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EXCLUSIVE: Ascent CEO Colin Hutchinson with latest on review and permitting

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Today 16:39

a great eve all.

S/bets, US markets and UK shares done me tiny brain in, heehee.

Smoke :)

Today 16:30

Sliced more out....from adds as ofday afternoon

Not stoopid me! (much!) irrespective of gap up /spike/rise tmrw....

#BankBankBank for me (always)....
Today 16:27

1p on the ask with 4 mins to go :)

MMs made it way too easy today to predict what they were going to do.....:D
Today 16:22

1. Is the 8% spread false ie the actual buys and sell levels much narrower?
2. Are you sure price has dropped due to MMs and due to selling?
3. Is the summation of the buys higher than the sells as it's not just the number of each. Im guessing it is ie you've calculated it via that mode;)
4. If last part of your post is true, that is really strange....

And i thought NQ and SPX were manipulated!!
Today 16:04

Lo, so predictable. MMs take it up at e.o.d.

Bid up to 0.9 now...

Bodes well for tmrw imho.....
Today 15:38

Futures down 3% on the far....
Today 15:33

market is a real one............:))

Pecten, this is the kind of volatility I like, lol!!;)
Today 15:33


There goes oil too. Bye byeeee!

Oil is not going up peeps. It's highs of the year was over 2+ months ago. It's been dropping ever since along with gas which hit its highs in Feb.

Dollar is not going to help oil go up in the ST either..............
Today 15:13

Thank you Lejjb :)

Suspect up towards e.o.d. Poss gap up in morn or even if not, anthr blue day tmrw.

Sentiment is with AST currently regardless of whatever de/rampers are stating... SP has been held up /holding well all day....:)
Today 15:08

is in trouble too............12100s.


Trump's plans are all going oh so well (Not)
Today 15:05

market lloks like this where indices go in both directions ie including down !!

And not just up the whole flipping time......:)
Today 15:03


Just die...............!!;)

Patience had worn off waiting for a fall like today..................That'll teach the FAANG bleepers.............:D

And you SPX...........

(Dax was already a goner since this morn.................:)
Today 15:01

Lol Lejjb :D

My fault....shdn't have assumed peeps know abt the different soft commods;)
Today 14:47

Nice. Indices getting hit in US session.

Abt time.......Shame lows don't hold though and ramping seems to win every time.....(time to obv'y exit at that point)...

One day ramping/manipulation/CB interjection won't work...........
Today 13:52

finally taken off, lol. Short forever on this as soft commods hit hard past few months....

Defo blue day today....

Cld lows for soft commods be in ST/imminently? Suffered for most of this wars not helped at all....

Another factor Trump can be thanked for globally....
Today 13:37

Hi MP:) Hope you're well.

Still not au fait with FRR esp after the massive rise last yr as didnt want to get spiked but hope you do well out of it:) Wld add to my w/list but at mo too many, esp pharma lately and kp getting daily opps to trade like AST, OEX, FARN, etc.

But carry on posting away....maybe the market will grasp its sig'ce sooner than later:) Hope it comes good for you. GL!
Today 12:58

Had held up v well all day and from dummy sells, shares are currently and v obviously in demand....:)
Today 12:45

Lol 3putt:) A fan of his also, huh? :D

Markets are a beautiful sea of red today so I have him to thank for re. my shorts doing well.......

Other than that, as you said......

But then who will be next? India? Iran for oil sanctions imminently. Germany is beg'g to feel the effects. Whole of EEM is suffering....

It doesn't matter though. As long as the US is nice and
Today 11:43

dollar highs of 96.81 hit

Comods hit - wacth out oil imho.
Gold/PMs being whacked down.
All FX's, bar UsdJpy obv'y, being hit very, very hard since last week. Seeing new levels for Aud, Eur, cable etc.....

Don't tell me this is good.....;)

PS the US indices contiuning upwards. That's normal (not)!!
Today 11:35

turn to come back at the US now...Not unexpected though sooner wld have been better....

Turkey hits US with new tariffs
Turkey: We’re responding to US attacks
Lira rallies, as Turkish regulators tighten swap rules''

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