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TSX Lithium explorer International Lithium Corp prepares to drill at Raleigh Lake
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Last Posted: 4 Jun '19

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31 May '19

Come back today from Loch Lomond, i was at the Balmaha Lodges so not quite sure if i visited the pub you mentioned. Could have warned me about the midges though lol. Lovely Loch 20+ mile long, truly recommend:)
20 May '19

LONGWAIT, it has been a good day to watch for once, the BOD seemed to calmed a few nerves.
20 May '19

I was born in 1980, i would have probably preferred the 70's lol.

A silver lining though is when i go Senile ill hopefully never forget my age with the 2019, 20 + 19 and so on formula.
20 May '19

Although still a way to go, the 70's sure look better than the 50's.

17 May '19

DU, what is you take on recent conversation stating JOG will only have data in June, then need to analyse it pending a further RNS?

This is not how i read it, the way i read it is, in June we will receive info regarding latest result, the data will have been analyzed and they will have plan for future appraisal drill and a plan for the Cortina drill.

Obviously i could be wrong which is why i am asking.
15 May '19

The way i read the RNS is that all data will be ready for June, along with plan for Cortina.
14 May '19


Oh well, just me then lol
14 May '19

Ajax, it just a shame we don't have the nuts to go ball deeper lol, my apologies if any ladies present.
13 May '19

DU, The "i wont touch you remark" was tongue in cheek, by no means a threat, As in i love you but wouldn't make love to you.

This debate has actually made me realise that GB stands more correct than wrong, how ever painful to admit. Surely JOG's decision to half my holding gives me the right to criticise, especiallt when they still haven't bought anything.

GB the "owe us" remark, just meant "us non derampers".

No offence intended DU on the friendship quote either, i obviously misread something you said last week.

JOG need to stop waiting for results to come in, they need to churn them out. This will be in the 50's before June without an update. I hope the BOD do read these boards from time to time and i hope RG can manage to ruffle some feathers. I don't see how he would need to know the oil industry to point out some obvious complacency within the team.

Non of these remarks are an attack on anyone in this forum.

P.s don't worry i am happily married :)
12 May '19


Please ask you friends from JOG, why we will receive no news in Mid Q2. Could this be another thig they got wrong?
12 May '19

DU, Fast reading through your last post, are you suggesting that the last the money raise, didn't equip JOG with a potential asset buy?

That is concerning as you seem to know the people in charge , and the people in charge have told us " it does".

DU, I dont want to recross swords, and i know you are much more intelligent than i, but when negatives are high, your stance is lower.

I believe in you, i have defended you, but sometimes you need to sit back and enjoy life.

Love you DU, i wont touch you btw
12 May '19

GB have a great day, i find what you do frustrating, but what do you owe us?

12 May '19

And on the most important line i say "on" instead of "in".
12 May '19

DU - FD,

I truly believe a lot of what you guy's are saying to each other is being misunderstood by each other.

Mainly by you DU, please dont shoot me down but you are pretty quick fire. I am fairly sure that this wont be the first time that expression has been aimed towards you.

Personally i welcome RG and only because he obviously sees an opportunity in JOG. If we look at the buy trades recently, nothing remotely similar is showing in size of trades.

Guy's in the past you have always bounced off eachother with info, lately you are bouncing away from each other.

DU i know some in JOG may be friends so therefore you get angry with criticism, but putting the drill to one side, are they really trying hard to buy that asset? With cash in the bank how hard exactly is it to purchase something? Just a thought, i expect an attack on that one but an explanation would be fairer.

Love is on the air guy's
10 May '19

Haha i thought if i put an "o" in it i get away with it.

Should have said pAssing rain lol.
10 May '19

GB its been shite from South to North of Eng too, thats the way i travelled today. Spots of ****ong rain slows all the traffic down.
10 May '19

Just looked through the footage on my GoPro that i sent sticky taped to a Pigeon i had beefed up. No Orange car spotted, i even fed it loads of orange mm's to remind it.
However it got there and back in a rather remarkable time.

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