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Today 17:05

1.85m on LSE and 800k on ISDX, a few more days of this Sanderson will be gone and we are close to Fireworks day, which considering we are what? 6 / 7 full weeks from the end of Q1 is nearly on us.

Today 16:24

I was in WTI (Weatherly International) when it was suspended last February and was so for 3 months. Can’t use this as an example, they suspended due to serious operational and funding issues at their Copper Mine. It worked out in the end and the shares came out of suspension when their senior debtor backed them, of course it hasn’t stopped the SP tanking along with Copper Prices. Not a great experience, you didn’t know if you would ever get your money back.

If this suspended it would be for one or two reasons IMHO, to make sure there was an orderly market and perhaps if there was a large share reorganisation i.e. issuing more shares at a much higher price for inward investment. I doubt it would be much more than a few weeks and it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. It is a real possibility here due to the sheer size of the monies about to be released and raised. If news leaked for example beforehand, then due to the big players involved in this and the equity / debt involved, they may demand it as to ensure reputational integrity for one.

Today 16:13

Hahaha, no I don’t think so, I’m far too forthright, have a tendency for throwing unsolicited grenades at other professionals and my sense of humour is far too inappropriate at times and what can only be deemed as on the fringes of what ‘normal’ people think acceptable at times. In other words great for Construction Projects, terrible for the Boardroom.

That guys was Scottish by the sounds of him, but since I am in sunny Bristol today on business, it must be another brother from north of Hadrian’s Wall who has escaped South to do some pillaging.

Today 15:25

You have to think a Sanderson Sell is coming up to offset all of this buying, which is fine, the quicker they get to Yuck the better.

Just look at 88e on decent news, our USD$800m+ news will lay waste to AIM when it is released. And I think peoples socks will be blown off when they see just how much we keep and will be making in years to come. I honestly believe that the foundations Kibo are putting down now when the entire sector is on fire will see us turn into a serious mid-tier player at the vanguard of a new minerals / energy sector revolution in Southern Africa.


Today 12:38

Must be putting a lot of faith and hope in KIBO and MCPP.

When you look at the other most advanced Coal Mine to Mouth Power Plant in the country (Mchuchuma) this has had very well published delays lasting decades, of course it's bigger and has an Iron Ore Mine / Plant to it as well, but you have to think this has hit the bufferes once more, there has barely been an update about it in months.

So what we are left with is the fact that only one company in the whole of Tanzania can deliver a cost effective 300MW+ Plant for company, investors and government alike, once this is nailed down I think we will be surprised just how quickly this goes to 1000MW and beyond even.

Historical chance to make a killing here.

Today 12:23

The biggest mining conference in the world, all the movers and shakers and fundraisers. Interesting he is there, or maybe not I guess.

So, today is the 10th,what we reckon? IBFS completed with a month beforeMid March? Straight into FC which will be under a month so we are looking at FC sometime end of March to mid April?

Today 11:24

What I took from that is last remaining 25% left of the IBFS to complete, complete full IBFS by end of Q1 with immediate commencement of FC (that process will be well short of a month if you ask me and my experience) and Tanzanian Government is driving this as hard as KIBO is.

Wets the pallet don't it?

Tue 22:09

Will be a doddle. Just look at the deflationary pressures and poor return possibilities for decent future yields that are battering banks worldwide, as this will offer a high yield / return backed by the government (with more to come via extension of the Plant up to a possible 1,000MW) you'll have no shortage of investors wanting a slice of this.

Standard Bank will already have all of the equity and debt Funders who are looking to take part in this lined up and asking them to provide funding options. As I've said the process of FC is very quick relative to the work that has gone before.

Tue 18:08

Worth remembering of course, the shares issued at the time all depend on the current SP.

Tue 18:05

He will definetly hang on to the Hume cash, he'll need that for a whole host of things, EIA Consultant, Licences, etc, etc. To get to FC with 100% in tact then I don't really care, it's all about the destination.

6/7 million shares? Small beer and not an issue if your here for FC.


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