfortunately, now nearly three years later the old grey matter isn't what it used to be?!
6 Feb '19


I too would have loved to have topped up at these levels (to lower my 1.1p average still further) but unfortunately have no funds with which to do so. :-(
6 Feb '19

I do remember someone on this board asking SB whether he felt he was a little overexposed with his 200m share holding.

If my memory serves me correctly he did say that as his current investment in GGP was such a small proportion of his overall investment portfolio that no he wasn't.

Therefore, why on earth would he sell early when his clearly stated target was 10p and most definitely, in my opinion doesn't strike me as someone who needs the money nor would sell below that target? (But hey WDIK?)

On a more personal note, I have seen my profit halve since Monday (which is an awful lot of money for me personally) but I have not sold one single share nor do I intend to do so for the foreseeable future.

GLA to all genuine LTHs, as IMHO our time will come (eventually).

1 Feb '19


Depends on what (and IF) they are willing to pay for us!

(Unless its well into double figures per share I'd sooner wait personally until we can further prove up what we potentially have).
31 Jan '19


Yeah, I know exactly why you suggested people watch that film! (And another Deramper Filtered!)
25 Jan '19


Have lived and worked in both, and totally agree! LOL
24 Jan '19

That's Hot!

I lived and worked in Perth in the mid 90's and the most I experienced was 45 degrees, and that was bad enough (I actually had a plastic music cassette case that I had left in the car one day melt while at work!!)
22 Jan '19

Been with HL since 2014 and no complaints here!
22 Jan '19


Totally agree.

I too am holding out for an acquisition (by far my preferred option, so long as the price is not too low and a fair one for what we have) as it removes any requirement to have to decide upon what is the best exit point.

Hopefully that will land a bit sooner than the next 10 years (whilst I am still relatively young enough to enjoy it!)

21 Jan '19


0.1779! Wow!

"If Carlsberg did GGP SP Averages....."

Dead Jealous BTW! ;-)

Roll on 8.00am and GL
20 Jan '19

Hi TomE,

I too sold out of several other shares (many at a considerable loss) to "pile in" here just before the NM decision this time last year.

Post that fateful day the value of my HL Stocks & Shares ISA was decimated, however I could not afford to lock-in such a huge loss (combined with all of the losses already incurred on my other horrendously performing shares) and so held tight (the logic being that even if I cashed in what little value remained, it would make very little difference to my life, so decided to hold).

What a difference a year makes!?

Have currently now recouped ALL of the losses I had incurred on my other 8 holdings (e.g. African Potash, NUOG, and URU anyone!? :-( ), and all on the back of this share alone.

I am now at "break-even" (with my ISA currently worth no more than I had originally put into it over the last few years) so with everything going forward now being "genuine profit" I'm currently feeling pretty relieved.

So glad I sat tight, and will continue to do so for some time to come (despite any SP ups and downs), as by no means a "wealthy man" I am now just hoping that this will eventually come good enough to allow the proceeds to be invested into something a bit "safer".

Something which will hopefully provide a modest (say 3-4%) regular return, and with it hopefully a sufficient enough income to remove the worry of ever having to find another job at the age that I will be once my father is no longer around to require me to care for him.

Whilst I appreciate that nothing is guaranteed, I cannot honestly see anything else that has the same risk/reward potential, as well as the potential to secure my family's future (albeit modestly) and it is for this reason I intend to remain invested for the foreseeable future.

VGLALTHs and I for one am certainly looking forward to the events of this week!

Exciting times!!!

MB :-)
20 Jan '19


Personally my average is 1.1p, and I have genuinely not sold one single share of my modest 2m holding.


GLALTHs, as the next few weeks could start to get very exciting indeed.

MB ;-)

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