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Fri 12:49

If it stays around here Iíll be topping up with another £1250 or so later this month which would see me at a fraction under 5.5m shares.
Wed 10:54

Hellie1234, im afraid that youíre very poorly informed. I assume you must have designed the cardboard boxes or the stickers or something as you evidentially know nothing about the capabilities of the meters that BG use (bear in mind that 1st gen smart meters arenít all Ďtransferableí between suppliers.

See my earlier post. Itís the job I do. Day in, day out. You categorically CAN disconnect remotely. You still need to go to the address on the day but you do NOT need a legal right of entry and it is NOT breaking the law to disconnect remotely without one.

The Rights of Entry (Gas and Electricity Boards) Act 1954 is used to obtain a warrant when access is Ďreasonably requiredí, thatís no longer the case with remotely powering down.
10 Jun '19

Itís blue though!
8 Jun '19

Pokerchips, thatís my area of work.

Remote disconnection is by definition an additional power to disconnect when a dumb meter canít do it!?!?! Those cases where people obstruct entry, conceal the meter etc arenít such a hurdle anymore. Less Mexican standoffís, less need for Police attendance etc.

Residential properties is merely semantics, a Ďresidentialí account would have a pay as you go meter fitted on warrant. (Though again, they can be switched to pay as you go remotely) whereas Ďbusinessí accounts get cut off.

It gets interesting when households are on business accounts and trust me, they do get cut off. By the numbers though, theyíve not cut off a Ďhouseholdí as theyíve disconnected a business customer. Likewise with a shared supply, say residential premises such as a flat above a pub, it still gets cut off but weíve cut off a business it just so happens that Ďbusinessí meter also supplies the flat.

Once remote disconnections/switching of payment terms become more prevalent and known about, itíll change peoples mentality around bill priorities and theyíll be opting to pay their electric before their mobile phone/Sky bill. Less estimated bills, easier to detect tampers etc.
8 Jun '19

Thoth, I assume you had a heavy night too? LOL
8 Jun '19

Christ Jimmy, youíve got more faces than a town hall clock.

Just over 13 hours since Stoney40 said no cockwombles are posting and you come along sticking your head over the parapet!?!

It makes me wonder if our drugs are all that? If they really could get rid of cancer weíd not have tampon slots like you posting on these boards!?!?!
8 Jun '19

Smart meters are a game changer.

When the piss takers donít pay you can cut them off remotely.

Of course you should pay more if you donít have one. Meter readers arenít free!?! In the event a non-smart meter property doesnít pay the company has to go to court to get a legal right of entry (costly), send out a locksmith (costly) and remove the meter (costly) and that all takes time which means more usage and debt. A smart meter can be turned off at the push of a button, saving the company a fortune.
4 Jun '19

Blimey Thoth, your allotment must be thriving? It looks like 2 of the vegetables from your plot have found their way on to these boards!?!
3 Jun '19


I must have missed the RNS where we had oil and or gas reserves!?! LOL
31 May '19

If there are any shorts, itís certainly not a sizeable amount...

29 May '19

I did say bring on the cockwombles.

Look who turns up tooting his magic pipe...

Letís all give a big bulletin board welcome to the Pied Piper of *******s, jimmy2011. In reality, heís so insignificant that he doesnít even capitalise his name...

Heís been playing that same tune for over a year but itís still not happened. It takes a special kind of talent to be wrong 100% of the time...
26 May '19

The optimism is always there lumphammer but vodka helps to bring it to the fore.

Utah - We should have those in the UK. No point campaigning for them though, the time itíd take sheíll be gone by then plus itíd feel a bit too ĎLabourí for my liking if they got it through... LOL
25 May '19

I really do 100% feel itís coming.

I can feel it in my blood. Call it blind ignororance, pig-headedness or just sheer luck? I can sense our day is approaching.

Iíd feel more confident if I was absolutely on my arse as for some reason, everytime Iím brassic, something happens to bring funds my way.

Iím not in to the extent of Thoth or Aberystwyth but Iím one of the bigger holders amongst those of us that post. Fractionally under 5.25m shares.

As Delia would say - ĎLetís be having you?í

Hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend? Not sure if you have them in New Zealand UtahSaints but I hope you have a great weekend if you donít?

Bring on the cockwombles...
23 May '19

I think itís got more to drop.

The 22710 acres on the lease have a rental cost of $10 per acre. Guess when that was paid up until? Yep, May 2019.
21 May '19

For me Stoney40, I think youíve missed the key paragraph off from the 1801 RNS;

ĎWe intend to focus our resources on advancing SDC-1801 through preclinical development and into clinical trials over the next 18 months. At the same time, we will continue our discussions with potential licence partners for this exciting drug candidate.í

Whilst both the 1801 and 1802 RNSís state that clinic trials could begin in 2020 (which with SAR timescales would lead one to think some point a year later?), the 1801 RNS was more defined by stating Ďover the next 18 months which would take us to March 2020, so we are a mere few weeks off being half way there, so to speak. Also their intention to CONTINUE their discussions with potential licence PARTNERS. Plural, not singular. Nailed on NDA in my opinion.
18 May '19

I think it goes without saying that there are some form of discussions going on but what, if anything, that will result in is anyoneís guess?

The silence on TYK2 is deafening, it was the 10th and 26th of September 18 when lead candidates were selected but 8 months further down the line weíve heard nothing.

Now contrast that with July 13 when candidates for FLT3 were selected and 5 months of silence later they had the (now disastrous) co development agreement with HMUBEC signed.

I do genuinely suspect that something is going on in the background.
16 May '19

You almost got the Jackpot on the cool kid bingo there Potnak.

Now if youíd have said a T2 23 window Samba... (funnily enough Iím in a t-shirt with one on it currently trotting around Center Parcs!)
16 May '19

No worries Aberystwyth.

We will have more information in early June. Meat to add to the bones, so to speak?

Iíll have another £1250 or so to throw at it next month, depending on where the price sits at that time? If it moves up, great and Iíll put the money to use elsewhere. If itís static, or heaven forbid down (a little?) then also great as Iíll get to buy more. Iíd prefer the former TBH.
16 May '19

A good volume of bugs in the first 5 minutes.
16 May '19

Yeah Aberystwyth, I just didnít think there was anything to get the cockwombles frothing at the mouth. The ramping crews like things that are in a numerical form and easy to understand - 100% or 10/10 etc.

If you cast your mind back to the FLT spike in 2011, TM said at the time that they anticipated having a licensing deal by the end of the year IIRC? 8.5 years further down the line itís sat in the shop window and gathering dust.

People subsequently said he shouldnít have made statements like that, so I donít blame Sareum for keeping things purely to fact and removing opinion and emotion from any RNSís but likewise, I can see why people may want them sexing up a touch but with that we increase the odds of volatility IMO.

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