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Wed 11:19

Jettydog, you are absolutely right. In the grand scheme of things the seller is not THAT important (despite annihilating the share price in the medium term). I have said a few times this all comes down to whether you company and the board are honest. The real question mark Is whether they are a legitimate company the legitimate board who are not duplicitous. I do find it worrying that they have made no comment whatsoever on the share price, I feel a legitimate board would probably have done so, if they came out and said something I would be inclined to buy a lot more.

we are under two weeks away from a potentially very large payment, that will calm my nerves massively and I suspect plenty of other people here. I will take that as proof as to whether this company is for real or if they find a ridiculous excuse for that one to fall through. IF all is as Ian has always claimed, this is probably the most undervalued share in AIM, but for now it is definitely an if.
Tue 10:02

Tue 09:58

May be a gluten for punishment, but made a couple of buys
Tue 08:28

Bought a load at 13.91, wish me luck
Sun 22:33

Wow, so Ian is being sacked.

Interesting point about a possible low-ball takeover by EBIOSS, what do others think to that? Could it be that an II has caught wind of the plan, hence the hasty exit that is ongoing?
13 Jun '19

Two further big late trades, now I can't understand how if they were all sells, the Mm would have taken so many and not dropped the price, something doesn't add up today
13 Jun '19

Yes, don't hold, but still fascinated to how this plays out.
13 Jun '19

Another 9mill sell gone through, 0.385 again, seller slowly lowering their sell price.
13 Jun '19

That would have been done in one trade though. This is all PIs slowly taking up the sell off every day.
13 Jun '19

It's a sell that the MMs have been working on throughout the day, not just in that instance that it went through. The MMs are manipulating the market specifically FOR those sells, so the price will never be exactly what you are getting quoted personally.

I don't think Altair would be selling at this loss, you have to presume it is either a distressed ebioss or Khalid.

I would ask Tim where those ~135million from Altair went to and why a TR1 STILL hasn't been issued about that, 2 months later. Also ask if it is PIs selling why are they all taking it in turns to put through large volumes every day rather than doing it all at once a week ago? Unless by PIs he means PI (singular) and is treating Choksy as such.
13 Jun '19

I find it absolutely disgraceful he will go on record to say this is all down to private investors selling, EQT have not even given people a reason to be selling up, let alone at these sorts of levels. Anyone with half a brain can see the sneaky worked sells are not just a PI.... Unless he is effectively saying it's Khalid Choksy(?)

It is tantamount to market manipulation to me, and like someone says if EQT genuinely think or know that it is nothing but private investors then it's ridiculous to not go on record acknowledging the drop and saying they don't know the cause.
11 Jun '19

I'm impressed the price is holding up at 40 with this pressure
11 Jun '19

No, or course, I agree they won't have nearly enough to fund phase 3, just that previous message sort of implies they may need a placing for day to day operations, which isn't the case.

There are some points regarding the position though.
1) Hvivo confirmed that they would not issue an 'update' RNS, and would only issue an RNS when something was concrete.
2) The fact that they have not so far done a placing or even fire sale relating to flu-v suggests to me that talks ARE ongoing; if all other options had been exhausted we would know about it
3) 138 HVO employees were issued 12241 shares each back in January. So far there has been ONE transaction of that amount on the open market. If 137 insiders are holding on to their shares it suggests something good to me.
11 Jun '19

The slow progress in flu v is frustrating but also common in pharmas. I don't agree that they will run out of cash though, they have specifically said they expect to be cash positive over the next year
11 Jun '19

Given that other 136m trade from TWO MONTHS ago has no TR1, I wouldn't hold my breath that they will be timely on this one
10 Jun '19

Fair play to those that bought today, got that bad feeling im going to regret not buying loads at under 19p, its a ridiculous price really but my confidence is low at the moment in the market so I'm being a wimp.
10 Jun '19

Yes, I think too small for him, and I think this stock too illiquid for him to bother trying to sell 24m to market. I firmly believe he will look for a buyer(s) direct. If we get a TR1 saying someone else is a larger holder, I will be buying a lot too!
8 Jun '19

But two months later and we still haven't found out who the largest block trade in EQTs history went to?
8 Jun '19

Did we ever find out who the 136m transfer was from or to on the 1st March? Im wondering if these could be related to the ongoing sells.
7 Jun '19

If I held at the moment, I think ebioss would be the best scenario, I sold on the fact that a) we had no idea who it was, but the selling was huge and b) the potential for inside knowledge that someone selling at a loss must know something bad is coming.

But ebioss are the only potential culprits where the selling would be down to their own shitty position and potentially not down to EQT at all. Long story short, that means a terrible period in the short run, but long term not much has changed (except it being less desirable that the shares have moved to PI hands instead of an institution).

IF it's ebioss, 5hen the only issue is the potentially 600million shares they have left to sell(!) Keep a close eye out for a TR1 and follow ebioss own RNS for when they come back from suspension.

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