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Today 08:42

No other reason for posting nothing new.
Sat 13:41

In Yur Dreams Mon ! Not even a maggotty haggis !
Fri 14:59

G84 - You've somewhat misunderstood how this works. See my previous posts - also on the 'other place'. That's not to say the shares aren't cheap. Just not quite as cheap as you might imagine !
Thu 20:09

DO tell us why you are here then, Admiral. I can;'t see any post of yours that has said anything intelligent, that adds to our knowledge, that is matter for discussion,or that shows you have the faintest clue about Kibo and why you've lost half your original investment. Like your hero from Wombleville, I put you down as someone who invested in Kibo having met some man in a pub who said he knows a man who knows a man who has a dead cert for making a packet faster than on the dogs.
Thu 12:58

Having sold my soul to Mephistophelese, I have only just started on my regenerated youth, but with all the wisdom of the ages. And You ?
Thu 12:10

Yes MikeMike, I'm still here because I might re-enter one day. But not now, nor any time soon. An opportunity might come when LC is forced to restructure Kibo, and maybe hive off (or be forced to sell orr hive off) his remaining projects into a new company, properly capitalised this time. Meanwhie he can still go bust, despite Sanderson.
Thu 12:04

Re My 90% !!-
In the absence of any solid info from LC, and given his history, don't you think its sensible to try to work out from other info what the implications might be for the share price ? Its because no-one else on here bothered, or to look at my calcs, that you've all lost so much up to now. And what I should have added earlier, is that while LC might protect himself from disaster,as he always has, it is shareholders who stand to suffer, as they always have. The fact is that the numbers show that Kibo in its present form can't survive. To keep its projects going it will have to either restructure, losing present shareholders even their current share price, or re-capitalise, with the same outcome.
As for comparing Benga with NCCL, Kibo only has 65%. Benga is half the size and has no coal - the most profitable part of an integrated project- whereas NCCL has much more than is needed even for its power plant and is closer to export opportunities. To raise the Benga capex a more detailed BFS is needed, not a DFS. And a fully detailed JDA with GE and CMEC is about to be signed. for NCCL I could go on.But won't !
Thu 09:24

LC hasn't learned that his wheezes need solid costings and benefits to Kibo shareholders, before they'll take any notice. Even if Kibo ended with the same share of the project as I was expecting at MCPP (20%) it will only deliver about 30% of MCPP's earnings to shareholders, (Very rough estimate - The coal mine was to be MCPP's most profitable bit) but now on about three times shares in issue when MCPP was at the same DFS stage. So even without issuing more shares, worth only 10% of MCPP to the share price. .But to get that 20% in return for development spending even more shares will have to be issued . To keep his own salary and Kibo office lights on until Benga delivers in (say) 4-5 years time I can see shares doubling from now. Until LC sets out every single cost and profit item these airy fairy plans won't cut a single grain of mustard, nor save him from disaster.
Wed 18:02

The problem is H has to meet a clamour from pi's for a timescale, from where a multitude of complicated strands are being fitted together, probably involving to-ing and fro-ing between numerous participants as they edge towards an agreement. A bit like Brexit, but with an end in sight - we hope. Meanwhile those pi's who don't understand this, get whiplashed.
Wed 15:27

76T - as also is a googly.
Wed 14:59

"Curved ball" ? Gravity (ie hard facts and physics) makes one impossble. Quite apart from the history showing every single one of LC' balls ("Himmler was very simlar") has been a googly.
Wed 08:00

Sleepy. It is odd that you do not understand basic economics yet are invested in a complicated company. Kibo has no money, but needs it desperately, and without it cannot develop, or gain any worthwhile share of, any of its 'projects'. The only way it can survive is to raise it through share issues, or be rescued by someone who will take a large share of the company - either way drastically reducing present shareholders' interests. - ie their shares will be worth even less than now. Only if by some miracle MCPP suddenly gets a go-ahead and the money from Sepco to go with it, might it struggle back into life.Otherwise it isn't Lazarus.It is dead as far as present shareholders are concerned.
Tue 18:33

Re consolidation. Kibo did it in March 2013 1 for 15 - so it knows the ropes, even if should be fearful of the aftermath. What the letter to shareholders then didn't do was to be honest about why ! - No Change There ! - You can see it on their web site (but only after I'd asked for it to be reinstated after finding it was 'unavailable !)
Tue 14:02

PS I was referring to our Mr Roysie - not to the others
Tue 14:01

A moronic comment. Have you the slightest idea how Moz is going to pay for all the damage. - or wheher potential power offtakers might have their own plans delayed ? Thought not.
Tue 13:05

Hope Cyclone Idai won't affect Moz's power plans. It appears not to have affected Tete. But substantial damage further south.
Tue 08:17

No need to apologise Jax. Some people take offence when their fantasies come up against reason. Many people in fact.
17 Mar '19

Sensible investors want to know the reality - so as to trade against the sentiment.
17 Mar '19

'Afraid its nonsense. Look on the other side for proper method.
14 Mar '19

Dear oh Dear. I post some information about how large projects need not only funding for construction, but also guarantees among the participants - something anyone investing in a share like Kibo should know - just as they should know the relationship between a project, and its sponsors and investors. But it seemst they don't know those basics and so insult anyone who tells them. No wonder these BBs are a joke among proper investors.

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