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Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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17 May '19

Been buying under 30p for some time and will continue to buy under 30p until the real value of the company is realised again.

Look at the overall production guidance for the year. Sell off very overdone.

What a coincidence PW leaves now. IMO this is being lined up for a cheap takeover. My guess around 50-55p.

8 May '19

I'm new to this BB and given my average I am very bullish on Koovs. I appreciate educated alternative views and notice your negativity towards Koovs. Can you tell me, are you invested in Koovs? If so how long for?What is your take on Kovs prospects over the next 12 months?
8 May '19

What is there to explain. They only get the first tranche at 8p because they have committed to the second tranche at 28.3p. Total blended rate of 15p.

It's a very shrewed move by Koovs as it allows them to:

Tie FLFL into the investment at tranche one without the requirement for EGM

Means the EGM for trance 2 is a formality

Protects against a low ball takeover. FLFL will need to pay 28.3p if they launch a takeover.
7 May '19

I don't think so!

Either the market has missed the point with today's RNSs or can see exactly what they mean and trying to install some negativiity to pick up some cheap shares.

IMO the key take aways are

Koovs are are receiving financing to the tune of Ł10.5m at 0 percent interest.

The agreement is binding with FLFL taking 45,839,063 shares at 8 pence and 24,010,937 shares at 28.36 pence.

Binded, blended rate is 15p. Almost 100 percent premium.

With the knvesent taking FLFL up to 29.99 percent it won't take much to trigger a takeover.

The 28.6 pence per share will set takeover price.

All IMHO of course. Won't be long until we find out. To me it's obvious FLFL will take this over and today shows us and any other interested parties the price they are willing to pay.

2 May '19

Cadogan certainly seem bullish on the well.

From last RNS

"We are excited by the results of Blazh-10. The well produces more in natural flow than the other three existing wells on the license combined, despite the other wells having sucker rod pumps installed.

The contribution of the Blazh-10 well has taken Cadogan's current production to some 600 bpd of oil, the highest level ever in the history of the Company."
2 May '19

Yes hard to tell the eventual pumped plateau rate but given that this one well is producing more during clean up at natural flow than than the other 3 pumped wells combined bodes well.
1 May '19

It's being dragged down as there is no appetite to buy at the momemt. Once the news starts to flow that the world's biggest gold miner is spending more than double our MCAP to earn the right to 51 percent of our asset they will come and buy the next spike.

That's right we are in a JV with the world largest gold miner and after phase 1 we will still own 49 percent of their new super mine. IMO, That will mean a minimum 40m MCAP and more likely an 80m MCAP.

Check out today's MCAP. IMO 10 bagger minimum from these levels

1 May '19

The MMs do need to prpvide liquidity. Here they need to provide minimum 7,500 shares to the market. If they don't have them they have to borrow and end up short.

That's when they will engage in stop loss grabs etc. To me this is nothing more than insurance to make sure the Re-Domicile of SDX Canada shares to UK shares is votes through.

No news, MMs trying to generate liquidity, SP fluctuates between 30 and 35p.

IMO all this will disappear, SP will go on a steady rise in the run up to the Re-domicile and return to 52 week highs in the months after.

1 May '19

Simples, someone wanted in big yesterday, MMs bit the bullet and ended up short to prevent spiking SP. Last 2 shakes have been used to fill the order.

Not getting mine. IMO this has Luna 2 written all over it.

30 Apr '19

This is all down to making sure the SDX Canada holders get good value for money when their shares move over the pond.

IMO you should take a leaf out of my book. Buy all you can get, avergae down and make the most of the rise.

Cashed up, income growing what's not to like?
30 Apr '19

Exactly, microspic free float and nothing but good news IMO only means one thing.

I am taking any I can get below 13. Current average 11.75.
30 Apr '19

No matter what anyone says, as soon as the deal with GOT is ratified this will be back above previous 24month highs of 400. Not many stock with the security of ACA offering bagger potential

IMO Average down and make the most of it!
30 Apr '19

Keep the faith guys. Newmont are still engaged with this and WILL make your investment worthwhile.

They've proved their interest already, as Per RNS

“In February 2019, Orosur received US$500,000, being the first of four half yearly cash payments from Newmont Mining Corporation as part of the previously announced Exploration Agreement with Venture Option for the AnzĂ project in Colombia.”


“In March 2019, Minera AnzĂ (Orosur’s Colombian subsidiary), received US$240,000 from Newmont Colombia S.A.S., a subsidiary of Newmont, to fund the property maintenance costs in Colombia during the first 6 months of the exploration period (October 2018 to March 2019).

Both confirm Newmont’s commitment to Phase 1, meaning IMO we can expect the drill to start turning soon as part of the US$10.0 million spending commitment detailed in the strategic agreement. "In Phase 1, Newmont may earn a 51% ownership interest by spending US$10.0 million in qualifying expenditures over four years and making cash payments to Orosur equaling a total of US$2.0 million during the first two years of the Phase 1 earn-in period. Upon Newmont’s completion of Phase 1, it may elect, in its sole discretion, to exercise its option to form a joint venture with Orosur.”

The Newmont / Goldcorp deal has nothing to do with timings here. No matter how big ANZA is its small fry to the largest gold miner in the world.

That's right we are in a JV with the world largest gold miner and after phase 1 will own 49 percent of their new super mine. That will mean atletstst a 40m MCAP and more likely an 80m MCAP.

Check out today's MCAP. IMO 10 bagger minimum from these levels

30 Apr '19

They seem to have hit the sweet spot with this drill in terms of pay zone and well completion.

Given 2p resources of 1.36 million barrels and CAD having plenty more cash for further drills I can see this being transformative to the company in terms of production and revenue.

IMO the sky's the limit this year.
30 Apr '19

Hard to tell. The pump will increase flow however the well will naturally plateau. Time will tell but should be producing North of today's 385 bopd when pumping at plateau.

Given net average production for 2018 was only 250 boepd this one well will more than double 2019 production and therefore revenues.

IMO, a couple more wells like this and this is Ł100m MCAP company all day long.
29 Apr '19

From company anouncemmets.

Special meeting of SDX Canada shareholder on 17th May.

If the they approve the delist and Re-Domicile the arrangement will be completed by 27th May with the new SDX UK Shares being admitted to AIM on 28th May.

So 4 weeks and it should be all done and dusted. Then the SP can return to a realistic level.
26 Apr '19

Net production for 2018 averaged 250 boepd so this one well could provide a 60 percent increase in production.

Average sold price in 2018 was $52 /boe. Current oil price $72.

With this trading around its cash position, IMO none of this can be priced in.
23 Apr '19

Been watching this a long time and finally bought in today. Hopefully good timing.
23 Apr '19

Exploration update cant be far off now.
18 Apr '19

IMO The economics of the project mean it will DEFINATELY go ahead. Only questions is will it PMO who progress it or will a Major take it over.

To much oil to leave in the ground and the relatively low Capex, LOF and Opex costs make it a no brainer.

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