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Last Posted: 15 May '19

15 May '19

Morning all,

I've not seen anything....however still lots of rumours out there....none are negative...which makes a change

A couple of code 1s......you never know if they are good/bad/ugly.

It is good news the AGM points were agreed however not seen what they are....

An assumption on my part is that they agreed to progress as a Cannabis company?

I'm still positive about BLCC just a case of waiting.

Little buys coming in and I bet the odd sell again.

When news good/bad is announced the SP will change VERY quickly.

It is priced so low that any good news would see a multibag.

IF the capital is raised and the dilution (if any) isn't big AND the Management in place then who knows.

Put simply.....all we can do is wait...again
14 May '19

Well this is hard work...

If you look at the positives first...

1) Set up ready for Cannabis now...AGM passed/experts in place/network in place
2) 130m free float....wow so reckon £20k would buy it all at present

Now the negatives

1) We don't know what is happening to the fund raising
2) The rumours of good news.....are still just rumours
3) The £400k is going down daily...how long will it last?
4) How is fund raising for the £4m going?

In summary if you've invested already..not a lot of choice but to wait

If you are thinking of investing high risk but I believe even higher reward.

One investors whom backs this could take ALL shares and cause a massive SP increase on news....

A pipe dream.....pun intended
9 May '19


I've sent your questions to George and asked for an update either via website or email.
9 May '19

I suggested to George that people should ask questions to get FACTS not deramp/ramp...here was his response

Please do just that for me and let me give response.

George Roach
The Croft, 87 Main Road, Blue Hills, 1685
South Africa

So in summary ANY Deramper/Ramper/Interested person

Please ask the question I'll send to George and he will respond on the Website/Twitter/LSE.

He is also looking to have a Q&A paper on the website.
1 May '19

Spot on....ajwcc.

Look at what happened to the Share Price when somebody invested £1k approx.!!!!

HUGE % gains to make on news...downside is well very limited to say the least
30 Apr '19

Thanks Marineville, normally I'm on Twitter FACTS ONLY and when I post questions like this I get terrible answers, with no honesty. I bought at the .15, so ok with current position. I'm in PCGE so share your pain with CEOs... I do think CHAL is worth a punt for new investors (sorry existing ones at higher prices), the potential upside of an RTO/tax rebate combination....a company who want keep AIM entry is quiet good. The signing off of the accounts means this is more likely...without the accounts/nomad nobody would touch it. If there is a deal waiting this would be great news.
29 Apr '19

Marineville, do you mind me asking are you interested because of A) you've held previously and sold at a loss B) currently holding and fed up C) just a caring person D) a shorter ?
29 Apr '19

The main reason I'm invested here is LUCAN....why is a successful business man bothering with this small company? Potential.....RTO/Tax rebate...can easily multi-bag on any news. Is it a gamble? YES. However so was Debenhams....
29 Apr '19

I wanted to share that I've had confirmation from Brendan that they are working on website updates this week.
I did say just an RNS with $6m funding and an EPO granted would do...
Keep checking daily on their site....won't be anything major otherwise an RNS, but good to know any minor updates.
21 Apr '19

One of the best posts I've seen in ages. Detailed and factual, this is what there should be more of....not the ramp/deramp we see too much of
19 Apr '19

d.monies, I was one of the people who invested in FARMCOIN £250...It was cancelled due to lack of interest/money. The funds were immediately moved into a holding account at SWARM and to be honest, I'd forgot about it...two weeks ago I checked and it is BTC which I moved to Coinbase then KUCOIN to buy some Alt coins....POLL (worth a look) and FTM. Anyway the pilot in Uganda will start again but a smaller scale soon as per the RNS. I know CC's reputation is not great, however one thing he has done differently this time is get EXPERTS on board, please research them (RNS gives full details). My twitter feed FACTS ONLY, gives lots of information. These are not random mates of his, they are PROVEN medical/business people whom I believe give the proposition the right support. CC can appear a dreamer, who says the right things BUT actions then don't come. Time will tell as always, but I'm very confident of a good return....bearing in mind I'm 75% down. BTW look at the trades over the last two weeks, some very interesting gaming to keep the price low
19 Apr '19

