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Angus Energy in talks to buy 'transformational' gas asset in North England

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Last Posted: 11 Apr '19

11 Apr '19

...only works if you are right next to a transceiver and there are no leaves or insects in the way...what a waste of resource when there are more pressing issues for the planet. Moreover it's more debt depressing the sp.
11 Apr '19

Probably until i get stopped out. Then it will rise rapidly.

i have a bad track record of getting onboard the non-major oil stocks. Doesn't bode well for the rest of you i'm afraid..
9 Apr '19

It makes no sense for there to be shareholders of the likes of SSE, CNA or NG, water companies and the railways for them to be profiting from mostly hard up people. Worst still some of shareholders are foreign. SSE yields 8% which could be used to reduce bills.

Just imagine if there were shareholders directly profiting from the NHS.
9 Apr '19

Well we have a gradual uptrend now which is ok. Can't see anything not to like other than the market not being that enthusiastic as it has turned into an adrenalin junkie where only spectacular returns get recognised.
9 Apr '19

Well it might be. Impossible to tell.

Huge trade went through today of 57M at 11:14 at 580p. Spike down then straight back up. Something happening behind the scenes.
9 Apr '19

Who cares what they think.
9 Apr '19

Just visiting this one out of curiosity as I got out at around 14p.
Surely everyboady knows their stake is just going to be steadily eroded and hoping for some kind of change of fortune is nuts.
The writing was on the wall for this overhyped stock long ago.
Don't average down.
Put your money into something like ENQ or HUR or PMO if you must be in a non-major oilie.
The way to think of it is: if the money was in your bank and you hadn't lost on ECHO so didn't have the urge to get even - what would buy today?
9 Apr '19

Complete nonsense like so many reports. How could any sensible person think there's a direct link?
Thse 'youths' are probably on all sorts of other substances as well.
Anything to clobber the industry.
9 Apr '19

Too much focus on the swings in the oil price here which will affect the sp by a couple of p. (Unless there's a dramatic move due to a major war or something.)
I guess the short term trading until then is also causing the ups and downs.
What really matters is whether they can get into production without any hitches and then whether it's sustainable.
We'll probably know as we get into May and beyond when the operating environment improves.
FOIL was always destined for Q1 and then sort of moved to H1.
All the while operating costs are racking up and the is declining.
9 Apr '19

Well they are not yet in net profit.
8 Apr '19

The spread is too tight to call a buy/sell accurately.

Also think there's a flurry of buying 'cos of the latest hype.

We still haven't got the extraction equipemnt in place. Any probs and we tank.
8 Apr '19

most people
8 Apr '19

Vod's P/E (if at all meaningful) is about the FTSE average. BT is has P/E of only 10 and yield nearly 7%.

On the face of it, BT is a more sensible investment.

I imagine post people on the VOD board are those like me that have lost heavily and didn't get out belieiving it MUST turn a corner - which it didn't...
8 Apr '19

Enq producing 5x what HUR maybe set to produce (initially) it doesn't make sense that Enq=20p and HUR=45p.
Except of course hype plus the debt situation being rather higher with Enq.
If I didn't think a further investment on my part wouldn't drive the sp down again I'd top up again.
The smaller oilies have casono-type sp's all around what the market is able to fool people into paying (like tulip bulbs), but you'd think the likes of Enq would have a more real valuation.
2 Apr '19

She is very nice.
2 Apr '19

The problem with all these things is that so many people are not privy to and even if they were would not understand the facts. So positions are not emperically based. Just imagine if the world of engineering was populated with such people.
2 Apr '19

Could it be 'cos the sp dropped shortly after i.e. by the time the transaction was reported?
2 Apr '19

If vessels are the only means of take-off then in effect this can be said to be production volumes. Obviously.
It's all about potential flow rates. How good it is to state the obvious I always think, thus helping PIs in their potential prosperity.

One thing that's always puzzled me though: we don't get hurricanes in the N Sea.
2 Apr '19

We're 50% down in 9 months or so. Is that all about Brexit and advertising or could there be an element of positioning it for a takeover? Liberty G,Netflix,Amazon? No no - how about Vodafone?! After all why not run up another 5bn+ of debt for Vod shareholders....
2 Apr '19

I was of course joking but thanks for the advice.
How we got to 15p I don't know. Madness.
Why I didn't reinvest then I do know - fear of driving it down further!

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