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Today 10:50

Why did the sp go up 130% because they had a date for the meeting??
Everyone knew there would be a meeting - I was actually disappointed it was that late - so hardly warranted the rise - UNLESS........................................

There are no investors in this placing - ffs - its SP Angel - they couldn't find a genuine investor at an investor meeting!

Probably why Peel passed on it - they couldn't find any are not prepared to be a bucket co.These so called "investors" have just walked away with around 2.5m quid in one week without laying any cash out - and they probably shorted it down from 13.5p as well.

Up, coffee, the, wake, smell and.
Today 09:11

At this stage, Glycotest, ProAxsis and PDS do not require further funding from the Company. However, Wanda and Vortex do require further funding and, currently, have not secured such funding from third parties;

So - they get rid of the ones that do.

Left with some salaries and overhead - pretty lean now.

You seem to work for Woodford!!!!
Today 08:56

They haven't invested a penny - they just made a truck load forward selling for petes sake when the meeting was announced in that managed rise which clearly was based on a sentiment play.

I'm a LTH but I'm not a cheerleader.

Why do you think they need all this money just to get to formulating a plan - and when there a supposed cash austerity plan has been implemented.?
Today 08:36

400k GBP to Hercules - leaves 4m.GBP
This cash is not covering the new NDA - thats the next raise. as per below

Assuming a viable route to approval, it is expected that further additional funds will be required to resubmit an NDA and reach a new approval date.

So where's it going in this "aggressive cash management plan"?

I have e mailed the company expressing my immense disppointment - as usual, I do not expect a reply.

Finally, it looks like Peel couldn't even do the placing on their own and had to get bucket shop SP Angel in to get it away.

I thought the Nasdaq listing was to gain access to a wider capital base/ source?
Today 08:21

It was clearly going to be 6p - thats what AMP are being force fed - and so is the placing.

The money men are in charge - both BOD and AMP taking no part. Another deficiency
Today 08:05

needing 4.5m GBP for 3 months be aggressive cash management as promised?

What are you spending money on beyond salaries when you are waiting for a meeting?

This is not a deramp - its stating questions that should be ask post a 80% wipe out due to complete over confidence and no plan B.
Today 07:42

It doesn’t, it gives them 2 months and then another placing. The partakers have already flogged them.
Today 07:37

A placing at 6p is punt money/ bucket shop. If you think it shows confidence your deluded

How can it show confidence- haven’t had the meeting yet.

Loyal followers may think it’s great publically, I doubt they feel the same privately.
Today 07:30

Yea- this aggressive cash management in the Hercules RNS proved a myth.
This placing has been planned for at least a week - foward sold in the spike on the “meeting” which funds a BOD that caused a 80pc share drop.

They had 2m , now another 2.5m net - till June 1st.
This is before they know what the plan is.

Disappointed doesn’t come close - spineless, lack of backbone and bod comittment to share their failure with shareholders.
And Lumsden encouraged they have found peeps to make a ton on a placing. Right. Think Shelties right, he’s not fit - none of them are .
Mon 19:24

I know but it check mates the remainers cause none of the 7 will get a majority
Mon 18:24

Way forward very easy .

1). All MPs given a sheet with all the options listed. They pick their single preference. Their name is on the sheet. Any of the preferences getting a majority however small is adopted. If none get a majority...

2) it’s Mays deal or no deal.

The end
Mon 17:44

Yes, I think we understand that but thanks anyway
Mon 17:39

How soon they sold the 2 cos after the threat of delisting. It was already planned. And both on the same day !!!

So no cash needed for wandy poops and vortex, PDS can get theirs if required from Nasdaq, Glycopops has the Chinese cash - so they’ve done pretty well - and they woody wanted you to sell at 2p.
Cause you wouldn’t be able to sell your shares
That’s your investment case, insider greed and bullying. Luckily mr 29pc came up
Mon 15:20

You have 5 high risk investments aka a VC fund. They aren't all going to be blockbusters - the BOD wisely ditched the less attractive ones - on a realisation basis - and now hold 3 promising investments and in the short term.

We are medical but we are not in the mire of P2, P3, approval costly hurdles and mutli year time frames that currently resembles a graveyard.

Its a rare opp - it takes a bit of time for collective thought to prevail.

It will re-rate once the traders retire at this level - you can see 3 matching trades today!
Mon 11:14

Tend to agree.

Very disappointed they couldn't perserve cash to June 3.- they keep salaries whilst diluting already f**ed up PIs - not exactly sharing the pain.
And if they participate in the cheapiers, I'll more than disappointed.

Its potentially a company crisis - react like it is.
Mon 09:16

Dull ! There is still alot on the ask -250k at 31 so our mystery sellers around still.

I think someone mentioned next tax year stuff - maybe correct.

Macro economics won't be helping atm either.

Hold and sleep !
Mon 08:50

Historical cost accounting - irrelevent to the mv current investments - its an accounting entry
Mon 08:44

With NSCI you have to look at the mcap and ignore the volatility - 7m mcap - and the Chinese put in 10m into Glyco.
with newsflows due quite soon.

Thats why they wanted to take it private - its very undervalued
Mon 08:31

This is very good news - all negatives gone and we are left with some proper and exciting investments.

Niche and still under the radar really - the volaitly has put off many imo
Sun 08:42

Yep but not for that size.
L2 is only good for modest trades.

So clearly that was the sellers stock not the mms. Which is good if not taking an eternity- at least they don’t want to dump so stable.

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