I've been with Prem for over 3 years and watched every move/mistake/gamble...The points that are clear, in hindsight PREM should have NOT bought/drilled quiet as much....kept funds in the bank....taken more time before next placings/buyers etc. However we are where we are, I email AND get responses approx. once a week from Brendan/George. They are very honest and helpful in explaining what is/isn't happening. If we could jump forward say 3 months I can see 1) The funds being in and the mine up and running 2) Circum IPO confirmed with dates 3) EPO granted. These 3 events will move the SP to min .5 possibly 1p. Now I expect derampers/haters of George to moan about the past. I AGREE it has been a nightmare. I'm like most 75%+ down however the assets are clear, the debt is zero. The ongoing running costs are minimal. It is simply a waiting game which is the opposite of how AIM investors like to work. Please ONLY comment if you are able to make a decent informed opinion. Derampers/haters take the day/week off and enjoy the sun :)
18 Apr '19

I keep saying and I apologise to LSE....but its all on Twitter....find me FACTS ONLY...read the posts and others. Lots of information.
16 Apr '19

The 3 R's..... Research Research Research :)

Ok....maybe the internet, networking & financials
16 Apr '19

I have invested here for over 3 years...the obvious point is CC. Yes AFPO days were a nightmare. However BLCC is very different and has several key factors which make this different for ME. I know there are lots of derampers (whom lost on AFPO) not sure about shorters yet. However this has experts supporting/working with CC. The infrastructure in place already and the connections with governments and licences. Absolomr what is your knowledge of AFPO/BLCC, have you looked at Twitter and the research I've posted about the experts? My twitter name is FACTS ONLY. I'd love to hear your research on the experts CC is involved with. The recent RNS gives lots of info, I simply spent a couple of hours on the internet and was impressed. Also why have you commented? A) AFPO investor who lost money B) AFPO investor who still has shares C) A kind person trying to warn off prospective investors D) Something else?
16 Apr '19

Same again today 10m sell....£1320 in value.....massive % difference...

100% spread here....

News pending me thinks?
16 Apr '19

Yes everybody is down at present.....

So £1700..... Of sells, the first two testing the market and then the MASSIVELY 10m one....

Actually we need to think....how does £1700 of sells according to LSE create a big drop?

The answer is there are soooooo few shares you can trade.

This means once funding agreed and shareholders agree new direction then gains will be huge.

Currently worth £1.1m, easy *10 or more in a instant

Am I ramping....?

The question should be what is the value of a company with cannabis licences/experts and £4m to use?

If it is £11m or more then it isn't ramping.
10 Apr '19

I've both BLCC in equiniti and self trade.

You can buy or sell on either BUT

There is less than £60k of shares approx not in public hands.... Check BLCC website and work it out..I did.

This means very little often £1k can be bought or sold.....the spread is also very wide.

A large....say £10k buy would have to be very carefully managed, could cause large % increase.

This share could increase by many multiples if/when the full funding appears.

All these FACTS have been quoted on Twitter weeks ago by me.

Sorry don't use LSE much, but wanted to help.
10 Apr '19

Iíve sent 7 emails to GR over the past two months and had a good response. He wants the signature as much as we do. The ball is not in his court. Yes he has over stretched the company but I believe that once these funds are released the SP will fly. Iíve been a Prem investor for over 3 years and underwater like everybody
10 Apr '19

There are a lot of VERY bitter investors out there from AFPO days.

I was/am an AFPO investor and have put more into BLCC.

Did I think the Uganda/VIPA deal was worth an investment...yes.

Do I think this latest one is worth an investment...yes even more.


CC has over promised and under delivered on everything....until now.

This Cannabis deal/option has already successfully AND at a premium £400k.

The infrastructure is in place already, the licences in place, the expertise in place.

The market cap is £1m and look at the trades....as soon as somebody buys or sells the price is "managed" back to the same level..why?

Time will tell, what will happen.

There are various BLCC groups on Twitter which might be worth a look..

The derampers/haters simply post on the general board, tending "to hang" on any FACT based comment.

Wouldn't surprise me if some of the derampers/haters as buying up shares cheaply...it is the Wild West of NEX

If you want research and constructive opinions based on FACTS then join a group.

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